Scam Letter(s) from Nadezhda Ilinina to Bruno (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello Pet!
I am very glad that I write to you.
Also I think that you too pay to me attention.
It is so pleasant.
To me 41 years, my date of birth on April 10, zodiac sign Aries.
I was born and I live in Russia in Plyos city in the Ivanovo area.
this city to be for 400 km from the capital of Russia of the city of Moscow.
And you live in what city?
Tell about itself?
It is very interesting to me to know about you everything.
My name is Nadezhda. When your birthday?
You probably ask a question why I was registered on a site, what I live in your country?
Yes, I want to tell to you at once the truth, and I do not want you to deceive.
Between us there should be a trust, you agree with me?
I was registered on this site under your country because thought, that this site only for inhabitants from your country.
You probably understood me, what I from Russia?
You probably want know from where I can to write and speak English?
When I studied school to me very much English was pleasant.
I very much liked to study this subject.
And at you what favourite subject?
After school I entered the university. And at university studied English.
But I had long ago no practice therefore my letters will be a little unclear for you, I ask from you forgiveness for my English.
But I hope that you can understand all thought of my letters.
And where you studied? What your profession?
I live one. With whom you live?
I sent the photo. I want that you too sent me the photo, so we can learn about each other more.
Than you are engaged in free time?
You love poetry? I really love poetry I even composed the poem, when studied at institute. I like to play also a guitar.
And you are able to play any musical instrument?
I asked it because I very much like to listen to music, especially in live execution, I think that it is very romantic.
I am very romantic woman.
I hope to you it was pleasant.
I with big impatience will wait for your letter, I very much hope that you will answer me.
Successful to you day.
Your Nadezhda.

Letter 2

Good afternoon my love...
I am very glad to receive your letter.
How your mood?
at you everything is good?
You wrote to me, and this day already is for me successful.
Happiness again to read your letter, and once again will smile for pleasure, which I can test during this moment. I love you my gentle and fine.
I understand that my life without you could not will proceed.
And probably sooner or later the destiny would dispose to connect us.
It seems to me that our meeting would be inevitable.
I understand only now that accidents do not happen.
And if we have to be together that we will be together.
I knew many beautiful stories, I saw many films about love.
And all stories are not similar at each other.
Each history has the differences, but the ends at each history are almost identical.
It can be the happy or pitiable end.
My love Betil, our history also differs from others, and I am sure, that in our happy fairy tale never will be the end.
Our love will be will proceed eternally, and for us waits a lot of pleasant together.
You agree with me?
I agree with you Bertil that we will be together now to look for the decision and possibility, to solve the last problem and I can to buy my tickets and at once to fly to you, you agree with me?
I want to fly and be with you, my visa will be for all EC zone and I can fly to you in Spain and we can fly also to other country with my tourist visa, ok?
I wait long ago for our meeting.
I will wait from you the letter.
I love and I kiss you my love!
Your darling Nadezhda.

Letter 3

Good afternoon my love...
I am very glad to receive your letter.
How your mood? you everything is good?
I love you! Everything for you my charm, perhaps you now sit and smile...
I love you! I love you! I love you!
I love you! I love you! I love you!
I love you! I love you! I love you!
My sweet! Be always my sun such cheerful, warm, you can the hot?
Gentle and tender! Smile after all I with you.
I love you!
I cannot correspond with you on skype, I have no web cam, at me the old computer. You understand me?
I can write you every day letters through mail. Well?
I will be better to call to you on phone, you agree with me?
We also in Russia have a holiday on May 1-2 the Labor Day and the World, all have a rest in Russia and at all holidays, ok?
I love you Bertil and I want to fly to you soon.
We now not nearby, all I will change soon to kiss you to caress you, we need to suffer only, I go mad on you, I cannot still believe and to realize that I found the love, that I found you, you found me!
I simply do not trust still even help me to believe my kid!
I love you very much!
I very much want that we have all and it was always good!
After I met you...
I at all do not know as you to describe this feeling.
But I felt the happiest it indeed!
My sun I love you!
Anything in this life it is not necessary to me except you!
Besides that you always were with me darling!
I very strongly love you the kid!
I have no need to live without you!
I without you as though only exist!
Without you I anything!
I am happy that we will be together!
I wait your answer!



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