Scam Letter(s) from Anita Edwards to Jamy (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Dear Jamy,

Thanks for your quick response, I am writing this message if it touches your heart to rescue a soul in distress. My name is Ms. Anita Edwards, 18 years old, from Accra, Ghana. My parents and my only brother were killed. Since then I have been with my uncles but they have made things to be more difficult for me because of their eyes on my late father’s properties. Before the death of my father, he has $5.5 million USDollars in a fixed deposit domiciliary account with a bank in Accra - Ghana, which I am the next of kin. I humbly need your assistance in transferring this fund for investment in your country and also helping to bring me over to your country to continue with my studies. I will be willing to offer you 25% of the total funds for the assistance rendered. please reply me back via my private email for further details:

Thanks for your understanding,



Letter 2

Hello Jamy,
Please email me back here and more details

Yours sincerely,


Letter 3

since pictures is your proofs that means you are not serious, please dont ever contact me again..

Letter 4

animal....what re you waiting for...bug off



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