Scam letter(s) from Stacy Collins to Jon (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear thanks for the message. i am new on here and will like to get to know you better and exchange pics i will like to have your email to do that if you dont mind as i am not always on here mine is cstacey201 at gmail feel free to send me a message and i will reply on there.
Letter 2
Hi dear,
How are you doing? I hope you are really having a nice time out there. How is work and how has life been treating you? I'm new at on-line dating cause i was introduced to it by a friend and you are the first person am meeting online. Thanks so much for replying my message on the site, i really appreciate it. So how's everything been with you? I think I'd take this chance to tell you a little about myself. Am stacey collins, 5'6 tall, blonde hair, hazel eyes blah blah blah lol. I am single with no kids and currently seeking for a relationship, but not rushing myself. I'm presently working as a nurse attached to UNICEF and also involved in sales of art works. Hope you gonna tell me something about yourself. I will be looking forward to your message.
Letter 3
Hi dearie,
how are you doing today? Its nice to read from you again. Thanks for telling me something about yourself i really love all i have heard.Well presently I'm on a working trip with the UNICEF team on a mission to war ravished countries in western Africa and I am going to be back in two weeks. Things are going well for us out here and I hope we can meet up when i get back. I enjoy going to the beach, playing pool, watching movies, dancing mostly salsa, playing video games, reading magazines and novels generally anything that keeps me active. I have passed through a lot being in a relationship and wouldn't allow the past to ruin me again, I believe failure teaches success and building my future with the experience I had. I believe inside looks would determine if couples are compatible, though attraction is part of it but the most important that does it all is personality traits. I am seeking for a man that's caring, understanding, faithful, honest, trustworthy, patient , supportive , gentle, responsible and intelligent. Deary, I don't know what you still want to know, but I'd be glad if you asked. Your turn, so i look forward to getting your mail soon. Take care of yourself and be safe.
Letter 4

Hi Dear,
So good to read from you today. Ever since I have been reading from you on here thoughts of you lingers in me and I cant just resist the feelings, have never felt like this in my whole life. Its the feelings of joy and happiness, like i have been reconnecting with an old friend, i am really glad that you are happy talking to me too. Am really sorry if i sound like i am pushing things on, its just that i am a very straight forward person and i don't hide feelings. In that light honey, despite the fact that i hate talking about my ex and what happened in my last relationship i want you to know about it cause its a way of letting you know that i am really serious about wanting to take this friendship we have and building it into something strong and real. It lasted for about 3 years. He was fun, loving and caring when we first met but then he started changing. I think he got tired of me and decided to try new things after 2 years and almost 10 months. He started finding fault in everything I did and would always nag. I confronted him about it and told him that he was hurting me, we settled our disputes and continued living together, we got engaged and that was when it happened. He could have told me he didn't want me anymore and that we should just forget about the whole relationship, i would have understood, but instead he treated me in a very cruel way. He destroyed my heart. I found out he was having an affair with another girl, traced them and when i caught him red handed he told me right in front of the other woman that he didn't need me anymore. I felt crushed, humiliated and hated the world and the very earth i was standing on that moment, i just wanted to disappear. Days later, i tried to take my life, looking back on that now but am happy that i couldn't go on with it, and right now i have passed those stages and moved on to a better life. I like being honest in anything I find myself doing. I have been very honest in my past relationships but what hurts me is that I don't tend to get that honesty back from my partners. It really stress me out and makes me sad. I was very honest and loyal to my ex and everything was going smooth until he started changing his character towards me. I really loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him but I guess he was not ready for that. I have been single for more than a year now and haven't let any guy approach me, cause I don't want the same thing that happened in my last relationship to happen again. I want someone that I can always call my one and my only cause I'll be his one and only too. I want my next relationship to be my very last one, cause i want it to progress to marriage and then kids and a wonderful family, and I'm sure that will be the case cause I have waited for so long for it and i pray about it everyday. Hope all this makes sense to you. Missing your messages so much and i cant wait to hear from you again. Be cool and take good care of yourself cause i care. Stacey
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