Scam letter(s) from Sharon Smith to Jay (USA)

Letter 1
I want the kind of kiss that curls my toes and takes my breath away... those long, HOT, hot kisses that last for 3 days! I am Extremely compassionate, giving, & caring. I love a great party or staying at home. I am most comfortable in jeans & Tops but also enjoy wrapping the package in beautiful attire. And My favorite colors are cobalt blue, yellow, & green but mostly blue (of course).I have been told that I am more attractive than my pictures That will have to be the surprise... hopefully pleasant. I have not written so much about myself I am not working right now all because i am out of the states but i am planing to have my own supermarket as soon as i am done with my late dad properties and i love fishing,dancing,and sporting we need to get to know each other, because i understood we are both looking for the same Dream, and i feel u should know more about me Walking on a sandy beach at dusk, hand in hand. The warm sand and cool water lapping at our feet. So sensual!
Later a bit of wine as we enjoy the glorious sunset and each others company. We cuddle under a blanket as the air turns cool. No words need to be said because at that moment we are totally comfortable with each other! My dream!, Whether washing the car together and playfully splashing each other a bit, or cooking a nice meal and then sitting down to enjoy our efforts, we will share many things. I like playing golf although I'm not very good at it. I also like doing anything around water - swimming, body surfing in the ocean waves (I'm originally from Africa America), water skiing, jet-skiing I will love to have my own SUPERMARKET .but think of using all the money earn to have my own personal Job, I find it highly rewarding intellectually and like the people I work with. People who know me say I am smart, funny, considerate and dependable. Few know that I am very affectionate. I get along with almost everyone,but I can't stand people who are pushy, rude, or inconsiderate of others. I live in Idaho but now in nigeria .I'm single currently living alone with my daughter and seek the woman to take the role of my heart and world. I knows distance might be a factor but if we both shows sincerity with true heart, we will surely get our heart TIME and TIDE waits for no person. I am a reflective and easy-going person with a keen sense of humor, an eye for adventure and a hopeless looking for a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, confident but yet can still be shy is way ****. I am a REAL live woman. Not here to rack up online romance, or dozens of online girlfriends. I want ONE REAL WOMAN. I want a woman who is crazy about me, who can stand up to me, lay down beside me, and who can make me laugh when the whole world seems blue. A woman who is tender in love, tough in a fight. A woman who will know that sometimes,who will be there for me when it comes to when I need her the best way to shut me up... is just to kiss me. And most definitely, HONESTY is of up most importance Life with me is never boring. I am self-employed and motivated...Waiting to hear from you soon.
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