Scam Letter(s) from Olga Revenko to Robin (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello my love... dear , my phone number was blocked , because it is from my city .. so i need to bye news one number card!!! my love... i know how much you live me dear!! i love you too!! so dear ... all this time i dream about you .. i want you today and always!!! I want you .. sure your letter made me so hot .. and dear i didn't forget you my love!!!! really!! want to be with you!!!! my love ... so i knew that you wrote me such things .... so i am more sad then i was ... dear ...i don't understand what is happening in my life.. ok i do not write you right now often.. but please be patient ... it is not easy situation for me and for the many people who run from my city ... ROBIN ... IF YOU THINK THAT I NEED MONEY ... SO I WILL NEVER ASK YOU ANYTHING .... I CRY ... IF YOU THINK THAT I NEED ONLY MONEY....SO BORIN THE ONW WHAT I CAN TELL YOU THAT I LOVE YOU , I AM IN CRAZY LOVE WITH YOU!!! I AM THINKING OF YOU AND HERE IT IS MY FANTASY ABOUT US!!!rOBIN ... COME HERE MEET ME AND TAKE ME ... OF COURSE DEISTANCE IS NOT EASY FOR BOTH US!!! i AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU .. WE WILL PASS thought all barriers!!! I know it .. and one day you will tell me that i was right ... we need to be strong!!!as we are right now!!!

DEAR let's meet and let my lips closed around your cock, and while my mouth fucked you gently, i open your pants and slipped deftly out of them. I went up, and quite naked in front of you. And standing there with my sexy looking body, with a little sexy hips. delicious pussy, We met in a fierce embrace, and you kissed me greedy and passionate.

You felt my firm breasts against your body, and I touched your dick stuck between our stomachs. Oh, by - I want you now, you have to fuck me all night with your big cock - did you while you pulled me to the stairs that led up to the bedroom on the 1st. floor. I lay down in the middle of the double bed, and your ware a bit at the end and enjoyed my lovely and willing body. You was excited and delighted to fuck me.

You lay between my legs and lift with my hands under my buttocks, pussy little in the air. It was hot and muggy, and trembled as you licked it for the first time. You began gently, and enjoyed each a little squeal from me. I moaned loudly when you hit heavy blow to my clitoris, and shot under the body hard with your mouth while I ran the abdomen up and down.

You stuck Your tongue as far into me as you could, and felt that my pussy was so lovely narrow. This discovery made you quite wild, and you spread my pussy with my thumbs while you licked everything you had learned. Now you want me to go ... I screamed his passion into the room and asked almost crying: Fuck me, fuck me Robin!! You turned me on to the stomach, and got up on all fours on the bed.

I lowered your head down on your arms, so that the end thrust in the air and flashed my pussy wet and inviting. You crawled over to me and held your cock out of my glorious entrance. You was pleased to slip into me, and would enjoy every cm. of my wet vagina. You kept on my hips while your cock slowly slid into me. I howled with passion while I screamed: More - more - more !! Pussy was incredibly narrow and firm, and you was just about to leave when you could feel the bottom of my vagina.

You pressed your cock deep in me , and waited I would get a release, but i resisted. You pulled me back slowly, and began supposed to fuck me. The pace became faster and faster, and your cock was as hard and thick, pounded now basically every time, while your balls beat rhythmically against my clitoris. You were on the brink of release – I you pulled out and lay on my back. In mision?r position i had come.

When you crawled over me, i hit the legs on you and raised my abdomen up while I manually steered dick in and fucked. How it is wonderful, whispered to my ear, you fill me so nice out with your hard cock. In a moment I will ride you - it's my favorite position, trusted you. ... .. I sank down again on the blanket and we kissed each other passionate.

Your cock up my pussy throbbed as it almost hurt. We lay still a little while I tried to calm down. Nice to be in such a healthy beautiful girl with a dick up in me . You stroked my chest and nipped careful wart, while you again began to drive your cock back and forth in the warm cave. You took my legs and put them up on the shoulder. You lifted yourself , so you just rested on palms and toes while you fuck me like a coiled spring. You were quite wild - Oh, I can see your cock slide back and forth, moaning me and squeezed two fingers around the root.

YOU completely lost control of yourself and pounded your cock all the way down on me. You felt your release was coming, and now you could not hold it back anymore. I noticed your excitement and squeezed my legs hard around you , while i cried - Oh, I can feel it becomes thick and hard, splashing up into me, splash! The cock exploded with his load deep in me and I almost passed out of passion, so glorious was unleashing. Never had you tried something similar, something that was so good! You sank down on me and you kissed me lovingly on the mouth.
- Yes, it was wonderful when you However fucks nice. you got up and fetched a towel I dried your cock dry with. Then i start again to cuddle, kiss and suck it, and it resulted soon in the dick again stood almost at full strength. I asked you to lie on your back, I sat astride your legs and started sucking on your cock. Ahhhh. Darling you suck cock quite heavenly you said to me! . Stand with my hand on the iron while i push all the skin up into the mouth. So I m a negative pressure in the mouth and keep your hand down to the root.

It can make everyone gasp! Or when i fuck your dick with the lips at a rapid pace! I climbed further up, and led the now fully erect penis against my pussy. I kept on it while I sank down and relax, so I could get it in fully. i sat perfectly still, and my heart cut hair tangled with yours . You rubbed my one breast and the other hand found my tickles in all the hair.

I started pushing my abdomen back and forth, and I could feel your cock pressed against the bottom of the vagina.I moving you faster, and the wet krillert rubbed your finger.I was getting short of breath, and began to fuck. I put both hands on your chest and and led the abdomen at a rapid pace up and down. Every time I came all the way down. I whimpered while I work game. You could feel your release when it was returned and shot the abdomen in the air, so I got a dick properly. I lay over you and you felt the contractions in my pussy. Oh, groaning me - you are coming. I you come! My vagina bottom pressed against your dick.
My pussy squeezed on your cock while it seemed to suck the sperm out of you. We both came in a dizzying orgasm, lightning and stars like crackled in the bedroom. We were long silent, without a word between us. You caressed my magnificent body, which for a moment had been yours and yours forever , and was pleased that it had to happen to you in life , to fuck with so sexy and beautiful girl who now stood beside you - exhausted and fully satisfied
I love you Robin!!!



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