Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Andreeva to Michael (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi, how are you? I hope your day goes positive.
I am grateful to you for what you did not leave me unattended and let our conversations continue.
Sorry I did not reply to you immediately. Unfortunately, I had a lot of work. But now my schedule is more free and we can start our full communion.
I got your e-mail address from an unknown destination to me. The letter stated that it is a free service. In the world there are volunteers who help the girls find love. Since the Russian men do not show any interest in women, I decided to write you.
We can chat and get to know each other better and at the moment this is the most important thing. Now, our only happiness is in our hands.
Let me get to know you closer. I am confident that we will succeed.
At this point, we do not know how long you can continue our relationship, but I believe that we will succeed.
I think that the linguistic, cultural and racial differences will not be an obstacle for us. I believe that true love speaks a common language. I believe that age is just numbers, so the difference in age is not a problem for me. Soul and a pure heart is the most important components of a person. Age does not matter.
I believe that love knows no age. Do you agree with me?
Now, I am the student. In the future, after graduation, I'll be a dentist. In our country do not pay a decent scholarship, so I have an extra income. In their free time, I do teaching. I am a choreographer in the children dance studio. I like to work with children dancing. Do you like to dance? I love to waltz, tango and salsa. Did you hear about these dances?
In the coming weeks, I planned a trip to your country. Now, all my travel documents being finalized. I think it's a great incentive to continue our dialogue, and to know each other closer. In the next letter, I will definitely tell you about my internship in more detail.
My main ambition in life - is to build a lasting union based on trust, understanding and mutual respect. I hope that our relationship will be a new stage in our lives and fortune will smile upon us. If your goal just games and you do not want to know me closer, we need to stop right now. I hope it does not happen in the future, we look into each other's eyes in reality.
My name is Tatyana. My date of birth - December 27, 1984. Now, I'm 29 years old. My height is 168 cm and my weight is 51 kg. I am from Russia. My hometown - Astrakhan. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I am not against alcohol and smoking, but everything has its limits. In the holidays, I can afford to drink a glass of wine or champagne.
I am cheerful, positive and purposeful girl. In these letters, I will tell you more about me and about my hobbies. Since childhood, I like to learn foreign languages. I know English. I can speak and write in English. I studied English at school and at university.
I have no children, I have never been married. I have no parents, I am an orphan. I have no brothers and sisters.
I grew up in an orphanage. It was the most horrible years of my life. Unfortunately, my parents died when I was little. They got in a car accident. I find it hard to remember these moments, so I do not want to talk about it. Thank you for your understanding. Life does not end and you need only look forward to a happy future.
In addition to emotional loneliness, emptiness in my heart. In my life there is a loved one who respects, loves and appreciates my feelings. Unfortunately, Russian men have lost respect for women. For the majority of Russian men is much more important alcohol. Men of my country have forgotten how to treat women, they are too conservative and rough. I am sure that in romantic relationships are important feelings such as trust, mutual understanding and respect. I believe that with you our views on life are the same, and we can build a real, loving relationship together.
If you have need only my erotic photographs, and I is not interested in you as a person, I suggest you close this letter and never answer me. Many fraudulently wanted to get my adult pictures. If a person is lusty and treats me with respect, I would never send him intimate photos. As soon as men knew it, they immediately ran away. It left my heart wounds.
I love it when me admire. I do not mind explicit pictures. I understand that you're a man and you want to experience the beauty of my body. But I do not want you to make me do it.
Perhaps in the future, if we build a loving relationship, I'll give you my sweet pictures. But now we are too early to talk about it. Please tell me more about you, about your country, about the city where you live. With each letter, I want you to recognize and take steps closer to our rapprochement.
Please do not leave me no attention. I want to get closer to you and to develop our relationship. I wish you a good day.

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend, Michael!
Thank you for what you said to me. I am glad that our relationship continues and we can become closer to each other.
I want to build only real, trusting relationships, so I'll tell you the truth.
I like dancing, I like good music. I love my job, I like to teach kids dancing. It is a small, steady income for me. Children are very good plastic body and with them, they do all the exercises. In my group for children from 10 to 12 years. I love children. I believe that children are the angels who live near us.
I believe that the complexes and stiffness make life boring. The dance opens the heart and soul. Perhaps in the future, I will dance for you a private, beautiful dance. Would you like to see my dance, Michael?
By the way, my nickname - "lioness", because I am passionate and graceful dance. Do you like my name?
I love animals. I believe that the lions is very strong and graceful animals. My favorite animal is a horse, tigers and lions. I never rode on horseback. Maybe in the future, together we will ride on horseback? That would be fine.
I love pets, especially cats and dogs. I believe that dogs are best friends for people. I had a cat named Barsik. My cat died 2 years ago. My cat was a true friend to me. It is a pity that pets do not live long.
All my pictures were taken by my friend Katya. Previously, she worked as a professional photographer, so some of the photos were taken in a studio setting. You do not mind studio photos? I am a creative person, so I like to be photographed, I like to pose for the camera. Unfortunately, I lost most of my photos when my computer was broken. So I'll send you only those photos that were in my personal archive.
I have a slow internet connection. Therefore, it is more convenient to me to communicate with you only through e-mail messages. About modern means of communication such as Skype, facebook and various kinds of messengers I still can only dream of. I tried to install an online program, but I did not succeed. Internet pages are slow, then the connection is dropped. I have a 3G modem. This kind of internet connection in Russia is evolving, so speed is not the highest.
Especially all the free time I takes work and study. I can not sit online.
As you already know, I live in the city of Astrakhan. My city is located in the south of Russia, located on the right bank of the Volga River. Just our city borders the Caspian Sea. Astrakhan is located 1,500 kilometers south of Moscow. I love the mountains and the nature of our region. In the future, you can see that many of my pictures are made by nature. I love to swim and sunbathe. I like going to the beach in summer.
At age 18, I left the orphanage and began an independent adult life. Since I did not have their own homes, the government has allowed me to take out a mortgage for a lower interest rate. Now, every month, I pay my credit obligations. In any case, it's better than living in a rented apartment.
In the orphanage, I was a good student, and was able to do for free in Astrakhan Medical Academy, where I am now and I study at the Faculty of Dentistry.
Probably you have a question about why I wrote you? Very soon, I will go to your country on the traineeship dentist. I would be pleased to meet you. I hope that we will succeed, and we can build a loving relationship. In Russia there is a decent, single men. All the good men are married and have families. I decided to try to communicate with you, because foreign men are more thoughtful attitude toward women. I'm sure I was not mistaken in you, and my choice is correct.
Luck smiled on me - you came into my life. In the future, I want to leave Russia. But for now, it is just my dream. In Russia, I do not hold. I have relatives and close friends here.
In the summer, I like to run in the mornings, and in the winter I ski and go to the stadium, skate. I love swimming and almost every day I go into the pool. In the mornings, I always do gymnastics. I am for a healthy lifestyle. I believe that any woman should watch her figure.
How do you feel about sports? What are your passions in life? My favorite sport is volleyball and swimming.
In the next letter, I'll tell you about my hobbies in more detail. I hope you're interested in talking to me.
I look forward to your new letter to me. Please do not forget me.
Your lioness,
The first photo was taken in nature. I love walking in the woods. Russia has a lot of beautiful natural places.
The second photo was taken at my house. Unfortunately, after the failure of my computer I do not have a lot of pictures. I love white and, therefore, in my house white curtains :)
The third photo was taken in a studio environment with bamboo branches. This is one of my favorite photos.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear friend, Michael!
I am very pleased that we continue our communication. The most important thing is that I am very easy and fun to chat with you. I think it's important criteria for true friendship and even more love.
I have a wonderful mood. Yesterday, after working in choreography, I listened to wonderful music, which I have preserved on tape. I love classical music and jazz. Like Mozart, Bach. Sometimes I listen to foreign music pop. I am a music lover. But of all the styles I identify exactly classics. Do you like listening to music? What is your favorite style?
Touching on the theme of art, I want to tell you that I like to visit museums and art galleries of the city. Perhaps soon we will be able to visit galleries in your city together? In my town a lot of churches. I believe in God. My faith is Orthodox Christianity. I try to go to church every Sunday. In our modern, hard world, we need to believe in something.
I like to watch movies. Perhaps, like any girl, I prefer romantic films and comedies. As corny as that sounds, my favorite movie is "Titanic." This is a wonderful love story.
My favorite actor is Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman.
I love to read. I like classical Russian literature. My favorite writers - Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy. This is the great Russian writers, who are still popular worldwide. Did you read Russian literature? Maybe in the future I will be able to read your books in Russian, while in your tender embrace.
In my last letter, you probably do not quite understand what is the essence of my trip to your country. I will try to explain to you all the details in more detail.
As you know, I am a dentist. I am one of the best students of our University. Once in five years, among all Russian students to receive grants played tour abroad for an internship (training). Fortune smiled on me and I got the opportunity. Of course, had to try, because I have to not only learn, but also to work. I gave myself a promise that certainly win this grant, and I reached my goal.
Your selected country is not just. Dentistry in your country is one of the best and highly paid professions in the world.
In Russia very skeptical dentists. I would like to change the opinions of our citizens and become a real skilled doctor. I am sure that with the experts from your country, I certainly succeed.
Minimum period of practical training is 6 months. During this time, I get a huge "knowledge base" from experts in your country. The most interesting thing is that the contract internship, my salary will be 1400 USD per month. This is a significant sum for a Russian dentist. In our country, on such wages can only dream of.
I still can not believe that very soon I will be able to be abroad, because I had never traveled outside of Russia.
Under the terms of probation, the state pays for my trip to your country and the full set of documents, which includes accommodation and a decent salary. I do everything I need. I will work as an assistant dentist and get not bad money, which I will miss out on the free use.
The first 2 weeks of practice, I should be in the capital of your country, which will host the initial lectures. Then, all the students went to different cities of your country. It would be very nice to get it in your town, for training, my dear friend Michael.
After the internship, I will be forced to return to Russia. But if I show my good knowledge of experts from your country will be able to offer me a new contract and then I will not have to return to Russia. I am sure that I will succeed and I will show itself only with the good side. I will try to prove dentists from your country that I'm a real expert.
I think that would be very cool to meet in reality, it's not always given such a great opportunity. What do you think about this, Michael? I think one of us could get a beautiful love couple. I want to keep our relationship and become closer to you. As I told you before, I do not want to hide from each other. I want to build communication only in 100 trust and understanding. I am sure that we necessarily succeed, and we will for each other more than just friends.
Do you believe in love at first sight? I think it's real. I am romantic girl, so I believe in love at first sight.
I wish you a good day. I'll think of you and look forward to your new letter to me.
Your lioness,
The first photo was taken in the Russian forest. In the summer, I love to go out for a walk in the woods. It is very fresh, clean air.
The second photo was taken in the village where he lives Katya's grandmother.
The third photo was taken in studinoy setting. As you already know, my friend Katya previously worked as a photographer and I had plenty of opportunity to make studio pictures.

Letter 4

Hello, my passionate, sexy lion, Michael.
I madly miss your letters. I am grateful to you for what you will allow me to learn you closer.
I'm sorry if I suddenly will not respond to your letters immediately. Maybe I'm missing what is your questions and requests. Please do not be offended. If I do not answer what that question, please ask a question and try again do you have to say.
Now I have a hard time. Have to learn to work as well as to organize travel to your country. But not looking at it, I find the opportunity to read your letters and write to you. I hope you do not take offense at me, my dear Michael?
I would be pleased to talk to you on the phone and hear your voice, but unfortunately, I have no personal phone. So I can not call to you and can not give you my personal phone number.
Most recently, my personal phone is stolen on the bus. At this point, I can not afford to buy a new phone, since my phone was bought on credit. Now, I need to pay the remaining part of the loan for the phone. Maybe in the future I will be able to call you from a public phone.
Buying a new phone in our country is not very cheap. I think I can buy a new phone, during the passage of my internship, because the prices of phones in your country is much lower than in Russia. Therefore, the easiest way to our communication, at the moment, is the e-mail correspondence. I hope for your understanding.
Now, I do not know the exact date of my departure to your country. But, as I promised the university rector, the issue will be resolved in the coming days. Once everything is known about my trip, I'll let you know as soon as accurate news.
The most important thing for me is that very soon we will be able to meet, I can look into your eyes and feel the sweetness of your lips. I look forward to the day when I can see you in reality. Mmmmm, it would be so perfect! You want it too, Michael? I want to close my eyes and dream of you. I want to see you in my dreams and make all our longings, which are now only in our thoughts. I'm not too early to speak about our intimacy? I hope that our feelings are mutual. I feel like with every letter we get closer to each other.
By the way, tomorrow I'll go to my friend's birthday Katya. I want to give her a beautiful red roses will. I am sure that Katya like this flower bouquet.
My favorite color - red and pink. Red I have been associated with red roses. Roses - these are my favorite flowers.
A pink color, for me - is love and understanding in a relationship.
I bought a beautiful red dress to go to my friend's birthday Katya. I like the classic style of clothing. I love dresses and skirts. I like high-heeled shoes. Sometimes, I wear jeans and pants with boots. This comfortable clothing. But I believe that a woman should always take care of yourself, and look feminine.
Many girls will be with men, some of them have already have children. I'm tired of being alone and want next to me was a man who will love me. I'm very happy that we met with you and we can develop our relations. It is a pity that at a birthday party, you will not be next to me.
Katya will celebrate birthday at her home. I'll help with the preparation of Katya celebratory dinner. We want to bake a delicious cake. I'm sure we will.
I love healthy food. I love seafood, fruits, vegetables, beef. I love to cook food. I can cook more than 50 dishes from around the world
My favorite dish is baked potato with cheese and chicken.
Once you feel sad or lonely, look at my pictures and everything will change. I want to give you a smile. Please do not forget me. Million Kisses for you.
Your passionate lioness,
The first photo was taken home. Katya says that in this photo I have mysteriously face. Do you think so?
The second photo was taken at the Caspean Sea. I love to swim and sunbathe. In the future, we'll go to the beach together?
The third photo was taken in one of the tall buildings of the city. From the roof of this house has a beautiful view of the river Volga. Katya and I could not miss such a beautiful photo shoot.

Letter 5

Hello my passionate lion, Michael!!!!
Thanks for your new letter. It is very interesting to chat with you. Each your letter I try to read carefully. When I see a letter from you, on my face always a smile. Thank you very much for this happiness, Michael!!!!
Thank you for your beautiful photos. I am very pleased that you're near me. I am sure that we are waiting for perfect future together. I look forward to the day when I can give you unforgettable pleasure in reality! You're the best. I always think only about you and our first meeting.
You have a wonderful little girl. In the future, I want to make friends with them. I adore children. Children are angels who live near us.
Birthday my friend Katya went well. It is a pity that you were not next to me. I hope that the following holidays, we will be able to spend together. I believe in our future together.
Today, I would like to talk to you about my work and how I like to spend my weekend.
As I told you before, I work in a nursery school choreographed dances.
I've been choreographing for three groups of children from 10 to 12 years. Each group engaged in 7 children. In the introductory course choreography includes plastic body, learning the basic elements of dance. All classes are held in 3 directions - classical, folk and modern dance. First, all the children involved in the group. Then, after years of study, each child has the right to choose the direction of the dance.
Our dance school has been operating for 8 years. During her studies, many children have become professional dancers. Some of our students travel to foreign performances. I believe that dancing is perfectly correct statement contribute to the formation of the body body, legs, hands, head, development of physical abilities, develop coordination. Classes in our dance program helps to create a harmonious personality in children. I'm glad to see the smiles of children and then how interested they perform every element of dance.
We have a very friendly staff. Our team consists of 4 people. All the teachers are women. In Russia, men are not interested in dancing. I think it is more important for them vodka. Me more Russian men are unimportant, because my life was you.
Free time, I try to spend the most positively. I like to ride my bike, I love to travel outside the city. I like to cook. I know a lot of dishes of Russian cuisine. When we're together, I will prepare for you the best Russian dishes - soup borsch, meat patties with mashed potatoes, vegetable salads. I read a book or listen to music at home. Please tell me how you like to spend your free time? Do you have many friends? I believe that friends are very important in our lives. I have few friends. My best friend is Katya, I know since childhood.
I am very pleased to learn you closer. You're a very good man and I am pleased that we were able to meet Michael. We're similar in many ways. You are very interesting and positive people. I am ready to reveal to you my heart and soul. I do not know why, but I think we can build a true love.
As I told you before, Katya was a professional photographer, so I have a sweet pictures that I did not show anyone. From now on, I want to build with you open, serious relationship. I'm ready to show you the beauty of my body. Please tell me how you feel about the passionate photographs? Do you mind to share photos of such a plan? Sorry if I say this, but I think I'm in love with you and want you to enjoy myself. I do not want to hide anything from you. Please promise me that you should not show my passionate photographers? Your promise is important to me. I trust you. I love sex. I like sex experiments. Do not think that I'm a weirdo. Just, I do not have enough passion and tender love.
In Russia, men can not satisfy women. All the men in our country are too conservative. I'm sure you're a passionate man who can give me love. I am grateful to God for what he has given me the opportunity to meet with you and go to your country. I am confident that we will soon merge into a passionate kiss. You think about our next meeting? You want to be with me? I'm sending you kisses on every inch of your sweet body.
Your passionate lioness,

Letter 6

Hello, my sweet prince, Michael!!!
How is your day? I hope you are fine.
My day has been very rich. Work and study do not give me miss, but you're never out of my thoughts, even though, no matter what!
I have wonderful news for you, all my travel documents ready.
In the coming days, I'm going to Moscow for further stay in the place of my internship in your country.
Today, I heard the news and immediately wrote to you about it. When I sat down at my computer, I was hoping to see your letter, and now I am very happy that you wrote to me. I miss you. I feel that you are very nice and kind person.
I am a young woman, and I have a big sexual appetite. I'm a little embarrassed to write about it. I do not think I'm doing something shameful. We communicate for a long time, so I think that we can talk openly about sex. I think it's natural, and it does not have to be embarrassed. Please tell me you want to see my new photos?
When I arrive to your country, and we'll meet, you'll be able to please me in bed. I am sure that we will spend a great night without sleep.
The fact is that here I do not have a man for many reasons. First, because I'm going to get out of Russia, so I'm not looking for anyone here. Second, the men in our country are very conservative, shy and unsure of himself. They are not able to deliver the pleasure a woman.
I love the new sexual positions, role play, new and unusual places for sex. I like oral sex. I think this is one of the most enjoyable sex, as well as the most intimate.
I want to taste your sweet cum on my lips. I've never experienced this wonderful feeling. I really want to try to do it with you, Michael. In Russia, none of the men will not be able to give me so much pleasure.
Psychology Russian men are very conservative, and it is unacceptable for them. I do not want to have sex only in the missionary position. It's very monotonous. I want to experience something new, I have a lot of ideas and I love to experiment!
I want to try all of the poses Kamasutra. I hope you can help me to explore this beautiful book of love. I need a partner to study the sex life.
I've never had sex in the ass. I want you broke my ass, but please be gentle. Do you promise me? Please do not think I'm immoral woman. I just can not help it with you - you are very excite me!
I believe that sex in a relationship is very important! I hope that we realize that for each other and will be together for the rest of life. I am ready to devote his entire life to one person who will understand me, appreciate and love. I hope that you are a man!
I want to meet a man who is worthy of my pure and sincere love.
I want to send this letter to my rather candid pictures. I have even more candid photos, and I'll send them to you later, but please bear with me. I'm a little confused. I hope you enjoy my pictures. I hope that these pictures will not see anybody except you. These photos are just for you, and I would not like to have my pictures, I saw someone else.
If you're confused by something, then just say so and I will continue to do so.
I would like to see your candid photos, too, if you do not mind.
I would like to feel your cum on my body and face!
I'll tell you honestly, I really want you Michael!!!!!
I end my letter, and I feel great excitement. Between my feet very wet and I miss you terribly! My hands reach down to caress the clitoris.
I hope this letter brings you a smile and gives warmth to your heart and pants :)
I look forward to your new letter to me in the near future!
I am sending you a million passionate, sexy kisses.
Your sexy lioness,

Letter 7

Hello, my sexy prince, Michael!!
You are passionate and sexy man, it can be clearly seen from your letters.
Yesterday, I spent the last day with my friend Katya. We went for a walk in the woods. Katya took her friend's camera and I decided to make for you a sweet video. I swam with joy because today I finally go for an internship in your country. I hope you enjoyed this short video. For some reason the sound is not recorded.
I'll be your personal dentist, when I come to your country. During the procedure, we will be able to take a break, and I will take your dick in my mouth. Do you want this?
Now I collect things for my trip to your country. My train to Moscow departs at 2 hours, and I need to check all the things that will be needed during the trip.
I'm not going away for a few days, and as much as 6 months. Therefore, I need not to forget anything.
I am very happy that very soon we will be able to meet in real life.
I will be in Moscow for a few days. I need to settle all formalities, and then I'll fly to your country. I'll contact you from Moscow. I think that I can write to you from the Moscow Internet cafe. It is much cheaper than making phone calls. Now, I have not a good situation with the cash, so I'll write you e-mail.
Now I am very worried because I had never been outside of Russia, and I do not know how you are all arranged. Your rules of behavior, traditions, customs, it is still very much a mystery to me. But I'm a fast learner! With your help, I sure would succeed.
I also do not know the cost of living in your country. What do you think, will I have enough monthly salary of an assistant dentist of 1400 USD? In Russia it is a lot of money, but I do not know the value of the money in your country.
I think that we will be able to spend the money together, because this amount I will get as my personal expenses.
All other expenses related to my room and board, funded through the Government's internship program. But now a little early to think about it. The money I receive only when the arrive in the capital of your country.
I have already told you that I should be in your capital city for 2 weeks. After two weeks spent in the capital of your country, I'll head to your town. So I want to know all the information, in order to avoid any mistakes and problems.
Please write to me, how exactly is called the closest airport to your city and please, give me your telephone number, where you will be can always ready to pick up my call. I'll write down the information that I had not forgotten anything.
Now I have an idea. Maybe I can earn extra money by working choreographer in your country? How much do you think I can make money doing dancing? Your desire for me is very important. For your sake, I'm ready for change in life.
I would like to show a striptease dance just for you and even more than a striptease. I want to perform for your private, sexy dance. Have you ever enjoyed a private dance?
This is called a pip show, lap dance, that you may be better understood. I'm sure you'll have an orgasm, or despite the fact that I'm not even going to touch you.
My sweet, Michael, I do not know if you have the opportunity, but I want you to meet me at the airport as soon as I arrive in the capital of your country.
I want to see you as soon as possible. Mark my words until just a thought, but I hope that soon our dreams become a reality. How do you imagine our meeting?
I think we could have lunch somewhere, then walk around a bit and socialize.
After the walk, I want to know you closer! I hope you understand what I mean? Of course, you're right, I want to experience a lot of fun with you, feeling your dick in me. I want to feel your movements, there back. I want you to fuck me in the position of rider and doggy style. I want to feel your dick, which is part of me completely. I will be glad if you will spank my ass. I will scream with pleasure. You do not mind if I'm screaming out loud during sex? I am very passionate and wild lioness during sex. I want to bite your tender lips and your neck when you're going to fuck me up. I want to gently scratch your back. I want to look into your eyes and see in them a real pleasure!
I love all kinds of sex. I like the easy pace of sex with accelerations. You know how to work quickly? I want you drummed your dick in my pussy like a nail, ruthlessly and brutally.
I want to feel your sweet tongue on my pussy. I want you to gently licked and nibbled on my clit. I want you to look me in the eye when you're licking my pussy. I'm sure you'll like my erotic nectar that pleasure will allocate my sweet pussy.
Get ready, I'm getting close, you'll get a hot hard, wild sex, which you have never been before!
Please do not masturbate until I get there, I want to get all your cum!
Now, came to me Katya, and I have to finish my letter. Katya will help me to pack up and take them to the station.
I'll contact you and give you all the information about my flight as soon as I arrive in Moscow. I end my letter. Once you read this letter, please tell me. I wish you luck.
I kiss your sweet body. Very soon our sexual dreams come true!
Your passion lioness,

Letter 8

Hello, my passionate lion, Michael!
Thank you for what you're near me. You are dear to me, and at this stage of my life, I live only for you.
I'm sorry, but I think we need to finish our conversation. This is a very unpleasant and painful decision for me. I do not want you to suffer. You became for me a very dear person, but I do not see any other solutions. Circumstances force me to take such a decision.
Now, I am in Moscow and am writing to you from internet cafes. I got to Moscow's good, but I have a problem without solving that, I can not come to you. We are talking about a small amount of money. I am ashamed to ask for your financial support. I will not do it. Therefore, I decided to finish our conversation, because I do not want you to think badly of me.
I tried to solve the problem yourself, but I can not. I think that you refuse to help me. I think you'll blame me, and your trust in me fade away. I do not want to hear the shouts and insults from the man to whom I have a warm, loving feelings. My heart will be broken.
I'm totally confused, my angel, Michael. I'm extremely afraid of losing you. I was left alone in a totally strange to me the city. This is terrible. I feel so bad now, is shaking hands and trembling voice. In my eyes with tears. I do not know what to do, I think you do not help me and turn me away. Please understand that I do not want to hear from you insults and accusations. Please do not tell me bad words.
I look forward to your letter, my thoughts on the matter. I am very afraid of losing you, and in my heart I do believe that you will agree to help me.
You're a great man, we have already built a huge plans for our future. Is this all just be destroyed in an instant? I do not want, and I will not believe it. You should always leave a positive hope. I am sure that we necessarily succeed.
Do you agree with me?
During our conversation I'm very much used to you, and I want to be with you in real life. I want a passionate, wild and long sex with you, my angel Michael. I want to feel your dick in my wet pussy. I want you to be rudely slapped me. I am burning with the thought that soon you come to me. Now, all in jeopardy and I'm very upset. Probably that I was so stupid, thinking that I was the happiest woman in this vast world. But in spite of, no matter what, I will pray to God and believe that you will help me. Know that you are the best!
I look forward to your reply.
Your passionate lioness,

Letter 9

Hello, my passionate lion, Michael!
Regardless of your decision, I am pleased to see your new letter.
You're always in my heart and thoughts. You occupy the first place in my life. I can not just end our relationship, so I found the strength to tell you what happened to me. I was in trouble, from which, I hope you can help me find a way out. You're the only way for me to someone who can understand and listen to me.
Now, I will try to explain in more detail what is my problem. In fact, it's not so difficult, but without solving the problem, I just will not be released from Russia.
We live in different countries, we are separated by different languages, different laws, different traditions. I hope I can find the right words to explain the essence of the problem. Need to address this issue urgently, because before my departure is little time left. With your permission, I'll start.
As many people in our country - Russia, the mind does not understand, so, as always warn about everything at the last minute.
The whole problem is that I have a public debt of the apartment - the unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity and so on. Citizens who fail to pay off debts owed to state agencies do not have the right to travel outside Russia before the time, until the debt is paid off in full. The amount of my debt is 17,499 rubles (about 550 USD). In my purse was 120 USD, which I left out of pocket expenses. I had to give my last money for the payment of my debt. But now, I'm still required to pay 430 USD, otherwise I just do not release from Russia.
This law was passed in our country recently due to the fact that many people go abroad and left huge unpaid bills. Therefore, utilities had to wait a long time until people do not come back. That's why I got into this situation. I just do not know that for non-payment of municipal debts will not let me out of Russia. My trip abroad will be long, that's why I need to pay my debts urgently before my departure.
I tried to find the money in Moscow, but I've got no friends, and even acquaintances here. I tried to ask for money from the internship program, but authorized agents informed me that, to their great regret, they do not engage in personal benefit to citizens. They are involved in the payment of only those conditions that were included in the contract. Therefore, the problem I am obliged to decide.
I'm extremely upset, I do not know what to do. I have no way out of this terrible situation. My prince, you are my only hope for your help! Now only depends on you, our joint future. I will give you back this amount of money as soon as I get the first salary in your country, but first I need to fly out of Russia. As I told you earlier, the first salary I pay for 2-3 days after I arrive in your country.
I hope for your understanding, trust and support. I am sure that we will not be a barrier, this small sum in the amount of 430 USD and you can help me. I want to implement all of our sexual dreams. We must hurry, my angel Michael. The faster you can help me, the faster I can fly to your country. It is very difficult to find the right words. I am very afraid of losing you. I hope you can help me, I'm sure of it.
My passionate lion, I learned that you can send money through MoneyGram. This system is the safest, easiest and fastest way to transfer money. This is exactly what we need now. At the end of this letter, I'll let you know all the data needed to transfer the money. Find your nearest MoneyGram in your town, on the official website - and visit them in person. Then, you will not have any problems when sending money.
Please, after the transfer of money, do not forget to tell me the code of money transfer, the exact amount of money transfers, as well as your personal data, which you will specify on the form to send money.
I'm really sorry to have to ask for your help, but I have no other choice. You're the only kith and kin to me someone who can help me now. Please do not forget that I'll give you 430 USD from my salary, which I will get into your country. I'm sure you do not leave me in this difficult situation - you are kind, gentle and caring man. We were made for each other, and the money is just paper, for which you can not buy true love and feelings. Much more important is the spiritual wealth of the person.
Without your help, our dreams will never become reality. Please do not look at me selfish purposes. I'm not the girl who pursues only personal gain. I try to do everything, but for our future together, and you're very much I need. The most important thing that you have had a desire to help me. We will be able to jump all the barriers together. Come on, we'll be next to each other and make the most beautiful things in this world together, taking each other's hands.
I look forward with great hope your new letter to me as soon as possible.
I'm sending you the most passionate and sweet kisses!
Your sweet lioness from Russia,
P.S. As I promised you, I tell you my personal information that will be needed to transfer the money via MoneyGram:

Country - Russia;
City - Moscow;



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