Scam letter(s) from Fati Seidu to Donald (USA)

Letter 1
I am glad you are good as myself . Sweetheart my day is going on good cos of late you have been making me happy as always . I love you so much and will love you till my last breath and I bet you are the kind of husband I was looking to meet since I was a little child . You have shown me how true love can bring two couples . I really appreciate your concern and I will love you no matter what happens my King . So what have you been doing lately ?
Letter 2
Okay I see , **** you told me that you weren't interested in the gold so I had it given back to the security company for safe keeping . I just hope you get me the money to pay mums hospital bills . Hope you will just do that for me to come and be in your arms sweetheart
Letter 3
Finally i have booked my flight , I will use the Domestic flight to Dubai then get to you in Salt Lake .
Letter 4

be waiting at 9am on thursday in salt lake for you ,Love you so much DON
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