Scam Letter(s) from Olga Platonova to Ric (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hi Richard !!
How can you not understand that I love you with all my heart !!
I really want to be close to you !!
I'm ready for you to come, but I just need to pay the loan .. then no obstacle will not and I can come to you !!
I love you very much !!
last night I did not sleep .. I cried.
I really want to come to you!
I do not want to lose you!
my dear, you must understand that I am asking you for money just to come to you !!
I always think of you !!
I love you!
in this situation, you can only take one decision !!
you have to pay the loan !!
my dear, if you can send me money, I'll come to you !!
I love you !!
waiting for your answer!
Your Olga!

Letter 2

My love Richard !!!!!!!
I am very much afraid to write this letter to you, but I still decided. I have no other choice.
I am writing you this letter with tears in his eyes.
My favorite is Richard, I want to tell you that I am now at an Internet cafe.
Yes, you understood me correctly, I'm in an internet cafe.
I could not write to you earlier, I was questioned by the police, so I was not able to write to you as soon as it happened.
Darling please forgive me, I'm crying.
Very difficult for me to write you this letter. Now I'll explain.
You know what I was supposed to come to you soon, so we stayed for a lifetime together with you.
We're were both convinced that our future would be fine, we done to you all for this. We wanted to be happy in New Zealand and build a new life.
But today, for me, the worst of my life.
All that day the tears in my eyes, my heart is broken with grief.
I do not know what to do. I'm shocked, I'm very much panic.
Dear Richard, I beg you to reassure me that it was easier.
Most importantly, you did not take offense at me. Dear Richard, forgive me please.
This morning I went to the bank and got your money.
Everything was fine at first. I stood in line to get a your money. Next to me was a very nice woman. Her name was Catherine. She first met me.
Initially, we had not talked about anything, just two were silent, but then she decided to start a conversation with me, and we first met.
It seemed to me a very sweet and kind woman. I told her my story and said that now I will get the money that would be able to come to you in New Zealand. It struck my story, she said that she was very happy for us with you and wished us love and happiness.
We talked to her a few hours, but then she invited me to go to a cafe. I said that I do not have money, that would eat at the cafe, she said she would pay for my order. I was pleasantly surprised this kindness.
My dear, we went to a cafe and we sat for a long time with her in the cafe. My favorite then I had to pee. I told her that I depart for 2 minutes. I asked keep watch my bag that held the money that you sent me.
My dear, when I came out of the closet is not the bag is not this woman was not.
I started running around the cafe and shouting her name. All the people looked at me like I was crazy. I shouted loudly "Katerina" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dear, but she did not respond, she was not in this cafe. My dear then I realized that she robbed me. I became hysterical. I screamed very loudly. Several times I ran out into the street and looked around, but I did not see Catherine. Later around me has accumulated a lot of people. Someone asked me- "What happened?" I said that I robbed a woman, they immediately called the police.
I cried constantly, I do not understand, I was very excited.
One of the policemen decided to calm me down.
He started asking questions, I explained to him that I had lost the money.
This "kind and sweet" woman just gone and has left behind a single trace.
The police explained to me that this is an ordinary robbery.
When I listened to it all, I was very bad.
I already knew what happened to me.
This woman just instilled their trust in me, and when I walked to the bathroom, she just stole my money.
She knew that in my bag and the money is just blatantly stole them.
And then she walked out of the cafe and disappeared in an unknown direction.
My beloved, this is all very terrible, I do not know what to do .....
My condition is very horrible, but I'm starting to calm down a bit.
Me the most important thing to get your good reply.
I do not want you to have something vinyl or even accused, but rather I want to hear from you only words of encouragement and reassurance.
Now, I wrote you a detailed letter.
I understand that all this is very terrible, but my favorite Richard you have to understand me.
I am here in no way to blame, just this woman was a thief.
I do not know about it, all the things she said to me when dating - it was a lie.
It turns out that she just lied to me in everything, and then to steal money from me.
All your money is stolen from me, she did very badly with me.
My dear Richard, I would like to receive your early reply.
I hope you will understand me correctly, I need your kind words.
You know perfectly well that each of your letter to me is very important and nice.
All your letters I have read carefully and joyfully.
Your every kind word I was very happy and grateful, but now I really miss your warm words.
I love you, Richard, you're the best man in this world.
I will pray to God to all in our relationship with you was perfect.
To our future with you was always happy and joyful.
That our family was with you loving our children have always been healthy, and our love with you was an eternal !!!!!!
I love you Richard! My dear now I do not have money to buy a ticket. Now I have no money at all. I do not know what to do ??? I do not when it is not met in my life such a deception, for me it's a solid shock. Now I have again shed tears. I always cry. And let some people do not believe in true love, we will be together all evil. We will go through all the difficulties together. My Richard, I promise you, if we meet, I'll be with you all your life, as if you were not bad, I'll be with you in joy and in trouble.
It's very hard to finish this letter, but I need some rest.
Now I'm going to rest for a while.
I have a slight headache after everything that happened, but after a few hours I'll be back in an Internet cafe to check your emails.
My dear Richard, please understand my situation.
With love, your Olga.

Letter 3

hi my favorite. I have bad news for you. all the documents I have .. and they are all right. but the problem is the following: I was asked if I have credits in the bank .. I began to think that I have no credit, but then I remembered that took credit for my parents, they asked me to get credit for themselves .. This loan was issued for the repair of the apartment .. credit is taken in the amount of 80,000 rubles .. already 28,000 rubles my parents sent. but left 52,000 rubles ..

Letter 4

says your friend Olga.
my name is Anna.
I am writing you a letter because Olga can not write you a letter. as it is in the hospital.
hit by a car and it was the second day in the hospital.
she asked me to write you a letter and say it like you were in the know.
she had an open fracture of the hand, and she needs an operation.
so now we are looking for money for the operation.
if you want, I'll keep you posted ..

Letter 5

she needs surgery and we are trying to find the money ..
operation costs 186,000 rubles ..
we have all the money .. the operation to be done in the near future.
and I would like you to ask for help .. maybe you can help as a ??
if you refuse, I understand you.
but if she does not do the surgery in the time that her hand will not work properly ..
I look forward to your reply!



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