Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Kazakevich to Mats (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hi, my SWEETY special Mats, I miss you so much and I do want to wake up in your arms today and feel your sweet kisses BUT I do hope that it will be SOON :) I'm VERY happy that you liked my last photos...I just want to share with you something special :) Im had cool time was my Christmas :)) I spent it with my mom and my friends...sure I missed you so MUCH because I do want to share ALL such special moments with YOU!! BUT SOON we will have such possibility...right?;))) My sweety...I will be grateful to you if you would help us to be in touch because I spent all my money for our letters and I don't have any spare now :( I pay 5$ for one letter and 3$ for one photo...also they have some special offer and it costs 235$ for one month of unlimited correspondence and 380$ for 2 know prices and decided by yourself...I will be very happy ANY of your help :)) Western Union or Money Gram will be convenient for me...Sooo...I send you my information to send me your help: My full name is Alena Kazacewitch;
My country is Ukraine and I live in Shastye;
My address is Gagarina street, 33 and zip code is 91480 And I will need this information to receive your transfer: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the amount of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. Sooo...I will be waiting for your next letter and your help.... Sweet kisses to YOU... Your Alenka.
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