Scam letter(s) from Maria to Robert (England)

Letter 1
Hi my dearest Thank you for your photos! They are very important for me! How do you feel? How was your day today? How many times have you thought about me ;) That feeling of butterflies about which i told you in my previous letter is getting stronger and i try to check if i have letter from you much often :)) Thanks for answers to my not easy questions ;) I love your answers ;) My answers: 1. Ant's *** should be much smaller than his mouth :))))
2. I watched them :))) But i don't remember when i did it last time :) Like you know i have very good imagination :))) But sometimes it's very exciting to watch ;)
3. My favorite position in love making is 69, but i also like doggy one ;)
4. No taboos
5. To spend time with you ;) I am sure, that it will be fun for us to cook together and maybe we will use kitchen table not only for cooking ;) I am ready to follow my love and relocate! If i would have chance i would like to go to Paris ;) For me your letters from just words and lines from stranger, became very special part of my life from man to whom i am not indifferent....
;) Of course we are not going to marry tomorrow... ;) But i think that we making the right steps in direction of happiness... ;) Tell me if it's ok with you, if i will call you my boyfriend? :) Can i call you "sweetie", "honey", and all the sweet words, or it's strange and so fast? :))) With you i feel special, sunny and it's like spring inside my heart... Everything is blossoming inside me... You know, i caught myself thinking, that i already forgot this feeling... I feel that the fear to open my heart to a man goes away... I am not afraid to tell you everything i feel and think about . I felt like i was in a nutshell all this time after my previous relations which made me scared to have relations with Ukrainian men... But you opened my nutshell and with you i feel like alive... I don't know what exactly you did... ;))) but communicating with you i feel special and i really want us to develop this chemistry between us... ;) I don't want to lose you... I don't even want to think about it .. But the situation which i faced is rather critical... Like i told you in one of my letters i use the service of translation.
It wasn't cheap for me from the very beginning, but i could pay for it. But now i cannot, cause i spent all my savings on this service. I just want you to understand me right! I am not asking you to support my life, pay for my food, bills, etc. I just ask you to help us to stay in touch! I don't have access to computer, so that's why i cannot communicate with you without the translation office now... I can pay my bills, but it has become too hard for me to pay for the translation of our correspondence. I don't want to think, that we can lose each other. It frightens me very much. I need you... Your Maria with all my love!!
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