Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Walt (USA)

Letter 1
It is Katya!
unfortunately we dont know each other but
we can change it!
i am very positive and kind girl!
love to smile and spend time different!
i love little life happiness!love ice cream!chocolate!
i really want to meet good man here!
and i know it will be something special for both of us!
maybe we can try??
try to believe your fourtune and not skip a chance!
i am waiting for your reply!
Letter 2
Hello my honey Walt!!! so happy to see your reply! Dear you cant imagine what i feel seeing your letter! it is like million crawlings under my skin!!!!!!!!!!!
great feeling!!!
really i like teenager!thank you honey it is only because of you! i told you i was thinking about you a lot!!
it is going to become like real ritual before sleeping!
be careful!as my energy is very strong and you will not be able to be against and will fall inlove with me)))))))of course i am kidding)) but i really thinking about you before sleeping it helps me to have good dreams and be in positive mood in morning! so would you like to know what i was thinking about? so......
My honey I shall tell you my expections of our future date
We shall have a romantic diner together by candlelight and I think we have to tell each other a lot. After diner we go to your place

We can sit on the sofa; cudddling with each other, hugging and finaly we want to kiss each other on the lips, first softly, but then more and more passionate and i think that our tongues will play our love game.
I think we become hot and you will unbottom my dress, one by one and you discober that I have under my dress my black underwear Be sure you can feel my touches all over and i want to caress your body.
Even only thinking about it makes me hot and passion!!!!!!!!!!!
i am hungry about your touches and your kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walt I will try to come in your dream next night and hope it will be sweet dreams for you.
Kiss you strongly on your sweet lips,Katya
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