Scam Letter(s) from Kristina Gonchar to Tomas (Mexico)

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Letter 1

Hello my sweet Tomas I am glad to receiving e-mail letter.
The weather is snowing in Omsk and I have bought skaters and ski to play in the snow.
All the best of life can be enjoying when we are together or What do you think?
I can't wait the moment when we are together and I can touch your skin and smell your hair and kiss you.I miss kissing a man too Tomas and I think you are the man in my life I always dreamed.
Honey Do you remember I asked you about Can make a favour to me? I need money to continue communication with you as I must pay the agency for translations and I need $50 dollars to continue communication,I know this is much money but if I had the money I never asked it Tomas.I the student and I do not job for today.Please send me the money otherwise we both can't keep communication one to other I study at school and I hardy pay the money for translations I know you do not disappoint me and we can continue this beautiful love and we both are together but remember money is important to continue our communication.
Please send money to this address.
Vokzalnaya Street 12-6
Omsk Russia.
Adoshkina Kristina.
I wait your answer with anxious and remember love is beautiful.

your Kristi.



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