Scam letter(s) from Olga Meteleva to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Mark! It's me, Olga, sorry for my slow reply, i was busy so much...
I am so very pleased, that you replied to my quick message! I was waited for your answer with a big impatience!
I hope you will be attentive to words that i am going to write, then i can assure you i will be patient and attentive reader also ;)
Cause from what you'll write to me i'll consider, is there any point in our further dialogue. The thing is, and i think you'll agree with me- it's so hurts to be ignored, yes? I want to be straight with you in our correspondence, i want to have a chance to talk free about what's on my mind. And it's so sad when you get ignore at the end, or rude words or more of it, when you've been called by a different name.
It's so unpleasant this happened with me a couple of times and less of everything i want it happen again. Ah, i am sorry if it sounds too pretentious, i don't want you to be frighten, i am a kind person after all. Please, read my letter to the end and only then make your conclusions. The point is, i am a gentle and loving girl but life gives lessons that needs to be learned, so i try to be more cautious now.
There is so much people that carries cruelty and evil with them. I am interested in you and the fact that you wrote to me tells that you like me too.
None of us could tell right now, where will our communication lead us to, i hope, no matter what we could be friends at least.
Well, to the point- something about me: i am a student, my main subject is sociology. I am 26 yo and i live in a town called Volgograd, Russia.
In my future letters i'll give you more detailed story. I must tell you right now, from very beginning, that in my free from studying time i am working as a dancer at night club, this is a very popular place and most of the time we should wear some very sexy wears ( sometimes topless), nothing more, no sexual encounter or anything else. i am not ashamed of my work. If you think that you can't communicate with a girl who sometimes shows her body in public places, it'll be better for you, well for me too, to stop this communication. I like man's who try to be honest with themselves, who doesn't judge just because most of the peoples do, brave and passionate persons. Please forgive my English, i am still learning and sometimes it's hard for me to translate, for example something from urban language or national specific. Anyway, forgive me if i'll miss something you'll write.
I like having fun, laughing and i think i am easy person in communication, like jokes, and the people who like to smile. Smile- is something you like to have when you live in a Russia, it helps )) Anyway, you'll not be bored next to me! Despite of that, i have not to much friends, but i try to be a best for this little company i have, true friendships is something really valuable! Hope we could be that kind of people to each other and will be careful and respectful to each other. I'll do my best from my side! It's not with any person i want to be engaged in such relationships, but, in some way, i want to try it with you. I like you and want to give it a try. i don't want you to think like i am irrational in some way, but we must confess to each others that attraction between man and woman is irrational by it's nature, don't it? I think i have my own head, i know something about peoples and society, well thanks to my education. Sometimes i think it's too much for a young woman like me, sometimes i want to feel myself silly little girl, who had someone who cares about her. But life had it's rules- either you grow quick either you lose. So, i became an independent instead of waiting for someone.
Now i think, no matter what was in your life before you shouldn't complain, look at everything around you- life isn't simple but it also had it's beauty!
We are the creators of our world and we must chose the people that surrounds us wisely. That's my philosophy, what's you thinking about it?
There is something that's on my mind also, as i told you, i had an experience in talking with some peoples from Internet, and some of this experience isn't pleasant, as i told you before, i want to be heard but some peoples talks like robots and avoid personal communications, so will it be possible if i'll call you some day? When you'll be ready just write me your phone number and i'll call you. I want to hear your voice. I'll love to do that right when i repair my cell phone, i accidently crashed it at my work cause of some drunk girl. Oh, one more thing, i wrote you that i want to make an exchange with some erotic photos with you, but i also want to be sure that it's not the only thing why you wrote me. I want to be sure you interested in me as a person also!
Some man's just wanted hot photos and they keep talking only about that, talking about some cash instead of my photos, but- the only way i can send this kind of photos is thru mutual respect and understanding. Some of this man's stopped writing me as soon as they got it. And this was not very pleasant for me. But, don't get me wrong, i think sending some hot photos to each other is really fun and exciting! It's a big pleasure for me to show this photos for someone i feel sympathy to!- It gives me wings to fly! I only ask you one thing, please dont be to insistent, let it go as it should go. Don't forget, i am waiting for your photos also and with a big impatience! Just resize them first, intenet speed is really low here and sometimes it takes ages to download a large scaled photo.
I am here and waiting for your answer with a big interest and huge impatience! I want to hear about the place you live in, your country, city, peoples around. I am so curious!
This was a long letter, but there is so much i need to tell you. I want to hear your opinion about main thoughts in this letter, don't make me waiting for too long!
With my best wishes,
p.s. Thank you for your picture, you look so handsome )))
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Mark!
Could i call you my friend?
It was so great to receive a letter from you and i am so happy that you want to communicate with me further.
I want you to read my message carefully cause there is some important things i am about to tell you and i want to know what are you thinking about that. I am glad that you do not judge me cause of my work as a club dancer.
For me a dancing is just an expression of my mood and my perception of music and beauty of movement.
I have been hesitant when wrote you about my job in my first message, Mostly i don't talk with peoples about my job. But i think that any relationships should be built on trust and sincerity. I enjoy of dancing and some nice music, this makes me feel happy even when i am sad about something. I think i have a nice body, so dancing is something i was born for, i think :) Besides i think that every girl likes when someone finds her attractive and sexy, i like to think that i'm exciting girl )) It's really cheer me up. Hope my words doesn't knock you down, i try to stay straight thinking and free-minded. I am only asking you to not think about be as a lecherous girl or whatever. I am fragile, faithful and kind-hearted girl. I need only one man in my life to make me happy!
Sometimes life getting hard, sometimes bad things happen but no matter what, i love this life, every day, every hour!
But i stay rational and don't do anything that could be morally and socially unacceptable. And i think there is nothing wrong with my job as a dancer. Someday i could make a special dance for you only, would you like to see it Mark?
Every girl in our dance party has it's own nickname, a stage name, mine is Winter Flower. Does it sounds good in english?
The pictures i am sending you are made with a help of my old girlfriend. There was an accident with my computer a month ago and all of my pics were deleted. I'll try to find some or make a new ones for you. Don't forget to resize your photos before sending them to me, internet connection is so weak here, i am forced to use 3g modem for connection. Communication innovations appearing with a big delay in russia and 4g connection just start to appear in our places.
But for now the traffic payment remains high, i need to pay for each megabyte i am downloading and it's getting quite a big sum time to time. This is a reason why i can't use Skype or social networks or messengers. So for now, the best way of communication for us is email.
I mailed you some new pictures, hope you found them nice. I want to know what are you thinking about my photos, did they made any impression on you? I am always waiting for your photos with a big impatience, hope you'll make some new one for me special. I am about to send you some more exciting photos in future, when we'll get closer to each other.
You know, it's not easy for me to find a new interesting peoples, to let them in my life. But i find you a very nice and interesting person. I think i made a right move when i mailed to you first time and now i hope our communication will continue. I want we to learn each other closer. :) xoxoxo
Let's i tell you something about myself then, well, as i already told i am 26 years old and my photos should tell you everything about my appearance. I have no close relatives as i am an orphan. From very early childhood i was grown in a shelter. This was a tough times. There are so many memories i want to forget when i am thinking about this years.
Children protection programs are don't get enough cash from a government in russia, it's a big problem and very sad thing to talk about let us talk about something else. We could talk about this later.
Right then i left a shelter according to some local laws i was presented a small nice apartment not far from a city center. I was a diligent student at the shelter so this fact, as also my willing to proceed my education, gave me an opportunity to study at the local university without paying a huge cash. So i joined a sociology faculty of Volgograd State University. There is a lot of info and you probably asking yourself- why does she wrote all of those? :)
You see, this academic year will be a graduation year for me, and now it's time for my graduation practice that should be carried outside the country, where i must departure at the very nearest future. All the papers already signed and my tickets are booked. I was given two weeks to reach your capital city, but i didn't thought about where should i move after. I was told to choose any city of your country i want for my practice, where i'll be staying and where i'll get all i need to finish my education, like room, food, cash for a living. All this expenses will be taking care by the Finnish government as i am taking a part in their governmental education assistance program. I'll update you with details in my next letters. The main thing is that everything is ready and i'll arrive in your country very soon. I'll need someone i know in the places where i am going to and i am extremely happy that i found you! This practice in your country will last for 5 month. So, we will have a plenty of time to meet in real, talk about everything, do whatever comes in our minds.
By the way, i love sex! This is a great opportunity to learn someone you like, sexual excitement makes souls wide open.
I am not pushing you toward this, everything will come as it should, in time and in right place. I hope you'll get my straightness right after all we are two adult human beings and it's all so natural when two people feel sympathy.
When the time will come and my practice ends, i'll have to return to russia to get my diploma. Right after i'll graduate i have a plan to sell my flat and leave russia. So, i am deciding now where should i move after that.
My flat isn't big but it's my nice quiet place where i can hide from a world sometimes. I redesigned it a little so it's pretty nice looking apartment now, i proud of it ;) It costs me some good cash but still... I'm not getting much with my dances but i never ever ever being doing anything except dancing to earn my cash, no sex-cash deals, i am not a slut, i just like to dance, please remember this. And i despise a girls who falls so low that they sell their bodies, this isn't right!
Almost all the time i'm in the university or at the club, i try to keep myself busy, i like that.
I like sport, like to run at the early morning sometimes. Winter brings other fun stuff like skates or ski. Sometimes i visit a pool, in other words i try to keep my body in a good shape. What are you thinking about sport?
Oww, Mark, you must be getting so bored to read this long letter, i'll try to make next letter shorter :)
I am waiting for your thoughts regarding some things i wrote.
Hope you doing great and smiling after you read all of this, wish you a great mood!
Your Olga. Your Winter Flower
Letter 3
Hey my sweet dear Mark! I am so pleased to get a letter from you, it brings a smile on my face and frequent beats in my chest!
It is so easy to talk with you. I would like to continue our correspondence, you definitely caught me with something!
I hope we continue our communication and find out where will it lead us to ;)
I thought maybe my previous mails was to cumbersome for reading so i need to make some clarification about my foreign practice and education assistance program. I hope that my english language level will allow me to make it understandable ;)
I should begin from a fact, that in despite of that i am living in russia i am not a russian on my nationality, my nation called "Udmurt".
I am sorry that i should begin from this far, but it is necessary you will see. Udmurt nation is not numerous, there are only about 500 thousand people all over the Russia and some in other countries.
Udmurt Nationality is just one of many nationalities of Finno-Ugric group. There are other nationalities there like Finns, Hungarians, Estonian etc.
There are plenty of info about Udmurt in the internet, and you can find it if you think this is interesting. Anyway, let me go on with my story, we are approaching to the point.
All this nationalities are tied with one cultural legacy and with a common help of each other they doing all to save this cultural unity.
so, the government of Finland established a international help program that supports Finno-Ugric peoples who lives in developing countries or in counties with unstable socioeconomic situation. I found this out when i was surfing thru the internet and i thought- i should try to get involved in this program, so i filled all the papers and sent it for review. About one month later i got a call from my university dean and i was told that my application was approved and, with a help from this Finnish program, my final practice will be carried abroad. I think that my orphan status and my achievements in studying played a significant role, so i was elected from many other peoples.
Dear Mark, this program gave me a big opportunities, they already paid for my flight tickets, and they also going cover all my habitation costs when i will fly to your country. I will also get a cash grant for all my possible needs during the time of practice, this grant is equal to 14 000 Euro.
I will get this cash when i get to my final practice location. I will be totally free to use this grant what ever i want, this cash will be given to me at the Finnish embassy in your country's capital city.
This grant will pay all my expenses that will appears during my practice, like rent, food, clothing, everything that i will need in this 5 month. But i will get this cash only in about two weeks at the Finnish embassy in your capital. After i will sign all the documents and receive this grant, i will be free to go to any city i want and there my practice will be carried out and i want to choice your city.
Once again, all expenses will be covered by this governmental program- flights, land travels, residing, food...
Now i think that i am not so unfortunate person after all ;) I think you can imagine that- when something really good suddenly appears in your life it feel so fantastic, i can not believe this happening but it is true! After many ears of hard work, struggle and survival... It is some kind of miracle!
Ops, it seems that i am bothering you with my stories again))! Anyway i hope you feel just a little happy for me also.
Dear Mark, sounds silly but i just want to give you a part of my god mood to you.
Hope you didn't fall asleep cause of my endless talks and you will not disappear. Can you send me a letter soon? I want to hear your thoughts!
I want to know your opinion and i am also waiting for a couple of gentle words from you.
You can find a map in attach, there is a little info about Finno-Ugric nations location there, just for your interest...
I will be looking for your mail and i hope to see it soon.
It is so nice to have a talk with you, maybe it is more than just a friendship waiting us in future? Hope so... ;)
Waiting for your reply,
Yours Olga
Letter 4

My dearest Mark! I am so glad to get a message from you! I was waiting for your lines with impatience.
Sometimes, when i check my mail and don't find new letters from you, i read the letters you sent me before once again.
I am so happy with your interest in me but sometimes i feel little sad when you have no chance to reply me fast.
Can i ask you to write me your letters as often as you can? Even a small ones, even a couple of words, it's always a big pleasure for me! I know, i know, sometimes it's i who is slow to reply, please sorry for that! Please try to understand my situation, my studying and my works takes a lot of time and believe me, i am using every single spare minute to write you my letters. Besides there are a lot of things i should do before my practice travel. Every free minute is a diamond drop and i'm writing you this letters with a diamond dust, only for you Mark :)
Probably a phone talk could be more comfortable way to talk or maybe not, who knows, but still, my phone is off line.
It was crashed and i thought- why should i buy a new one here?- I know that i can buy a cool iphone (that i was dreamed about a long time ago) significantly cheaper when i'll reach your country! After all it'll be so soon. I wish i could speak with you, hear your voice and talk about my travel, but right now i have no phone. So, the simplest way to keep our dialogue is emailing. I am very counting on your understanding. There are too much expenses and very little time because of this upcoming travel, so i have no chance to buy phone now. But, i'll try to find a way to speak with you on phone as soon as i can, believe me!
It's so great that you speak what's on your mind regarding my past letter. Somehow i knew that you'll understand my life stance. Sometimes i catch myself on the fact that my english level isn't enough to express myself. But i am learning fast.
There is still no exact info regarding my flight, habitation and some other things... There is so much things that i should solve in the first time in my life, and sometimes it makes me feel exhausted. I'll let you know all the information as soon as i'll get it. Never mind, the main point is that i'll arrive to your country soon, then i'll tell you the whole story about this long procedures. And you can be absolutely sure- nothing excites me more than our first meeting! :)
Hope you feel the same. Do you?
Sorry, but i'll have to keep this letter short. I was running all the day from one point to another, so much to do.
I am going to the bed early today and i hope to meet you in my dreams!
It will be a big day tomorrow- my friend Sveta's birthday. I presume it'll be boring there, you know, only couples, some of them married, some have childrens. And this is one of the situations where i find myself so lonely.
In this moments i feel how strong my need in a man's presence in my life, i mean one man, only men in my life!
And i have some good feelings about our dialogue in this way ;) Hope there will be some changes soon...
I wish you could be with me at this birthday, i bet the things become much much cooler! You made a great impression on me, so i think it's what you usually do with peoples. Am i right? :) Sending you a kiss :*
Anyway, i should be at this birthday party, Sveta is close friend of mine. Actually she helps to make those photos i am sending you. And, there is a small secret i want to share with you.
We all were a first year students in those days. It was a long time ago.You know, wild blood boiling, so.. i and Sveta were lovers. It wasn't last long, a couple of month maybe, don't remember exactly. I don't think that i or she are lesbians and you too shouldn't think like that. We were just experimenting and that's all. Anyway, now we are just a good friends.
I must warn you right now, i will not send you her photo )) I told her about you, that i found a special man in the net, she is happy for me, but still she asked to keep her anonymity. I already told you more than i should:) So, if you found my little secret exciting you should use your imagination only. Once again, please let it be our secret, ok? ))
It was a pleasure for me to write you this letter, this way i can tell you how strong i miss your words.
So, i am waiting for your reply.
Hope this letter made you smile and wasn't too boring.
It's sad, but i must finish my message, so tiered...
Sending you my photos, hope you'll like it ;)
Millions of kisses,
Your's Olga
Letter 5
I am so happy to see your letter again, my sweet and sexy! How are you doing there?
Admirable that all the necessary papers and documentations are ready and in a day or two i'll travel to Moscow for practice meeting at the local consulate. This is a very latest news so i was so hurry to share it with you Every time i found your letter at my email i feel so good, so warmth, so excited. I believe it's unusual but somehow i miss you as if we know each other for a years. I learned that you are so gentle and passionate person and it's so easy and pleasant to keep a dialogue with you :)
Birthday i talk you about passed well, nothing special. As i told you it was a little uninteresting and i thought all the time, what if you could be with me now. I am single now and sometimes it's hard. There is still a big sexual needs in me. Well, i have some ways to release it with my fingers, if you understand ;) It's a little shameless but know i can tell you that. This all nature's gifts, desire, passion, sex and i need it as a young woman.
And i want to ask you- would you like to see me playing with myself? I can get a shot special for you ;)
As i see our communication goes in right direction, and from my point we should not hide anything, be absolutely sincere in our actions and talks. This is a relations i was looking for) But first, i must warn you, there are so much unrevealed passion in me and you must be ready for a lot of it! Hope it doesn't sounds kinky or something :)
I'll need all the passion you can give when we will meet, hope you are ready for that! Hope you don't mind about this straightness...
I think there is a reasons why i have no partner or boyfriend. I guess it's all about me. Besides, i'm going to leave this country so there is no point to look for boyfriend here. But the main thing, in my opinion, is that man's here are so ordinary, i don't know how to say- with lack of passion and fantasy, they are so bounded in sex. Let's just take oral sex. I think it's something so hot and exciting, sometimes i think it could be better than just a sex, and how about 69 pose?- this is so fascinating. I would like to feel cum in my mouth or on my face, just a thought about that really makes my pussy wild! But i never experienced all of it!! And i want to try it at last!! And i thought, we could try it together!?
What do you think Mark? And there are lot of things besides oral still need to try...
I guess i never had appropriate partner... Man's here often thinks that oral is something wrong, but i don't understand why?
After all we should be free in our love and passion! So, i just can't fulfill my fantasies here, as i'll be considered like a dissolute girl or worse like a hooker. This is so illogical and unfair. I think that sex should be like something bright and full of joy without any prejudgments. I want to watch some porno together, it's so exciting, then maybe try to fulfill some scenes. You see, there is a lot of things that i want to know from you regarding sex like, what do you think about all this, specially oral sex? Could we try that one day? But i am asking you to understand me and don't think of me like a whore, i am a good girl after all! I told you all this, all my fantasies cause i think i can trust you! You are a first man i have such a free dialogue regarding sex, this is so new for me! )) I think you'll agree with me- no real relations could be without sex, it's very important thing to talk about. I am sure you think the same way, who knows, maybe it's a fate that we meet each other!
I need worthy man in my life, to whom i can give all my sincere and deep passion and love!
To keep your interest i'll send you some new photos made for you only. I must confess it's a little nervous to send this kind of photos and i can only trust your actions and words and hope you'll not show them to anyone!
Hope you still think of me like a sexy attractive girl but not like a slut or something...
And if there is something that repels you, please, don't hide your thoughts and write them to me! Ok?
So, could you do something for me? Can you make some special shot, where you cumming on my photo, so i could think like you really cumming on my naked body, my face? I what to play with myself while thinking about that! Is this possible?
I like you so much Mark and i really enjoy thinking about we having sex! Let's be sincere with each other!
I became so wet while writing this letter, so it seems i must finish it and then finish with my pussy ;))))
Hope, after reading this letter you'll get so excited as i am now!
Waiting your reply with huge impatience!
Hundreds of hot gentle kisses!
Yours Olga
Letter 6
Hi my hot Mark!
Another letter from you and another piece of pure happiness!
You are so passionate and hot, i can feel it in your words!
I am in a completely rush now, my train will departure in 5 hours and i'll be on my way to Moscow.
I must be very attentive now, don't want to forget something like documents or other needed things.
This will be a long trip, i'll be away from this place for a 5 month, ow, i better not forget to empty my fridge :)
There are so many thoughts in my mind now, and much more feelings in my heart, i am so rushed and excited, cause we will have an opportunity to meet so soon! I'll stay in Moscow for a couple of days, i need to get on some meeting in local embassy and sign some papers before my flight to you :)
I'll find a way to contact you from the Moscow. Not much cash left after all the expenses but it'll be enough for my travel)
Most probably i'll use internet cafes, that's a cheapest and easiest way to contact with you at any time of the day.
This is my first time when i am leaving the Russia and i am a bit scared and nervous. How is the life going out there, a whole new world, new life... So much to learn...
Could you please tell me, how much will it be 14 000 eur in your country currency? Will it be enough for a living?
That's a lot of cash here, in Russia. I think you could help me to spend this cash) I can spend them how ever i want and nobody from the program will know that! The other expenses like habitats and food are paid by government program.
So, i hope this grant will be enough for sort of appropriate living, am i right or no Mark?
Well, i am running too far again, first of all i need to get this cash when i'll get to your capital and visit a Finnish embassy. There i'll get my grant, all the necessary instructions,a practice plan and a practice distribution. When all this'll be tone i'll travel to you and we will have our first meet! )) Now, i want you to do some little research for me, could you? I need to know your precise address, district, administrative area, etc. Also i'll need to know the name of the nearest airport to you. Any info that will help me to reach you. And one more thing, of course if you'll not be against it, why dont i use some opportunities to get some extra money with some dance sessions, maybe you'll find some clubs near by, well this is not an urgent request we can talk about it when i'll arrive to you. But still, do you have any idea how much do a clubs dancer girls earns at your places? One more time, if you dont like that idea- you can be my only audience for my dances )) I could make a really special hot show only for you!!! Something i dont do at my work but always wanted to try- a lap dance, i bet you'll like that! I'll turn you all completely, i promise! :)
My sweet Mark, will you have a chance to meet me at the capital airport somehow? It could be so great to meet a friendly face first time when i'll stand on your land. Not talking of that i could be feeling myself much safer with you near by. As i told you, this is my first international flight and i am a bit scared.
I can't wait to see you in flesh as soon as possible, but i warn you, i could be looking not the best way, after all, you'll see me after a very long travel. Oww, i feel like i am shy a little. Feeling myself like a school girl, so stupid))
I am interested, how are you imagine yourself our first day together? We could have some dinner or just have some walk, don't know, maybe go to the bar, and then.. go to a nice quiet place, so no one could see us and stay alone, just you and me :*
You better be ready for me cause i am almost there, you are almost mine ;) And there are so many enjoyable moments ahead!
This will be unforgettable as for me, as for you- i am promise you that;)
Please, i want to ask you one more thing- could you hold yourself and don't masturbate till the moment of our meeting?
I want to take all you got there when the time will come? Can you do that for me?
I hear a doorbell ringing, this is my friend come to help me with my packaging. Soon we will go to the train station.
Well, this is it, my journey has began! And at the end there will be you!
You'll have all the info regarding my flight when i'll reach Moscow.
Please, reply me as soon as possible!
Sending you a lot of kisses to any place of your body!
Yours Olga
p.s. thank you for photos, i wish to see it all in real)
Letter 7
Please, forgive me Mark I am happy to find your letter with your kind and gentle words, thank you for every word you wrote!!
It's very painful for me and my heart is tearing apart but i think we should stop our communication.
You became so close to me, so precious, you are in my soul now and forever, believe me, i don't want to lose you, but it's seems there are no other options.
Right now i am in Moscow, found one internet cafe near by to write you this letter. The road to Moscow passed without any obstacles. But one problem appeared already when i thought i almost left the country.
Not a big problem, however if i don't solve this fast i won't be able to left the country and arrive to you.
It concerns about a small amount of cash and only just one mention about cash makes me feel so ashamed.
I won't be asking you for money therefore i concluded that we should stop our communication before you let yourself think incorrectly about me.
My precious Mark, i done everything that's in my strength to solve this problem but i failed.
I think you won't help me also.
Cause of this all, summing a whole situation, it'll be better for us to stop our communication. You'll not be able to provide me some help, you'll start to ignore my explanations and begin to think and speak bad things about me, dealing a greatest pain to my heart with your mistrust.
You are so close to me, you are the person i have feelings to, you are very important for me, it'll brake my tiered heart in to peaces if you'll start to shout at me, to accuse me in something.
There is such a mess in my head right now, i am totally lost, i am so scared, so scared to lose you Mark!
Why did this happened, it's always something on the road and now, when i found a special man...
I just don't know what to do. Why am i so unfortunate? Life just continues to bring me this kind of surprises.
I thought i had enough of all of this, but life just won't stop kicking me i guess.
You are so kind, so passionate, we had a beautiful dream of us together and it brought me so much happiness and joy, i never felt myself so delighted before! Maybe this strange and deep attraction to you called love?
I really thought that everything could become real, i mean you and i... You took your place in my hear and in my life and i just can't imagine my future without you. I want to meet you in real and this desire is so persistent and strong. I believe that our meeting could give us a whole new perspectives, not just sex, but something further, i want you, i want you all Mark!!
And now, everything just falling apart, i feel so down. I am just a stupid girl, wandering in a dreams but reality reminds about itself. I thought, everything become better at last :(
Will be waiting for your reply,
Letter 8
My sweetheart Mark
I am extremely glad to get a letter from you, it's such a relief to get your message, i really don't want to lose you honey!
You are in my life, in my soul and in my heart forever! But, i feel so down and upset now cause of this problem. I'll try describe it to you.
Different countries have their own traditions and laws. Specially when we talk about russia, where, due to political situation, law fields is always on the move. Cause of my english level it is hard for me to pick up a right words to clarify a whole situation, hope you'll understand me. The situation is also complicated with a lack of time- my flight departures soon.
But, before my flight, i must solve this problem, if i fail i will lose everything! Time constraints makes this problem almost impossible for me to solve. The problem is- it seems that i have some unpaid utility bills. It includes gas, water, electricity and communal repairs costs.
It turns out that due to some country laws i can't move abroad until i'll pay these bills!!!!!!!!
Do you have a similar laws in your country? I don't know for whom our government chasing for, emitting such kind of laws, but at the end a simple peoples like me are suffering. However i have an utility debt for two months and it's equal to 12691 rubles or 266 euro. I saved sum equal to 70 euro for emergency case or for small road expenses, i paid them to reduce my debt sum. So now i have to find the rest of the sum that is equal to 9351 rubles or 196 euro.
I will not be permitted to get on my flight until i pay this debt in full amount!!! This act came into force recently and i didn't knew about that, but still i feel myself so stupid and i can't stop blaming myself because of this all. I start searching for this cash right after i was told about my utility debt, sadly i have nobody i can ask for cash in Moscow, no friends or relatives here. I also can't reach Sveta or any other peoples i know to ask for help. I also tried to get some cash from the governmental program i am participating in, i asked them to give me a part of my grand right here without reaching your country but i was told that this grant is for educational purposes only and they will not pay any kinds of my debts. So, this is the situation i am in here, i have no cash left with me, i can't find any although i tried like mad. I feel myself so low-spirited. Mark you are my one and only hope in this situation! I swear to you, as soon as i'll reach you and get my 14000 euro from the embassy i'll give every cent back to you! All i need now is to pay the rest of this debt fast and get to you. I need this 196 euro to pay this bill completely and the problem will be solved, so we could make our mutual dream come true! You are everything i am thinking of now, i need you, i need your love, i need all of you! It is necessary to pay this 196 euro as soon as it possible, time is running out.
I hope you'll forgive me for i let this happen! I wish i could have a time to explain a whole situation more precisely.
But, there is always a time for a gentle kiss for you my precious Mark!!!
I'll tell you all about my adventures, about this long trip, describe you everything that happened when we will be near each other, touching and feeling our skin and lips. And we will be laughing about all of this little difficulties.
There is no need and no time for unnecessary questions, i am just asking you to help me as soon as you can. I am so scared to lose you!!! All that left for me is hope that you'll be able to help me! I pray that you could help me!
I am ready at any time to send you all the necessary data for Western Union or MoneyGram transaction, so you could send the cash.
It's such a shame for me to ask for your help, but if i'll not be able to find this cash, i'll not arrive to my practice location, i'll not arrive to you. Hope you'll help me. Once again, i'll return this sum as soon as we meet! I know, you'll not leave me now, in this catastrophic situation. From your letters i realized that you are reliable man, a real Man! I want you, i want to be with you, you are such a marvelous person, so kind and full of passion!
I want to feel you inside of me! In every little hole of my body, that wants only you! I want to know the taste of your body and your love juice, i want you so desperately! This last wild days left me no time and mood for masturbation and now i am getting so excited and wet just from one thought about you in my bed! You became so essential to me and i know you understand a true value of having a person in your life, who loves you so sincere and deep, like i love you!
i am cherishing every part of you, of your soul and body and i don't want even think about losing you!
I really hope that you understood my situation correctly and still think only good thoughts about me. In this hard hour i need your support and understanding! i desperately need to see that you care about me, even just a little, now like never before i need to feel that you are on my side! I passed a lot of things to get closer to you and now, it's just this last obstacle left between us. We can be together so soon, eye to eye, do all the beautiful, sexy and gentle things in the world together! You, me and our desires! I want you so much, and i hope you feel the same for me!
Time isn't on our side so i'll be expecting your quick reply with a big hope and devotion!
Sending all the kisses i can send to you Mark...
Yours till the end of times,
Letter 9
Help me Mark I'm so upset, i understand sometimes its hart to get a money and I cannot demand for help, I only ask your for help. Please find this money. A loan at whom-be or borrow it somewhere i do not know, please try.
Still there is time. I don't understand are you really have no money or you just don't believe me
What is a true reason, why don't you want to help me? Once i'll arrive to you i'll return all this money, i told you that there is a plenty of cash that awaits me at the embassy. I don't want to lose you honey. It scares me a lot!
All my dreams about our meeting, its like an obsession, i feel like if i'll lose you i'll never find the man i need!
I thought our sympathy is mutual. I'm thinking about you all the time, my heart almost yours already, don't dare to brake it!
Please help, I will be very grateful to you, you will never regret this. I'm so upset and i beg for your help! I will wait for your letter.
Forever, your only one
Letter 10
My angel, my only one Mark All the words in a world is not enough to tell you how i grateful to you! I wish i could be next to you right now to show you my gratitude , to give you all my hot kisses! I can see now that i was right about you, you believe in our mutual attraction, in our passion, in our future like i do! All this shows that you really care about me and i feel so happy now that i am ready to sing and dance! I am deeply deeply touched by your care!
Here are my personal data for transfer, it's my full name and hotel address: Name: OLGA
Address: postal(zip) code 115409, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kashirskoe highway 39, room 206 I found a bank near my hotel, there is a Western Union and Money Gram service there , i was instructed there- to successfully receive the cash from you i will need to know a transaction number, exact sent amount and a sender full info (full name and address, you'll fill that in your sender form), please don't forget to send this info when you're done.
Soon we will be together finally and i will give myself in your strong arms! I want to be kissed by you, loved by you!
I can't wait for this sweet moment! I am thinking about you all the time, soon we will have our first date!
Are you as excited as i am?
I tried to ask to use a hotel phone but international calls are restricted here, and my cell is off line in moscow.
I was told at the WU and MG branches that nobody can't stops you from sending the cash to me, they just do their job and warns customers about some frauds or some sort, anyway, you can send the cash to me without any problems, that what i was told at the bank!
Waiting for your reply and good news,
With all my love,
Letter 11
My soul Mark,
Oh, honey, i miss you, i miss you more than you perhaps !!
I wish you could spend this day with me, i had some time for just walking by the city and the sun came up from the clouds for a couple of hours, it's getting colder and i thought about you (well as always), how we will be walking, just walking like that in this moment together, you'll be holding my hand and speak to me so gentle and i'll be listening you and lay my had on your shoulder, the moment of magic indeed!
There are so much we will learn for the first time: first date, fist sex, first morning together, first dinner, first bath together...
There is a whole new world awaits us!!!
Waiting for a news from you,
With love,
Letter 12
My soul Mark,
I still haven't get the cash :(
If only could you feel my fear of loosing you, a fear that you find me too troubled in my situation, you are my only chase for new life, this is something new for me cause i never feel like this, when i start communicating with you i felt like you are my future and that is why without any hesitations i decided to meet with you, try to be a part of your life, make everything to be next to you cause somehow i feel that you are my chance, maybe my last chance to have a family, i find your words so sincere so full of love and believe me, every word i wrote to you is from the deep of my heart! I never, never forgive myself if i hurt you somehow someday, but i am asking your help now cause i know at 100% that we will met, i'll get my grant and i'll give all your money back to you! No doubt in this!!!! I am really sorry that you got such a negative experience with some bad girls and i truly think that it's a great shame and sin to do like that, hurting people that comes to you with an open heart, i newer, newer do like this, cause it's a great sin! I am a kind person, the person who suffered enough in his life and i know the true value of this kindness that you giving to me!!! And i won't let you down! Cause you are my fate!!
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