Scam letter(s) from Galina to Walt (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear. My name is Galina and I’d like to know you better and maybe to reveal all my secrets and dreams to you. Zwinkernd Because I have really lack of love and of a man whom I would like to touch and kiss always. With whom we would look amorously to each other eyes and follow the same way walking arm in arm together! I live with such dream and wait for the moment when this dream becomes as the reality!
Letter 2
Hello dear, I do not expect you to answer so quickly to my letter. If does it mean that your intentions are serious and you want to continue our communication?;) Communication, that, to be honest, is not easy for me, because I do not have a computer at home. Moreover my knowledge of English is not enough for good speaking and writing. But this communication brings me so many pleasant thoughts and hopes. Moreover, I understand that such communication will help us not only to know better each other, but also to become closer to each other. I'll be glad to become a part of your world and I am ready to open my world to you! ;)
I hope you are interested to know more information about me and my life. So, I'll start with the principal information. I am 33 years old. My zodiac sign is Libra and my birthday is 12 October. You know it's a national holiday in Spain. Maybe one day I will have the chance to celebrate my birthday in Spain, with my beloved man! ;)
My height - 167cm, weight - 51 kg. My mom says that I resemble my dad.
Blond hair, gray-green eyes. Unfortunately, I can not confirm it because I do not remember my dad. He left us when I was 3 years old.
My mom lives in the small town of Luhansk region - Molodogvardejsk. I have long ceased to live with my mother, but I regularly go to her for the weekend, because she's alone now there. And she needs my help.
I have finished my study at the institute in Lugansk and stayed to live here. I rent a flat. Unfortunately, in my home miner's town it is not possible to find a suitable job according my profession. I am marketer. It was really a profession in demand at the time when I started studying at the institute. But unfortunately, after the crisis of the end of 2008, most companies have excluded from their ranks the advertising and marketing specialists. For a long time, I didn’t work in my specialty. And finally at the end of last year I was able to renew my professional career. I have a very responsible attitude to my work and try to regularly update my knowledge. I attend many various training courses, etc. Therefore I have now a little free time. But, thanks to sports training, I do not feel tired. As a child I was involved in gymnastics. Until present, I try to keep my shape, I can do gymnastics exercices and the splits. Each morning I do my physical exercises and it gives me energy for the whole day!
I am sure that if you want that the life smiles upon you, at first you need to present to it your good mood. And I always try to bring the positive energy for the people around. There are so many troubles in our life and I hope that a simple smile can change the situation for better. I will send you my smile too that you can feel this positive energy, that could rouse you to something new and unexplored that will be clear only for us both!... ;) Are you ready for it? Will you allow me to ********* into your world? ;)
My dear, maybe it is possible for you to call me? Unfortunately, for me it is expensive to call abroad. My number is: +38 099 068 35 45.
It would be great to hear your voice and to say you at less some words in English!
Unfortunately, I should finish my letter and come back to the work.
My dear, now it is your turn! ;) Please tell me more about
you. Please send me more of your photos. I have a lot to send you! ;)
I will be waiting for your letter Yours Sincerely, Galina
Letter 3
Hi, I am very glad to receive your message and to continue our communication that will allow us to know better each other. You can ask me what a girl like me, who speaks only Ukrainian and Russian, hope to find in the Internet dating? I heard many stories about the women who met the men from other countries, they have overcame all obstacles related to language, distance, and now live happily together. Yes, really, it is very difficult in Ukraine to find a decent man. Some of them are earning big money by some criminal methods, and, unfortunately, do not respect the moral values. For them, a woman is like an ornament of life, of their business or interior. I am very sorry about other men, which salaries are so small that even a visit to the cinema is a luxury. They don't have any opportunity to care about their women. And they find their "joy" in cheap *****. As a result, aggression, violence and crimes. Many women have become accustomed to such treatment. I was not married and I have no children. But I had serious relationship, dreams and hopes. Which collapsed just because of such problems. And more than a year I'm alone.
But, I am confident that I deserve to be happy. And I do not want to accept such life and I really want to get my portion of happiness! ?
Perhaps, my happiness is waiting for me somewhere in another country or continent? ;) And it is necessary only to try to find it.
Unfortunately, for most people in Ukraine is very expensive to travel.
I've never been abroad, and it is very expensive for me to travel abroad, hoping to find a soul mate. But it is possible thanks to the Internet!... ;) The sole problem for me is the language ....... I don't have my own computer at home. Therefore, I asked my friend to register me on the Internet, and then I addressed to the private translator to translate my letter to you. I know that there are many agencies that offer their services for dating with men from other countries. It's really very convenient, because they prepare the pictures, translate correspondence and provide any other assistance in communicating with foreigners. But, unfortunately, their services are paid, and therewith, I've heard a lot of very unpleasant stories related to the activities of such agencies. But I believe in a destiny and I am sure that my only one is in a hurry to see me! ;) From my side I will do all my possible to prepare a meeting with him. And I will try to improve my English or find the possibility to buy an inexpensive computer.
Sorry, I should finish my letter, because my break at work is over. But, I'll be glad to continue our communication and I will wait with impatience for your letter with information about you, your interests and plans. I will be glad to answer your questions and send you my other photos. I think we can exchange phone numbers in the future!? ;)
I wish you a successful day and I send you my tender kiss and I hope to receive your news as soon as possibly. Sincerely your Galina
Letter 4
Walt, my passion, my love, my everything!
Here I am with my best wishes!!!
If only you knew how much your words, your emotions and feelings and your sensuality mean for me! I do thank you for your feelings, your warm but so passionate words and for the loving and caring way you have to approach to me. I have never thought that I could love and desire a man as I love and desire you. And not only because of your manliness, but for the way you feel and write to me your feelings.
My so hot Man, I am very far from you and it is not always possible for me to communicate with you, but you know that I always have you in my mind, there is always something there to remind me. When I walk, I think of being with you. When I see a movie I think of seeing the movie with you. When I hear music, I think of you. When I work I think about you. That is what you have done to me. Everything pleasant is you and has to do with you. You are my sun and my moon and the all the stars which shine at night. You are a warm summer breeze, you are the soft murmur of water on the shores, you are the smell of the summer and of all the flowers. You are the rustling of the leaves in the autumn wind. Everything that is pleasant is You.

For a long time I was dreaming for that one special man to spend my life with. All I had ever found in the past was poor, pain and heartache. Now I have found you as a divine gift, I trust you and I 'm leaving my mind and my heart in your hands. They are my most precious possession and I will give them to you. I pledge my love to you and I would like to offer my world and my life to you. You will always be the one. Where ever you go, I'll be with you.
Whatever you need, I'll try to give it to you. I will always be with you and I will cherish my life with you in our love and passion. I can't imagine I could desire anything else. I love you that much. I will never stop loving you as long as you will never stop loving me. I desire you and I need you and I need you to love me and I hope you need me as well. In my future life, my everything will be all about you because you are my joy and happiness. I will wait to get another portion of your love with your wonderful words and images! ;)
I kiss you....... everywhere, my best man. Your Galina, with passion and love
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