Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Walt (USA)
Letter 1
Dear Walt, my love, thank you very much for your help $60. I was happy to pay for our letters. I miss you terribly! Please, do not leave me alone.:):) I need you, my Walt!!!!
Honey, I so want to be with you because you are my world, my dream, my fairy tale and my prince. All my dreams are accumulated in you and I want you to know about it.
How are you there, my love? How was your life without me????
Walt, I want you very much and I dream about our "SWEET MEETING". It will be the warmest and the happiest period of my life for me because my beloved man will be with me and I will be able to devote to him not only my soul, but also my body.
Walt, my love,I will be the most passionate lover for you. I will give to you all my tenderness, my caress and my love. You are my man and I will be your woman. We will open a magic world of love for us and it will be our pleasure. I was thinking about you yesterday evening. Walt, I came home very tired after my work and I decided to relax and to take a bath. I was very sad because you were not next to me. I would like to have our bath together, my love. Me and you. I would caress you under the water.A glass of Champaign would help us to relax.
A warm water is very pleasant and it caress our bodies,but my tongue is more gentle and soft than the water. My hands slide all over your body and you feel an excitement because of it. My legs are so smooth and I like to tease you with my fingers. :):) You can't refuse from the desire to kiss it, but I continue to tease you because I want to bring to you unforgettable pleasure. I disappear under the water and you can feel something special.:) My tongue is very soft.:)
So, the continuation of our hot adventure is waiting for us in our bedroom. I have one idea in my mind and today I want to try something special. :):):)
My love, thought about our "SWEET MEETING" warms my heart. Our dream will come true very soon and I truly believe in it.
Walt,I will be waiting for your next letter very much. Always your Katya with love.
Letter 2
My sweetie, my dear Walt,
thank you very much for your letter! It was so hot and I feel that I want you. My panties are wet and I need you, Walt!!
Honey, it would be so nice to meet you in summer here, but the summer is so far from us!!! :(:(:(
Honey,what a nice morning today!! I woke up and I noticed that the sun was so gentle,it was smiling to me because I was thinking about you, my beloved man.
I opened the window and I felt a fresh morning air. The day promised to be nice.
You know,every morning I feel the emptiness in my soul because you are far from me. I like to close my eyes and dream about our morning...
...A sunlight touched my face and I felt its warmth. I feel your breath and smell.My happiness, my angel is sleeping now.. For a couple of minutes I look at you, feeling the admiration.Oh God! You are so handsome!
I look at the clock and I realize that it is a time to wake up,but I want to bring a pleasure for you from the first second of your awakening.:):)
So, I disappear under the blanket and my lips start to kiss your body gently. Very gently.Your chest, your neck,your..dick. I feel that my man likes it and I take his dick into my mouth,licking it with my tongue at the same time. Your moaning makes me crazy about you and I continue my work.It is the highest pleasure for me to suck your dick,my love. I do it with love to you and with a gratitude for everything you do for me. My enjoyment is boundless and I feel that my pussy becomes wet...
Is it a good awakening for you??? :):)
I can feel that you want more. You beg me to fuck you,but... It would be very simply and as you know, I like a qualitative sex. :):) It was just a first part of your pleasure,my love. The second and the final part is waiting for you in the..shower.
I stand up and run to the bathroom. Would you like to chase me??? Your babe have got a very interesting idea. :):) Would you like to know about it???
Walt, sweetie,I do not mind to you my letters in Russian and to translate it using a translator, but I do not have enough time for Internet cafe, because my lunch time is very short! It will take me a lot of time to print my letter to you because I have never worked with a computer. Moreover, electronic translator is very funny.:):) I do not want to have any misunderstanding between us.:) You are too dear for me Walt and I adore you.
My love, one thought cane into my mind and I wanted to know your opinion about it. You are going to come to me in summer. It is very far from us. We could save the money if I had my own computer. I could write to you my letters by myself and to have our free skype connection. Walt, I would tease you, I would tempt you and we could get a real pleasure from our skype connection. I want to masturbate for you and I want to be yours in spite of a huge distance between us!!!
What do you think about it, sweetie??? Could you pamper your babe and make to her such gift as a small laptop??
Please, let me know about it. I adore you and I am ready to devote all my life to you.
Honey,I should stop my letter now,but I promise to continue our communication tomorrow. :):)
Your sweet temptress Katya with love.
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