Scam letter(s) from Oksana Lunina to Frank (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear Frank! Thank you for your letters. It was so nice to get and read them.
Dear Frank, I am very glad that you wish to meet me. I make sure once again that you are a kind and very clever man. I am very pleased that you show concern for me. I am waiting for our meeting with a great pleasure. When we meet I will hug you and kiss you many times. I will enjoy every moment spending with you. I feel that you are a strong and tender man. And you can give me the unforgettable bliss. I will spend with you the wonderful evening with candles with a glass of wine. At night I am alone on my pillow and I watch the innumerable garlands of stars on the sky. I dream you were with me at that minute. I want to see your eyes because the eyes are the mirror of the man's soul. I hope you feel the same feelings, dear Frank. How is your life and work? I look forward to hearing from you soon. I send you my picture. I kiss you tender, Your Oksana P.S. Dear Frank, This is Angela, the interpreter of Oksana Lunina. One day she came and asked me to translate and send her letters to you. She has no computer at home and she lives in poor conditions. She speaks English slow. Her earnings is only $60 per month. All the people in Ukraine and in Russia have such earnings.
So Oksana couldn't pay me for her correspondence and translation your and her letters. I translate not only Oksana's letters but also other girls' letters who have no computer and don't speak English. And their foreign men pay me for the correspondence and translation. Usually they pay from $50 to $100 per month. It depends on the amount of letters. Dear Frank, I think you could pay me for my work $30 per month in advance. I have already made you a gift, dear Frank. You shouldn't pay me for your correspondence to Oksana and translating your letters that I have already done. I worked free of charge.
Now I cannot work free of charge. If you are interested in my proposal then you could send me your transfer $30 for 1 month in advance. Then I could translate your and Oksana's letters to you and send them. Dear Frank, you should send your transfer to my address: Angela Bradulova, Geroev Sevastopol street, house 12, Apartment 17, Sevastopol, 99009, Ukraine. I have no bank account. So you could send me your transfer from the system of transfer The Western Union. It is in every bank in your country. I hope you are interested in serious relations with Oksana Lunina. She likes you very much,
Frank and she tells me that you are a handsome, kind and honest man. I send you my picture. Now you know your interpreter. I wait for your letter,. Sincerely yours Angela
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