Scam Letter(s) from Alena Kazakevich to Walt (USA)

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Letter 1

My sweet HOT man, Walt, make me wet and melt with your letter are so HOT man and I do want to share some ice cream with you :))

You want to hear the continuation of our dream...soo...just enter the room I shut the door and lock it behind you...I walk over in front of you as I have you standing on the side of the bed as I stand there and you look down at me I take my hand and begin to rub your cock on the outside of your jeans and I reach up and grab your neck pulling you down to me as I start kissing you rubbing your cock still kissing your neck lightly you realize that I am not going to give up as I feel your cock beginning to grow inside those jeans I begin working on the buttons on your shirt once I have it completely unbuttoned I slowly remove it off your shoulders and completely off of you as your hands begin to wander all over me finding their way to my ass where they rest peacefully as I kiss my way down your neck and onto your chest I kiss gently all the way down to your stomach as I undo your jeans and remove that hard mass and begin to massage it gently in my hand.

Taking your cock into my mouth I tease the tip gently with my tongue as you moan in delight as you love the feel of my wet lips and tongue on your cock looking up at you I suck it gently as you stare down at me watching me suck you as you run your hands through my hair as your hips begin to move with the feel of my mouth getting up I push you back on the bed getting on the bed with you I start sucking your cock again harder this time as your head goes back and you beg me not to stop gently I begin nibbling on that mass all the way to your balls upon reaching them I take them into my mouth and suck them inside out gently.

As my I reach up and run my fingers up and down your chest finally you get to the point that you grab me and pull me up to you as you start kissing me deeply as our breathing gets deeper now and we moan together in harmony as you roll me onto my back and remove the clothes that I am you lay me back down you begin nibbling on my ears and kissing my neck softly as your hand wanders in between my legs and to your amazement I am already wet.

As your fingers begin massaging my clit gently now as our passions begin to run and our desires take total control as your finger enters my hot wet hole as I take your cock into my hand and stroke it harder now Oh honey I want this and I am going to have it… as I make you get on your back again I climb on top of you as I take your cock in my hand guiding it into me… screaming in ecstasy as I slide down on it as your head goes back and your back arches as I begin grinding my hips into you slowly at first as your hands find their way onto my hips as you push deeper into me sitting straight up on you… grinding you harder as you scream stopping now...I get off and change positions getting on you again with my back to you grinding you again as your hands massage my breasts and you pinch my nipples gently rolling them between your fingers as you lay me back on you I can feel your cock and balls tighten as my pussy clamps down on your cock as we are reaching our hottest climax as we have the most dynamic orgasm ever as we cum together and you shoot hot streams of cum into me laying there I love the feel of the throbbing of your hard cock inside of me and when we are finished I say to were it sounds? Want to try? :)

Now I need to return to my work and I will be waiting for your next letter tomorrow :)

Sweet wet kisses,




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