Scam Letter(s) from Mellisa Brown to Steve (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello my dearest new love steve
Thank you so much for your lovely email you sent to me . In fact i was so glad to hear from you . I was so happy to read your email and you interest in me . As i told you already i find you so simple loving caring and very responsible man that i have been seeking for . You really my type of man and i want you to know that am your woman , there is no problem to worry about ok . I like you too and i hope that this is going to be the begining of a nice loely relation which is soon going to lead to marriage .Please darling, all i want from you is to be honest and so serious with me ok .I want you to be in touch with me and also reply to my messages as fast as you can because that is the only way i can see you also love me . I dont want to hurt me , lie to me like that other men did to me ok .Well am single seeking for true love and marriage , if we get along we can meet and see where things will go .
Darling i want you to know that you have really met the right woman and that there is no need to worry ok . I want you to know is that you have really wron my heart and so please dont disappoint me ok. If you really want to be my man. Please promise me you are not ever going to contact any other woman apart from me ok . I am really serious about . I want you to know is that i have been be hurt and disappointed in the past .I was really hurt and never wanted to trust any other man , but it seems you really touch my heart any time i hear from . i want to share and spare you this chance to develop a nice lovely relation with you ., i want to meet you some day and to build a happy home together . I know that really you are going like me a lot Sweetheart let tell you some thing about my self . My name is Mellisa Brown , i am from pakistan, i am doing modling as my profession .i live with my mum and dad and two brothers . Please am single and i have been seeking for love and marriage for a long time now . Honey i think that this is going to be my true and forever love and that you are going to make all my dreams come to reality . Well remember i hate cheat and dont want to hurt my man . I dont want my man to lie also to me . Please i like cooking , travelling and talking about love . I love ridding too , i want to meet the right guy and i know finally i have got to you . Please let move a step ahead ok .i promise you that you really made the right choice , i would be happy if you can give me total commitment and your love so that i can proof to you how much i also care . Please reply to me soon and tell me more about your self too. I aasure you 100%of my love if you are really genuin and fro real . send me some of your pictures ok Darling i want to make it clear to you that am a honest ,loving ,caring , faithful, and very sincere , i want to do any thing to make my man really happy all the time ok . Please ask me any thing you want and let me know youtr plans for this relation . i dont want you to contact any other woman if you love me ok . Remember you are my man , the only man in my life . I am committed to you ok . Please tell me more about your self ok,Do you really want to marry me? Are you single ? How old are you ? Do you like to have kids? Please are you very serious about me ? Do you want me to be there some day with you ?
Honey tell me more about your self ok . Proof to me that you are not like any other man but you want me , proof to me ok . I love to read your email soon . I am waiting ....... take care ...
reply sooon
Your new lovely woman

Letter 2

hello my love
thank you for your nice email . well am having a nice time here and wish that am there with you by your side too having nice lovely time together , any way honey am so sorry about your family , i seems you dont have big family like me , but in want you to know that am your woman and i love you so much ok .i want you to take me like your wife , your woman , your family , your sister and you soul mate , so we can share every thing together , i just feel great love for you but i know you can not see now because we are not close together , i know that we are really partners and we are going to make it soon so that i can meet you soon and marry so we can make a nice biug family ok .i want to be the mother of your kids dear and i want you to fell happy all the time . please reply to me and let me know your plands ahead , as i told you already am in Ghana now and i just hope that we can work things out so that i can meet you there as soon as i can , i dont want you to feel so lonely there . i want to be by your side and my happy time with you .may be we can go out to the restuarant talk and have a nice wonderful time together . i am always going to be there for you when you need me ok .am going to be your woman forever when i come to you there , darling i want you to know that you are the only man in my life right now , i dont have any other man apart from you ok . i dont want to cheat on my man , the same thing i want you to be honest with me so that you also dont contact any woman apart from me ok . please reply to me and let me know if you wish for me to be there , i want to know that so that i can arrange now start prepare to see you some day .i really think of you a lot dear , not am going to bed and i know am going to have a lot of dreams about you , i wake up again to see your email .
please take care , i love you so much

Letter 3

honey, please i want to meet you soon , so what are you going to do now? do you want me to come, i have some pictures for you? ok
love to hear from you soon
take care

Letter 4

My Dear Sweet Steve
Thank you for your reply . i ask you to tell me more about your self , please can you do that for me . where do you live now ? have you marry before... do you love to be my man ... please i want you to know that i am thinking a lot about you even though ...You're miles away, but I'm not away from you at all.You're in my heart every day, in my dreams always. When we're apart, we're not apart at all, because our heart and souls are joined forever, and I'll weather the days apart and the loneliness with you.
Until we're together , I shall continue to punctuate my every sentence with a kiss. And I will continue to kiss you tenderly and gaze at your picture wishfully every night before I go to sleep. Soon, these lonesome nights will be gone forever, and we'll happily share every night and every day togeth. please promise me that you are not ever going to disappoint me . sweet heart i like you so much and i want to share my love with you ok . please i want you to know that am always your woman and i want you to be serious with me all the time . i want you to reply to my email every day ok . please i want to read from you every day ok . i waiting for your reply ..
but please tell me more about your self ok
your lovely woman

Letter 5

hello my love steve,
hope you are fine and having a nice time over there , well i miss you a lot , honey i want to aks you one thing , i need you to help me . i want to be honest with you ok . i dont want to just dont want move thing round , but i want go on straight forward , i have problem paying my internet bill and i want to help me . i want you to help me with just $100 to enable me pay my internet bill ok . please darling am so sorry i have to ask that becuase is not long time we met , but darling i dont have any option ok . i dont know how am going to get the money . and very soon my internet is going to be shut down if i dont pay . please darling i seriously need your help becuase that is the only way i get contact from you . please i know you are going to understand me and help me . darling i need YOUR HELP OK.
Sweat hear please do your best to help ,me ok . i dont want to loose to you ok . i promise you that if you help me then am also going to do all my best to reward yo back when we meet ok .i am going to do all i can to meet you and i promise you that am going to be really greatful ok . please steve you are the only man in my life . i think that this relation is going to lead us to marriage , please darling i dont want to loose you ok . you mean so much to me , you are dearly to my heart , i dont have any one in my heart only you . please do you best to help me and i promise you that am not ever going to forget this if you help me , please i dont want me internet to be close down , please try and send me $100 and even when i get money later i shall pay you back ok . please darling am waiting for you reply , please dont disappoint me ok . i love you dear and i hope you feel so the same way and help me . you are the only hope i have ok, please i am waiting for you soon . please dont think you will disappoint me.
i love you dear ,please reply to me soon because i need to pay the internet bill very soon ,
pleaseeeee reply and help me
your woman



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