Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Walt (USA)
Letter 1
Hi honey Walt! Happy past Valentine's! Sweet Valentine's writer Walt. Complicated but close to be true ;-) Yes you inspired me a bit and your wonderful stories played role of lessons for me.. And that is what I prepared for you.. You saw me from a distance, dressed in cool white, the sweet curves of my body outlined against the shimmering sands. As we got closer to each other the stars shone into a myriad of twinkling lights celebrating in harmony with joy as they felt love wafting between us.
We missed each other so much that it feels we are like teenagers in love who are going to make love for the first time together. I am now very close to you and you see a smile from those ruby lips, inviting a kiss. You take me in your arms and gaze deeply in my eyes.
The look of love, the desire to hold and cherish all mount as you hold me close. I feel the warmth of your body and the beat of your heart.
We kiss, gently at first, our lips brushing each other's and then I feel your lips part and our tongues dance together, kissing deeper and with passion. I can feel your heart beating faster. You bring your lips to the nape of my neck and your hands slide down and caress the length of my body.
We part briefly and look at each other and know that we must act on the force of our desire as our senses demand. As we lay on the white sands, the waves lapping at our feet, I ask, "Shall we swim my love?" and slip off my dress and underneath I am wearing a dazzling white bikini. You can see the swell of my breasts in the moonlight. You can't tear your eyes from me, and we kiss again more passionately than before. You lay me down gently while my fingers unhook my bikini; your eyes gazing with wonder upon those peaks of delight. My nipples are getting hard and inviting. You take one nipple in your mouth very gently, your tongue is flicking and lapping and sucking slowly. Your lips travel down my body kissing each inch, dwelling and worshipping. Our eyes meet again, and with my smile you know that you can remove the wispy bottom of my bikini. Your body is alive with desire. You bring your mouth to the triangle of love and nuzzle it gently with your lips. My legs part and you part those tender lips and dab gently with your tongue into the honey. My legs encircle your neck bringing your mouth even closer to me, and you drink and probe with your tongue filling your mouth with the juices of my love. I seductively move and you can feel my hands now, they encircle your manhood, stroking gently but firmly as the stiffness increases. I slide you from me and lay you on your back, bringing my lips and encircling your manhood with the deft strokes of my tongue, you want me now so much ....You want to be one with me. I straddle you and slowly bring myself down onto your hardness, your hands take my breasts and caress and squeeze them. Slowly, I slide down even further, my eyes ablaze with desire. You can feel my muscles contracting on your hardness as I rise and fall, thrusting my body with increasing passion. As it fills me deeply, my back arches. You bring your finger and place it just inside of me, arousing me further. Our lips meet in a frenzy of desire, probing and dipping. You can feel a pressure building inside of you.
You want to erupt inside of me, electric shocks are passing through me now as floods of orgasmic delight swamp every nerve-ending as I ride you. You cup my cheeks with your hands squeezing me as I squeeze every drop of your love juice from you. You shudder inside of me and bring our bodies together in one last thrust of passion. We lie together exhausted, you am still inside me as my breasts bear into your chest, and our lips meet gently. You hold me, our bodies entwined with our love for each other. For timeless eons it seems we lay locked together and looking at each other with fondness and pleasure after our wonderful union. We rise as one and run to the waves that wash and envelope us in their invigorating freshness. You swim behind me watching as those cheeks bob up and down. I stand up, the water cascading from my breasts and we kiss again. You can taste the magic of my lips. Your hands caress the inside of my smooth thighs and linger as we walk slowly back to the sands of our lovemaking. You dab me gently with the towel, your finger tracing the valley between my legs, and your mouth in the valley of my breasts. We feel the need to love again and again, and we do. Sveta
Letter 2
Hi sweet writer Walt! Sorry for this delay. Oh honey. 10 days? I counted 5. I must appeared too economic maybe because were trying to make our account to 'live' longer. I remember ask not to write every day and our account is not that 'huge' to be in contact every day and be for long... Anyway I want to congratulate you. With everything :-) Mostly with arriving of spring. Do not know about USA but here spring is already fighting with winter and I think is going to win soon. But not at least in nearest two weeks by the forecasts and even during the day temperature is going to fall lower zero Celsius.. Maybe I am not that kind of woman who is like a carpet but anyway I am powerless against such aspects as weather :-/ But weather inside me becomes more summer and warm after reading that you see that you are impressed by my intelligence and wisdom. Never expected such qualities may be appreciated in modern world (that became really crazy and dirty) and especially in me. Become protector, provider and maybe father of our children? Yeah, in this case I MUST be your wife :-))) I am still very impressed like attacked by these your words but pleasantly...
pleasantly impressed ;-) Yes yes yes. To spend a vacation with you could be a great present and surprise for me.. We could visit some nice place like restaurant (I know you like restaurants a lot) and after spending official social dinner (preferablydinner because it is in the evening, right before night when most hot desires must be fulfilled at night when only slight lights are on and candles may give magical romantic atmosphere.
Oh one more thing - dinner should not be big and hard not to be 'full' of food without desire to shake our bones ;-) But yes, theater (or cinema) may good place for this to because they are dark inside but preferably without people at all so nobody will watch how we are going crazy :-* Please don't be scared of my naked body because you are going to see it every day when such time will come and we will be able to see and touch each other in real ;-) :-* My body usually begins to tremble when I think about us alone.. And my pussy really get wet immediate and it is very hard to control myself and at least continue working instead of visiting private room and dream about us more privately and 'let the steam off' :-)))) I am yours. I want this. Your Sveta
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