Scam letter(s) from Alena Alehina to Marcelo (Chile)

Letter 1
Sweet Marcelo!
How are you there?? Are you ok??
Please let me know the news!!!!!!
I need to pay for the international passport, it costs 112$. The tourist visa costs 187 $.
You can send the money via Western Union to my name.
My full name is Elena Dudnyk
My address is Svobody st. 2/15,
Zip code 79008
How your life is there.....
Maybe it is unbelievable but I feel how much I am addicted to you!!!!
I wait that very soon you can kiss me and I can kiss you in reality. But I think this is not the only reason what we are interesting in What do you think about :-))))??? MUA!!!
Though I'm very curious how your lips are tasting, how would be the feeling to kiss u tenderly? I'm sure that u will kiss me like an angel!!! May be after our first kiss I will fly for a long time, hope I don't crash deep but then you will be there for me to catch me for ever… I hope so!?
Please write to me as soon as you can
Your Alena
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