Scam letter(s) from Elena Hopina to David (USA)

Letter 1

My name is Elena - Helen for short. I'm supposed to tell you about myself...hmm, I like to skateboard (yes a girl skateboarding, you read right), go shopping (what girl doesn't?), and surf the communication. Speaking of the communication, you got e-mail? Last year I did a bold thing:
I asked the universe to send me a man! Not just any man,
certainly not! I used two full pages to describe the man I sought.... He wouldn't be a fellow experienced ****** and like me cooking okay. He'd be brave – willing to sit through all 17 hours of Wagner’s Ring Cycle with me. He'd be a good roommate, and wouldn't mind that I am opposed to sharing a bathroom. (Hey – you don't get what you don't ask for.) Hope that you will agree with me and you will be brave!!! Of course I know that Love is like a diamond - precious, hard to find, beautiful..And treasured forever! I know that it is the start for us and if you have any interests in me I'll be waiting for the letter from you at this address:
Wishing you the most beautiful gifts the universe has to offer!
Your Helen
Letter 2

Best wishes Dave,
Glad to get the letter from you. Hope that my asking to the universe will be the truth. I thought a lot about you and I hope that everything is good there.... You ask me about the Wagner's Ring Cycle. So I see that you are not educated in the art life of our Universe. You should know that Wagner is a famous composer and of course I hope that you will spend some time and you will find out everything about that his masterpiece as "Ring Cycle". But if it will be impossible for you I will gladly answer the question about it. You should be very interested in knowing some things about me. I am educated person and I have the high degree, so you know that there is no the place for playing games and I still insist on your serious attitude to all my words and to all my telling you. So I think that we have no time for playing some kinds of spectacles. I am straight forward person and I am ready to start the relations from the truth. So at first you should know that I am open minded and straight forward lady. Listen, as for me there are the winners and the losers in our life and I think that there are the strongest and the weakest people. So as for to my nature I am the winner and I will never let someone to hurt me, never! I am a human being and I think that of course I have weak sides, may be it is that I am a woman and I am with a very feminine and refined taste. I am with feminine heart with demands from me to love. And it means that my heart wants to love my partner,
my lover, my friend, my beloved man...and I want to fund everything in one person. Don't you think that it is too much? I am ready to give because I always know that "the more you give, the more you have". With all the actions and not only with the words it is easy to show the attitude to the person. So don't know if you are interested in me after this my letter to you. But I still have the hope in my feminine heart.
Wishing you the most beautiful gifts the universe has to offer!
Your Helen
Letter 3

Best wishes, Dave!
Thank you for keeping writing to me. For me was important to know that you like my seriousness and my feminine thoughts.
glad to know that for you it was not a formal letter and of course I a happy from the thought that we are together!!!
Glad to know that you understand that there is a language barrier between us and I am glad from the fact that you are so understandable and you look at this world with open eyes.
You made me smile when you told me that you searched in the Net about that Wagner's masterpiece, of course I want to agree if you will prove the fact that you are brave if you will sit and watch "Lord of the rings". Ok'!!! :) Of course I like the movie as you told me as "40 year old ******". I'd like to watch it with you again!!! Do you want the same? I have never seen that movie as "hostel". But I'd like to watch the horror film with my man and of course with a jar full of ice cream, what about that proposition? Of course I used the chance to look through that site about your restaurant, I was amazed with its beauty, I looked through all the pictures there and I am sure that you cook wonderful and delicious food, I have never tasted a Mexican food. I'd like to taste it one day, hope that it will be with you:)!!!
Thank you for telling me about that story as for to the lady that you have met once in casino. I want to tell you that of course I am sure that it was wonderful feeling and I think that now I feel the same because I want to have as more as possible of your letters. I need you and I want to be with you!!! So I'd like to tell you more about myself, like a person who live in Ukraine and of course I would like you to know how I live here. I live in a little place with name Lisichansk. For me it is not the secret the address and something like this. I live at the Moskovskaya street,
13/28. Hope that with your answer you will write me your address too. And it will be the sign that we trust each other and we can share such kind of information. And what about you? Tell me about your profession, your favorite places you like to spend your free time and to rest. As for me there is a very cozy place in Elena where I like to be alone and to dream but such weak moments can't see anyone.
And what about you? Do you like to dream. May be you use the special music for it. I like to listen to the wind music and of course to the birds's songs. Romantic? Together? Join me?
I like to dream and for today I have one dream... Look, I am not good in English and may be it is better to say that I am rather bad in this language... I still have a dream that I will go to the teacher which help me to learn this universe language. And I proud of you that you are able to speak English. Of course, may be now after knowing it you think that it is the problem that I don't know English and I want to tell you that it is really the problem. When I went to the translation bureau, I thought that for me it will be possible to pay for everything by myself and now I pay for it of course, I know that I should do it, but really it is harder and harder with each next letter. I'd like you to know that here it is a rare thing that person knows English and so they use it and the prices are high for me. I know that it is European standards, but it is too far for Ukraine to be the European country and to use their standards. I work as a seamstress, I am not the hired worker. I sew and embroider, I do it at home with the help of my old but helping sewing-machine. I have some own clients and I thought that I would have enough money to pay for our correspondence. You see, everything is simple. I have nothing to hide. I am rather interested in you and I think that there are lot of positive sides in you that attract me a lot. I don't want to loose you and I will try to do my best in order not to to break off our relations. Of course,
being a gentleman you will have the thoughts not to use the woman and of course to make your investment in it. I will not refuse the help from you. Hope that it is not too straight forward, but I told you before that I tell only the truth... Always... At this situation my feminine heart wants to go to that romantic place and to cry there for a little because I can't work more then I work as for to the physical ability and my heart doesn't want to live without my beloved man. Please, understand me. I feel that I miss you with every letter. Thank you that you have found the key to my heart. I proud of you.
Wishing you the most beautiful gifts the universe has to offer!
Your Helen
Letter 4

Dear Mr. Dave,
Sorry for disturbing you with such kind of question. We are the translation bureau "GrandTransService", which is located in the city Lisichansk. Your lady Elena had used the help of translators in order to write the letters to you in English and to get the letters from you in Russian. Unfortunately,
for this time it is impossible for her to make the payment even for the next letter. She has this your last letter in translated variant. Unfortunately she has no any possibility to write the answer, the account is closed. The account for going on the communication can be reopened after making the payment and full filling it. If you have interested in it,
we will gladly provide you with the information concerning reopening the account. We hope for our future cooperation.
If you have any questions, we will gladly clear all of them.
Faithfully yours,
Administration of "GrandTransService",
co-director Anna Trofimova
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