Scam letter(s) from Kristina Borisova to Barry (USA)

Letter 1

hi Barry! I am very pleased to receive your letter, and now I answer on you. This great pleasure for me. Now in Russia the summer arrives to the end. The nature revives. Today I work, also I have very small break of a breakfast. I would use it what to write the letter to you.
I wish to tell still to you about me directly. Now I live the only thing in an apartment in Kazan. It - a small apartment and I to rent it. I should work very difficultly for residing. I wish to tell to you about my work. I arrive till 8 o'clock in the morning, and I enter into a cabinet. I have a small cabinet. Very representative At once the meeting in director begins. It approximately 10 minutes. Then I should bypass a hall of trade and investigate all goods. I have very big responsible work. I use 5 sellers of cosmetics. Every day I should do the message concerning promotion of the goods. I am occupied in statistics of sale and advertising. Probably it is boring to you should listen about my work? Sometimes I speak superfluous. I am probably too negligent. I want, will find men to love me. Rich or poor it is not important. The main love of a thing and trust. Write to me,
that you think of men of love and women. What main thing in mutual relations? I think the main thing, it is love, òðàñòîâûì and harmonious. You to agree with me??? It - the important question for me! I have higher economic formation. I have finished Kazan economically - social university. The negligent economist - is amusing! I worked in several works, but to this hopeless. Only in Kazan I could find good work. I wish to know about your life more. You have a hobby? You love sports meets? What? I am capable to play of a piano a little. Parents conduct me at musical school. Whether that the season is pleasant to you more? Winter or summer? I love summer. I hope, have not tired you chatter. I wish to know your full name.
Inform me. I wait for yours after the letter. I very much like to receive your letters.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Barry!
Today I checked my e-mail, and I have found your letter Barry.
I am happy, and I with the great pleasure write to you. Now we have very good weather. Always the sun and a warm wind.
I still wish to tell to you about me directly a little. I have blue eyes and light hair. You saw my photos? It likes to you? It is certainly similar! My favourite color dark dark blue and yellow. I very much similarly to roses. I think, when men give flowers of the woman it is the maximal demonstration of love. It is fine! I spoke you that small bats to play on a piano. I love classical music. If I " a loving kitten " to this listen Mozart if I to this listen to " destruction of a volcano " Wagner.
whether that music is pleasant to you? You go to listen to alive music Barry? Anyone from my former friend - not pleasant alive music. I dream to go at a concert with my beloveds. Probably it - silly dream? Now I wish to tell to you one history from my life.
Approximately half year ago I corresponded to the guy from England. Approximately month everyone was good. That me confused only a thing, it, that he constantly asked my ***** photo.
Certainly I was not going to send him it. I have given him, my phone here again began the most unpleasant.
Especially at night. he liked to check home me whether or not.
Very much having rummaged to arrive. I it was very much protected also with me, have decided to understand with this guy. In the Internet has found a forum devoted to foreign grooms. Girls many thanks from a forum which has helped to understand with the person of this "lady". In the actual fact he there was usual the ****** tourist. I at once have refused a meeting with him and approximately month which he continued to call, sometimes threatened, sometimes to like, have sworn. My parents offended by me. Now I am very cautious, and I shall not allow phone to anyone. If I am confident your feelings, I shall call to you.
Sometimes it seems to me, that I am very unfortunate. Why I cannot find true love? It - a rhetorical question. Probably is a destiny Barry? You trust destiny? Probably my letter has tired you. Tell to me, you easily understand my letters Barry? I very much worry about my English language.
Now I should go. I shall wait for yours after the letter.
Letter 3

I shall try to write more everyone
Chance, that I have. I want, that you knew how many I Love you, and require you. I do not want you to ever Doubt concerning my feelings. I want you in my life for Eternity! You are so very special to me, and I shall be Love you for ever and ever!!!!! I shall wait with Impatience for you the letter, and words of love to me.
Letter 4

Hello the my dear person Barry!
I with impatience waited your letter. I very much worry, when I check my box of mail. I wish to receive letters from you. It is very pleasant for me. What mood? What feelings have you in soul. You recollect me Barry??? The justification, that I at once have so many questions. I very much became missing. It is pleasant to read to me your letter. This most good time of day when I go to the Internet of cafe and I read your letter. I wish to know about all of you! O, no, I not the secret agent 007, I the lonely girl. For me very important friendship two person. Friendship - frank dialogue and the general interests percent. Friendship - an exchange of souls, an exchange of feelings. The love very similar on friendship, but two souls of love incorporates in one. If the person is jealous we like or regrets to him that - not love. For me relations with the person very much mean.
And for you? What do people mean for you Barry? When people start to love you how you concern to them? Once again forgive to me for a heap of questions. Is very small things which irritate me in men. It is not pleasant to me when men very much to drink alcohol. It is possible to drink, work or on a holiday is a little what to relax the ambassador hardly. It - is a lot of men in ***** of litre of a drink of Russia every day. It - horror! It has andered for me. I do not smoke. To me it is indifferent, if men smoke Barry. I think very well, that we write each other letters. It will allow us, well study each other. If I meet men in Russia face to face, that he sees only my body. I try to tell, and he looks at my ******. he thinks: How to pull her in a bed. It is not pleasant to me also. I would like it, you have correctly understood me. I adore a floor. *** with beloveds is more pleasant in 10 times.
But I would like it, men have estimated my soul. It is the most important for me. You not sick heart? It - a joke, but I am good not only in a bed, but also and on kitchen. It is traditional for my family. All our women very well prepare. Whether that the kitchen is pleasant to you? You test it or from the Russian kitchen? So,
Advertising is finished also to me, it is necessary to come back to work. I shall wait yours after the letter and your photos. Yours Kristina
Letter 5

good day the my dear friend Barry!
How are you doing? First I wish to tell, that you very attractive person Barry. When I read your letter, I feel the greater pleasure.
To me it is always sad, when your letter arrives to the end. I wish to receive more letters from you. I cannot write very much as I have no any computer of a house Barry. I very much bed, understand in a computer. Each time I ask to help me the manager in Cafe of the Internet. Probably, he thinks that I very silly. It is not important!
That I can write to you - the main thing Barry, and I can read your fine letters. I feel, that me pulls to you. It becomes probable my friendship of stronger to you. It is surprising for me. I did not meet you in the person, but I can tell, which well study you. I hope, that the destiny will allow us to meet in the person. It is very interesting to me. Today I wished to tell to you about a place where I live now, but it very for a long time Barry. I live far from the center and sometimes to come back home very much late. As soon as I had trouble. The ***** guy adhered to me and wanted, enter into an entrance. he has grasped me for a hand and a pressure. I have kicked it between legs and have escaped. After that case I have bought a gas bag. In Russia it is impossible to buy the weapon of struggle. Only gas or pneumatic. Now I feel safely. I very much travelled to lives.
My person of armed forces of the daddy and our family have forced,
should move constantly. I saw many cities of Russia, but me when did not travel to other countries. I very much wish to look other countries Barry. Probably it is interesting. Other culture, other customs house. I hope that people in other countries better than in Russia. Probably Russian people have very much worsened because of a long economic crisis. It - the big anger and cruelty in our country.
It is sad, but I do not wish to speak about sad Barry. I would like to know more about your city and your country. Send to me a photo of your area or the Internet the address. You are very interesting to me.
I have a lot of place for you in my heart. It - a hint, now I should go. I wait for your letter, and I think of you!
Yours kitten Kristina
Letter 6

hello my dear Barry! Today I catch me on one idea. I always think of you. It is very pleasant for me. It is the most pleasant in my life. I wake up in the morning, and at once I think of you. I am happy, that I have the friend in other country. This very unusual feeling Barry. It is very pleasant to me, contact you Barry. I hope, what you recollect me sometimes? Today I again have a lot of work. Therefore I have told to my director, that I have decided, write to you a break of a breakfast. I have told to director, that I shall be late during a dinner. I already spoke you about my work Barry. It really is very boring, but I have the big advantages. Yesterday I have remained in the evening on work. Waited, when director will leave home. Then I have opened a cabinet and used a sun deck. Ha ha!!! I sunburn absolutely free-of-charge. I had sunburn free-of-charge. It is pleasantly a little. Today, in morning director looked at my sunburn, but he has not told. It was very amusing Barry. My director the good person, but he the boss. he thinks, that he the cleverest. Probably all identical heads. All employee also I frequently use the status on work. Force me to make manicure, free-of-charge also I use baths of a resort. I searched for friendship in the Internet,
but today I have understood, it could find something big. I have to you strong feeling Barry. It - attachment. I wait for your letter. It is similar fresh air of the big drink. It seems to me, that I know you very much during long time.
Mine Barry, I want to tell to you a little about the religion. I the Christian, I believe in the god, and I believe in that that he and he has given us on this huge ground a life!!! I frequently visit church because I believe what exactly the god have enabled us to speak with each other Barry!!!
To me very easy with you Barry. You become very much the close person for me. Tell to me, that you feel to me. You think of me? How we should develop our mutual relations? We can become more close people? You it is very similar to me. I feel, that we can have the big future together. We can try to do it? You agree Barry? If I do not love you, or you do not wish to have close mutual relations - write to me it Barry. I think, that we shall have many difficulties for our meeting, but I am ready to overcome all. For the sake of love and beloveds, I am ready on ALL Barry. I shall wait your letter. I hope, that you nderstand my feelings. I frequently breathe, when I open your letter. It - a hint also. Kristina
Letter 7

hello my fine Barry! How - you today? Today in us again good weather. In a weekend was a few rain. Already very warm and it is good. I love warm weather very much. Today I have day of rest, but I worked all weekend. One of my sellers was sick, also I replaced her in a hall of trade. It is very difficult, as I should execute work also.
Director, very ill-intentioned this week. It{he} wanted, buy the automobile in auction in the USA, but the transaction did not take place. To it have sent money back - the check. It cannot receive money in Russia under this check. There is a case to gloat over In general,
that I very kind, but my director sometimes I neglect workers.
Recently he has bought a table from a glass in a study. All from us have been photographed about this table. It - a kind of our firm!!!
Will satisfy about him to speak. It is not interesting. Today I have a lot of time. I have been removed in an apartment, have gone to cinema in the morning. I looked " the Glacial age 2 ". Yes, I look,
animations, but my ideas are always very far. I think of you Barry.
To me you are interesting to know, that do in every minute. I imagine your life. Probably it is very interesting to live outside of Russia.
Here it is boring Barry. Now I very much would like to meet you face to face. I want, continue our acquaintance actually. I do not love long games. The best way studies each other, meets. I love children very much. I wish to have family. For the sake of it I write to you. I do not play game Barry. Today I call home to my mum. I speak her about our mutual relations. She it is happy for us. She speaks you "Greetings". She very much hopes, that I can find the favourite person. She knows, which I very much to transfer here from loneliness. She spoke, that I wait " prince on a white horse ". It is naive, but I want only love. I very much hope, that we can sometime meet and create good family. It - my dream. I have not enough free time, but for you I can always find time. You very much please I. Kiss you and embraces! Yours Kristina
Letter 8

Good day my love Barry! Today and yesterday in Kazan to cloudy weather and even the rain dripped. I Seem, that I have a little caught a cold. But it is not awful. I shall easily cope with a cold.
Yesterday I again spoke by with my mum to phone. I have told to her,
that soon I am going to meet you in the person. She it is pleased for us. She has told Barry, that it is very good prospect of me to have a happy life. So very much during long time my mum had the friend from other country. It was the guy from France. On Moskovsk musical festival has been spent it, that it and she have acquainted with him.
Their mutual relations have been interrupted. My mum "has invited",
arrive to KGB. Her have told, that the Soviet woman cannot meet the person from the capitalist country. It not safe conversation. KGB never joked, did not pass and did not forgive a mistake. The USSR is similar on the big prison. It - absurd. What for the state interferes in private a life of citizens. Well, it - is enough about sad. I have good news. My director has invited me yesterday in a cabinet and has told, that their company is going to open branch to the next cities. I have certainly agreed. The next cities cheaper city for a life. I shall work as the manager. Certainly earnings there - is less, than in Kazan. It is very good. I have very much got used to you Barry, I have no anybody to ask the help except for you, I always want that you supported me and liked, you to me can support me the love? It is sad.
My love, I is very happy that has met you for such huge distance!!!
You seriously invite me to yourselves? It not a joke? I was before at the sea, but on ocean I when was not, I very much want to be with you in full beauty of your places, I here have thought that it for me will be really fine time to visit you!!! I can well go in travel agency and all to learn about that that to us with you is necessary to be together!!! I shall write to you about it after all I learn!!! I am very happy that we trust our hearts!!!
My director very much is interested, that I worked. And I can receive holiday again and again, and then to start to work. It - good news to me, and I am very happy. I very much would wish to conduct holiday with you if it sometime will be possible. Work is not necessary probably for me. It - a hint Barry again. You have very good soul and is very similar to me. I think, that we necessarily should meet.
Our mutual relations can have continuation only if we to meet. The correspondence it is good, but the meeting Barry, will replace 1000 letters. I want, study you better, I wish to look in your eyes. I wish to touch yours a leather. I never felt such strong desire. I very much wait for your answer to my letter. And I hope for our meeting in the near future. Love and Kisses! Yours Kristina
Letter 9

Favorite of congratulations Barry! It is pleasant for me to receive your letter again!!!
I die without you is awful! I very much love you Barry. I cannot be if not you, it is so difficult. You - my life, I want to grasp you so that to feel your high temperature, to study your eyes, to feel like similarly to is similar to happy and safe about you. I am confident,
that everyone will be good, and the destiny will work for us, and we shall be happy together. I frequently think of us, and I try to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel, that you so about, and - be close to me. I even feel you on distance. I feel, when you are in high spirit and when you are sad. I am happy, when you are happy. I want to be with you and me though about ways for us to be together.
Mine Barry thanks for your fine photos, you to me really could lift not only the letters mood but also these fine photos, it was really fine!!! Thanks you for it Barry!!! You very close person, and well concern to me!!! I love it. I as think that was not present what problems to meet shortly, after your offer, it became really pleasant for me that you want our meeting!!!
Mine Barry Today I have left to agency of travel, and have learned,
that will be necessary to arrive for me to you. During the beginning it is necessary to collect for me all necessary documents:
1. The valid passport
2. Two black-and-white photos
3. The filled application - questionnaire
4. Documents, evidence, that I in Russia have work
5. Documents, what acknowledgement in Russia remains direct relatives
So that to arrive to your country, I should do some documents and receive the visa. It borrows some time, certainly, and to do many documents of my party. And manufacturing of these documents in me will leave approximately 8 days. But I shall do all which depends on me.
Concerning the visa, there is a visa of the Bride, but it - not the best variant for us as we have not met however, and we have no any documents and pictures to improve our meeting. And concerning me have told, that again and it will be again better to receive it the visa the Category In - 1/-2, it is placed during the period of one or two months or even three months. Those who follows in the USA as the tourist, should define, where they are going to stop. As I am going to visit you, I should know your exact home address, and the address of the airport closest to you where I should arrive. I very much you ask to send me this information. And already when I shall arrive to you,
we with you together, we can start to sort our relations. But there is one thing which upsets me very much. You see, I should pay reception of the visa. And during the beginning I should enter his registration in the USA which are in Moskovsk embassy. In agency to me have explained, that I can legalize all papers through them, and to Moscow I should go only on interview to the consul for consideration and receptions of my visa. My love it will be necessary for me for registration of my documents 430 $, for consideration of my documents and registration of the visa, it will occupy only 8 days, I was very happy that we with you can very soon!!! I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you, at last. I very much love you Barry, and I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. I am fair also sincere with you. I want to see you very much; It is a pity, road if it upsets you. I only think, that we should accuse of everyone another and divide all. Hope, that you agree with me. Only imagine, which during short time we could be together Barry. Also there is only one problem now which I cannot solve. I very much love you, you, the best in my life, and to our meeting could be the happiest for us!
My love you imagine as be fast we could together!!!??? I am very happy!!!
My love you can help me in registration of my documents?
You to me can tell as you have lead today the day? I want to know than I was engaged today are loved the man!!!
I want to feel you Barry!!!
p.s. It will be the finest gift from you which will be written by own hand mine Barry
My address:
Russia 422000
City Kazan
Street Esperanto 35, corp. 1, apartment 144
Letter 10

Good day dear Barry.
How you today? How has spent yesterday? I hope, you thought of me and about us because I thought of it. Each time Barry when I recollect you or I think of you, on my person there is a smile, and my mood becomes better.
It was noticed even by my girlfriend. Once, I had bad mood Barry, and I have decided to go to the Internet of cafe, to check up your letters to me and to write to you the letter. When I went in the Internet of cafe, I have casually met the girlfriend. She at once has noticed,
that at me a sad voice and a sad sight. She has decided to cheer me up and Has suggested to take a walk simply together, but I have told, that I want to write to you the letter and I can not walk now. Then we have agreed to meet in two hours. When we have met again in two hours, she simply has not learned me.
I had simply excellent mood Barry, on the person a smile, in eyes there was a happiness. I all shined for pleasure. My girlfriend could not believe, that before it the girl who two more hours was very sad back. And I have explained to it, that on me so your letters Barry well operate. The girlfriend even has asked me, you can wizard Barry?
In fact you are simple the letters force my heart to beat faster and raise to me mood.
My love I was very happy after reception of your fine voice!!! My love I want that you whispered to me always on an ear these fine words!!! I love you!!! My love I is very happy that you present me unusual surprises!!! This letter which has been written by the hand, it is simply the finest that I ever received from you, and your voice. I feel on much closer to you Barry, at me fine feeling in soul, I love you Barry!!!
My love I unfortunately have no chat, I shall be happy to speak with you in letters, I can do it I is very happy that I have this opportunity and only so I can be closer to you Barry!!! I love you!!!
My love as you think that if we shall begin official registration of papers this week because I do not want to remain one, I want to feel all your love not only in letters but also at our real meeting!!! I love you Barry!!! Barry I hope that you have now good day!!! Day without you is simply very awful!!!
You know Barry, I want to tell to you that once to me my mum for a long time has told. She very clever person, constantly helps me,
advises to arrive as me if I do not know it. It happened for a long time when I still went to school. We had examination, very important examination. And I wanted, simply dreamed to write to her on an estimation perfectly.
But I have received an estimation well. I have come to that day home and have told to mum, that I the most unfortunate ******* the ground,
that the world am unfair to me because I have not received an estimation perfectly. Mum has told Barry, that not and she all has explained it to me.
I have remembered everything, that she has told. Its words: " This world stores in itself all necessary that each person living in him was happy. All Barry, that the person should make, it to look narrowly and find among set 'Others' happiness own happiness. Rise early in the morning before the sun will ascend and look, as it ascends - the sun ascends for you Barry. Leave on street and you will hear singing birds - birds sing for you. When it is raining, you be not hidden from him, he will not make to you anything bad - the rain goes for you. Once we shall go on the sea and you will hear loud noise. These are huge waves slide to coast - they slide for you. But you cannot see sunrise every day,
sometimes in the sky of a cloud, sometimes in the sky of a cloud. You cannot hear songs of birds constantly, in the autumn they depart on the south, then that here becomes cold. The rain too goes not every day. And the wave on the sea not always big, sometimes in general is not present them. On the ground it is a lot of things which we cannot supervise which we cannot expect. And even at sun Barry, a rain, the seas, birds are barrier. As well at the person not always It turns out how he wants also a life still will many times present you unpleasant surprises. But it not an occasion to stop and regret themselves though many people so act. Not all people have enough desire, confidence, patience and boldness to do the utmost and become successful or happiness in this life.
For example, your examination. Whether the desire and has sufficed at you patience completely to be prepared for her?
Whether the boldness to tell to itself has sufficed at you, what you are ready to it? But examination not so is important, because in a life you will have still more many such works. And you can make a mistake some times. But, find happiness in this life you you can not to admit any mistake. You not yet such clever as to you it It would be desirable, but once you will understand everything, that I to you have told. " Probably I have remembered these words because they have calmed me and to me the confidence of the forces has returned. I have recollected these words because I feel simply wonderfully recently. Unimportantly,
I read your letter or I think of you Barry, but my mood at once rises.
There can be you - there is my happiness. I feel, that I love you Barry and today I have enough courage and confidence to tell to you it. I love you Barry. Now I can trust completely to you Barry!!!
My love Barry I hope that the small history from my life has not tired you.:-)
It is very a pity, but already it is time to me to go. I again shall wait for your letter very strongly very much.
Have a nice day dear
Your Kristina...
Bye Bye
Letter 11

Good morning my precious Barry!
How was your days? I imagine, that you well spent Free time with your mum. Please tell him, that I speak "greetings". And how your parents do? I hope that they have good health. Weather today is very hot. And today I It was directed to the Internet of cafe again to speak with you Barry. I am very happy that have met such fine person as you Barry!!! My love I today went since the morning to bank and has received money from you, I have already paid for the documents, and now to me have told in agency, that now it will be necessary for me to wait within one week while my documents will transfer to Moscow in embassy and after that it will be necessary for me to go to Moscow to receive the visa. My love I is very happy that we with you shall together!!! Yes certainly I want to have an entertainment together with you by a boat, it will be very fine for us with you!!! As I imagine, that you - here with me so that we can be nestled together in a blanket, as we only relaxing on a sofa,
Hearing a sound of a drop of the rain, falling on a window outside. In a background we listens Very much calming music from Beethoven, Vivaldi, Chopin or Mozart.
My lips slowly touch your lips. We are very pleased and happy in Our relations.
Reading of your letters always lifts my spirit, and I left with a smile On my person within full day and evening. Ideas about you also not Leave my head. As I have mentioned, I have always kissed Your person in last a picture, that you have sent me.:-) I always carry with Itself your photo Barry! She to me helps to live!!!
It - such pleasure to read your letters and to inspire them I. Yours Words are very thoughtful, intellectual and poetic. They Always cause in imagination very bright images of wisdom from Your imagination and I admire so very much.
I dream, that I was a bird, and the wind has taken me Across the big ocean to To the ground where do you live. You have softly collected me in your hands, and we have At last executed in a mode of real time. We shouted, and tears Reduced ours the person because of pleasure from our very long expected Special collision.
Barry, I am very proud with honour which you have taking into account your me Heart!!!!!!!!!
All my love,
Your Kristina
Letter 12

My love Barry, I just has come again to the Internet of cafe to speak with you!!!
My love I want to tell to you thanks for the story about your house and about your nature, I really love it!!!
But I could not throw out you from ideas Barry. Later today I have decided to go to take a walk, I did not pay attention where I go, but eventually my ideas have resulted me in the Internet of cafe and I have decided to check up a mail. When I have found out your letters,
bad ideas have suddenly left me. I was so is glad Barry. I have received from you today again the letter, very pleasantly that we with you can speak me Barry!!! I am very happy that now I have more time to speak you that I love you Barry!!! I cannot transfer words that I felt, I want to speak you in a reality that I feel, I want to speak you it directly in eyes my love!!! I very much want to see you Barry.
I understand that I can trust completely to you Barry, that you can take care of me. In you I see the man with firm character with which it will be always interesting to me. Each your letter forces my heart to beat all fastly and fastly. I re-read each your letter some times.
Each letter forces me to fall in love with you and I more and more and I want to look in your eyes more. That you would not write to me, to me it will be pleasantly simple that you write to me that you think of me. Everything, that is necessary to me, it simply to be with you. You are necessary for me.
I love you!!!
My love now I should go home to prepare for dream, I want that today our meeting has taken place in dream!!!:-)
I love you Barry!!!
It is very a pity to me but it is time to me to finish the letter, I hope that you have good day!!!
Your Kristina
Letter 13

The most dear Barry,
You are deep in my heart. I cannot stop to think of you. I think of you on work all the day long. I think of you in the evenings. I think of you at night, when I fix to sleep. I dream of you when I sleep, and I waken reflection about you. I assume, that you can tell, that I love you much. I could love you so easily. Probably I already do. You very special to me Barry. You are the most important man in the world to me now. I love all about you honey. You really force me to feel like alive and happy, thanks so to be you.
I am happy, that we have found each other. You only have begun your search of your person, and I was in a correct place during necessary time. I searched for love all my life, and then you have appeared.
Probably it - our destiny to be together. I certainly hope so. I believe, that we can have a remarkable life together Barry. I know,
that my family would welcome you with open hands and would love you is similar to any other member of family. Thanks for the message of me you would tell the same feelings to me in the person as you have written here in your letter. I know, that I would make the same. I would like to hold you in my hands and to study those beautiful your eyes and to speak you my feelings for you and with hope to ask, that you married once. My love all your letters are very original to me!!!
I love it!!! You very beautifully make out!!!
My words arrive from my heart when I speak with you. I feel confident,
that I want and I need in you in my life. I like to hear, that you express your feelings for me. You do me very happy when you do. I really understand your position. Thanks for your interest in me and contiinuing to speak with each other, in effort to be beside and to find love. I seriously want your love Barry and seriously I want to offer you to all love in my heart. You - my heavens on the ground. I searched for you all my life. I am happy, that my search at last has ended in big to happiness when we foound the friend the friend. I - was good also happy becasue you. Thanks for an input during my life.
Write to me soon. I - adicted to your letters now. I hope to receive news from you every day, but I know, that we start to operate sometimes. Barry If you ever have any problems in your life, I hope,
that you discuss them with me to see, whether I can help. I offer you my shoulder to laugh on and shout on. I - here for you Barry. I love your name. Speak with you beloved. I always think of you.
Your Kristina
Letter 14

good day my fine Barry,
You look beautiful today!!!
My love I the only child in family. But I always would like to have the brother or the sister, but unfortunately it has failed. But my parents very much respect me and like, because I unique at them. They as approve my choice because I in the life always do only a correct choice, since the childhood I was always the correct child. My mum is very happy that I have met the decent person as you Barry.
My love unfortunately I do not know a rhyme about three pigs.:-(
You to me can tell her?:-)
Thanks for your photo, to me were really a little ridiculously, but nevertheless you it is very a pity to me Barry!!!
You Barry - the most important man in this world to me. I care of you,
I want you, and I need in you in my life. It only was short time when we have met, but I am so convenient speaking with you. I feel similarly to, I knew you all my life. You it is valid Barry - very special man to me. You - my light, and you - my clear dark blue sky.
The world - much more the best place with your presence. I am so successful, to find the most nice flower in a garden. I imagine, how a sweet which you smell and as soft you should touch. I want to touch your beautiful person softly with my ends of fingers and to kiss your sweet soft lips, now and always. I want to hold you in my hands and to study those beautiful sparkling your eyes.
You - so sweet honey. I want to kiss you many many times Barry for which you are so good and remarkable to me. Sometimes, I was interesting, that, probably, probably have made the right, to deserve such remarkable man as you. I shall not struggle with it, I shall take part any time, which you have for me to be in your life, and I thank you for it.
You have such surprising words when you write letters.
You write to the some really good words and ideas sometimes. I love this. You are intellectual, and I love this. As we can communicate at a level intellectural and consequently that we care so for each other,
our distinction of age will not matter. I want your honey of love Barry. I need in you in my life. We shall be fine. We shall be happy.
It is a pity to me Barry, that we cannot fly both similarly to birds.
We could meet half of way, and together, we could fly somewhere in the world, that we want to go. I shall be so happy to divide my jack with you. Two birds of love in a jack. Viewing of ocean coast and observing a decline, together and in love. Today, I want you and I need in you more then yesterday. Today, I love you more than yesterday. Tomorrow,
I shall love you more than today. So Barry, my love will grow for you every day while my heart is not filled with love to only you. I hope,
that your love will grow for me. I want your love, I need in your love. I need in all from you. Well, let me to hold you and to kiss you, every day, for ever.
My your heart,
Love Kristina
Letter 15

Barry my love" I Love you "My love of thanks for this fine photo!!!!! You imagine after I haveseen our photos together and so closely to each other, I could feelyou Barry!!!! I feel your heat in the deepest place of the heart!!!You very original man Barry!!! I am very happy that this the manmine!!!You became my biggest gift from Heavens!Yours - my gift!My love I now am going to go in church to pray for us with you andthat at us with you all was good in the future!!! I love you Barry!!!I want that the god helped us always in our life!!!My love I have for you good news, tonight it will be necessary for meto leave to Moscow to be directed to embassy on July, 20!!!! My love Isee that ours with you dreams start to come true!!! I love youBarry!!!!!!!I shall already write to you from Moscow, now I shall go to collectall necessary things!!! I shall really enjoy our meeting, and our lifetogether!!! I love you!!!That you me want to make thanks you for that the happiest woman!!! Ishall be, the happiest only with you Barry!!!I want you about me loved! Let's allow only to all things, happenduring the GOD, and everyone will be Be well always! I want, that allwas only the right for you!The devil takes it, I want to kiss you so awfully! To feel your lipsagainst mine, I was a pity that not near to you, and it only my photo,you imagine I I envy the photo, because not near to you Barry!!!:-)I want what to flash from love to me in your eyes which speaks me, that I - your love Barry!One person in the full world whom you want to be with and also to like! ItThe sweet small smile of belief of your heart you has! I really adore youLoved Barry! And I grow to love you with all my loved close! I already doCertainly! But I feel similarly to to, I only began also love you in not where aboutLevel it is capable to transformation! I do not think them is top onhighth, love which will be! I have settled here only desire of you, needsYou, wishing to you, each way! And I love it Barry!I hope, that you have never got tired, with which I spoke, " I Love you Barry! "As I never am going to stop! I cannot imagine a life without you now! your love Kristina
Letter 16

Hello my love Barry! How you today???!!! Mine Barry, I want to thankYou for your fine letter!!! My love in me for you good news!!! Today IAs morning was offered to receive the visa to embassy. MineLike today when I have arrived to embassy, in me has told, it to meAre necessary to have in me directly tickets the onboard plane, it asThe proof of it I shall really fly to your country. These ticketsNecessary for this purpose what to show me in embassy on interview toThe consul. After that to me will give my visa and I can go to you mylove!!!! My love I after that was directed to the airport and theygave me flight for tomorrow, I think that we can be this day together.I shall give you, number of flight is lower inThe letter. Well Barry? I was today at the airport and have learnedAbout cost of tickets. I want to move to you on July, 21, it - all inThe information will be lower. My love I wants to be with you as soonAs far as possible, my love you imagines in me happiness, and frustrationBecause I shall soon with you!!! I love you Barry!!! You like Barry I. I wantTo tell to you, that fine dreams of ours it is similar Today to dream of me!!!My love of thanks for the offer to be together in park, I want thatthis moment has come and we have carried out alldreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I very much love fresh airBarry!!!!
I toYou should tell about it at our meeting!!! While I have for you smallSecret!!!:-) Today I have woken up early in the morning, you were with meAll the night long for a long time during long time, I thought, that all itReality, I did not want to open an eye and to wake up, but me know,It will be fast we really actually together Barry, tomorrow we canalready be together!!!!! I wait about big admiration of this day!!!All is good, you should not worry!!! My love the closer to ourmeeting, the I is little bit more and more and I have excitementmore!!! This very pleasant excitement!!! I hope, that you have goodday, and now at you good dream, and you see dreams of us, is similarBarry. I want, to which it has decoratedYou with the letter, now in you, and you can soon will read mineThe letter!!! I hope, that you have good dream!!! All to me the profitTime to run, I shall arrive to the Internet of cafe soon to see yoursThe letter. I hope, that you will write to me a prompt reply!!!
Your Love
P.S. My love write to me the answer soon!!!!!!!!!!
Trip fare: $1382 +
Total: 1 ticket (s) x ($1382,00 + $189,32) = $1571,32
Trip segment: Moscow (MOW)-> Raleigh (RDU)
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU315
Depart: 21 July 2006, 14:20, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrive: 21 July 2006, 16:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Seats: Economy class, seats available
<<<<-connection New York (NYC)->>>>
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5573
Depart: 21 July 2006, 19:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 21 July 2006, 21:36, Raleigh Durham Intl Arpt
Seats: Economy class, seats available
Travel time: 15 h. 16 m.
Trip segment: Raleigh (RDU)-> Moscow (MOW)
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5563
Depart: 18 September 2006, 10:20, Raleigh Durham Intl Arpt
Arrive: 18 September 2006, 12:06, John F Kennedy Intl
Seats: Economy class, seats available
<<<<-connection New York (NYC)->>>>
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU316
Depart: 18 September 2006, 18:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 19 September 2006, 11:45, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Seats: Economy class, seats available
Travel time: 17 h. 25 m.
Letter 17

My Most dear words cannot simply tell to you as I feel about you, it - something, that I can express only while I look in your eyes. I feel your heat!!! All of us are closer and more close to each other!!! My love I hope that you have received my letter, I very strongly wait for your answer!!! My love answer me more likely, without your letters I start to feel like lonely, I love you Barry!!! I really think me very much very successful girl. Barry I think of you almost every second each day. You are mine a man, and I know it, I can feel you and your heart. Even now, when I sit here and I type this letter, I can feel,
that you think of me. Barry my love, I want, that we were very happy together. I welcome you with all my heart. My love answer me more likely, I want to be with you already tomorrow!!! I am very happy that we with you soon shall together!!! All our secret desires soon become real!!!:-)
Your love Kristina
Letter 18

My love of thanks for a prompt reply, you should not worry Barry, I have already prepared with myself for all necessary things, I already for a long time am ready to our meeting!!!
My love you can send money to Moscow, I learned that I can receive here them in any bank where works western union and at once to buy tickets.
My love I today came into this bank, the address of it is lower
MOSCOW , 119019
(7) (495) 9255340
I can receive your money in this bank. I really now test the big excitation from that that we already soon shall together!!! I love you Barry.
Give me the answer more likely, I love you.
I still here pending your letter my love!!!
I hope that you drank coffee:-)
Write to me more likely I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Kristina
Letter 19

Good day my fine Barry!!! I already to receive the visa. My fine IIdea, that all this. But I was mistaken a little. I to try toExplain a situation in Which I, to be now. I small frustration a batBecause this new introduction in embassy knew also. I already toReceive insurance and are ready to remove. My visa Also it is ready. MineFine, but the problem will be that today in embassy in me has askedWhich I have the proof of money to travel in the USA. As I alreadyI spoke it to accept the tourist of visa B-2. My fine they to speak it,I should show my cash at the airport at the control of the visa, that theyWere sure, that I to fly, as the tourist and I at myself shall havemoney, differently they I can giveUp to me in the visa. I to not understand them, why they to beInterested my from money. My fine I to not know it to me to do. IWould like to ask about you of money, but it - is too much. They have toldThat I Should have not less than 2300 $. My love but I have now atmyself the staying money 200 $, and now it is necessary for me 2100 $.It - is a plenty from from. They To come to an end the reason for itit, that it will enough live in the USA. MineFine it to me now to make????!!!! I all am upset, one by one problems.I to not know, where I to find them.
My fine if you can Send me to them tomorrow or evenToday, that I shall be happy. My fine I to hope it you to understandMy situation. My prince Barry. Yes you certainly to abuse me for this purposeThe purpose, but I was not present, is guilty, which such rules were,-Entered later. My love I really did not expect it!!!! My fine I verymuch to hope, that you to understand meAnd to not offend by me for this purpose, my love this moneyNecessary to show me them at the airport. For the control of the visa,Whether have told to me, that in me will be interested - in me of money,And I should show them. But I think, that if you to me will send himBarry, I can return them to you at once on our meeting inThe airport, I only should show them at the airport. My prince I LOVESYOU AND VERY MUCH I TO be ABSENT!!! I cannot Present my further lifewithout you!!! I want to be with you Barry. It - ours the firstpurpose together in Embraces everyoneAnother. My fine I so enough that we to meet soon. I cannot WaitDuring this moment, but this position, in which I, to be I to frighten.My Fine, if you can to help me please with this money. I shall not beShould spend 1 dollar, I to return to them to you everything, but itNecessary to show simply for me and something it is more. My fine IThink that you to understand and to not offend by me for this purpose.I shall wait for your letter my prince. I am accessible to remove toYou, but there - only this problem. I wait for your letter with hugeImpatience. For ever yours Kristina.
My love I send you as the information of flight on which I shall fly.
My love answer me more likely
Trip segment: Moscow (MOW) -> Raleigh (RDU)
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU315
Depart: 23 July 2006, 14:20, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrive: 23 July 2006, 16:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Seats: Economy class, seats available
<<<<-- connection New York (NYC) -->>>>
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5573
Depart: 23 July 2006, 19:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 23 July 2006, 21:36, Raleigh Durham Intl Arpt
Seats: Economy class, seats available
Travel time: 15 h. 16 m.
Trip segment: Raleigh (RDU) -> Moscow (MOW)
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5563
Depart: 18 September 2006, 10:20, Raleigh Durham Intl Arpt
Arrive: 18 September 2006, 12:06, John F Kennedy Intl
Seats: Economy class, seats available
<<<<-- connection New York (NYC) -->>>>
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU316
Depart: 18 September 2006, 18:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 19 September 2006, 11:45, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Seats: Economy class, seats available
Travel time: 17 h. 25 m.
Letter 20

My love of thanks you for your help. How your day now?
Yes I have received money which you to me have sent, my love I shall fly to you on July, 23, now I am in Moscow, I wait every second of this fine day when we shall be together!!!!
I love you Barry!!!
My love I is today very strongly tired for all the day, I shall write to you tomorrow since the morning, I now want to go to have a rest I hope that you have fine dreams of us Barry!!!!
I love you!!!
your Kristina
My love I shall with you very soon, I love you!!! If you knew as strongly I want to you!!!!
Letter 21

My love I want to tell to you that I think of you, I now cannot fallasleep because at me dream was gone, I want to be with you morelikely,My love I now should fall asleep nevertheless because I am waited with very long road to you!!!I love you!!!
I shall write to you tomorrow since the morning before I shall go in the airport!!!
My love I again send you the information on the flight, I want to seethe finest at the airport, it you Barry:-)
your love Kristina
Trip segment: Moscow (MOW)-> Raleigh (RDU)
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU315
Depart: 23 July 2006, 14:20, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrive: 23 July 2006, 16:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Seats: Economy class, seats available
<<<<-connection New York (NYC)->>>>
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5573
Depart: 23 July 2006, 19:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 23 July 2006, 21:36, Raleigh Durham Intl Arpt
Seats: Economy class, seats available
Travel time: 15 h. 16 m.
Trip segment: Raleigh (RDU)-> Moscow (MOW)
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5563
Depart: 18 September 2006, 10:20, Raleigh Durham Intl Arpt
Arrive: 18 September 2006, 12:06, John F Kennedy Intl
Seats: Economy class, seats available
<<<<-connection New York (NYC)->>>>
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU316
Depart: 18 September 2006, 18:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 19 September 2006, 11:45, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Seats: Economy class, seats available
Travel time: 17 h. 25 m.
Letter 22

My love hi, I simply very much worry, but this only happy excitement about our meeting!!! I love you!!!!
My love I is available to fly to you, I before leaving in the airportwant to write to you this love message!!! I want to tell to you that Ilove you!!!!!
For me this day will be very important when we shall meet for thefirst time, I want to see your in love eyes,My love do not worry, my excitement, this huge happiness!!!
My love in 5 hours will be my plane, and now it is necessary for me to go in the airport.
I again want to send you the information on flight.
To me spoke at purchase of tickets that I should be beforehand, insome hours before a start at the airport because it will be necessaryfor me to fill in various papers. My love I hope that in at theairport as there is an Internet of cafe, and I can write to you againin front of the plane!!!!
I love you!!!!
your love Kristina
Trip segment: Moscow (MOW)-> Raleigh (RDU)
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU315
Depart: 23 July 2006, 14:20, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrive: 23 July 2006, 16:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Seats: Economy class, seats available
<<<<-connection New York (NYC)->>>>
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5573
Depart: 23 July 2006, 19:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 23 July 2006, 21:36, Raleigh Durham Intl Arpt
Seats: Economy class, seats available
Travel time: 15 h. 16 m.
Trip segment: Raleigh (RDU)-> Moscow (MOW)
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL5563
Depart: 18 September 2006, 10:20, Raleigh Durham Intl Arpt
Arrive: 18 September 2006, 12:06, John F Kennedy Intl
Seats: Economy class, seats available
<<<<-connection New York (NYC)->>>>
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU316
Depart: 18 September 2006, 18:40, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrive: 19 September 2006, 11:45, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Seats: Economy class, seats available
Travel time: 17 h. 25 m.
Letter 23

My love I have very big problems.
I now sit and I pay and I write to you this letter, my love to you I shall try to explain correctly to you all,
I now am here at the airport, and me have not passed aboard the plane,
I now to you shall try to explain it.
My love only if you will not understand you could ask again me, well?
I have now only a few minutes. Policemen have allowed me to take advantage of a computer.
My love I has arrived to the airport and began to fill in the declaration, on all that I carry with myself when I have filled in her I have gone on the passport and visa control, me began to check as well as all people which went aboard the plane through the control.
You imagine in my luggage have found out an icon which to me with itself my mum has put in road and that this icon always to us brought success, and well-being in our relations. I did not know that I should enter it in the declaration. It was the ancient icon, she in our family was always handed down, and me its distances. Policemen have thought that I want to bring this icon illegally. They at all did not begin to listen to that that I spoke them, that I did not know about that that I should enter it in the declaration, they have told that I should know about it and for all corrected one. In it and all problem,
now me accuse of smuggling, now I am in a police station, and to me gave the penalty, it is 11.000 $, my love is a full nightmare, I do not know that to me now to do, I in a shock, I now start to understand that it is full nonsense, but to me gave the penalty which I should pay and then to me return all my documents, and I can be completely free, my love I has now paid all your money which I had it 2.300 $,
and now I should still pay 8.700 $, my love I now am in a shock condition, and I do not know that to me to do, my love I you very much ask the help to me with it, my love I do not know to whom to me now to address. These people at all do not understand me because I believe in the god, but they speak me that I the smuggler, they at all do not understand that I believe in the god, and a meal to the favourite person with whom I shall be always happy!!! I explained them all this,
but it is them does not excite. My love I shall be now at the airport,
I shall look forward to hearing from you, my love I feel helpless,
write to me the answer soon, to me have told that I should pay this huge money 8.700 $, they do not understand that I have no this money,
and I cannot them where to find, my love I of you very much, very much ask the help to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barry, I really did not know that it is any silly problem will prevent us, the love I was sure that between us all will be good, it is very a pity to me that I deliver to you so much problems. I all in tears, to me was very difficult to write to you this letter, but I should you explain the problem, you my unique person.
Letter 24

Barry My love I all this time shall be at a computer, and to wait for your letterWrite to me please more likely
Letter 25

My love I read your letter and I pay, I ask you so to not think about me, I shall well try to make all to pay this money, I shall give you all this money, at me the big problems and you to me so write. I in a shock from your letter as you could so to think, I love you!!! I shall try to earn itself and itself to settle all problems, I do not want to lose you Barry.
Letter 26

My love which I today informed with mum, Barry, she to me, has told to thisWill try to put in **** an apartment. But she, which cannot do, because sheHas not what powers on it. My love I you very much asks the helpMe, I shall execute all money when I shall arrive to you, I shall tryBecause I am very guilty to you, I have made a huge mistake my love, meCan correct its unique so!!! Yes my love I still in police
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