Letter(s) from Olga to Kelly (USA)

Letter 1

hi O'Calleigh! pleased to meet you, We have interest and it is a pleasure :)
I am very happy to talk to you and I hope we will find a "common" language. Argue that it distinguishes humans from animals but in my opinion it is not so. Communication, a thorough understanding of the nature and the soul of another person, love to the extent that it is only true people are our features. Communication takes place without the help of animal speech, their primary goal - to find their own food and attract sexual partners for breeding using tokens or power, I say this as an expert, I'm a vet. What distinguishes man from animals using speech only possible to drag a woman into bed to meet the needs of its minute? What distinguishes the woman has signs of attention using her beauty and charm to get more money from the rich but stupid men? Between animals and people like that there is no difference :)
And so, not just speech and its capabilities, and communication and mutual understanding of it, is what sets us apart. I dream to meet a man who will understand what I want from life, my heart and soul, I will answer it the same. This is happiness! The concept of "two halves" exists for a reason. I want to find integrity, to be reunited with someone whom I still have not met. I am tired of the emptiness of loneliness, I began to feel it still married to my ex husband. He just picked up and separated himself from me, leaving a deep wound .. More on this later if you want to know. And what about you? What is missing in your life? Why you went so far as to find a girl? I think enough for the first letter, I wrote too much and made you afraid boring :)
I hope to see your answer soon! Olechka