Scam Letter(s) from Mills Smith to Gary (USA)

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Letter 1

Life is short to gamble with it twice, i have suffered emotional distress and i am praying for that moment, that i will find true love and compassion. I want to learn what will make you happy and smile, if you are the make that is chosen for me to spend the rest of my life and share my emotion with till the end of time


Letter 2

What are you seeking for in your life and a woman

Letter 3

Ok, i have made up my mind and all i need is a man with a clear mind and understanding about a woman and who is ready to marry. I am ready for it but i hope and wait for the right man to give my heart to completely.

Letter 4

I will be glad to share my heart with a man who desire me... who want to settle down and marry ...

Letter 5

Simple heart and sincerity... I want a man to be himself and be special to love and trust a woman ... Just a free mind set

Letter 6

Everything, from fun, movies, party, dance to sex

Letter 7

Lets get to know our heart and intentions as we build ourselves towards having a better life and future together, if this is what you want. Yes of course, i am very romantic and i do want to lay my heart and love for the person who will cherish me for a life time

Letter 8

I am a graduate in marketing sectors and my last relationship was a mess because i found out my partner, had given a low class girl belly and still want us to get married. So i could not afford to get myself hurt in the future, so we part our separate ways

Letter 9

All i want in my life, is to be a wife and be loved by my husband

Letter 10

When i love, i love and when i trust i trust, right now, i want to have a woman who i can trust with all my heart.

Letter 11

Yes i do, So whats your plan for the future and with a

Letter 12

Same as me, i want the same and more in a relationship. Happiness is my priority ..

Letter 13

Would you like to visit me

Letter 14

Let me know your plan, let me know when you want to come.. I will be glad to welcome you with open arms

Letter 15

I am currently living in United Arab Emirates Dubai



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