Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Zvereva to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1
Good Day! This is Yuliya. I think my email for you is surprise. And i hope it is a nice surprise. I think you will have a question about "where did i find yours email address. I used a services of Search of relations agency.
They asked me what kind of men i like, and then they show me a lot of men profiles. Of all that profiles, I liked your profile, and I decided to know you better. Service offer me to start a correspondence with you via email.
This Service said me that your email address they found at dating site.
Little about me. As i said you before my name is Yuliya. and i am absolutely lonely female. My birthday is 10 of May 1985. I have no children, but i love them. I work as a manager in my own clothes store. I am independent and ambitious woman who used to achieve anything in life itself. I like read books, singing and travel very much. Maybe learning more about each other we can have real relations. My friend, I'm adult girl and I want a true relationship. I do not want to waste my time with man who is looking only for *** for one night. If you think the same, then we can have a future together. It is a little about myself and I send you my photo that you knew who to you writes. I hope it was interesting for you. I will be waiting your answer very much. My e-mail is: . Best Wishes, Yuliya.
Letter 2
Welcome my dear friend James! It's me again, your internet girlfriend Yuliya! You have not forgotten about me? I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your letter, thank you. Sorry to keep you waiting a reply.
Probably managed to intrigue you? What was your first impression of me? :) Probably thought it was an illusion? :) As you can see I am the same as you are a living person. I had a little trouble with the Internet. But now everything works and I can write to you. Now 21, and it has helped people from all over the world to find each other and even communicate. It is also possible to see on the web cam!
Unfortunately I do not trust the internet and would very much like to meet you. It is a pity that we are so far apart. I have a very good idea and I hope it will interest you! I'd like to see you live and for that we can talk via Skype! You've heard of such a program? So we can see each other and talk about many things. Our parents and dream of such could not :) I hope you have not changed my mind to communicate with me? :) I live in Russia and I myself an ethnic Russian. I hope this is not a problem for you. Now we have very good weather and the sun is shining. It is a pity that the summer is gradually coming to an end. So you want to always be warm and sunny. I live in the city of Samara, maybe you heard anything about when my town? This is a fairly modern and beautiful city. Samara - one of the largest industrial, cultural, sports and scientific centers of Russia. But I think you more interesting I myself and not my city. I'll tell you a little about myself. What's my name you already know :) Honestly I do not know where to begin. Actually I do not have much experience of Internet communication with men from other countries, especially on the Internet a lot of scams. I guess you're not! is not it? :) But I'm interested to communicate with you. I know you will ask me how old I was and whether her husband, etc. so I will write you first :) To be honest, I'm your age and a little shy of this, so it is often going to answer. But if we want to move to a more intimate communion, then you need to start with the mutual understanding and truth. Do you agree with me? In fact, the case I am 29 years old and I'm not married and never has been. At first glance, I was not more than 20 years. Is not it? I'm already a big girl and once graduated from the University went to live apart from my parents. I am self-sufficient in and do not think that should be dependent on their parents. I'm working on itself in its own clothing store. I sell women's and men's sportswear. I rent small room and I'm good at. I have enough money to live on, and I am my own mistress. My friend, tell me a little about yourself? How old are you? Do you have children? Have you been married? Where do you work? As well I would be interested to know about your town and see some pictures. If you do not complicate it. I hope you will answer my questions. Me and most interesting that comes out of our communication. I think that our acquaintance will bring us many new positive emotions. I would be nice to know if I have a friend in another country. You agree to be friends with me? :) I will finish my letter and I hope that soon you will write to me. I want to know more about you, too. You attach your photo as a souvenir. Goodbye! Your faithful friend Yuliya!

P.S. Send me your photo. It is waiting for!
Letter 3
Hi, my friend James! How are you? I'm glad that our friendship continues! I'm glad that you keep in touch with me. I have little experience with online communication :) Of course, in my life I have had relationships with men. But they all ended unsuccessfully. Russian men treat us girls were not serious. I told the impression that they are interested in only money, ***, **** and football :) Honestly, I myself love to watch football :) Many say that the men of your country more worthy and different temperament and charisma! For me, age does not matter. I am not afraid that you are much older than me. I'm not attracted young irresponsible people, most of them are not ready for a serious relationship. I'm sorry that I did not write to you immediately by e-mail. I spend a lot of time at work. But, I check my email every day! :) I myself make money. My favorite as parents can help me. Since childhood, I loved to play sports. Watch her figure. I used to be a trainer in the fitness center, but then I realized that it's not mine and decided to start his own business. So my day starts early in the morning I wake up 6:00, to make hot coffee. I love hot coffee in the morning :) And you? 8:30 I have come in your favorite job. Sometimes I ask my best friend to replace me at work and so do yourself a day off :) If all is well at work, sometimes I allow myself to go to the shops. I love shopping, this my weakness :) In the evening I go home. Sometimes I go to the cinema and theater. Actually I do not mind and always to entertain themselves in search of new emotions! Maybe this is the reason why I decided to write to you? :)
They say change for the better, and who knows how things will develop?
I'm not saying that I'm in love with you at first sight. But happy to be your friend :) It's even more intrigue me :) Tell you. How are you?
What are your hobbies? Do you love animals? This is very interesting, though! I'm very curious :) I hope you do not have a lot of email load? :) I finished writing and I wish you a nice day! Do not forget to write! Yuliya! Send your photo. You are sweet! :) Bye!
Letter 4

Hello dear friend James! I'm glad to see again a message from you! I am glad that you have shown interest in me! This one-and very nice of you! How are you? What do you have new? How's the weather with you? We are not very good weather and the temperature of + 15C. Today I was not a very difficult day. I went home early. In the evening, we are friends, we want to go to the cafe. But I do not want very much. I want to stay at home and watch TV. I think this is the best holiday.
What will you do today? How go your working day? I really want to see you on Skype. How to find you, I can not do it. Add me on skype and we can see each other. My nickname in skype yuliya.lovis657. With great impatience will wait for you there. Most of all I like comedies and movies about love with a good end. Parents as a child used to joke that I hyperactive child :) I want to learn to skate. Here see, I came up with something new :) Do you know how to skate? By the way, do you like sports? I love to watch sports channels on TV! I do not know how to convey their feelings! I was thrilled to read your letter! Of course, all this is great, and at the same time enjoyable. But there is a downside. I wonder how much money is spent on the Olympics. For of course, is the money could be spent in another way. In each city, at least, could build a kindergarten or school. Or better yet, build a few cancer centers. Spent billions of rubles to repair the roads. What can I say. We have a government :) My friend you've heard of sanctions against Russia. The United States as if want war and for this reason I am afraid to live in Russia. You have heard that in the Ukraine goes serious war among civilians. I'm sorry that people have been suffering peaceful people. I think you have heard and watch TV. Every day, dozens of dead and not only by the military people. The fact that children die. I'm very sorry and at the same time scary. I am very much afraid that we can start a world war. I ask write and think about what you think about it. I will finish my letter and send some photos!
Waiting for your answer, and do not forget the photo :) Bye. Yuliya!
Letter 5
Hello dear friend James! I am glad to see your letter. How are you? I hope you're doing well, just like me :) I am glad to write you another letter. (I smile). Our communication is gaining momentum. And I love it! It seems to me that we are familiar with like 100 years old :)
Unfortunately I do not have now a young man. I had only once a serious relationship and one guy but we had to leave due to the fact that he drank a direct. I would love to connect with you on Skype. Ask add me.
My nickname yuliya.lovis657. Add me, I'm looking forward to. Yesterday we went with friends in a cafe .. We try to meet once a week. We have a tradition! Something like a hen :) joke, gossip, secrets :) Girls are always asking me about my personal life. They joke that I'll be an old maid :). Most of my friends are married and have children. Of course, I want to have children. But this must be attributed very seriously. Child should grow up in an intact family. And our statistics in my city shows that 7 out of 10 weddings, divorce. I told you that we work hard to find a decent man. I know that I myself are able to provide substantial my child. But the father also plays an important role in education. Do you agree? But it's too early to talk about it. :) I share my thoughts with you. We communicate very little.
I want to know how you feel about girls? What is important to you in the first place in a woman? I think that Russian women are different from girls from Europe. Tell us how you spent the day? I'll finish this letter. I look forward to a response and photos! :) I'm sending you some pictures :) Please simple not so much today. very tired and I'm going to go to sleep. I hope before you go to sleep wait your letter. With each passing day more and more starting to miss you. It seems to me that between us there is a feeling. Do you think maybe it's so fast? Your friend from Russia Yuliya! :)
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend James! Today I have an unusually good mood! The day passed quickly. Left work early. I met with my girlfriend and we walked through the park. We ate ice cream and I talked about you. Many did not speak and just said that we write to the Internet and know each other. Please forgive me for the delay in writing. I had very little time to write to you and lift your spirits. How are you? I hope you are with a smile reading my letter. Like me :) I would love to see you on a visit to Russia. If you arrive in Russia I can teach you to dance and maybe even sing) I'm glad you like and I want to have a wife and children. I think that you will be a very good father to our children. As you look at it if I come to you? Today, checking e-mail and over again! Read your mail with pleasure. And you? Then with my girlfriend Anna, we went to an ice palace. Learned to skate. Remember I told you that I will learn :) I took the first steps on skates! Of course, I was far from the Winter Olympics, but I liked it;) also fell a few times :) But nothing. Who does not fall, he is lying! My dad says :) so to set a goal - go for it. Fell - Get up and go again!
Coach showed me how to stand on skates. He says he needs to learn to ride with a partner. Want to be my partner? :) As you noticed, I have some fun. Sometimes I think there is not enough time in the day :)
Yesterday I watched on TV the new dead there in the Ukraine. Many countries have accused Russia, but we just help his people. On the streets of Kiev are fighting mercenaries in disguise. This is very scary. A lot of people died. What do you think about this? We have very good weather and my thoughts only about you and your letters. I am so pleased that we find common topics of conversation and understand each other. I will always write you a letter and never forget our acquaintance. I beg you not to forget about me and you. I will finish my letter. I want to quickly get your. Write, do not forget :) Your friend Yuliya!
Letter 7
Hello how are you? My dear friend James! How did you spend the day yesterday? What do you have new? I think you do not forget about me? I read your letter and I feel better. I'm so used to that you begin to miss your letter yet. No I've never done modeling. For me, age does not matter and you do not man. You are just a very nice person. Today, just a beautiful day! I woke up this morning in an unusual mood in my window the sun was shining, as if to say to me - "Wake up." It would be even nicer to hear these words from you my dear. I looked out the window and saw - had wonderful weather and I even wanted to quickly get dressed and go outside. On the way to work all the people seemed so friendly and polite. Children played in the street and laughed so much fun that I myself for a second child presented itself. I feel as if the world is filled with only the kindness and care - this was so nice. At work, all the people were very grateful to me for help, even though I was doing the most simple things, but I was pleased to hear from them such. Work today was not enough, and I almost was not tired, I feel just fine. I went to his home with great hope to see your nice letter here. And when I was able to see the first words of your letter, it seemed best moment is simply impossible to even think of.
This day was for me just an extraordinary, though nothing happened.
The most ordinary and everyday things suddenly became my special and even unusual. I hope you and this day pleased? Maybe something extraordinary happened to you today? Tell me about it. I guess I'm here look as happy as they are now. I wish you a good day and hopefully await your answer today or tomorrow. Your faithful friend Yuliya!
Letter 8
Hello my friend James! I am always very happy to come home to see your answer and know that I have someone care about me and treat you well.
I want to thank you! You gave me hope and faith that there is still a real man, a true gentleman, for whom honor and conscience are not empty words, and they can be trusted in all things. Previously, I got acquainted with the men, but they did not see, and maybe did not want to see me as a woman. They were only interested in their own desires and dreams. They saw me as just a subject to satisfy their ****** needs. Many do not consider me a person. But I soon realized everything and stopped with them any relationship. Of course, I met a man with whom I had a good relationship and love. But soon, their love was over and they lost all interest in me. The last time I met with Sergey. We had a romantic encounter - we walked under a full moon and watched the sunrise. He said - I will always love you, Yuliya. And I believed everything he told me his every word. I thought that we would be happy together eternity. No once I was home from work and on the street I saw how he hugged and kissed another woman, their faces were so happy. Then I thought I had died and the world around me died. I followed them until the last moment and did not want to believe what I saw. But seeing as they went to Sergey 's house, I could not calm myself with the thought that it all seemed to me. I will never told anyone about it, even her best friend, Anna. She knows that I just broke up with Sergey. But I can tell you about everything and I do not have any secrets from you. I really like you and I want us to continue to continue to write to each other. And you had to feel the betrayal or infidelity? How much it hurt you for the soul? I hope to know you even more and become even closer. With warmth in my heart, I'm waiting for your answer. Your naive girlfriend Yuliya!
Letter 9
Hello my dear friend James! Your letters always warms me warmth.
I do not even know where to start. My thoughts are confused and I can not keep quiet about this storm of feelings. Today, I could not sleep for a long time and for a long time thinking about you. You never leave my mind, wherever I may be. In the morning when I wake up my first thoughts about you, what are you doing at this moment, if you remember me do you? You helped me not only to forget all past mistakes and failures in life, believe in yourself, but also taught me how to love again, to believe that it is still possible. I could not imagine that this will happen and I will be able to experience this wonderful feeling again. You are an extraordinary man. You could make my life bright and vivid, even the most drab and lifeless colors are bright and full of life. You melt the ice that gripped my heart after many failures. The only person I was looking for so long and finally found it. You're the one I need in this life. I can not hide it and I'm ready to jump into the pool with his head. And even if you answer no, then I'll know that at least I tried and did not keep quiet. Tell me honestly that you feel me? Do you have the same feelings for me? I will wait for your answer, like never before in my life. I start attached to you for this, though but a short period of time. I became feel better and even my girlfriend Anna notices that I like change in behavior. I would love to spend a few days with you. How would you like it? It seems to me that at thinking you have the feeling of love.
Tell me about your feelings. Would you like to meet and spend a few pleasant days together? I think that you have the same feelings as me.
I'll wait for your letter write me soon. Your loyal and very dreamy girlfriend Yuliya!
Letter 10
Hello my love James! Now I can say - I love you. I'm ready to cry with happiness now, but I think I did not understand my neighbors. I hope you do not mind what I say such a rant about love? I very much hope that you will reciprocate. I really very much in love with you and want to meet. I want to make love to you lesson all night until the morning. I do not know what will happen to us is my favorite? Whether we are together? These questions are just tormented my soul and haunted. Yesterday I was a very long time could not sleep and represented our first meeting. When I came home, I was afraid to watch what you said to me. Now I feel very happy in this world. I have never been anything like this happening. I am ready to repeat endlessly - I love you my darling. All my past feelings pale in comparison to our infinite love for each other. No one with whom I have met before could not give me so much love and make me as happy as you do. I do not understand how you do so? Perhaps someone will think I'm crazy, and by the way it might seem. But I'm just crazy in love we gave to each other and the feeling is forever settled in my heart. Today I shared about my friend Ann. I talked about that you want to visit and she was very happy for me. I've never been in other countries and I am afraid that it is very difficult. Thoughts that need a lot of documents and money. I was going to fly this year on vacation and saving money. I have changed 2500 dollars. Do you think I have enough of that money to sow To you and spend a few days together? Do you think I can do it? In general, tell me what you think of my visits you and on your side? You agree to take me on a visit? If you will agree that I will learn what I need to visit you. I think that nothing is impossible and I can visit you. You do not have to spend money on me. I myself in the position to pay for your vacation. More Anna promised that look after my business. I'm so glad that she wants me to visit you. Anna will deal with my my business and selling clothes. I also want to emphasize that I thought about our feelings to you and come to the conclusion that we are made ??for each other. I want to tell you that I can not live without you, I want to tell you that I fell in love with you. I love you my dearest man! Tell me what you feel me now? What thoughts do you have now? Tell me everything I want to know everything. I'll be insanely bored while waiting for your letter today or tomorrow. I send you all my love and affection with this letter. So I send you some pictures. Remember that I truly love you and miss you terribly. What do you think about our meeting? Take your time and think about it. Are you ready to meet for a few days and spend your time? True, I hope that for you it is the same happiness and you want to spend a wonderful time together. I will be very much to cry if you say he was not ready and did not love me. Please do not shut me out of myself. I really need you. Your princess Yuliya!
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