Scam letter(s) from Julia Noskova to John (UK)

Letter 1
BismiLLAHi walhamduliLLAHi wassalatu wassalamu, nice to meet you :)
I'm glad that you response to me. I'm happy that you are interesting on me.
I really liked your profile.
I wish remind to you my information.
My name is Yusriya (that mean thriving)
I was born 01-Aug-1988
I'm 161sm and 49kg.
I'm Muslim not a long time. I reverted to Islam about 4 years.
I search husband and InshAllah he will teach me in Islam
Also I wish to make my Imaan stronger inshAllah! :)
I hope you will help me.
I wish to know you better. And I liked your profile.
Please reply to me soon.
Below I will add some pics of me.
Have a good day.
I will wait :)
Letter 2
Assalam aleukum. what is your name? How are you? Allah blessing you InshAllah!
I'm glad that you replied to me :) I waited your email.
In first I wish to say you sorry because I will not have opportunity write to you often, because I dont have
Internet at home.
I use internet at work, so I will not able write on weekends.
Also i dont use chat, because I cant use internet at work.
Again I wish to say Shokran for answering to me. I liked your profile.
And it's very important to me.
So you are my first expiriance in contact by Internet. I don't know what write and tell about myself, and you can ask me anything. I will reply with pleasure.
I planned tell you today more about myself.
In first I wish tell that I speak on English free and I write letters free.
So I told you that I'm new in Islam.
I reverted to Islam about 4 years before.
My grandmoter was muslima, I heard a lot of stories from her. She have read Quran to me.
My mother (her daughter) is also muslima, but she is non practic.
And so after dying of my grandmother i reverted to Islam.
I think it's my the best design. :)
So I'm new, and I dont have my grandmother now that she can teach me.
I need a good husband who will be patience and who will teach me inshAllah!
I will tell you my story.
Now I live in Russia in city Osa.
I'm sorry on muslima I wrote another info
Because I couldnt create profile from Russia.
I made few times profile there, but it's always reject.
Anyway, I like you and I don't care where we are stay.
I can relocate and I will follow my husband anywhere inshAllah!
I have now father and mother, they are living in village near with city Osa.
They are living in home of my grandmother.
I live in city with my uncle (mother's brother) and his daughter.
They are muslim, but non practic.
I try explain to my cousin that she also should make Namaz.
I think soon I will win :)
I have also brother, he is living in village with parents,but he is marriage and live in another home.
He is 32years. My father is 62years and mother is 57.
Now my parents are retired. Mother is working in garden.
My father has good on mechanic of tractors and etc.
He helps to men in village with their technics.
I forget told, I'm working in shop.
I sell woman's clothers. It's not my shop.
I finished univercity at 2009. I worked from 18 years. I like work.
Because my parents are not rich and they couldnt help me.
That's why i worked that support myself.
I have diploma engeneer of landscape gardening building.
But it's hard find good work there, when you dont have anyone in goverment who will care about you. :(
So I'm still working in shop.
InshaAllah after marriage I will open small firm and will work in landscape gardening building.
You know it's very interesting. :)
Now I search husband and Inshallah I found him ;)
I think you are boring from my email :)
By the way Nuria is my muslim name.
But in passport I have name Yuliya. But now I prefer that everyone call me Yusriya.
I will send sometimes my pics.
Hope you like them. :) Inshallah
Also please send me your pics.
So I will wait your story also :)
Hope you will reply to me. because I really liked you.
I will wait.
Have a good day
Letter 3
Assalam aleukum dear Ayman! How are you? May peace and blessing of Allah be upon you and your family!
I'm so happy because I saw your letter :)
Oh thank you about your story. You have interesting life :)
And thank you that you trust to me and told about yourself.
I wish to speak with you about man which I search :)
In first I wish tell you I have never have any relation before.
Ayman I never have any boyfriend, if be honest I never kiss before.
I hope it's not problem to you?
Sure I dont search any prince or ideal. I know there are no ideals :)
I search a good muslim man who will teach me Islam and also who will care about me.
I like to have strong man who will always keeps his words.
I wish to make my Iman stronger and I hope that my future husband will help me on this InshaAllah.
I wish that he can care about me and future children inshAllah!
Sure love and respect are important to me.
Without them I think people cant have happy life.
In turn I will give him all my love and care.
I will cooking, clean home. I will care for children.
I will care about myself. I think everyone man like to see good-looking wife near :)
I will be respectful. I will not shout or quarell.
I will follow him and I will always support him.
I'll not angry to him,'
If we will have some troubles in relation, I will not shout or cry.
We will speak and find solution together. inshAllah!
I will give him all and I will try to do all my best that he will be happy.
And after this i will be happy :)
So I like care about people.I like cooking.
And I make this very good.
I'm sure you will like this :)
Ayman I already told you if I will have opportunity after marriage to create firm I will be happy.
But when we will have children, I will not work, because I need care about children.
You know I imagine my life with husband such..
He will back after work tired. I will dinner with him.
I will always meet him with smile.
After dinner I will make massage him that he will relax.
You know my mother teach me.
He is really the best wife as I know.
She so much love my father and you know I never saw that she was cry or shout.
They are so happy,
I wish to have such family also.
Please tell me what do expect from your future wife?
Do you like that she will be house wife or working?
Will you teach her?
Do you accept that I'm new in relation?
I'm ineresting on you more and more :)
I will wait your reply Ayman
Thank you also for your letters :)
Have a good day.
Letter 4

BismiLLAHi walhamduliLLAHi wassalatu wassalamu dear Ayman.
May peace and blessing of Allah be upon you and your family!
May Allah keep you in good health and mind. How are you? how is everything?
Shokran for new letter :) I think we are more close to each other.
Ayman I wish to know you better, what can you say about yourself?
I like you, you're educated, very intellegent, good mulsim, you are respectuful, very nice, and I really like you.
What is your opinion about me?
You know I'm dancer. I went to dance school about 10 years.
Now I go to Belly Dance, Do you know this?
I will dance to my husband that make him happy inshAllah :)
Do you like if wife will dance to you? :)
I like to do hand-made things. I will prepare something to you and will send if you dont mind :)
I'm working full day from Monday till friday from 10am till 7pm.
I have weekends on Saturday and Sunday, usually I spend this time with parents in village.
Usually after work I go to home, prepare dinner, read books.
Or I meet with friends. :)
Twice a week I go to dance, please dont be angry :) There are only girls.
I told you that I make Namaz 5 times and always wear Hijab.
I eat only Halal food and I dont do any Haram.
Ayman I like to sew and embroider and a lot of my dresses i make myself.
May be this is not very good, but I like to create something new.
I like to shoping, sure all girls like shopping :)
Don't worry I dont spend all money for dresses :)
I like a lot of nature. I like run, walk and cycle.Do you like?
I like to be positive, I think it's so important.
When you are always positive, all is in good in your life.
May be it's very native, I dont know.
What do you like to do on weekends?
Do you have a lot of friends?
Ayman Oh I need back to work, because I have customers.
I wish to know about you something new.
because only letters can help me know you.
I miss you and will wait your email.
Letter 5
BismiLLAHi walhamduliLLAHi wassalatu wassalamu dear Ayman.
May peace and blessing of Allah be upon you and your family!
May Allah keep you in good health and mind. How are you? how is everything?
How was your holidays?
Do you like your work and place where do you live?
What do you like change in your life?
You know I wish change my work.
i dream one day make my own business on landscaping inshAllah :)
Sure it's only dreams, but only Allah can know truth.
My dear Ayman you know I think we should speak by phone.
I thought about this long. Yes I dont know internet at home.
But we should speak by phone. I know it will be expensive contact long time.
Anyway sometimes we can talk. What do you think?
I like to hear your voice. I think you have amazing voice :)
HOw is your work today?
I have boring day :(
Tomorrow I will have audit at work.
And If I will not write, you should know that I will be busy.
I need back to work.
Tell me something interesting, I will wait.
also your number ;)
I miss you and will wait your email.
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