Scam letter(s) from Valeria Guseva to Rick (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear Richard!!! I'm glad to receive your letter, honey! Sometimes I need some time before I could write you a letter but you should know that I'm very serious about you. I am happy that you are as serious as I am. You have proven it to me by answering my questions. This mean you are interested in me.
It is very important to feel interest to each other otherwise it will be just monolog. I'm very serious to be together and even to create a family if you really want this. I'm ready even to learn foreign for me language or leave my family and friends if you really want so. For sure is that we are closer right now than just friend. If I heard from other people that is possible to get so close for two people for so short time I would have never believed my ears but now I realize it is possible!! I hope you feel the same way like I am, Richard. You know I think we could be a good loving couple:) We are sincere to each other, we trust to each other, we are ready to take care of each other, we respect each other. Do we need more? Do you like when your woman can cook for you? I would also like to mention I LOVE cooking!! I'm not the best cooking-chief but I cook not bad:) My mom was my teacher and then we both learned new receipts...sometimes I learned something new and teach her, sometimes it is she who teach me:-) Can you cook? The only thing that bothers me is that I have to pay for for all the time I write you a letter and read your letters or even scan or print pictures. This takes so much money, I almost left no more. You would probably ask it is impossible to live without money but I live this way almost all my life and I have to struggle with this. I can't continue to support our correspondence any more but not because I don't feel anything to you. It is because I will have no money even for food if I keep paying for translation service. It is a shame because I need to chose between you and my primary needs. Of course I don't want to lose you, my honey, but it seems I have no other choice. I'm in trouble. I wish you could help me perhaps to pay for translation fees. I hope my pictures will prove you how much I'm open for you. I pass you my kisses!
Your Lera
Letter 2
Hi dear Richard!!! I so much happy you have replied to me and that you are not going to leave me. Yes, sure I can send you picture to you!
I so much happy to hear this!!!! I just can't reply to you with a full letter cause I don't have more money on the translation account but I need to let you know that I'm in love with you and hope you are able to help me. I find there are a couple of ways you could help me but people in the translation company said the easiest and the fastest is via the Western Union or MoneyGram. They said I need to tell you my full name and address, so you could inform in Western Union or MoneyGram where send money to.
So, my full name is Waleriya Ghusewa and my address is Donetskaya str. 3/15, Schastie, Ukraine, 91480. I wait for your letter, Richard!
Hugs and Kisses,
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