Scam letter(s) from Susan Williams to Steward (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello ***,
Am Susan Williams by name and am 29 years old and i will be 30yrs old on Sunday and i am pleased to make your acquaintance.itwould be nice to have someone pleasant to replace the hours of loneliness,someone to hold close and share my inner most deepest thoughts.I have not find such a guy here yet,most of them only want to add me to the list of girls that they see and chat with for a few hours of pleasure.I need and want much more than that,I'm very much aware of the distance between us but if things develop love will break the difference very soon.Myinterest again is to find a relationship and a husband I don't have any biological children,but I wish to have several children, however,I will love and treat any child as my own.I like fishing,riding slowly down a country road,reading,and just learning about many different peoples and things.Itis not too easy to describe myself because I am not a woman that likes to boast.I am a good woman and become great wife someday.I have a good sense of humor;I have always tried to be fair and understand.I am careful with my thought,for they become my word,my word for they become my action,my action for they become my habit,my habit for they become my character,my character for they become my destiny.I truly believe that what we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly.I have never been married.I only wish to someday have a chance to prove that I am just and worthy.Inthis world of uncertainty,I offer you my love.I'm not financially secure at this point, but I expect to be in the near future. You must accept me as I am.The quality of my life is more important to me than the quantity of days I live.Like anyone I m grateful for all that God grants honesty,my compassion,respect,love and me is a large part of who I am,Loneliness has caged a shadow over me for the past years now after i found out having a real man that will be full of honest,trust-worthy it's not so easy and also my last man was dating my best friend and even when they got aware of my knowledge they did not stop,may be we will discover in our new relationship some of the things we are searching for to make our life complete(me &you)do u have yahoo IM? maybe we can chat more on there or don't u have interest in that?hope u get back to me soonest,sending pics from my other email now
Letter 2
Hello Steward,,I hope you are enjoying yourself today and what are your plans for today..firstly I will tell you am single,no kids,never married and am am looking for a serious minded man to love me for whom I am,be there for me,take good care of me and that I will spend the rest of my entire ly with..I live with my Cousin here in Collinsville, IL USA..I just finished my catering service and no luck yet but hoping to get one tell me what do you really want from me and where do we start from...I hope to hear from you soon Susan
Letter 3
Hello Steward,my day was going ok and its true that today is my birthday,but I am planning on taking my friends out to a nice place to chill,seriously and honestly I am not thai but a friend of mine introduce me to the dating site..and I new to that dating site..I only understand English and I don't understand thai at all..but I really want to get to know you better by emails first then maybe you drop me your cell phone then I can call you sometimes..I don't have skype at all and I am new to online dating site..actually you are the first man that I email on there and you are the first to reply..I was born and raise in Collinsville, IL .USA..I just finished my catering service and am looking for a job now but no luck yet..believe me am not here for games or ********..I am really looking for a man to get to know and to meet in person probally get to spend the rest of my life with him..but tell me where are you really from and what are you really seeking..kindly send me your pics and we go from there ... Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon Susan
Letter 4

Hello ,Good Morning and how was your night and hope you are not lonely..i was lonely throughout last night thinking about you deeply from my heart and soul and i believe you are doing the same thing there.. and how are you doing and How is once involve in a relationship ,i think i told you earlier ?it's not that men don't approach me ,most men does but all is temptation but real men re too scarce to seek ,a friend introduce me on here because she got married here and they really have a nice time and also bless with kid and live happily that was why i decided to join this site ,moreover when i went thru your profile all the quantities am seeking in my dream mate you got them that was why i develop interest in you , I agree that communication is a two way thing. I have always believed that but have not found it in many relationships, whether it be friends or potential partners. I am very open with my communications and appreciate a partner that freely communicates as well,especially in the sense of telling how they feel if I have done something to upset them, without expecting me to be able to read their minds. I don't believe that expecting someone to read your mind is good for a relationship. It is nice to be so in tune with someone that many times you can anticipate what they are thinking, feeling or going to say, if it happens, but it should not be expected. How would your friends describe you if they were asked by someone interested in you? What would they tell me you are like as a friend, a partner, what kind of interests, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what do you like, what do you not like? What would they say your attitude is towards romance and affection? Do you like being shown affection, holding hands, kissing, cuddling? Do you enjoy receiving affection as well as showing it? How do you show affection? Regarding color, I am not prejudiced by race, creed, color, etc. I like people and love to learn about other cultures. There is so much to learn about this world and its people that to be so narrow minded as to allow prejudice to enter ones mind and heart is beyond me. You are certainly a good looking man, and I look forward to learning about your inner beauty, the part that counts the most. I give trust freely to people. If I were not to be this way, I would probably never leave my house. I do not want to think that I live in a world where all people are not trustworthy. That sometimes opens oneself to be taken but that is the price one pays. The same with love, I think. It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I don't remember who said that, but it is quite true. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable if you want to experience love. The end result is not always a good feeling, but it is better than not allowing oneself to love at all. I would really love to experience true love. One that lasts more than a few months, one that does not anger in silence but takes comfort in talking and understanding, patience and trust. What qualities do you want in a life partner? I'm not talking about a superficial description but one with a lot of verbs, nouns and adjectives!! I do have a cell phone.. I enjoy my solitude and not being able to be contacted by people all the time.. It is definitely nice to meet you as well. I appreciate your having shown interest in me through the website. I am curious as to what caught your interest that prompted you to contact me back? I do look forward to continuing to learn more about you. And also , I will like to meet you in person and get to know more and more about you . Hope to hear from you soon..... Susan
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