Scam letter(s) from Julia Mayorova to Peter (UK)

Letter 1
Hi! Now I went on sovy e-mail address , and saw your letter. I'm glad you wrote to me ! I'm waiting for this .
I thought you begin our acquaintance , and that tell you about me.
But now I can not focus my thoughts , because I'm a little worried. But I think that our acquaintance will be pleasant !
I am from Russia. From which country are you?
I would like you to sent more of your photos. So I can learn more about you and your life.
And also I would like to ask you you to be attentive to my letters . And he was honest with me.
I love honesty and truth! Because it is important to continue our future communication .
I send you my picture and hope you like it :) How would you like me to call you by your name ? How do you call your friends?
I look forward to your response.
Your new friend Yuliya.
Letter 2
Hi Peter!
Dear, I received your letter today and I'm happy. I want to know more about you . I do not even know where to start .
I saw your profile completely by accident , I finish the last course in SGTU - Saratov State Technical University named after Yuri Gagarin .
Our universtitet cooperating with foreign companies.
Purpose of the university - scientific cooperation with foreign colleagues, to strengthen business relations of the University with foreign and international companies and organizations , expanding the range and scope of educational services , activation of metabolic processes of students and teachers .
And sometimes I have to sit on foreign websites . Somehow , I saw your profile, I immediately liked you . I hope I love you too .
I would like first to answer your questions .
I do not write very well in English. But I hope you understand me .
Peter, I want to tell you more about me . Now I'm 31 . My birthday is May 3, 1983 . Yes , my birthday was recently. And when is your birthday ?
I live in the city of Saratov . My height is 167 centimeters. I am a serious and decent woman . Now I'm lonely , and I do not have a man.
In the past, yunnosti , I was married . I lived with a man for 3 years . Already passed the 2.5 years since I divorced .
I have no children from this marriage .
But I really love children , children are our future !
I also love pets . But I do not have a pet. As for my personality , I am calm and loyal enough emotional and reasonable.
I live alone , apart from my parents. I - the only child in the family. I have no brothers and sisters .
I am an independent woman and she used to do many things in this life. I have some hobbies , such as reading, swimming , playing sports .
I like cooking. I think that this is the first thing you wanted to know about me ...
If I'm interested in you, I will write you more about me in the following letters . Good ?
I have a computer only at work , and study. So for me a problem to use flash messages YAHOO and MSN.
But I can write you letters every day free from work and school hours , except Saturdays and Sundays .
I work as a specialist in information and advertising issues in "Gazprom". I have a lot of work, because appeals to me a lot of customers .
And we have a lot of time to devote to them . But I like my job , to communicate with people . I like an active lifestyle. Can you answer me on my email so often?
Can you tell me more about you? What do you expect from dating a woman? What do you like in women? What is character? That it should be able to do ?
I would love to learn . I would like you to answer my questions sincerely . I love honesty and truth . Whatever it was .
I'm really interested to know about you. So write to me .
Peter, you wanted to know about me? Ask me and I will answer you . I hope you'll send your pictures as well. I would like to get more of them .
I put some of my photos from work and study in a letter .
Hope you like it.
I hope I'm not tired you with my letter. I want you to know more about me and my life. I just want to know you!
I hope that tomorrow I 'll get back your letter and your picture . I will be waiting .
Peter, you will not forget to write me a letter ?
I hope not .
I look forward to ......
Your friend Yuliya.
Letter 3
Good day Peter!
How was your weekend?
I am pleased that you are trying to answer all my questions and carefully read my letter. I see that I'm interested in you.
Peter, I'm glad we found each other . Our acquaintance with you a pleasure for me . You're interesting and sociable man .
You write me a wonderful letter ! I would hope that our relations do not stop on the correspondence.
We should not be afraid , I'm not ashamed of my feelings . Yes, I have sympathy for you. I like you !
Peter, I like to sleep without a blanket this time of year. Since hot ..
You're just the man with whom I want to spend my life! I do not know how to explain it .
My emotions defy logical explanation , because it comes from the heart , from the soul . Yes, between us a great distance.
But when I read your letter , it seems to me that you're sitting next to me. I feel like you!
I do not want to rush , and guided by emotions , I sincerely say to you about their feelings ! !
Life is short, and I do not want to waste time . I do not want to spend my life for games. I'm totally serious to you Peter!
I want my man was always happy and in good spirits . And I will try to do everything for it ! I'm ready to kiss and hug him constantly .
If only it made him happy! I want every day we enjoyed the love, passion and affection to each other. This is happiness ! !
In Russia, I am surrounded by many native ... Here is my family, my friend's, here 's my job.
However, I decided to leave Russia , if I meet her lover .
I had not thought about what might have a connection to the Internet, but now we talk ... And I am happy !
Until now, I have some excitement , but now I'm worried because I'm afraid one day to check the mail and do not see your letter ... I hope you will not leave me .
I'm starting to think more about our meeting with you , and already guess the day when I can come to your country .
Peter, you're beautiful, smart, interesting to me with you, we have some common interests , and most importantly we have the same goals with you ,
and you and I together will be easier to realize our dreams into reality. you agree with me ?
Dear , our first meeting will give us an opportunity to know each other. We can spend some time together and make plans for the future life .
Soon I will have a holiday , and I think I might have a trip to your country for our first meeting.
I have a passport that allows me to travel around the world.
Peter, when you can have the time to meet me ?I need to know about it, to have a chat with the director , and to determine the dates of my holiday.
Do you understand me ?
Moments that we spend together with you we will remember for a lifetime. I'm sure of it.
I trust you, and I am ready to come to your country for our first meeting !
I hope that my holiday will come soon. I will just need to resolve the issue with the study . In the coming days , I have to know the exact date.
I 'll let you know ... And we will be able to seriously discuss our plan of meeting. I even did not inform my parents about plans for this holiday.
But I'm pretty sure they will not mind . They always want me only happiness. And now I want to dream about that soon I can be close to you :)
I 'll wait for your reply with impatience tomorrow.
I wish that your day was successful and full of happiness.
I look forward to your pictures and letters .
Your Yuliya.
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