Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Walt (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Walt! How are you today? I appreciate you for giving me your e-mail address and i hope you are here for serious relations like me... I am telling you about it at once Walt, because i faced some bad experience here...
Some men who are just for fun and games contacted me and i just wasted time. I hope you are not like that. But enough about bad guys... :) i am sure Walt, that you also have a lot of letters from silly women ;) Such man like you should be popular among women ;) I am looking for real man who knows how to behave with woman, who is honest, sincere, faithful, romantic, caring, loving... But of course i understand, that people are not perfect... It's not necessary to be God the Almighty to attract my attention... Walt, with me, you can be always who you are... i don't judge people...i just accept them the way they are. And i am not so serious all the time :)))) I also have good sense of humor, i am honest, open-minded, caring, loving, passionate and i am sure, that you will discover it in our further communication, if you still have desire to talk to such a talkative woman :)))) I see that my letter becomes a little bit disconnected.. :))) But in my letters i am real and you will always see all my feelings and emotions in them! I am opened for all kinds of discussions! ;) Ok, i guess it's enough for the first time! I hope you didn't snore reading it! :))))) Have a good day! By the way my name is Luda! :)))))
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