Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Cheboksarinova to Kevin (UK)
Letter 1

Hi !!!
My name is Irina.. I am 27 years old. It is my first letter through Internet. I search for serious relations. If you want to get acquainted with me and our purposes coincide you will write me. Please do not trifle with me, do not play my feelings if you have no similar purpose. But if you really search for your fate we can try to learn one another more. If you will answer my letter I send you my photo.
My E-mail:
Bye-bye !!!
Letter 2

Hello Kevin.
I have received your short message and in this letter I shall tell about myself, I would want to see your photos! Maybe you can send me yours pics? Tell to me about yourself more. It would be interesting to me to learn about your habits, a hobby. Where you work? Where do you live? What you do in a weekend? What do you like or do not like? You like animals?
I the inquisitive person, me was interesting to learn about you more. I cheerful, kind, open, intelligent, careful. Therefore I want to meet the same person. Who will understand me. First of all I look at soul of the person. I appreciate a private world, internal beauty of the person. I do not smoke and do not drink, never used drugs as well. I take care about my appearance and my health.
I would like to meet a male, the kind, nice, attentive, caring, healthy and to fall in love if we understand each other, take care of each other and if we are ready to share all in this life, good times and happiness and bad times as well. I'm dreaming about my own family, my beloved husband and to have children with him in the future. I think that our purposes coincide, and you want it most too. Probably you want to learn why I search for the person in other country? I shall answer... In Russia I have not found the person with great soul. I have not found internal value at men in Russia.
Interestingly you understand my English? I learned English at school, then at university. I shall train, and my English language will be better. I want to study English language ideally!!! Therefore I train much. Now I work as the designer on a landscape. My work it gardening of streets of mine city. Gardens, parks, squares....It is interesting and creative job. I like it
I live in Russia, Not in UK. In Kaluga city. My city is located to the south of Moscow I never was married and I do not have any children. But in the future I want children and family. What do you think of it? What do you think about serious relations with the person from other country? How you see the future of these relations? You could marry and have children with the woman from Russia? It is important for me, answer please these questions. It is important for thinking and possible for our future relations! Life has many paths it is what we make of the path and of the journey we take, we are all learning each day of our lifes.
Now I finish this letter. I hope you will not remove this letter and will write to me a pair of lines.
Probably we can be friends, maybe more...
Take Care.
Letter 3

HI dear Kevin.
How are you?
I am happy to see very much your letter again. I am glad, that you have written to me.
Reading of your letter becomes the main event of my day! I hope you like to read my letters? Believe me I has not taken offence at your last letter Each person in own way looks at the world.. I agree with you in many things I am now serious in creation of family. I want to meet someone with whom I can create family To give the love and it is warm. I am ready to leave everything to make it! I am not afraid of difficulties.
It is really good, that we write to each other.
Probably our correspondence will turn in something more serious...
Probably once at will of the god we shall meet. Probably you my special person..
But it is a sight in the future.
I want that we learned each other more and were sincere with each other.
This main thing in relations.
And you attachment to me? I think what yes if it so, that it is cool! But it seems to me that is easier to communicate through the Internet In general I think, that the Internet this big achievement as people from two different ends of a planet may communicate with each other freely I have got acquainted with such male as you, already because of it only I shall tell to the Internet many thanks!
By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all time, especially my parents.
I have told to my parents, that you are decent and good male My parents are very pleased to our correspondence on the Internet and our relations.
My parents wish to us a good relations in the future, and it's possible, in the future, if we will be together , they would want that we will be a magnificent pair But remember, that we should learn each other ever more and more..
Now I finish this letter.
If you want that that to learn about me, please ask. Do not hesitate.
I shall be glad to answer your questions.
Now I finish. I shall be happy to read your next letter.
Bye Bye, Irina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Kevin!
How are you? I am fine.
I was glad to receive your letter. When I receive yours letter, I became a pleased life. Sensation at me arises , that you beside and we together. I want to admit that last time I frequently think of you very much.
I had such sensation that all your friends think that I only want to receive citizenship..
Tell them that it very silly. I simply want will find the person with which to me very well that's all!
Today I think about you and to try to present that you do now. Write, you frequently think of me?
It is interesting to me, what you think of me? Tell me about dreams? It is very interesting.
I think that we should share dreams. Dreams are very important thing and I believe that on dreams it is possible to learn much about the person.
I want to learn more about you. You Think that I the big dreamer? (Smile). I like to dream. I now to present as you sit at the computer and write to me the letter. (Smile). I see you now in black trousers and dark-blue to a shirt.
Interestingly, what voice do you have ??? I would like to speak by with you on the phone.
I think it probably will be in the future. Unfortunately Now I have no phone and I can not call to you. I think, that installation of phone will be some months last. In Russia nothing is done quickly. But I do not lose hope to hear your voice.
I had not enough time, therefore could not write to you the letter. I hope you do not become angry! Unfortunately there is not enough work for my trade in the winter. Therefore I do not miss the chance to earn. If I interesting to you can To tell......
Today I am going to go On football, our team plays with visitors, I did not speak you that I very much love football!! I shall tell to you about it later!
I hope very much to receive your new letter soon. Please do not overlook to attach to your letter some your photos. I want to have a collection of your photos.
I write very soon.
Yours Irina.
Letter 5

Hello my dear Kevin!
How are you? I am fine!
I am very glad that you have got new work!!
Game was magnificent!!
Our team won!!
I very much want that in the near future we could go together on football!!
(on second photo are me and my crazy girlfriend i hope you'll notice it) Thanks for your perfect letter. Interestingly, when I writing you this letter, what are you doing?
Probably you are at a job or at home or may be with friends. I often think about it. For example when I wake up and go to get a bath, what are you doing at this time. Did you think about it?
Tell me more about your day. Do You spend a lot of time at job?? My working day depends on amount of orders.
In the morning I wake up and washing. I drink morning coffee and go to office. At office I find out about quantity of orders. My working day is formed depending on it. I go to the necessary address and start work. One project may occupies 3 hours or may 3 days! It depends on desire of the customer.
Some peoples wont a huge fountain with lot of palms near the house, some want simply green site.
I finish job approximately at 18.00. Sometimes I am late till 22.00.
My mum always worries for me when I am late at job. She does not know that I already adult person! :-)
In the evening I accept bath - when you work with the ground, it possible to soil hands!
Then I lie down to sleep or I watch TV.
Now I have told you about my working day.
It is interesting me to learn more about yours! Will you tell me in the following letter?
I would like to know you better. I want to find understanding and care. I want to find happiness and calm heart. It is necessary to be with me a man with great soul and kind heart was. It is necessary for me to feel sincere heat. I am as a flower which grows and blossom at beams of the sun. When the sun disappears a flower hides the petals and leaves. But when the sun appears a flower again straightens the petals and gives the beauty.
My sun is necessary for me!
Seems I have written much..... Wow.
Now I am finishing the letter.
I wait your answer soon!
Kiss you
Your Irina
Letter 6

Hello my Kevin!
How are you my dearest? I think you are fine, and I am too! I am very happy to see your letter again. Certainly I shall teach you to Russian!! The nearest international airport is in Moscow but now In this letter I want to say something important.
I am so happy, that we have met among millions people. I thank the God for our meeting. How do you think, maybe we have met not casually? Maybe it was destiny? Do You believe in destiny?..
Your letters became an important event of my day. I think, that it will be difficult for me to live without your letters.
You have presented me a sunlight. You have given me light of your soul.In your heat I can blossom and give beauty as that flower! I think, that you are my special man. You can say, that I am crazy, but I will try to admit you something! Your words have touched my soul, caused my heart to yearn for your existence, and filled many hours of my thoughts. I LOVE YOU! And it not nonsenses. I have searched for you for long time and now founded. Probably you think differently. But I dream, that my feeling was mutual! Probably I should not speak it, but my heart speaks me something. My heart speaks me about you, about my love to you. I do not want to be silent. You should know about my love!
Maybe you will write to me Never, but I want you to know about my feelings. I hope for understanding and reciprocity.
Now I finishing this letter. I will wait for your answer With great impatience.
With hope Irina
Letter 7

Hello my love Kevin!
I am so excited.. I am very happy to see your letters! You have calmed my heart. Thanks.
I fear that you will not write never back. I have been searching for a long time kind, careful, understanding for the man, with great soul and heart. At last the God has heard my prays and has sent me you!!!!! It means, that we have lit a flame of our love. Our hearts aspire to each other. This is a huge event. I will inform this news to the parents. My mum will be happy to know it. She thinks, that you are that special man for me. And I think she is right!
Unfortunately we are not together... But my soul aspires to you. Aspires to meeting to my sun! My petals and leaves are heated in beams of our love. I love you my sun! You gave me hope. Our love will grow and will turn in the fine and harmonious world! We will enjoy this feeling. I would like to be in your arms. To nestle on your courageous shoulder. To embrace you and kiss! I dream, that once it will take place also we can create the harmonious world. In which there will be a happiness, a cosiness and beauty. We will construct the own world and nobody can break it. When I think about it my heart starts to knock more strongly. If you could touch my heart you really would hear it. Unfortunately there is huge distance between us. But I think, that the true love is capable to overcome any barriers. I wish to be with you...
I dreamed of you last night and my thoughts will be on you through out the day...
take care and I cant wait to hear from you.
You have my heart and soul.
I want to tell you again: I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE... YOU...
With cherish
forever your
Letter 8

Hello my love Kevin!
I am happy to see your lovely lines.
My address is Kaluga city, Soviet street, 23-41. But I think it is a bad idea to send anything by usual mail.
It works very bad in Russia. Many letters and sendings don't come. I love your letters and always wait your letters with big impatience . It is a happiness, that we have found each other! I could not hope that I met you in the internet. I admit that I did not believe in force of the Internet. I did not trust that I will find the love in the Internet. Now I feel the big pleasure that I have found you. You became very dear to me. I have found the new purpose in my life. I thank the god and destiny that I found you.
I thought of us and our love for a long time. I consulted with my parents. I have made the decision! My parents have supported my decision. They told that is need to struggle for the present love. I thought about it much. I want to travel to your country and visit you soon! We should meet and learn each other better. I think it is a best idea!!! How do you think? Our love should get a new step. I cant wait for meeting you! Now I finding out about necessary things for coming to Uk. What do you think about it?
At the last days I had many dreams about us. I saw you in my dreams. I constantly think of you when I am not sleeping. You always with me. I wanted you to know I LOVE YOU! Do you think of me? Do you have dreams about us?
Tonight I had a dream that we were walking on the beach in the sand. We were holding hands and talking and laughing. It's like I just know that we are going to get along together so well. I can see this in my mind. We say as the mind sees we believe. Like seeing the future. I could feel the warm sun in my face and I could see you smiling. You looked to me that you were very happy and content. I saw you in a white summer dress and with your bare toes in the sand and water. It was like a movie, a film that we were the actors. I really dream alot. Yes?
I cant wait for you next letter! You answer is very important to me. Do you want me to come soon?
Now I will go home and go to bed to think about you, my dear.
I love you. I need you. I miss you. I dream you.
with Love
Letter 9

Hello my love Kevin!
How are you?
I am very glad that you want that I have arrived to you! It is very important for me because I leave family and friends For me it is very important step, I want that you have understood it, I tomorrow shall go to travel company to find out that it is necessary to arrive to you, I shall write to you in the following letter that I have found out
Today at night I thought of you. To me it became lonely very much. I want to see you soon. I want to embrace and kiss you. I want to be with you beside, I want to walk with you,To touch your hair, To hold your strong man's hand......
I long searched for the dream very much. I long searched for the knight of heart. To me it is hardly trusted that I have found!!! Also that it you!
Probably I sleep? Probably all this dream? Pinch me:-)))
No if it is dream I want to sleep all life. It is sweet dream very much!
My dear, this slow becoming crazy! Probably both of us crazy?
All my girlfriends speak, that I become inattentive.
Sometime we shall be together! And all will be good.
All my and your dreams become a reality. We shall be together and any troubles and To mountain can not prevent to become to us happy!!
I love you my unique and dear Kevin
With love yours Irina
Letter 10

Hello my love Kevin!
How are you my dear? I am fine!
Now I have received your letter and I am very excited.
Your words have touched my soul, caused my heart to yearn for your existence, and filled many hours of my thoughts.
I really do not know on how many I can remain, But I think that we together can solve this question.
I am happy, that you like idea about my travel. It will be a huge event in our life!
Imagine, we can meet and spend our time together. It reminds a sweet dream. As if a fairy tale. And I think, that should be so. I think, that we are special people. And our life will be especial. We will have the especial destiny not similar destinies of other people!
I start to prepare to trip, all my friends very happy for me!
I have an important news. I found out about my travel and have found the following information. It is necessary for me to make a visa and a passport for travel abroad. The consulting firm will help to issue all documents. It will waste time approximately two weeks.
After that I can fly to you!
Unfortunately there is also a bad news. A cost of services of consulting firm expensive. It costs about ten thousand Russian roubles. Or about three hundred twenty the American dollars(320). Now I am in a hard situation, I dont know what to do. Unfortunately I have a low salary and I cannot pay all charges.
I asked my family and relatives. They cannot help too. I do not know who can help me to come to you.
I'll try to borrow from friends
Or to be arranged for another work
Because you are need for me!!
And if I'll not be with you
That I think that I'll die!!
I'll try think up something!
Letter 11

Hello Kevin.
You wrote:
>PrivEt! Irina.
>I am happy that you have found out about your
I have understood all.. But I have not understood only one why you do not trust me??
Unless I have made something not so?
For me it is very insulting find out it
But in any case you are very dear to me also I I TRUST this you want to tell that If you not want that I have arrived to you that you can arrive to me to Russia
Because I really like and I trust you!!
What do you think?
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