Scam letter(s) from Jessy C. Corona to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

I will tell you more about me and I also hope to hear more about you and your way of life....... My name is JESSY and my middle name is C. stands for CORONADO my last name is birthday is... OCTOBER 20, 1987... My height is 170 cmS and my weight is 60 kgS.

I am 27 years old and I live in ILIGAN CITY , LANAO DEL NORTE PROVINCE.....PART OF in the philippines......

ILIGAN CITY is part of NORTHERN mindanao....its REGION 10.... it is one hour away from PLANE...

ILIGAN CITY is a HISTORICAL place..LOT OF WATERFALLS AND BEACHES IN OUR CITY... My city is situated in the NORTHERN MINDANAO... part of PHILIPPINES... and if we become more in future and you come to visit me, you will like my city, because we have many places of interest here. .......

I work as a PART TIME in the CALL CENTER also here.. in our in ILIGAN CITY..but very low salary coz its just part time..and the call center is just very low salary.. My job is a part time call center agent.. just to support my personal needs..i have 4 brotherS and NO sister n our province..ok???but now im living in an apartment with roommates...its 1 hour away from our hometown..... When I was a child, I was always felt compassion to those who has no home or food.. So I have decided that I will do my best in helping wretched people..., or to those who r poor or depressed families...coz i feel happy when i can help someone who are in need

Let me tell you about my family..... Well, as you know I live with my mother and my grandparents in ouir hometown, i go home every weekend to visit them..since im studying then in the weekdays im not at renting an apartment one hour away from our home town.... and I have 4 brotherS and NO sister....

My mother works in the shoe factory... and her name is JOCELYN. She was born on august 30, 1955..I dont have father anymore....coz he went to another woman..10 years ago.then i didnt even see him .so im belong to a broken family..then i lived with my mother and my grandparents..and i will go home every weekend in our home town to visit them........ for now im living in an apartment with roommates..and we share our expenses..coz im studying....and i want to become a nurse someday....

Unfortunately I don't speak any languages except English and TAgalog.... Maybe you are surprised with it.... But I am opened to everything new and would like to start learning different languages someday, when I can afford it to myself.

I like playing piano!!!i love singing..and of course dancing..
u can tell me more about ur life and everything u want to share with me..ur lifestyle there and ur experiences...because we are here to know one another..for us to have a good relationships..or maybe where it will lead to us....

by the graduating nursing student..and i will be graduating NEXT MONTH OCTOBER 10th of THIS YEAR few days left then ill be a nurse ok? hope that u will not forget my BIG DAY... this coming OCTOBER 10TH OF NEXT MONTH 2014...SO THATS few days left my graduation from college..then ill become REGISTERED NURSE... FINALLY for 4 years of studying nursing..then im about to finish my nursing its just NEXT MONTH my graduation day..OCTOBER 10TH...dont forget it.. i dont have skype..i only have yahoo messenger..we can chat online there yahoo id is.......iwasborn4you.....pls add me there in yahoo messenger
Letter 2

hope that u have a great smile upon reading my simple letter........

First and foremost my honey..... how r u???hope ur fine and doing great there??? ..and to tell u that i dont want to take or ask money with u coz its unethical..but its just happened that my mother laid off in her job.... she suffering kidney troubles and headaches...and she got paid a small amount of money and she gave me that ,...and its not enough to pay for my graduation tuition fees...and some graduation expenses...thats why im so worried now and very sad now...and i think she will be back to her work SOOn,...not sure when it will be...unless she will be doing alright.....

i have money my dear but its not enough to pay for it..but sorry for bothering u..what i want is ur willingness to help me honey...ill wait ur decision...or what do u think about it?>???or if u think that i can be trusted???u know that i missed u so much and im always thinking aobut u...

well i appreciate u if u want to help me to graduate...and i will accept that with a happy heart...hope that when u help someone its really coming from ur heart...

how i wish u can help me and u can save my life and change my life...thanks so much and im waiting for ur reply....i really need 200us$ to pay for my graduation expenses..and to buy medicines for my mother..

im very sorry to bother u....u know that its bad to ask money u never met...i know what im doing is shameful on ur part.......but maybe if u have pure and kind heart..and a generous person.....that would be better for me... im hoping that u will not mad at me after reading this letter my dear... im just true to myself in here..and i just dont want to pretend about myself...i want to express my real feelings...coz the more i will share my problems the more i can feel better...

just email that i will know what do u feel..or ur thoughts about my problems?? i would respect whatever it is in ur mind....... hoping for ur kind consideration about my problems..or my situation...... im very sorry for being so unethical.....i can say that we r not perfect. take care..

lot of kissess.,.mwaahhhhhh lovable, JESSY
Letter 3
my honey RICHARD,, good Day!! im so happy that we are here to know each other better.....well I JUST WANT U TO KNOW ABOUT my thoughts of having a children is that ...I HAVE POSITIVE THOUGHTS that i can have children...i want to have a house is not a home without children.... but if i found a man whom cant give me child then its ok...and i accept it with open long as we love each other to the person i want to be in the long as we share good things...we have happy and simple life...ITS NICE also to have children..coz im a family oriented woman..but only GOD knows...if i found my husband..of course we can sit down and talk about it...... its important for me to have a child,..but i have to consider also some reasons if my husband soon cant produce a child..or cant have a child...i will just pray and let GOD the center of the relationships..i will respect if my husband cant give a child..of course i will still love my husband and live happily ever after... well marriage can still be happy without a long as u love each other..u share good things and memories to both of you....but for me..ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT GONNA IN THE FUTURE..but its nice also to have 2 or 3 kids.....i like to have 2 or 3 kids....but if GOD gave me a good and kind husband..then we cant have a child..i respect that..and i will still love my man until my last breath... u know what *** is sacred..and *** is a in a relationships *** is long as it is done with respect and love....ok? well its ok to have *** to the person u love even ur not long as u love that man and u trust that man..and that man influence u to become a better person...for me..i dont matter if i have *** with him..but for now im still ******....i dont have kids..i never im very ****** i will give my virginity to the person i love.....and i will do everything to make my man happy as long as he makes me happy too..and helped me..and he is very generous to me... for me its ok to have *** before long as u love each other..and i will do everything to my husband my lover my bestfriend my soulmate and my everything.... JUST TRY ME AND UW ILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE..u have failures before...but thats LIFE. im here for you
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