Scam Letter(s) from Revane to Kevin (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi, Kevin!
I am very glad to receive a letter from you :)
I'm hoping that you answer me.
I'll be glad to start a chat with you, I think you are an interesting man.
This is the first time I write a message in this way, and I do not even know what to tell you.
I never tried to get acquainted through the internet before.
I think I should talk a little bit about me and about my life.
My name Revane, but my friends call me Reva.
I was born on March 22, 1985, I'm 29 years old.
My height is 168 cm, my weight - 55 kg.
I live in Azerbaijan, in our nation's capital - the city of Baku.
My city is on the shore of the Caspian Sea. This is a very beautiful city.
The population of my city is about 2.5 million people, this city is big enough for Azerbaijan.
Unfortunately, I've never been abroad, but I dream that one day to visit different countries.
As a child I dreamed of studying in London, but unfortunately, it was hard to do for me.
But I know English and German, I am well studied it at school and university.
I do not use a translator for our conversation, and I can say without any problems.
As for my work, I work with a call center operator. i like my job, and it's a really good job for me.
I went on the job after graduation.
I have a higher education, I graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages.
As you have realized, I am lonely, and I've never been married.
I am looking for a relationship with a man.
I have no children.
As for me, I am a cheerful girl, I alwayss take care of my appearance.
I think that a woman should always look good when a man is with her.
In the past I had some relationship here, but it ended badly.
But now I have decided to start dating with foreign men.
I very much hope that you are interested in getting acquainted with me too.
If so, I'd like you to tell me about yourself.
I would be very pleased to learn more about you. I would also like you to send your photos to me.
this is really important because I need to know that I talk to a real person.
And I will send you my picture too. I hope you like me. :)
If we have good communication, then we could meet in the future.
I hope that I have told a lot about myself in the beginning of our acquaintance.
I look forward to wait for your answerr to me, Kevin.
If you have any questions, I'll wait for it.
I wish you a nice day!


Letter 2

Hi my new friend Kevin!
I am very pleased to receive your letter.
I was hoping for your answer, as you seemed to me as a sociable person.
I hope that our communication is good, and we can learn a lot about each other.
Thank you for your photo for me. I like you, and I'll be glad to get a new your photos.
Perhaps you might be interested to know my interests and hobbies.
In my free time, I watch TV, listen to music or read any women's magazine.
I also communicate with friends, visit cinemas and theaters.
From movies I like comedy and melodrama (for example, American pie, all parts) :)
In music I prefer to listen to pop, club-music and classical music.
I am fond of sports.
Back in university, I was engaged in volleyball, but now I do not go to training.
This sport takes a lot of time and effort, which I have not so much.
But now I continue to get involved in sports. i attend a fitness center to keep in shape.
I believe that a girl should follow her appearance.
Also my hobby is cooking.
I would like to see you tried my dishes once. :)
Kevin, I would also like to know about your interests)
I am an operator in a call center for housing and communal services.
I accept the challenges and answer questions from customers who have different problems with their light, water and gas in their home.
Here in Azerbaijan is very difficult to find a good jobb.
My work starts at 9 and ends at 18.
I also have 1 hour for lunch break. Saturday and Sunday are my days off.
I communicate with you only working computer because there is Internet
Dear Kevin, can you tell me a little about your work? Do you like your job?)
I do not know what's new to write about me.
I guess I 'll finish this letter.
But if you want to know anything else about me, then you can ask.
I will wait for your reply soon.

Your penfriend, Reva!!

p.s. I'm sending you photos, one of them I am with my colleague Aigun.

Letter 3

Hello Kevin! !
I am very glad that you wrote to me again.
I was happy when saw your letter.
Your letter makes me happy.
After reading your letter, I have good mood all day :)
Today my colleague photographed me specially for you, I send you this photo. I hope, that you like it :)
I would like to chat with you via Skype, but I'm not ready for it.
i need to know about your motives, and in the future we could see each other on Skype.
I want to tell a little about my family.
I live together with my parents.
My mother is 49 years old, and to my father - 60 years.
As you see, the age difference of my parents isn't a problem for their love.
I am very happy for them, and the age difference isn't a problem for me too.
I always look at my parents, as at an example of good relations.
As for of my mother, now she on pension, and she is a housewife.
Before she worked as the tax inspector.
As for of my father, he is the owner of small grocery shop.
Unfortunately, here the serious competition, and his business doesn't bring a lot of money, but it is enough for family maintenance.
My parents were born in other country - Georgia.
But, unfortunately, life in Georgia was not really good, and my parents moved to Azerbaijan.
I was born and grew here in Azerbaijan.
I have no brothers and sisters.
Also I have relatives abroad.
My aunt married the foreigner.
I didn't communicate long ago with her, but sometimes I keep in touch with her.
As for of my religion, I am the orthodox Christian.
Probably, I will finish the letter.
Kevin, it will be pleasant to me if you tell me about you and your family more.
It will be very interesting to me.
Dear Kevin, i wish you fine day and good luck.
I wait for your answer with big impatience.

Your friend, Reva!!

Letter 4

Hello my friend Kevin!
I am very glad to see your letter.
Thank you that you maintain communication with me.
It is very interesting to chat with you, and I think you're a very interesting person.
Today my colleague photographed me on my workplace while I woke up since morning :)
And in other photo that I send you in the letter, I sit with the fellow students at lecture, this photo is about 6 years old.
How are you? This weekend I went with a friend shopping and walking in the park. How was your weekend?
I'm sorry that your father died of cancer. Accept my regrets.
Now a lot of people get cancer, it's very scary. One of my grandmothers also died of blood cancer.
I would like to tell you about my country.
I live in a small country Azerbaijan, which is basically a Muslim country.
There is a different culture than in the West.
According to tradition, the Muslim men are looking for women only Muslim faith.
I am a Christian, so it is difficult to build a relationship with a man here.
This was the main reason why I started to look for relationships in the Internet.
I am very glad to meet you.
There are many beautiful places in our country.
Our country has a generally warm climate.
In the summer it is very hot and I like the weather.
I like the warm and sunny weather.
I do not like rain in the summer, because it always reminds bad and sad moments.
As for the winter, we rarely see snow on the streets.
In our country there are many mountains and the most beautiful thing that our country is on the shore of the Caspian Sea.
This is a very beautiful landscape.
I think that in your country there are many beautiful places too.
And you also love to visit beautiful places.
I would also be interested to learn about your country.
Kevin, can you tell us about the weather in your country?
Do you have a cold winter and warm in summer there?
What kind of weather do you prefer?
I would like to know about it really.
Perhaps this is all that I wanted to write today.
I will finish my letter and wait for a response from you.
I wish you a good day, my Kevin!

Your friend, Reva!

Letter 5

Hello my dear Kevin!
I am happy to see your letter again.
How was your day today?)
The best part of my day, when I read your letter.
If you want to know something more about me, you can ask me about it.
I will always answer you your questions.
Unfortunately, I have no home PC and I can communicate with you only from my computer at work.
I also really want to see you in Skype, but wait a little, I'll think of something.
while you can send your Skype-ID and as I have a chance, I'll communicate with you.
My dear Kevin, I want to tell you a little about my life.
I have many friends, and I think that it is good.
My friends are from school, university, work, and people with which I got acquainted.
Kevin, do you have many friends?
Our life will be easier and better if we have many good friends.
It is always pleasant to me to help them because you know that they will help you too.
I consider that the friendship pulls together people.
Friends always will help me to solve problems and to choose the correct decision.
But it is necessary to distinguish friendship and love.
I have friends, but, unfortunately, I have no darling.
There are some things about which I can't speak even to my close friends.
To me to have to keep it in itself.
I hope that I will meet darling sometime.
Maybe, it'll be you, Kevin? :)
I think that it would be really fine if we had relations once.
Let's talk about our childhood.
If you would have an opportunity to return to the childhood, would u like to make it?
How you think, your childhood was happy?
I had a happy childhoodd, I spent good time.
But, unfortunately, when people mature, they have more duties, problems and cares.
By the way, Kevin, you love pets?
Unfortunately, I have no animals, but I love them since the childhood.
Especially I love dogs, these animals always bring happiness.
My friend has a dog of breed Huskies, her name is Nancy, i like to play with it.
It everything that I wanted to write today.
My Kevin, I think that my letter was interesting to you.
I will wait your answer.
Please, write to me back soon.

Your friend, Reva!

P.S. I hope that you will like my photos, I will wait for your comments :)

Letter 6

Hi, my dear Kevin!
Sorry, that so long I didn't answer you.
I had problems with health, I was in the hospital two weeks.
I very strongly caught a cold when we went to the girlfriend on giving, and got pneumonia.
I was written out yesterday and only today I came again to work.
unfortunately, at her I didn't catch the Internet there and I didn't manage to leave in Skype to meet you.
But I will surely find the solution of this problem if you still want it.
I hope that communication with me is still interesting for you.
I will wait for your answer.
Your Reva.

Letter 7

Hi, my dear Kevin!
I am glad to see your letter.
I very much missed u & our communication.
I arrived two days ago at home and only today came to work.
In this letter I send you photos from Egypt :)
I went to Charm El Sheikh with my mother to have a rest)
It was very cool 4 me to travel there!
As your affairs, tell me.
Now I have no time to write more, I will write to you next time more, well?)
Kevin, I will wait for your answer.
Your Reva.

Letter 8

Hello my dear friend Kevin!
I am glad to receive the new letter from you.
Each new day is filled with kindness for me when I receive the letter from you.
I am the lonely woman and when I receive your letter, I feel that I not such lonely.
The matter is that my mother had a Birthday and my father presented her round to Egypt and she wanted that I went with her together.
The trip made for me great impression!
The Red Sea very beautiful and pure, is a lot of corals and fishes!
In the future I think I would like to visit Egypt once again.
Especially we didn't go to watch pyramids.
We didn't go with mother to Cairo because it very long there to go by bus more than 6 hours and some people say that there can be dangerous.
Kevin, I want to tell you that it very pleasant for me that you spend your attention and you are interested about me.
I am very glad what exactly with you we have conversation with each other.
I really feel good feelings to you.
Sometimes I think of our friendly relations.
I am very glad that you are my friend.
It seems to me that you become more, than the friend for me.
I hope that we don't play game, and between us the honest relations.
I want to tell that I will never deceive you.
I hope that you write me only the truth too.
I hate when someone deceives me.
I feel sincerity in your letters.
My soul tells me that you are the honest person.
I want to have the happy future, and I hope that you want it too.
It would be fine if we lived near the friend about the friend.
We could meet easily.
It is a pity that between us very long distance.
It is good that modern means of communication allow us to communicate.
Probably, we will be able sometime to meet.
Between us there has to be an honesty and openness.
Dear Kevin, I really look for the serious relations, and I will be glad to begin it the relations with you.
I think that in the course of communication we will be able to know each other better, and we will trust each other.
Now I will finish my letter.
I will wait for your following letter, my dear friend Kevin.
I wish you good day!

Your friend, Reva!



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