Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Kazakevich to Tudorel (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hello my dear
How are you ?. Once again thanks for the email o.k.
It's so sweet to hear that you are interested in me. I told you my names are Alisa Mariana Yefor and i am 30 years old . My father is an African and my mother is an American . I live now only with my father and his profession is farming and he lives some where in the northern province in the country, but i am in in small village in the north of Douala where i am struggling to earn a living in a modeling school hoping that someday i will become a professional model . I was abandoned by my mother when i was just 3 years old . She left my father and i, and went back to U.S and since then i have never seen nor heard from her. It is very sad and aching for a mother to abandoned her own child and husband and go to another man . i go from time to time to visit my father in the north. He also struggle to survive as a farmer. my story is all sad but i hope you don't mind right??? . I was once in US where i was invited by a man called Carlo, i lived with Carlo for 2 months and i gave him all the love and pleasures of life and my heart too . But one day when i came back home, i caught Carlo with another woman right on our bed . So i was very angry and left since he cheated on me. and since then i vowed never to go to the US again but right now, i am very interested in an American man who needs a woman like me for love,marriage or relationship for any length of time. i need a man who can take very good care of me because i like Americans so much. so you if you feel you are honest and can take very good care of me, show me love then i will be with you soon. Please i will not like to be betrayed again in my life. I will give you all the sex pleasures you want and make you to feel in a way that you have never felt before. i will do my best to make you happy, and i also hope that you will do your best to keep me funky and happy too right?. Can you show me such a love and care??. Can you take very good care of me??? . I can speak English Language because i have once studied in the U.S and in the University of California and i later move back to Cameroon to meet my father . I lived with my father and we both are happy. I'm searching for a serious and intelligent gentleman who is serious and ready to settle down with me as a wife . I am searching for a husband . I have some photos of me here and i hope you love the photos right?. I'm ready and willing to make you happy o.k.
I'll be waiting to read from you .
Expecting your lovely reply.
Yours Sincerely
Alisa Mariana
Letter 2
Hello my dear .
Thanks very much for the email and also for the sweet reply and for the great pleasure and interest you have in me and i appreciate it my dear . I also thank you for the compliment to my beauty and i appreciate that my dearest. I'm very happy you said you like me . I sent to you my pictures and tell you about me because i am eagerly seeking a man to spend the rest of my life with and i am 30 years now . Which means that very soon i will be 31 years old and i need a man in my life now to settle down with.!!. I told you in my last letter that i did not enjoy a good childhood like others because i am always sad and no one was there to make me happy . I pray that you can make me happy and put a smile on my face again and can you be that man for me? are you a serious?? . If you are serious and you want to get to know more about me then you have to try and send me some of your pictures in the next letter. Can you send me some of your pictures so that i can see you and get to know you more better???. I have reached that age when i know what is good for me and i am ready to meet a man with whom i can spend the rest of my life with and that is why i am searching for the perfect and good man for my life now so that i can settle down with. Hope you have serious intentions towards me because i hate disappointments. I'm not in Brussel Belgium presently. I'm in a small village in the city of Douala in a country called Cameroon and i wish to know you more and know your habits and plan a very good life with you ok. My names are Alisa Mariana . I was born on September 6, 1984 . I am 30 years now . I was born in the City of Douala . My hair color is blonde . eyes color are Green . I am 1.68 tall . My weight is 115 lbs . Hope you know all about me now right and can you tell me more about you and your life??. I am very sincere and honest and i am looking for a serious and honest man to spend the rest of my life with and a man who is responsible. I am very sweet , sexy, and hot and I am new to this stuff... but i hope that i will get to find that lovely man who will love, protect and be there for me unconditionally. some one who can reciprocate the love and care i have to offer. I'm not only looking for a mere sex partner but a family oriented man with whom and i can build a serious relationship and hopefully build a family. I need a man for Long term Relationship and sex and i am ready to give you everything even sex i am ready . Love is when we both feel for each other and respect and sincere to one another and love does not matter age,size ,beauty or handsomeness ok. But what we both feel for each other is the best. I hope you have good intentions and this our relationship is going to be a good and serious one right? . I am seeking a serious,understanding,caring,honest and sincere man to spend the rest of my live with . I assure you that sex is never going to be our problem ok because it's all yours and i will give it to you at any given time you want it from me ok all what i need from you as a man is love ,care , faithfulness no lies telling , sincerity with passion and honesty and if we can keep that then i promise you that our relationship is going to be the best i promise you my dear. If i may ask how old are you my dear???. Can you send me some of your pictures and tell me about your past life with girls or women???. Where do you live and do you want us to meet? can you tell me more about your past life?? i really like to get to know more about you my dear .I am seeking a truthful and honest man to build a good and serious relationship with . am a sincere and honest girl and i can give you all my love and care and i thank God for given such a nice and good man like you to me and i really wish to see some of your pictures again and know you more better and can we meet? and am the one on the pictures i sent to you and please send me some of your pictures so that i can see you too ok. I am waiting for your lovely letters .
I expect your lovely reply now
I wait for your email
kisses Alisa Mariana
Letter 3
Hello my dear!!!
Good morning to you my dear
How are you today???.
How did you sleep?? . Hope you slept well right?? .I'm very sorry for the late reply to your email o.k. I am very happy to read and open your letter this morning and it gives me much love and happiness and it really seem you are a very good man and i want you to know that you have also met the right person and maybe God knows why he made us this way o.k. The way you talk and your words, it makes me impressed and i have seen that you are indeed a great, serious and good man . I am well educated and have a degree of accountancy. It's quite possible that you can ask me why i did not find a man in Cameroon but in Belgium right??. I would like to tell to you that i decided to search for a man over the internet because i have had so many heart breaks from men here in Cameroon and most of them are cheaters and also drunkard and they lie too much and was introduce to the Internet with the help of my friend Sofia . My friend Sofia has met a good person and a right man through the help of Internet from Denmark, The name of Sofia husband is Peter . Sofia and Peter are very happy now and living together in Denmark with 3 children !!. Sofia and Peter has 2 girls and 1 boy and they are living happily as husband and wife . Sofia is 30 years old and Peter is 61 years old and they are good lovers o.k . I want you to know that your age is not a problem for me o.k . I have decided to find my own husband and good man for my life over the internet too and Sofia has shown me how to use the Internet o.k . I want to be like my friend and i hope i will be like her . She has made it over the internet and i am sure i can make it too over the internet .That is why i decided to choose any other European countries but i have chosen Belgium because i have once been in Belgium with my late aunt who died some years back and i also have been with a man called Carlo and he treated me very badly . I am sure you're sincere and serious right??. Although we just known each other through internet which is the fastest means of communication and also it's now an unsecured means of communication too. Since some people of wicked mind and wicked heart without conscience come here to tell lies and put others into trouble and also tell much lies and play with people feelings and go away, i am not in that . Hope you are serious and have good intentions right??? . I am very sincere and honest and i have a very clear and open conscience . i am seeking a good caring and sincere man to spend the rest of my life with. A man i can count on. I don't want a man who just want to tease me because i am not teasing you as well. I am looking for a true love, sincere and a husband who is always there, caring, optimistic, serious and funny, give you love, respect and trust, which is faithful for ever . Meeting an Belgiumn man has always been my dream because i was once in Belgium and i know how Belgiumn men can take care of a woman. I am sure you are not here for joke and play with my feelings and turn your back on me?. I believe in God Jesus Christ. I have never been married, and I have no children, I am a unique girl. I can also say i am sensitive, kind, thoughtful and i am easily surprised. On opinion concerning my close friends and relatives, I - a kind, rather, clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. I wish to know more about you and you send me more photos of you o.k. Your age is nothing for me o.k . Can you send me some of your photos??. It is my wish and desire now to tell you all about me let you know what i need and what i feel due to my happiness from knowing you as my husband or my new friend. I was born and raised up into a Christian family that cherish the principle of good moral child . I decided to let you know everything about me because i have faith and trust in you and it was God that lead me to know you and make me to start loving and feeling strong emotional feelings for you. I am ready to relocate and meet you in your country and do you like me to come and meet you? hope you don't mind right??? . Can you invite me to come and meet you in Belgium and spend some time with you? . Can you send me some of your pictures?? please i like you see you always in your pictures. Can you tell me more about you?? . My dear as i told you my goal is to meet a man with whom i can create a good and beautiful family with.!!! 1) What are your full names.......???
2) What do you do for a living...........???
3) How old are you now( Your Age)......??
4) Do you take drugs.................???
5) Do you smoke.................???
6) Are you a Christian.........???
7) Do you like to meet me in Someday..............??
8) What are your intentions towards me............??
9) Do you love me.....???
10) Have you ever married before......???
11) Do you still have plan in getting married...........??
12) Do you love children.............??
13) How many kids do you want........???
14) Have you ever have kids before.....??
15) What are your plans in life.....................??
16) What do you like and dislike...................???
17) Where are you located (Your Country)......??? In addition to anything to myself, i have written it all to you! i did not think, that i can still write about me to you again so, really. probably, I shall be grateful so if you will write to me about independently how i have made it. I would like, if you will tell me more about you, for example, about your family, whether really your family is big?. About your city where - you're residing, . I have never been in any other country apart from Belgium when i was there with my aunt and with one stupid man who treated me badly and cheated on me with another woman . I shall be pleased to know more about your country, your life style and how cool and calm you are friendly to women o.k. Well, Let me end here for now . I hope to see your answer soon!. Take care, Please make sure you send me some of your photos and more of them o.k. I attached some of my photos here in this letter hope you love them right??. I am expecting to read from you soonest. I wish to meet you soon.
Sweet Kisses to you!
Alisa Mariana
Letter 4

Hello my dearest Iancu Tudorel !!!
Good evening to you sweetie .
How are you doing??. How was your day?.
Today us Sunday and what did you do today??
I am very sorry for the late reply to your email o.k. I never meant to be late and it was that i have no access to the Internet and that is why and how are you now darling??. Hope you are doing well with your job and i know and believe that you are really a good man and i have told you that age is never going to be a problem in a relationship like this ok . You best know i told you that your age is not a problem but all i need from you is your loyalty and trust and faithfulness in me and also for God almighty and you know that if we can't trust each other we can't make it in life my love .
Once again , thanks for the email and i am very happy to read back from you my dear. So, how are you today, my dear? . Hope your mood is also nice! How is your day going on? . How is your job? . As for me, i am very fine and OK. It's just that i miss you a lot and i really want to be beside you my dear. As for me, everything seems to be well, no problems at home and i thank the almighty God for making us seeing another new day and every new day is another blessing to once life o.k. I am very happy that my friends and family are in good health. My love, i want you to know that today, i spoke with my father about everything and he is so happy for me my dear. I like to go to the swimming pool very much . But i don’t like night clubs as the atmosphere is very heavy there . I don’t smoke and never did and drink very occasionally . But sometimes i like to stay alone, just stay at home, watch TV and think about. I also like cooking very much . I am a very good house wife my dear. I will cook for you and make you happy my dear. I eat too little when my friends come to see me i always cook different things, i like to make experiments and all the time i cook different dishes. Especially I like to make dishes of meat and salads. I also like to bake cake , but i must have mood for this would you like to have a dinner one day together? . Hope you will like my cooking right?! . What are your favorite food and beverages? . When we meet in Belgium, i will try to cook them!. My dear, i hope that i’m not asking too many questions, I do this because I’m really interested in you a lot . Please, ask me whatever you wish!. I am a very honest and sincere girl and i am a woman of my words and i am ready to give you everything you want from me o.k. I think that understanding and honesty are the most important things in a relationship . I wish to have such relationship with you my future husband, I will never hide anything from you as i believe that lies and cheating destroys a relationship . Being deceived once it’s very hard to believe the person again, even if you love the person . Do you agree with me, my dear?. My love Iancu Tudorel ,. I want you to know that , i dream about being somewhere at the seaside, together with a beloved man, lying on a beach and listening to the sea . How do you like my wish? Would you like to join me in my dream? . Have you ever been thinking about our meeting in Belgium real life? . How do you imagine this?. Where would you like this happen? My dear, i must tell you that though we have been knowing each other not for a long time, i have very warm feelings towards you, i feel that you are tender and honest, sincere and open person and i do praise these qualities . You know the sad story about my past relationship with Carlo and i realize now what exactly i wish in life, i wish to love and be loved, I will do everything in my power to make you my love Iancu Tudorel happy but of course i would like to have the same in return . Iancu Tudorel , i want you to know that money is nothing, feelings are everything! . I think money haven’t made any person happy . We have a saying here that with a beloved person you will live like in paradise even in a shelter and i think it’s true . Do you agree with me, my dear?. My darling, please, tell me your thought about marriage? . What are you expecting from it?. As for me, family is the most important thing for me, I wish to create and build serious and a happy family with a person i love and who will love me as well., I will do everything in my power to make you my love happy . We will raise children in the atmosphere of love and care . I believe I will have the best family in the world! . How are the children?. Are they all fine?. Tell them i love then and i miss them so much. Maybe i have already found my love Don’t you know whom i’m speaking about???. It's you my love Iancu Tudorel . So, my dear i want to be faithful and sincere and honest with you my dear.
When do you want us to meet?. I am ready and willing to come and meet you in Belgium and can you tell me so that i can prepare??. As for my passport to come and meet you in Belgium, i don't have a valid traveler passport to come to you and i will need to apply and i make a new passport because the old one i had has long expired and i need to get a new passport and i don't even have the means to get a passport and come to you and i don't even know if you can assist or help me to get my passport so that we can meet in Belgium and can you help me my love?. I need your help and if you can be of help them i am sure we can meet soon in Belgium o.k. Can you help me make my passport?.
I love you so much and i will be waiting for your reply and take care of yourself for me and always know that there is someone who love you the more o.k.
Sweet Kisses to you and i am waiting for your reply
Yours Faithfully
Alisa Mariana
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