Scam Letter(s) from Nina to Rick (USA)

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Letter 1

hello, my dear ;)))

This is Nina ;))) Do remember me? ;))) You gave your e-mail address to me and I am writing to you!!! ;)) You know... I am writing this letter to you and I am really so worry because... Because it is my first letter and exactly this letter creates the first impression of me which is the most likely ;))) And that is why I want show you my heart in my letter and... The heart does not lie and only heart can open the soul!!! I am sincerely hope that this will work out!!!

So, I want to tell you a lot about me but, also, I don''t want make you tired with a long letter!!! And that is why I want to tell you the most important thing: I am sure that we should keep love in our hearts!!! A life without it is like
a sunless garden when the flowers are dead... The
consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring!!!

Exactly because of this I am writing to you!!! Yes, you understood me right: I am writing this letter not because I have a lot of free time or because I want fun!!! I am writing this letter to you because I am looking for my soul-mate ;))) I am looking for man who will be a world for me and for whom I will be a world...

With help of letters I hope to look into your heart and of course show my heart to you!!! Who knows: Maybe we are halves of one whole? ;))) Dear, if you wish the same...
write me!!! To know that I am looking forward for your letter and it will make a great smile on my face!!! ;)))

Hope to see your answer soon!!! ;))) Also, I am sending to you my photo - hope you will like ;))) Nina

Letter 2

Rick, hello, my dear ;)))

I don't know am I right that I am writing to you or no but you didn't answer to me and I don't know why!!! I don't know: Maybe you didn't receive me last letter or... Or maybe you just don't want answer to me :(((

Dear, I just want to tell you that I would be really so happy to know you!!! Seriously!!! If... you will have a free time and wish - write to me!!! I am waiting for your answer really so much! ;)))


Letter 3

Hello, Rick!!!

I am really so happy receive your letter!!! All the time I thought: Will I have a letter from Rick or no? ;))))
Something in my heart said to me that of course you will write to me!!! ;))) My heart was right!!! And belive me: your letter made really great smile on my face!!! Thank you!

And... especial thanks I want to tell you for your photo!!!
;)) Rick, I think that women tells to you a lot that you are charming man ;)) But... I would be glad repeat this words to you one more time: Rick, you are charming... and so handsome man!!!

And... why you said nothing about yourself? :(( Rick, I would be really so happy to know you but... But it is impossible without you!!! And I am sincerely hope that you will let me do it and you will tell me in your next letter about yourself! Ok!? ;)) Also, I think you are interesting to know more about me!!! ;))) And I promise to you that with my letter today you will know me much more! ;))) Well ;)))
if you remember I am from Ukraine and I live in Sverdlovsk city I live with my sister and granny... They are everything what I have!!! Our parents were die some years ago and... And it was hard blow for me!!! I thought I would die... And only boundless love and care of my sister and granny helped me stay alive!

Rick, also, I would be glad tell you about my work!!! And...
how do you think: What is my work? ;)) I working in a beauty salon as professional hair care ;)) I like my work really so much because I am presenting the beauty to a people and...
And what could be better? ;))) Do you agree with me? ;)))

Also, I want to tell you that exactly my grateful customer advised me looking for a soul-mate in another country with help of Translation Company because she met her husband with help of this one! Yes, Translation Company is a real "lifebuoy" for a people like me who don't know English and have no computer at home :((

You are asking my about the "Skype" ;))) Yes, of course I am understand your wish to see me... to speak with me and belive me that I wish the same!!! But... I use translation company for correspondence with you and it don't provide this service for free!!! At the moment I can't to pay for it because it is really so expansive for me!!! I am sorry!!!

And as for about the phone... My phone broke some time ago and I a, still don't have a possibility repair it :((( Rick, also, I don't know English and I think that would be better if you will call to translation company and the interpreter will help us understand each other ;)) What do you think about this? If you like my idea - tell me, and I will send to you a phone number of Translation Company ;))

Well I see that I wrote a great letter and I need to stop!!! ;))) Rick, sincerely hope that you will like my letter... you will like me and tomorrow I will receive your answer!!! Also, I am sending to you some my photos: One from them with my sister - she had a birthday some days ago and we had a little party another one I made this morning before a work and... last one was made in Lugansk's philharmonic - it was really fantastic!!! I would be so happy visit it again ;))) MMMM ;)) maybe you can visit me and... we'll visit philharmonic together? What do you think about this??? ;)))

I will think about you ;)))



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