Scam letter(s) from Olga Ulitina to Austin (Australia)

Letter 1
How are you? I live in Russia in a beautiful city Saint Petersburg, my age is 28 years and my height and weight are 5'7" and 124lb. I want to get acquainted with a single man for serious relations. If you are not married Id continue our communication with pleasure.
I am sending you my photos in this mail with hope that youll like my appearance. I am expecting to receive your reply soon with your photos attached. I am very interested in acquaintance with you.
Have a nice day!
P.S. I need a man from 32 years old. Sorry but if you are younger dont waist our time I will not reply. How old are you? Where do you live?
Letter 2
Finally I know everything about my visa and I can prepare everything for it and receive it. There will not be any problems with visa. I am so happy that I’ll come to your country and we will be able to meet.
It’s unbelievable but our meeting will happen soon.
Maybe you think that my behavior is silly and I am like a small girl but I really want to see you and touch you in reality. I am dreaming about it.
Now I’ll give them all prepared document and I have to pay for visa.
Unfortunately I’ve got a problem here. I’ve told you that I am saving money for visa and I am going to pay for it. But it’s a big surprise for me that I have to pay right now because I don’t have necessary sum.
I want to ask for your help if you want that our meeting will happen.
These documents are:
- Travel passport;
- Police report;
- Medical certificate,
- Documents from the bank and from my work and others… I’ve counted that all documents + visa fees will cost me approximately 400 USD or a little bit more. I understand that you think it is very expensive but this money pay off all visa expenses including many documents.
I have made a foreign passport already and paid for it. But I could not even expect that they will do my visa so quickly.
The rule is so that if I don’t pay for visa now I could have got problems with visa in the future. It is a very good chance for me.
I am ready to prove you that I am a real woman from Russia that’s why I’ll send you a copy of my passport.
I have to pay for visa and I’ll get it without problems. They have given me not more than 10 days to pay for visa.
My visa will last 3 months. During this period I have to enter the University, and then my visa will be prolonged for the time I’ll spend for my education.
And if I get job in your country I’ll have unlimited time visa. I have told you that I am going to work even when I study in the University because I need money for education and for living. I want to be self-dependent.
I am not asking you money like a present. I am asking you to borrow me 400 USD. As I’ll certainly give money back as soon as I get job.
The best ways to send money are via RIA, Money Gram or Contact or Western Union. Regular mail is the worst way to send money because it is too long and money can be stolen. Could you please use RIA, Money Gram or Contact or Western Union to send money to me? It is very convenient for both of us. You’ll need my address which I have sent you before. And you’ll need my full name: Olga Ulitina.
Maybe it’ll be easy for you to find more information on the web-sites: You can find the nearest office and go there to send money and you can do it from your credit card.
Or if you don’t have time to go to the office you can transfer money from you place using web-sites. Money can be send to any locations in Saint-Petersburg. I really need your help. Will you send me 400USD?
Do you understand my problem?
I hope to get your help. Please, send me an answer with your decision. P.S. Some more important instructions for you:
You could be asked for the purpose and destination of a transfer you are sending.
If you don’t want a delay of transfer procedure you should say that the money is for your friend, relative, business partner and etc.
You’d better also indicate that you know the receiver personally and that these funds are earned but yourself.
All those inquiries are for the financial regulations in receiver’s country, so please give your answers very serious and carefully not to make a delay in transfer.
Have a good day!
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