Scam Letter(s) from Kristina to David (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my gentle bear David! As your mood today? And how are you feeling? I hope now you have all the wonderful and beautiful? To be honest, now my face has a big smile from ear to ear. And very high spirits. Because I read your wonderful letter. Thank you for what you write to me and interested me:-)
Very beautiful and vintage car on your photos. I think it's a great value car of this age:-) I'm really happy that we will be able to meet you in real life. I just really want this. These photos are not so long ago. I do this in the early summer. Again, I'm sitting in front of a computer monitor and am very happy to see your kind letter, with nice words from you. And I dream that would hear all these words into reality. And I do not get tired of listening to all these wonderful words that you say to me:-) Waiting for that moment haunts me in this world. But gives hope that I have found my happiness, and regardless of the fact that between us there is a great distance. Your words reduce this gap between us, and make us closer to each other every day. I look forward to when this distance is reduced and finally we'll be together forever. I want to tell you that today is a wonderful day. But it's not perfect because you do not have with me. And I know that if we were together, it would be filled with warmth, love and happiness. I want to tell you that I really miss your tenderness and your arms, your support. It would seem so small things in a difficult world, but so important in my life. Communicating with you gives me a lot of joy, and gives strength to every day!
My dear David. I want to tell you that I found at the end of its second half, found the love of his life. Now I have not any doubt that together we can create the perfect couple. Have a strong relationship and a lot of love! I dreamed of such a man, and did not believe that I ever meet him! But I met you. Now believe that if a person has a dream, then sooner or later it will come true:-) My dear David, I believe that no matter what we'll be together soon. Because we love each other.
Sorry, but now I have to finish my letter because my time in Internet cafes have already ended. All that I have written to you in this letter, it comes straight from my heart. I'm so sorry that words can not describe all that I feel for you !!! But you can feel my love for you, when we are together! And you realize what a great love for you, I have! I hope that you believe in us, and our feelings for each other! I'm sending you a kiss, and I hope it reaches you, and make your day better and will give you a smile. You really became my bear. So I think you will be pleased to receive my picture today. You are my gentle bear David.
With love, yours forever Kristina!

Letter 2

Hello my love David! How are you today? I hope right now, when you started to read in your face broke into a smile and warm your heart? Right now, when I am writing these words, my heart is warm. On my face there is a big smile. I feel a special bond with you! I feel your emotions, your feelings through words, and through letters that you write to me !!
I think it's lovely to meet you in real life. I really want to. This will be the happiest day of my life. I think I can have a holiday at work at this time so that we could be together in reality. I'll be happy. It's fine. I love you.
My dear David, you can not imagine how I feel about you, and what have developed strong feelings in me for you! And it's so nice to know that at the end, I met the man of her dreams! My love David you really the man I dreamed of! I can see what a good and caring person. See how nice you treat me, and say such nice compliments! Today I want to tell you a very important thing. For me this is really important! I treat you with all my respect, and I gave you my feelings, and your heart! I see the way you treat me gently! And I trust you completely, I actually dreamed about you, and at the end I met you. Maybe it's fate made me such a gift, after all the difficulties that I have experienced in my life. I met you at the end. I love you for this much! This feeling is real, and it is perfect! Previously, when I did not feel this feeling! And now I understand what truly love! This is when you think of only one person, then what you do not want to talk to anyone, and only be in my thoughts, and feelings of love! This is when you have lost sleep. By middle of the night you wake up that had a dream about your loved one! I can not tell you all this through the words! But if you could see what is going on in my life! I think I'm starting to go crazy! Today I woke up in the middle of the night and woke up to the fact that I had a dream about you. It was just a brief moment. But I immediately jumped up and ran a hand over his bed, and did not find you. And I realized that it was just a dream! After that, I fell asleep again! But in the morning, when I woke up, my mood was low because I had such a beautiful dream, and I was so sorry that it was not in reality. It is a pity that now I'm not with you! It's been said that my heart belongs to you! My love David, between us there is a great distance. If a friend that something goes wrong, and one we're not able to meet. You should know that! What do you always stay in my heart. But I hope that this will not happen! And turn, I hope only the best that we meet with you in reality and very soon! I really love you, my dear David, and I hope that the day of our meeting, will come very soon, and we will be next to each other !!
My love David, please tell me your thoughts about our meeting. What do you think, if I come to visit you? Do you think we all get done ??
Well my dear, it is now time to finish my letter, but my thoughts are always about you! I'll send you my email as soon as possible, and I hope very soon I will again see your answer. Please do not forget me, write to me. Sincerely Kristina!

Letter 3

Hello my love David! What is your mood right now? And how do you feel? My mood right now on top. I am infinitely glad to receive your letter today. Every day I look forward to your letters. And I'm curious to know everything that you write to me! David do you know all this time that we communicate with you, in my life has changed a lot. My parents and my best friend said to me that I became happy and smile every day. Everyone likes what mood I am now! I myself just happy it! It's such a nice feeling to know that somewhere far away there is a man for whom I care about. Anyone who thinks of me and worried about me! This is a very pleasant feeling! My love David, you just need to know what I think of you and worry about you. To me you do not care about! And it's been said that I treasure you !!
I think my mother will be happy for us with you. I'll tell her later. I'll tell her in the next few days. I am very happy that I met you. My mom will also be happy.
My dear David, sorry that I can not put into words what I feel for you! But it's such a nice feeling. I did not when I had not experienced such a feeling! Even in his last letter, I wanted to show and tell you how I feel right now. But a letter can be sent only 1 percent of all that I feel about you! If we were in a reality right now, you would understand what strong feelings for you I have!
My love David, we know is not the first day. Between us has been formed bond. I see that we have a lot in common, we have a common interest in what we are looking for life! And every day I realize more and more that you're the man with whom I want to spend the rest of my life! But I do not want that my heart was broken again. I'm afraid of it! And I do not want a broken heart or anyone! I wish that you would tell me what kind of feelings do you have for me?
I did when have not met a person like you, kind, gentle and sensitive man! I am very glad that met you! I really cherish our relationship, and I wish that they would have proceeded. I really love you !!
My love David, I hope I do not hurry the event, and not to scare you with these words? Just I can not hide my feelings for you! I hope you understand me?
Every day I'm trying to send you my letter and a photo. And together with them to give you their heat, and my affection! I do have feelings for you love! Perhaps it looks stupid on the part! Just now I said what I feel!
My dear David, now I will finish my letter and send it to you in the hope that your next love letter come to me as soon as possible. Again, I'll think about you a lot. I will be very much missed. With love, yours and yours alone Kristina!

Letter 4

Hello my dear David!
Today, I am happy again. I have a huge smile on his face, from your nice letter! And from all the wonderful words that you wrote me. My dear David, how do you feel today? How is your health and how your mood? I hope you're doing well. I hope that when you read my letter, and you see my picture, you become happy about it:-)
My surname - Ryzhoba. You have a very beautiful name I like how it sounds. Yes I Kristina and no nicknames. Of course I can see you in Moscow. But I would be really happy if you traveled to. I am very interested to know how you live. I want to get acquainted with your family and friends. Or do you want me to come to see me. Fun for a while and leave me? I hope your intentions are sincere. I would be happy to visit you in your country. How would you like it? I do not mind that you drink vodka. But only very small quantities.
Today I would like to talk to you about serious things. I am writing my letters, and you know that my intentions to you are really serious. And did you notice of my letters that I do not deliberately waste, yours or your time! And today I would like to explain how serious I feel about you! What would you have had confidence in me, and my intentions to you 100 percent!
Communicating with you means to me really very much! You know what I told you about our conversation my best friend Kseniya. She's my best friend. I can talk to her on any topic. And when we chatted with her, I told about how you're a good man. How much I like you! And Kseniya said that you were really a very nice man. And as a man, you have a good heart. And she was happy for me that I met you! It endorsed my choice! So I talked with my parents about you. They also asked about you a lot! And after our conversation, my mom said that you are very different from Russian men. And you're a very nice person! And my mom just glad that I associate it with you! All of these events that have happened recently in my life, makes me really happy girl! And if at the beginning I had some doubts that we can that does not work. Now I have no doubts! And I think that if you and I meet in reality, then we can build a strong relationship! And to create the perfect couple. And to tell the truth, I'll be really happy it! Because I've always wanted to meet a man, in which I can be sure! And I know that if I give you my heart, you do not hurt me! And I'll be happy to devote my life to you! And carry it with you to the end of life-) And it will be nice!
I really feel about you, and our communication is very serious! I promise you, I will not fail you nor when, and will not hurt you! And just as you please, promise me that you will not hurt me! And that you'll always have me worthy of respect. Good? I'm just afraid to break your heart for the second time, I just can not get over it! I'm telling you all these words, and I have so much excitement! I hope I did not scare you with my words, and you're still interested in me?
But in any case, I'm really glad I met you! And I hope that on, for all of us will only get better!
Now I finish my letter, but I hope very soon again to get your answer. Please contact me as soon as possible. I really think of you very much and miss you! Your Kristina!

Letter 5

Hi my David!
I am very glad to read your letter. David, I was very happy when I got it. I'm so pleased to read a kind and gentle words from you! You're a very nice person and I like you! I am happy that met you! I have long dreamed of such a man as you. And at the end, I met you. And I very much hope that our relationship will bring us to a meeting in reality!
It's great that you managed to help his brother on the site. It is perfectly that you and your brother worthy fraternal relations. Photo made ??not so long ago. At the beginning of the summer. Yes, my hair is straight. I am pleased your compliments. This weekend, there is still no plan. That's nice about how you imagine that we are spending time together, romantic. :-). Incidentally, I also thought about it before as we're together. Pleasant thoughts that have no place to be. I think you could see the distance from my residence to Moscow on the Internet. But of course I'm not hard to say this about 450 km. Well I'll think about what you want to fly. :-)
Very beautiful picture of the protein. Thank you. So are you in the photo is perfect. You just look great:-)
My dear David, I've always dreamed of a family. I dream to meet a good man. For it to become part of his life. Be my girlfriend, and to be perfect wife for her husband. Give him a heart, and devote the rest of his life to love more than anything else! I dream of young children. For them to be loving and caring mother! Assign your life and create a family with a wonderful man. This is the greatest happiness for me! But so far, it's just a dream. But I hope that in the future, my dream will become a reality! And I will always support her man. I'm just going on his side! In difficult, and at the perfect time, I'm just going with her man! I very much want to find the love of his life. My dear David, you look like this person-)
I hope I did not scare you with these words? I'm just very tired of living alone, all these years. I really did not have a loved one. By this, I decided to try their luck on the internet, and meet someone. I met with you, and say nothing of the fact that my life changed for the better! Now I have a sense, after I met you I can not wait to read your letters. Every day I think of you! Think about what you wrote to me today! Try to imagine your emotions when you read my letter! But in any case, I hope that my letters make your day better, and you like to correspond with me.
I hope our relationship will continue and we will learn more about each other! David Tell me please what do you dream? I would love to know what is your dream, I hope you share this with me.
And today, I will send you pictures as my friends and I went to Pizzeria:-) I just love pizza !! I also love Japanese cuisine!
Now I have a high mood, and my day was perfect! David Now I finish my letter, and I will look forward to your answer tomorrow! And tomorrow I will see again from you nice letter:-) And I hope you send me some more pictures! Please write to me, do not forget me! Know that I think of you. Your Kristina!



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