Scam letter(s) from Taisia Tsvetkova to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello James !!!!! :-) :-) :-)
I am very glad that you said to me,I waited for your letter and I am very pleased to meet you :)
I think that in future our acquaintance, we can be good friends, I honestly really like this :)
I am very interested to write to you my letter and I hope to know better than you in your letters.
Tell me about your life? About your hobbies? Why are you looking for a life partner? And much more!
I think that our acquaintance will be fun for both of us! I still have never got acquainted on the Internet!
I am glad to write you this letter and I hope it will be mutual. As you understand, I am looking for a soul mate, his partner in life!
I'm looking for a man you can trust. Who will love and respect me.
Since respect for each other and trust is the most important in a relationship. What is most important to you in a relationship? It is very interesting :)
I want my man was kind, gentle and loved me! That I felt in good hands like a stone wall.
You know, I sometimes feel lonely and want to be near me was a man whom I love!
When you come home from work and you are always waiting for a loved one.
I often get bored of one house, and in these moments that you realize you miss a loved one.
And the living hope that soon you will find my love and you will have a family! You also get bored when you're alone?
I want to tell you in my letter that I am looking for a serious relationship because I want to create a family and be loved a woman!
I hope that our acquaintance with you will help us get to know each other better! I beg you to write me about yourself!
Now I want to tell you a little about myself and my character, because we would be better to meet you!
I am very cheerful, energetic and cheerful girl with a good sense of humor and romantic character.
And I'm always pleased when I can cheer up your loved ones!
So I open man in the soul of man, and my friends all know it!
I am always pleased to talk to someone and get to know him better.
I am very interested to know you, because I think you're a good friend and agreeable companion :-)
I live in the city Kungur, Perm Krai in Russia!!!
I hope that our distance between us does not interfere with our friendship and we will remain friends with you.
As you already know my name is Ekaterina! I am 36 years old, my birthday is 19 September 1977.
I really want to find your other half, because I am lonely. And I do not have enough male heat!
I'm not married and I have no children! I am a free woman!
I hope you are well, in a letter you can tell about myself that I had a greater representation of you!
I'm asking all these questions in his letter, because I want to know whether you are open for future relations?
Because it is very important to me! Since I am looking for a serious relationship!
I really want to be your friend. I can tell you exactly what I was open to the relationship, and I want to get acquainted with you more.
Now I finish the letter.
I'll look forward to news from you tomorrow and I hope you write me!
So I would be happy to see your photos! I really wonder what you look like! Send me your picture!:-)
I will be waiting for your letter!!! :-)
Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hello James!!!!!:-)
James,How are you?
Today, I am very happy to see your letter and my mood has risen by 100 percent! :)
For me, very nice that you write me and give me your attention.
You can not imagine how glad I am that you responded to my humble us!!
And indeed I was very interested to read your letter. Because we're not yet familiar, and our first letter should be remembered by us for a long time.
Getting to know a new friend this is a big event in my life.All this is new to me because I was first acquainted with the man on the internet.
You know, now I'm working in the industry sales in the small business technology firm in our city.
My specialty is working on the "shop floor manager," where I sell home appliances (TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, irons and many other products).
My job I really like and I am always responsible for the work.
In our town is very difficult to find a good job at this time, I was in for a long time could not find a job in my town!
But as time passed and I found a job in this firm.
City Kungur not very big, I love my city and I always will. I lived here very long, and now it is my home!
My City is located at a distance of 1,530 kilometers from Moscow!
I work from 9:00 to 17:00. How many hours do you work?
I really want to know more about you, because I really like our acquaintance!
To be honest, I sought the help of the Internet to find their other half.
A man with whom I can build a beautiful love story. To build a serious relationship. Actually my intention to find love is very serious.
Since I am a long time without my second half. And the most important thing for a man to find his other half.
And to know true love. Because true love is the most light and clean feeling in the world.
For many reasons I can not find love in my town and in general in Russia. I can not live with a man of the Russian character.
Since love is the only heat and light which does not freeze in this cold world.
Understand these words, I tried to describe everything that's going on in my heart.
This is my inner world, my secrets and my deepest desire. I have very few people talking about it and now I do not know why I decided to tell you this.
Let this be the first steps of our acquaintance with you. Know now when I'm writing you this letter I felt better and did not feel so lonely and sad.
But you're probably interested in not only my inner world, but as I look and my life's interests.
Slowly, I tell you everything, but from you, I also want to know everything about your life.
I was looking for a long time companion of his life and felt very lonely these days.
I really want to find a man who can live life in peace and love! And I'm happy now that I have such a wonderful friend like you!
You know, I always tried to keep in mind all the best, and even in his life no one said a rough word!
It is important to respect a man a woman! Everyone should look for love!
Maybe a year, may day, but love must be the most important part of every family!
You think so?
It saddens me a bit, but I must now close this letter, but I'll write you tomorrow! You also write to me.
I'm really looking forward to your letter!
Thanks for your photos! You are an interesting man! I was glad to see your photos! I like your looks!
I will always be happy to see your new photos!
Sincerely yours new friend Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello James!!!:-)
I am so happy to see your letter today and I am very pleased that you replied to my letter!!
I'm waiting for him and for me a great happiness that we have begun our acquaintance :)
I am thankful that the internet allows you to get acquainted lonely hearts. Let me call you a friend, it is very important to me!
So I think you're a good friend with an open heart!!
Most of all I like to watch comedy! They cheer up!
Today I also want to tell us more about yourself! My height is about 175 centimeters! I weigh 54 kg! :-)
In life, I love sports because I love active rest.
I work two times a week for aerobics, as one should always keep your body shape.
Most of my favorite sports are ice skating, or skiing in the winter in the woods in the fresh air with friends.
Also, sometimes I like to spend their free time at home for a good book. Always raises the spirits like an interesting movie on TV.
I went to the city in economic Kungur Institute for Business Development.
My faculty of the institute was "Economics and business administration." It was a great student days! I graduated from the Institute six years ago.
After I graduated from the Institute, I stayed in the city Kungur! And now I live and work here to see prices!
I hope you understand my letter and I want it to say?
I'm at school and at university studying English. I can speak fluently in English! I've always liked the English language!
I think it would be a very interesting conversation with my Russian accent!:-) You know, I'm very glad that you got to know and now I do not get bored!
Since I know that you also want me dating! I want you to discover your past life!!
I had a friend in the past, a man for seven years and I was forced to leave him. He cheated on me with another woman!
I could not forgive him this, because it was very painful to the heart!
My heart was broken! I saw him in bed with another woman! I think that treason can not be forgiven!
When you love each other should be trusted. In a relationship should not be deceit and betrayal!
I hope that in the future be able to find your other half! I want to find a man who will love me, be ready for life with me in any difficulties in life.
For me, a man's age does not matter! The main thing that a man would have loved me! In Russia there is a proverb: Love - for all ages!
I understand that love is possible at any age! The main thing was to love this!
I am writing about myself and about the private life in detail, so you have a real idea about me.
I hope that you also write in detail about yourself! I want you to be talking about his life!
Now, when I wrote to you, and opened before thee all my heart and soul, you know me better.
I will wait your letter back, and I hope to get a decent answer!
I believe that a happy and beautiful life to look for the second half!
Since I can not imagine life in solitude.
At this today I finish my letter to you!
Thanks for your photo! You are handsome man! I like your photo!
Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hello my James!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-*
I am happy to see your letter today! I hope you are also very fond of my letters as I do yours!
Tell me when you see my letter in my mailbox, what do you think? It is very interesting :)
When I see your letters, I always in a good mood and I get a smile!
I think you are very good and kind man, and so are you I really liked from our first contact!
We now have a stable weather of the season in the city and I want to share with all my mood with you.
I want to write to you, me real pleasure!
Do you have close friends? I have a friend from childhood, Svetlana we know her for 24 years and all this time, we help each other!
My friend Svetlana has a husband and baby daughter! She is very happy mother and I am happy for her!
I really appreciate my girl friend Svetlana!!! Svetlana is my best friend!!!
Friends of the most important thing in my life, as only one can come to the rescue!
I write you my emails from my friend, because it allowed me to use her computer to the Internet!
Now, as soon as I is presented free time I go to her friend that would check my email and write you a letter!
I am very glad that it helped me and now I'm familiar with you!
Sometimes I write to you from my office computer! But I can rarely use my job computer! I'm not good at computer!
I can use my work computer only when I have free time at work!
My friend taught me to use e-mail! :-) Earlier I could not even write letters on the computer!
But now I'm trying to write to you and I have all It turns! I can write you the letter on email!
My girlfriend Svetlana convinced me to get acquainted with a man from another country, I thought for a long time.
And now I have decided to meet and I found you! You really liked me! I really like to talk with you!!!
Today I was at work and my day has passed very quickly, because I thought of you! After work, I immediately ran to see your letter :)
I do not know why, but you're in my thoughts! I wrote this to you because you are a very interesting person!With you I do not feel lonely!
Perhaps we will meet or do we just stay friends, good friends, but I'll remember your letters always!
I am very lonely at night, and I feel very sad when I see your letters, and even last night I was alone, and only when I am writing to you I'm not alone!!
Of course I could find a man but as is often the case, it is very difficult to find a true friend!
I have a pure soul, and always try to be happy and cheerful in all situations. So how to live and believe in the best!
I would like to have a long and serious relationship with someone you love.
Today I have a wonderful day. Your letter has made my mood even better.
When I wrote you the first time I thought we were going with you good friends.
I'm looking for is not only friendship, my soul and my heart wants to love all my love!!!
Tomorrow I will again waiting your letter!
Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Hello my dear James!!!
It says you Ekaterina.
I am writing you a letter with my new mailbox.
With my old mailbox there was some kind of mistake and I can not access it and send you a letter.
And I just can not get a letter from you.
Good thing I still have your email address and you can write a letter to my new email address.
I created a new mailbox! I am writing you a letter with my new e-mail address!
I ask you, what would you do not write me letters on this E-mail address:
Write me a letter at my new e-mail address with which I wrote to you now:
I hope we will continue our conversation! I really want to continue our acquaintance!
I will wait for your answer. Please write to me!
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 6
Hello my friend James!!! :-*
I am thankful that luck has allowed us to find each other!
I am pleased to read your mail, your letters make me happy and joyful at heart! You are to me much more than just a friend!
I want us to every other day a friend found out more!!
Write me more about yourself, your parents, your friends?
I am happy to know that with you, and I'm interested in your life and your interests! I like you and I want to know you better!
I hope you understand me!
I dedicated my life a long period of my education, and now my thoughts are devoted to my future! My personal life!
When I was a little girl my mother could not provide me the necessary things, and she worked 16 hours a day, so I could learn.
And I am very grateful to my mother and I love her very much!
My dad also sometimes asks me: "Ekaterina is why you are so far alone," I do not know what to answer him!
Lawless Heart of love! I live and waiting! I just want a sincere love and forever!
My parents live in the city of Perm. This city, located 90 kilometers from my town where I live!
I can not go on for a long time from my work! I see my parents very rarely, but I use every opportunity to visit my parents!!!
I love my mom and dad, and always happy when I have the opportunity to see them, but my wishes do not coincide with my abilities.
My mother worked all his life at school a teacher of literature. Now my mom is retired, but continues to teach literature.
My dad worked for the Police! My father devoted his life to fighting crime! Now my dad is retired! I love my parents!
Now I will tell you where I live! As you know I live in the city Kungur!
I take on lease a room in an apartment for almost two years! In one room I live! In another room lived a woman!
In my room, only two windows, and they do not even open! :-)
I live with a woman, with whom we work together! We good friends,but we have very different interests! We are united by only a job!
I'm not interested in her, but she also like me, does not have enough money to live in a large apartment.
In the evening this woman goes to a meeting to her man!
When I'm bored I go to my friend Svetlana! Together, we think of as cheerful and fun to spend an evening.
Normally we like to just walk around the city park, and talk.
In my city there is a beautiful park, this park is small, but very cozy. In the park,I always feel very good.
Sometimes we go to the theater or the cinema, twice a year we go to a dance club.
I am very glad that you came along my life, and I am very interested with you! Honestly!
I really like getting a letter from you, so please write more, and I'll be very happy.I hope our relationship will be evolve!
I'll wait for your letter!!!
I send you my photo!!! :-)
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Hello my Dear James!!!!! :-) :-*
I am happy to read your letter. I see and feel that with each letter we become closer to each other!
I'm happy to have such a wonderful friend like you! I am happy that I met you, I'm happy that you're in my thoughts all day.
When I told friends about you, everyone was surprised! I decided to get acquainted with a man!
I do not know why, but until now I was alone. I felt alone!
Now, though only in the virtual world - you found me, and I found you, and the meaning of life! It is very interesting and nice to talk with you!
Of course my dear, I have great pleasure would like to meet you!
I think our meeting with you to help you and I know each other better!
Now I can not tell you with certainty when I can meet you!
My dear soon I'll find out when I can make an appointment with you!
My friends for a long time asked me why I'm lonely! Now I'm happy I decided to get acquainted with you, and I was lucky!
I am happy to read your letter. How are you? as the mood? I think you are all fine. I want you to have always all been great!
I want to tell you that my heart begins to beat more often when I think of you!
I want to feel you, your gentle sight, your smile, your hands. I'm looking for pure love and romanticism in their mutual relations.
I like beautiful, wonderful, gentle and romantic!
My most importantly the desire to have a family! My desire to be loved and feel the care and support in difficult times!
To this aim, each person!
I am 36 years and I want to live this life happily! As I wrote earlier, I can not be both lonely and happy!
I just want an ordinary woman's happiness! Women's happiness is when the beloved man next door!
I was close fortunately in the past, but my heart was broken! I have to trust the person with whom I am a lifetime.
Trust him to every word, gesture, mind smile. And I'm waiting for reciprocity!
The world is full of meanness and deceit, and it is very difficult to find people who can easily entrust the life and destiny.
If everyone would do good things, our world would be much cleaner, brighter, kinder!
I know you are not a long time, but I can tell you that you are very fair and honest!
This is a very attractive and I can believe that you are a very good person and you can truly love!
This is very important - to love with all my heart!
Although I thought that the Internet is - not enough dialogue to understand each other more strongly!
You do really like you, and I think that I know you are very very long time!
Your letters make my mood perfect! I become more joyful at heart. I think someday, you and I should definitely meet.
I want you to write me more about your life, because I'm starting to realize that among us there are something more than friendship, and I think that this sense of trust in one!
I want to share with you the joy! When we look at each other, watch each other's eyes, to touch each other.
Now it is just a dream! But maybe someday my dreams come true!
I am waiting for your beautiful letter and I promise that I will think of you every minute!
I send you my pictures! :-)
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 8
Hello My Dear James!!! :-* :-* :-*
I was always happy to see your new letter! I am very glad that you said to me and understood my feelings!
So much that can happen to us, to me and to you, but we must always be friends!
Now you are my closest and I really like you! I have a long time there was a man!
For a long time I was alone without a man! I was disappointed with my past relationships with men!
I think you're good, I want you to open up and tell you the truth!
I think I have feelings for you appear! I think I fall for you :-)
I want you to be honest and candid with me. Honesty is important to me!
I'll be your best friend and the closest person in your life.
I know that you will be gentle with me, and I believe you.
I believe what you say and I want you to be always honest with me!
In our life much happens, but I want you to understand and feel me.
No I've never been a model! I have 3 times a week go to the gym! Therefore, I have such a figure!
I do not like here in our country men are very rude! Yes Russian men are very rude!
Often in families without thinking man can beat his wife and he will assume that he is right! It bothers me!
I never want to live like that. I'd rather **** myself, but would not tolerate humiliation.
Answer me one question: You could hit a woman or a child? For me it is important to know your opinion!
I know you're very kind and sensitive man! But I have to be confident in you! I have to be sure that you do not hurt me!
Anything can happen and you can not control yourself .....
Very badly when a man beats his woman! Very scary!
I have a girlfriend, she is more mature and she has children! My girlfriend lives with her husband 10 years! The man of my girlfriend drink a lot of alcohol!
Every day when he comes home, he mocks a girl! The worst thing he sometimes smack their own children!
But when he is ***** he beats his children! Very scary when a man uses his power against their women!
It is terrible when a man beats up their children! Terribly when the man beats the wife!
Think and answer me honestly! It is very important to me! You could have hit his woman?
I'm sorry that I'm writing about sad, but it is really very important for me! Today I thought a lot about you!
I want to be with you now and I can only think of you and our future!
If I could be with you now, feel your touch on my body! I would be the happiest woman on the planet!
I hope you feel what I feel? My dear, I am very afraid of deception and I do not want you to cheat me!
I hope you will be honest with me, and speak the truth! Maybe we can meet you and spend time together!
We need to think about the meeting! But you have to be honest with me, and you must promise not to cheat me!!!
I am very pleased that we communicate with you! I am very pleased that you write to me!
I'm glad I met you and now I'm having feelings for you!
I've been alone for a long time, but now I feel that I have you!
Yes, I think you're my man !!! :-*
I'll wait for your letter with impatience!!!
Your woman Ekaterina. :-*
Letter 9
Hello my sweet James!!!!! :-*
I received a lot of positive emotions after reading your letter! Even at work all day, I only think of you!
All my friends, who did not even suspect about you and I say that as if I had fallen in love.
I am very happy and excited! You're the most beautiful man I have ever met!
Yes of course, I'll never see, but my soul is completely yours! My thoughts are of you!
I am now every minute, every second I think of you, I think about our future!
I dream to be with you, only to be your woman! I want to be unique and beloved, I wish!
You know, I love to watch the stars at night, at a time when the street was dark.
When I look at the sky at a time, I admire his amazing beauty of the stars.
Yesterday I spent the evening alone! I sat at the window, staring at the sky and imagined herself next to you!
I often think how we shall be with you! I often think of you and me!
Everything is so beautiful in my dreams I did not notice the time, I went to bed at three in the morning.
You're a wonderful man, you dream of my life! I never thought I'd meet such a wonderful person like you!
Now, all my time, my life is busy you. Now, you - the meaning of my life! I'm sure that soon on my face will always a good happy smile.
In the last letter I wrote you a rather sad things that happen sometimes in Russian families!
I am very happy that you understood me! You're the most understanding person! I know that you never raise your hand to a woman, and no one can change my mind about you.
For me - you're the ideal man! I trust you! I am very glad that you are the person I've ever seen in my dreams!
You have come into my life and I will remember you always! Whatever happens, I will always think of you!
My dear, I really want to meet you! I can take a vacation at his job and we can meet you!
Now I write semi-annual report on the work that I do the job I will be able to take a long vacation! My work will take another 10 days! After that we could meet!
How do you feel about this meeting?
I want to love and be loved! I think that when it is not, people just exist in this world, and not live.
The most important thing in life when the heart is love!
Now my heart matures love for you!
Now I just can not imagine my future life without you! We must not lose our chance to meet! I would love to meet you!
It is very important that you think of me! Important to me is your attitude towards me!
I say this to you, my dear, my only and very kind and understanding man in the world!
You should know that somewhere in the world, far away from you in the cold Russia there is a girl with a warm heart, which sees no future life without you and loves you very much.
I kiss you!!!!! :-*
With love Ekaterina! :-*
Letter 10
Hello my Favorite man James!!! :-* :-* :-*
I have a wonderful day! I'm glad to see your letter!
Every morning when I wake up the morning sun wakes me!
Light rays irresistibly suited to my eyes when I sleep and makes me get up out of bed and go get ready for work.
I am very happy to have such a good and kind man like you! I feel that you are to me much more than a friend!
I can not imagine of my life without you, your care and protection. I feel very confident with you!
You're the best, you're the strongest, you are most kind to me!
I know that you always help me and save me! I want to meet you!
I want to share my good mood with you! I really want you to be always happy!
I want you to be happy as I am! I want you to hear the beating of my heart, I felt my good mood and joy!
Today I made myself a little rest, a lot of time spent with my best friend Svetlana.
I left a semiannual financial report for tomorrow, although I'm almost all done and soon I'll have a lot of free time!
Perhaps soon we will be able to meet you!
Today is the birthday of daughters my friend Svetlana, and we want to make it a good holiday.
We make a very big cake and even came up with a little song. Here is today a kindergarten, as guests have a lot of children!
I think there is a lot of fun.
We talked a lot with my friend Svetlana and of course we talked about you.
I often think of you!
I told my friend Svetlana that you and I want to meet! Svetlana was very happy and glad!
My Dear - It is our destiny and we are very lucky that we found each other!
My girlfriend is surprised at me. I am very shy girl, and live like other people but now things have changed.
In my life, you came!
Our acquaintance has changed not only my life, but my thinking! I can not live without you!
I will always love you and I will always think of you!
When I fall asleep ... I think of you when I wake up early in the morning, I think of you!
Of course I love you and I can not think of anything else ... Just for you!
I think we have a great time together when we meet. I'm sure - we will be happy!
My dear when I arrive to you, we will be very happy friendly and beautiful couple! We will be happy!
I hope and believe that one day we will go to the sand gently holding hands! We will talk with you and delight to look at each other!
Even now, I imagine we'll be together!
Tomorrow will come to me, my mother and what is most surprising is my father! My father rarely visits me because my father has a problem with his feet.
But my father was always very happy when I go to their house, where I was born! I will talk with my parents about us and our relationship with you!
For me it is very interesting and very important, I'll talk to my parents about what we are, and I want to meet you!
Very important to me what my parents! I tell my parents about you! I hope my parents approve of my communication with you!
It is very important to me and if my parents agree, I will plan a trip to you!
I look forward to wait for your letter!
Gently kiss you!!! :-*
Forever your Ekaterina.
I send you my photos of winter!!! :-)
Letter 11
Hello my dear man James!!! :-*
I decided to write you a short letter!
How was your day? I hope you are fine?
Why have not you responded to my last letter? I'm sad!
I want us to communicate and we developed a relationship! It is important for me!
I often think of you and me is really important our dialogue! I hope you're as serious about me!
Please write me a letter as soon as you will have the opportunity!
I'll wait for your letter!
Kisses! :-*
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 12
Hello my favorite James!!!!! :-*
Your letters as the bright rays of the sun in my gray world! :-)
I am very pleased and happy to hear from you today! Your letters always make me feel a lot better.
I want to tell you that I really feel a very strong and serious feelings for you.
And I want to say that we should meet each other. Our meeting will be a very important event in our lives.
Do you agree with me? I have an overwhelming desire to meet you in real life!
I believe that this could be possible! Our meeting is feasible and affordable!
To visit me came my mom and my dad! I am always happy and very happy moment when I see my mom and dad!
My parents live far away from my town and I rarely see my parents! I try whenever possible to visit my parents!
I love my mom! I really respect my father! My father was a serious man!
My dad always chase away men away from me! My father always took care of me!
My dad always protected me from trouble! My father loves me and care for me!
It is very important opinion of my parents about our relationship with you! Today I talked with my parents! We talked about our friends and acquaintances.
Of course we talked about me and my personal life.
I told my parents about you! I told my parents about my feelings for you!
I talked to my mom about our relationship with you! I told my parents that I want to visit you!
I begged my parents advice and my parents told me that this is a good idea for us to meet you!
My mom said with a little excitement of your journey, but she loves me and wished me the best of luck to you!
It is very good when the parents approve of the personal lives of their children and I am very happy because you liked my parent!
My mother asked me to give you her best wishes.
I consulted with friends about how best to travel to another country! All who traveled tell me that traveling is very expensive!
My mother was very excited and at first even refused to let me go unto thee!!!
But I have to visit you! I could not live if I did not meet you and no one can keep me here now!
Even one day spent with you shall be to me a heavenly pleasure!
Honey, I'm very humble and obedient girl, but sometimes I do, steadfast in the decisions.
Perhaps this trait was given to me by my father! I was able to convince my mom and she even encouraged me now!
I'll travel to you! I love you and I can not be alone. I want to see you face to face!
Our meeting was very important to me! Our meeting was a big step in my life!
I know you're a wonderful man and the best man!
You won my heart, and now I'm just your! In your hands the most precious and valuable that I have - my soul and my heart!
I am an optimist and I hope that we can meet with you in the coming months!
Our meeting will help us to know each other better and much closer!
I am sure that I want to meet you! I feel that you have become more closer to me!
I'm ready to take the first step to our meeting! Yes I truly ready to meet you face to face!
My dear, I need to know the name of the nearest international airport to you???
Please write me the name of the nearest international airport to you and address of the airport.
I need your full address and your full name! I want you to tell me your address.
I would like to know your phone number! Maybe I can call you on the phone!
My love, I hope you will provide me with all the information in your letter!
I will wait for information from you!
Tomorrow I'll go to the travel agency and find out a lot more about my arrival to you.
I think that we should meet and I know how to make the trip for you. I'll be thinking of my coming to you!
I think of you as a single man! Only with you there my future! Without you can not continue my life! I want to be with you!
I know we have to meet and be happy with each other!
I've been looking for you all my life! I'm glad that you're my man!
I am very excited and infinitely happy!
Tomorrow I'll be waiting for your letter!
Your Ekaterina.
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