Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Antipina to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
You should understand me.
Having read your letter, I very much was upset.
Because your relation to me was unpleasant to me.
I did not know about that you met the girl from Russia.
Why you of nothing have told me about it.
I understand that now you are upset.
But life on it does not come to an end, and it is impossible concerns to other person with a bias. Believe me I up to your letter did not know about existence of people which are engaged in a deceit. I have asked about it at familiar and to me have told, that such cases are enough distributed in the Internet.
Girls correspond with the purpose of reception of money to help the family and so forth.
When to me have told about it I was upset. Because now to the girl which really wants to find the love, put barriers various swindlers.
But I think that you the remarkable man if after such deceit, you continue to search for the love. Believe me, I not from those girls which money are necessary only.
Yes I recognize the fact that my earnings, scanty in comparison with USA only 90 $.
But I am fair the work, I earn this money, and I am proud of it. And I never shall begin to pass feature of the law and morals to correct the financial position. I think that good and fair people more than bad. And if the person wants be happy he should to achieve it.
Having started correspondence with you I also did not think that you assume in me the next swindler. Therefore you should understand my frustration when I have learned from you it.
I from the very beginning was fair with you. But also you too should trust me.
Because if there is no mutual trust that can not be and love.
The trust and respect for the partner is a basis of any relations.
And if I have made a step having chosen you I expect from you this.
You like me, I want to have with you relations.
But necessarily we should learn about us more.
Letter 2
Hello my angel sweetheart Prince! I am happy to receive your letter.
This LOVELETTER is so........much nice and lovely:):):) I see you here before me and I am thinking about our future time.
You are right the love between us are so.........deep, because we are so far away from each other.
but it's only physical. In trues i stand behind you right now.
I go round in front of you and at this time you stand up and i take you in my arms, i feel your warmth breath and i kiss your warm lips. My heart goes bumb and i am endless happy. P.S. I could not write to you because I had no Internet!
Today I will call you!
I cannot receive your money because I have already given all the documents to agency!
My aunt Natalya works in Western Union and she can receive money!
She is glad that we soon shall together and is ready to help us!
You should send money addressed to my aunt Natalya!
The address of bank through which my aunt Natalya can receive it from you.
Western Union
The country: Russia, the city of Omsk.
The post address: Mira, 54.
The postal index: 644042.
Natalya Sozykina.
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