Letter(s) from Olga to Carlos (USA)

Letter 1

Good day!
I loved your profile. I think you are an interesting person. I wanted to write to you to get to know you better. The most important thing for me is what is inside you and how you relate to life I Tatyana. I\'m in Russia . My age is 30. I want to have a family with a responsible person and have a real family with him. I was not her husband. I have in life is everything. I have a college education and a good job. I miss only lover. I gave you an idea about myself. Now everything depends on you, answer me or not. But I think that you can try! I think you have to use this chance to find happiness. e-mail me at my mail.
I\'ll tell you about me and about their plans for the future. I\'m waiting for your letter. good day.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend Carlos!
Thank you for your letter. I am very glad that you decided to answer me. I'm also very happy that I can write you a letter. I'm sorry that you did not answer for a long time, I was busy working. I do not have a computer at home and to write you a letter, I have to go to an internet cafe. Now I have free time and I can tell you more about myself. Very good, now we're friends. I hope you do not mind to be my friend? Now a little about me: My full name is Tatyana (abbreviated as Tanya), you can call me that. I'm 30 years old. I live in Gryazi, it Lipeckaya region of Russia. Currently engaged in the search for happiness in your personal life on the Internet. Since in real life, I had a few bad experiences of building relationships. Men around me were not suitable for me. They did not want a serious relationship. I really want to create a warm married couple to have a child to his beloved man. There are more reasons why I do not want to marry a Russian man. A lot of Russian men drink alcohol in large quantities, have no respect for women who do not treat women seriously afraid of responsibility. It does not suit me. I want to find a man who will love me, children, respect and true understanding. I will be very glad if you find yourself in such a man.
At the moment I work in the school. I work as a teacher and teach children history. My profession is a teacher of history. I love children and I love my job. My work is not too rich. But I'm not complaining about that. I can financially provide for themselves and help their parents. My father and my mother did not work. They are on the provision of State (retired). The state pays my parents a certain amount of money per month, for which they must live. I live with my parents in a two-bedroom apartment. I can not afford to live separately from their parents, but since I do not have a man, I do not want to. I'm bored to live alone. Relationships with parents are very good. We understand each other very well. I always listen to the opinion of my parents, since they are very wise people. I love them!
The family I'm alone. Unfortunately I have no brother, no sister. But I always wanted to have an older brother. To solving acquainted with a man from another country, I came very seriously. I understand that there are differences in culture, language. It does not scare me. I am well enough to know English. I can read and write in your language. I learn a foreign language when I was in university. I graduated.
I think you are very much interested in where I took your e-mail address! Now I'll explain everything. It all started with the fact that I went to the dating agency. I said I want to meet a man from abroad. The agency is called "Two Hearts." The agency workers I immediately told that it will be difficult. At the present time, in Russia, a lot of scams that deceive men from abroad. And all these men do not believe Russian women. But I said that the difficulties do not scare me and I'm ready to take a chance and write to you. I was given a lot of pictures. I chose a long time and has chosen you. For a fee, they gave me your e-mail. So I decided to write to you. I was given only your email address. I wanted to get your picture I looked, but I was told that they could not give her. It scared me a bit and I think that your e-mail can not be produced legally. But then I thought, what's the difference as I was able to get your e-mail.
I just want to find the man. Now I'm very glad you told me. The difference in age I just do not scare. I think the important thing in a person - the soul, the inner world. Do you agree? The rest is not very important !!! I'm ready to radically change my life and start a new life. Change does not scare me. I also understand that there is a problem in the fact that we live far from each other. I am aware of all the difficulties.
I have long been put aside a small amount of money. I believe that it will help me to make an appointment with a man with whom relations will develop. But talking about it is still very early. I think you understand what I'm a man and my purpose in life. If I'm interested in you, it gives me great pleasure I will wait for your reply. I told him about himself. Now I want to learn more about you and your life. Tell me. I'm curious to know everything about you.
P.S. I would like to see your new photo !!!
Tanya ...

Letter 3

Hello my dear.
Today I went to an internet cafe and saw your letter. I was very upset. Tell me you do not want to be my friend, or I offended you in my letter ??? I have long wondered why you do not want me to write?
You responded to my first letter. What's wrong? I understand that maybe you are very busy in their work and I can not write. I also sometimes very busy at work and can not answer. Especially since I still do not have a computer at home. But still, I think you will find the time to write to me. You've been very interesting and I want to get to know you more and better. I'll look forward to your reply.
Regards to you.
Tatyana ...

Letter 4

Hello my dear Carlos.
I am very glad that you responded to my letter. It's really nice to know that our goals in life are similar, and we already have a bit in common. After reading your letter, it seemed to me that you are an interesting person. But you need more open, not afraid of anything.
When I'm writing you a letter, then I open my soul. I never cheat. I write only what is really going on in my life. I do not want to hide anything, and try to please you "force". I want to remain itself, and try to build their future with a man who will respect and appreciate me. Talk about love yet. I believe that the word "love" - a very useful word. And I will say the word "love you" only when I am completely confident in the man, and when you really will be real feelings !!!
And now I have a few questions for you, which I want to hear the answer (honest answer). I hope you will not be hard to give me answers.
1. How many serious your intentions to build a relationship with me?
2. Will you be able to come to Russia to meet with me?
I would be very interested to hear the answers to these questions. I do not think that people should be absolutely similar to each other and with the same interests. I believe that everyone should complement each other. Such a relationship, I think - ideal. Since these relationships are interesting and durable. Namely, such a relationship, and I want to build !!!
A little about yourself: I think that you will be interested to know some stuff about me. My name is Tatyana (Tanay). I was born on November 20, 1983. I have no brothers and sisters. I am alone in the family. I was born in his hometown Gryazi. It's a small town, but I really like it. I'll tell you about the city in the next letter. Until now, I live in the city.
My height is 168 cm., Weight 52 kg. I have hazel eye color. Zodiac sign I «Scorpio». I have many hobbies. I love to play sports. My hobby is photography. Just at the moment my photo camera is broken and I can not do his favorite thing. I love to listen to music and watch movies.
I am a versatile person and I like many kind of music, but most of all I love the "pop". My favorite movie «Titanic» and "Twilight." I think he appeals to many. What do you love? As I said I do not have my computer and to write you a letter, I have to go to an internet cafe.
I'd like to talk to you by phone or via Skype. But unfortunately it is not possible for me at the moment. I have no phone. I stole it at work. As you already know, I work in a school. Per day to my job comes a lot of different children. It is unfortunate that not all children are good. Some steal with scarlet years. Age my students aged 14-16.
This is a transitional age children and a lot of them want to try. It so happened that my phone is stolen someone from my students. And since I'm writing to you from an internet cafe, I can not speak to you via Skype. I can not install their software on someone else's computer. I hope you understand me. At the moment, to write letters, this is the only way to communicate.
Now I want to tell you how my day goes. My day begins with the fact that I get up at 0600 hours on the morning jog. I am running in a circle of our park, which is located not far from my house. I believe that it is very important for health. A health - this is very important. That's what I go in for sports, to maintain health. After a morning run I take a shower, eat breakfast, going to work! My working day starts at 07.00 and ends at 17.00 hours. I love my job. Every day I go to work in a heartbeat. After work, I go home, take a shower, eat dinner. In the rest of the time I'm doing useful stay. Tuesday and Friday - the days in which I go to the gym (I do gymnastics). My day off Saturday and Sunday. On this day, I usually meet with my friends and we go to the theater or the movies, or just walk along our wonderful park of culture and recreation. You probably think that I have a wonderful life that already has everything? But it is not so !!! All my friends already have the second half, which they love, and I do not. But now I have a friend who is very far from me - it's YOU !!! And I want every letter more and learn more about you !!! I am very energetic girl with a good sense of humor. And inside, I am filled with tenderness I ever be able to give your loved one. I want to love and be loved !!! I create a happy family and have children. My relationship to you are very serious and I am ready to do anything for you if you'll meet me in return. Write me more about myself, I really want to get to know you better. Ask me questions, you want to know you. I am happy to answer them. If suddenly I did not answer your questions, I beg you not to think bad about me. Perhaps I did not quite understand what you mean because of the language. At this point I will finish my letter, and I will look forward to hearing !!!
Tanya ...
P.S. I ask you not to lose me. I can not write to you at the weekend.
My internet cafe will be closed. I'll write to you next week. I hope to hear from you. I wish you well spend your weekend.

Letter 5

Hello Carlos.
Thank you for your response. I am very glad to receive your letter.
I'm so glad that you answered me. Forgive me for not having written to you for a long time. But as I told you, I have to write from an internet cafe. Internet cafe is closed on Saturday and Sunday. I could not wait until Monday to read your letter and respond to it. Today, I can not write you a long letter. I am writing to you in your work breaks. On Monday, I have always a lot of work. I want to tell you how I spent my weekend. On Saturday, I almost did not rest. In the morning, as soon as I woke up, I began to do the cleaning of the house. I love order and cleanliness in your home. I cleaned until dinner. Then I went to the store and buy food. On Saturday we are going as a family for dinner. I cooked a delicious dinner. I made dumplings. This is a traditional Russian food. This meat is wrapped in a dough. I love to cook and I think I'm good at. I do not want to brag, but all who have tried my food, it was said that it is very tasty. I'd love to make one, that's for you. But all the time will tell. My favorite dish is the "dumplings". But also, I love pastries.
Of baking most of all I like to cook a pizza. But unfortunately, I can not eat much of your favorite, because I've been watching her figure.
I had a good quiet and relaxing evening with their parents. On Sunday I went to church. I am a Christian and always go to church on Sunday.
Do you believe in God? Do you go to pray? When I came back, I met my friends. We took a long walk in our park. Then we went to a cafe for a cup of hot coffee. I really had a good time. I did not even notice how quickly the time passed. I told my best friends that I started to correspond with you. They warned me that it could end badly. But I said that you are a good person and I want to get to know you better.
In the evening, when I was at home and went to bed, I thought of you.
I really want to continue our relationship and get to know each other.
I am writing to you is always the truth and sincerity. I ask you, that you also wrote me the truth. I do not want to start a relationship with a lie. I feel your heart, how expensive you get me. I do not want to lose you. In the end, I had a good their weekends. What was interesting in your weekend? I would be very interested to know. I will finish my letter. I must get back to work, my break was over.
Sorry to write a short letter and probably did not answer your questions, but I do not have time. I must get back to work. I'll wait for your response.
Tanya ...

Letter 6

Hello my dear Carlos.
I thank you for what you have written to me. I am very pleased to receive, and especially to read your letters. With each new letter, we are more and more getting to know each other. It is very pleasant to me, and you get more and more attracted to me as a man !!! I'm glad this event. I think we need to start more and more to trust each other. I think it would be a big step in our relationship.
In this letter, I will tell you a little about the city, and I want to give an idea about our future relationship with you, that I want to develop in a good way! Do you agree? My city Gryazi not very big, but not too small. As I have said it Lipeckaya region of Russia. My city is on the river «Matiyra». The population of the city of about 46,000 people. We have a lot of attractions - beautiful streets, squares, parks, recreation, parks and much more. The most famous sights of the city are: the monuments of famous people of the war and have a well-known writers. As there is a church, a museum. I can talk for a long time about the sights of my city Gryazi. But it's time to move on to our relationship with you. Since this is the most important thing that interests me. Our city is very nice, but there are no decent men.
All Russian men do not respect women and believe that a woman has no right to any and all Russian men mostly alcoholics. And I need a man with a rich inner world, who will love and respect me. I went to the Internet - dating agency and met with you, and I think you're the kind of person. Because men from abroad respect women. Am I right ??? You are so ??? You respect women ??? I'm 30 years old and I think it's time I start to create their own family, hearth and home !!! I have a long time to save money, and now I have enough to come to you in the future. I do not want to rush things, but I think to get to know each other better, to do this face to face. But this will happen only when we mutually want this !!! If we decide that I arrive to you, or you can come to Russia. This is a very important step in our relations, which we will discuss later !!!!! I believe that the relationship is important not only love, trust and understanding. At the head of the family should be a man, but he must consult with the woman to take her advice, criticism, discuss problems mutually. I can totally take all the work on the house itself. I love to cook, I'll cook you meals such that you forget about the bachelor meal. I also will work to maintain our budget with you. And as soon as we're ready to have a child, then we'll do it! I hope I did not scare you off by asking these questions so quickly. I'm sure you're the one man who I need, I hope for reciprocity. But of course this is just my opinion of you. But time will tell. We will have plenty of time to know each other in our letters. At this point I will finish my letter, and I will wait for a response with great anticipation! I am sending this letter to my friendly kisses.
Tanya ...

Letter 7

Hello dear Carlos.
Finally I have the opportunity to come to the Internet cafe to chat with you. I ask that the petition can not always write to you every day. I just have a lot of work at the moment. I am very pleased to read your letter, which raised my spirits. We seem to know very little, but I'm very much attached to you. It scares me at the same time and at the same time makes me happy. Scares me because I am very much afraid of falling in love with you, and my love will not be divided. I do not want to be rejected. Sometimes I can not understand you until the end. I can not understand your feelings that you feel me. I ask you to be completely open to me, and say only what you really feel to me. I will be much easier to communicate with you. I hope you use my advice and you will be more trusting and open to me !?
I sure hope so! I am very glad that I have you! You are very close to me spiritually. I am very easy to communicate with you. I understand that you live in a very good location. I'm very happy for you. I told my friends that I found a very interesting man, to whom I have very great sympathy. They were happy to hear that, because my friend wish me luck. By the way, my girlfriend sends you his greetings. I also told her parents about our relationship with you, with you about our virtual connection. I told them what a wonderful man you are. I showed them the letter that you write to me. I told them that our sympathy for each other, is very large and can grow into a great love. Do you agree with me? I hope you remember what I said in my last letter about the phrase "I love you" You know I'm serious about this word !!! While it is too early to talk about it. But I really want to our liking for each other grew into love !!! Do you want it? Carlos, Today when I went to the internet cafe, in my eyes the car hit an elderly grandmother in a crosswalk. People who saw the accident immediately ran to his grandmother and began to help her. But my grandmother had a broken leg and could not move independently. Who are the people called an ambulance. When the doctor arrived, the grandmother loaded into the car and drove to the hospital. But the man who knocked on the car my grandmother, it is not even out of the car. He fell asleep. As it turned out, the driver was drunk driving. I was very sorry for an elderly grandmother, but I'm happy and I do not that he could not spoil the mood, because I have YOU !!! I have a dream that I want to implement. I want to spend my holiday with you. In my work, I give leave in the fall. I worked in the summer and could not get a vacation. I think we better meet once than to share many letters. So we can understand our feelings to the end. You agree with me? I believe that if we make it together, we are no one will ever be able to separate. And our love will be eternal !!!! If all this happens in real life, and we will have the opportunity to meet, I decided to buy a computer for my parents. This will be the best way to communicate with them via the Internet. I will do my best, that depends on me.
I'll do all the paperwork for the trip in the fastest time frame just for the sake of being with you !!! But again, I look too far. I love to dream. As in dreams you can do anything you want, and there are no obstacles !!! I will finish on this his dream. Do you like to dream?
Or you used to live a real life? I love to listen to everything you say !!! How are you? What do you do in your spare time? How is your mood? I hope you are fine, and you often think of me !? I did not notice how time flew, I have to go. And when I come home, I try to fall asleep quickly, to see you in a dream.
P.S. I hope you like my paintings. On one of the pictures you can see my best friend. We work together.
Your Tanya ...

Letter 8

Hello my dear Carlos.
I am very pleased to be able to write you another letter to her. I love to write to you and read your emails. When I read your letter, I have in my chest starts to burn the fire and my heart starts beating at a furious pace. I myself still can not believe that I found you in this world. I do not think I'll be able to find such a wonderful man on the Internet so fast! But I hope that my feelings do not deceive me. Generally a long time I thought about how to meet you. I want to visit your country and spend time with you. Actually, it is difficult to get the documents and the need to wait for a long time. Because now a lot of tourists. I decided to start making their documents to visit your country. It will take some time. But during this time, as long as they do my paperwork, we will get to know each other better in our communication through the Internet! Today I took the day off work to go to find out all the information and collect the necessary documents to request my visa. I consulted a travel agency. The agent said that it would be better to get a work visa for your country. Such a visa I will be much easier to get to your country. I was told that now a lot of tourists who comes to your country and I will be hard to get a visa. But a work visa I will get much easier and faster. I decided to try to do a work visa for your country. Such a visa for me to be easier to get to visit your country. I will do all my documents through a travel agency. Will I be able to get a visa for 3 or 12 months. While I do not know what kind of visa I approve.
My dear, what did you do in the last days? Yesterday evening I was at home. At this time, we come to the guests. This friend of my mother and her husband. My mother and I quickly prepared dinner. We all talked and ate dinner at the table. Later when we were having tea with cake, my mom told me that I found you for a serious relationship.
Girlfriend mom asked me about you. I told him everything I knew.
Girlfriend Mom was very happy for me that I still managed to find a man. I am told that you are a great man. I did not sit with them for a long time in the kitchen because I was very tired. I went into the room to watch TV. On the TV was a program about animals. You look at this program? This is such a wonderful program. I really love animals.
At home I have lived a wonderful kitten. His name is "Ralph". Just my grandmother in the village lives a dog. I keep playing with it when I come to visit my grandmother. After transmission on TV I fell asleep.
But the visitors were still with us. At first I could not sleep for a long time, because I was thinking about you. I have many dreams, and I hope that when I am with you, then we will fulfill all our dreams come true! When I was lying in bed, I heard on the street drunk man shouting loudly and sang songs. I could not sleep for a long time. But then, I'm still asleep. I slept very soundly at night. My parents are very happy that I found you in this world. Generally when I told my parents about you and that I want to visit your country, my parents were against it. My parents do not know you, and fear that I could fall into the wrong hands and that you will only play with me. But I was able to convince your parents that you are not such a man as a man in Russia. Now my parents are really hope that you can make me happy.
They asked me to give you his greetings. After we met, I had the great joy and a smile on my face. My parents noticed this! We're still never really saw each other, but you've given me joy in life and a good mood every day! But now my parents are grateful to you that you've made ??me happy. Now I start my day with a big smile !!! My parents are happy for what you came into my life, my parents want me to be happy.
Probably every parent would want their children to be happy! Carlos, I'll finish this my letter. I have to go now and still learn some information about my visa. I also will collect necessary information.
I hope you enjoy getting my letters. Forgive me if I sometimes forget to take your questions. Sometimes my emotions overwhelm me and I write too much about myself, but I will definitely pay more attention to your mails. I am always glad to read your letter, it is your letters give me the greatest pleasure. I also will be waiting for your reply.
I wish you well to spend your day. I hope that my letter just give you a big smile on your face.
Your Tanya ...