Scam letter(s) from Lina Unk to Duane (USA)

Letter 1

My E-mail:
I have seen your add and I think that you are a very interesting person.
So I decided to use the chance to get to know you. Hope I will be lucky:-)
I don't think that the age and appearance is so important though I am rather pretty.
The most important what is inside you and how do you feel about the life.
I know this life from many sides and I am rather mature already to know how to make a man happy. I don't know if you answer me or not. But why not to try?
I will regret if not to try. I think we should use every chance to find our happiness.
Life is too short to use it only for thinking and dreaming.
I try to act but not only to dream. So here I am:-)
I will not write you much about myself now.
I will just give you an idea of who I am. I work to earn for my living.
I have a higher education and I am rather intelligent.
The only one I miss is a beloved person and I want to have a family .
I have really many interests:music, reading, books, movies,
good conversations, sports and many other things which make the life wonderful.
I like beautiful clothes and things.
My friends says that I am cheerful person.
I can't say that I have many friends. I know many people but I am very picky about the friends. Friend is a person who will be with me all my life. And I am lucky to have some really good friends.
But I am very sociable that is why there are many people I have good relations with. I live with my grandmother and we are very friendly.
I am rather independent. And work to be able to pay for the things I want to have in my life. In some words I can tell you,
that I enjoy the life as it is and I love the life with all it's aspects.
I am very kind ( I am not boasting:-) ) which hurts me often.
But I am strong enough to overcome the hardships on my way.
Well, now it is up to you to decide to write me or not.
I hope for your reply. Have a good day!!!!!!!
Lina. It is my name.
My E-mail: w t o w @ b k . r u
Letter 2

Hello Bow
I liked your answer. It seems nothing in particular,
I see that you wrote this letter just for me, not for anybody else.
I appreciate it, thank you. And I hope that our correspondence will be such in future First of all I want to excuse for my English.
As I already said I am from Russia and studied English only at school and in University a little.
I don't use translators because I don't trust them.
I think that these programs can change the meaning of sentences.
But frankly speaking I usually use the help of an interpreter.
So, some important parts of letters will be written by interpreter and some parts I will try to write myself.
A little about my life... I am fond of healthy style of life.
I have no bad habits. I can say more: I have several good habits. For example sometimes I like to run in the morning and as usual every morning I drink fresh apple or orange juice.
My favorite time in the year is summer. I like to spend time in the garden.
Many people in Russia spend their weekends working in the gardens. Also I like simply to walk by streets and to enjoy fresh air in the country.
I think that I am very communicative person and I have many friends.
We often meet with each other, go to the guests and all holidays we celebrate together. We live according to the proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed."
My best friend is my grandmother. I love her very much, I can share with her all my problems and secrets. We are like sisters.
I like animals very much.
My fluffy kitten is called Bussik.
It's a very beautiful cat. He has very fluffy fur.
It takes me much time to brush the fur.
When I talk to him it seems that he understands me.
He is a creature who knows all my secrets.
And what do you prefer cats or dogs???
And now I'd like to ask you something. Don't you mind?
It was the first question :) That are the others.
Please tell me more about your work. How much time does your job take. When do you celebrate your birthday and how do you usually spend it?
So, I want to know all about you ;)
I am very happy to get letters from you and to answer them with great pleasure. After your second letter I have my own opinion about you.
I think that you rather developed man, who likes to enjoy life. And it is something strange, but I feel warm, decency and sincerity going from your letters.
And excuse me for my next question, but I really want know your answer. Why are you looking for love in the Internet? And what do you like in Russian ladies? I think that there are many beautiful and interesting women near you.
At first I want to hear your answer and my reasons you will hear in my next answer.
I am waiting for your letter.
This photo was taken in the flat of my girl-friend.
P. S.
I want to excuse for possible delays between my answers. I have computer at home but I don't have phone and it means that I can't use Internet with help of my computer and I have to use computers in Internet Cafe.
May be it seems strange to you that I don't have a phone at home, but we moved to the new flat not very long ago and there is no phone here.
So sometimes I have no time to go there and there can be short delays in our correspondence. But I will try to answer as soon as I can. OK?
Letter 3

Hello Bow
The big pleasure to receive your answer. I spoke you that I read all our letters to my grandmother.
We spoke with her about us. And she asked me: " Lina, do you love Bow ?". I have answered " Yes! Yes! Yes!". And then my grandmother has asked me one more question: Lina how can you love a person whom you don't know at all? You know with him only through computer. I have made some pause and have given the answer to my grandmother: I did not think that I shall feel so happy, I have reminded her a history about my guy who became the addict.
I have placed the data in the Internet as my girl-friend advised to me.
I told you about her.She correspons with the person from England. Some times she visited his country and they love each other very much. Her name is Anna and now she is pregnant from this person and shortly they become the husband and the wife.
I am very happy for them.
After I have placed the data in the Internet, I have received many letters from men from different countries. Yes, it is very pleasant. But everyone had his own purpose: ***, flirtation, entertainment,... But only one person has told me sincerely about his feelings. This person has told me: I love you!
Corresponding with this person I have understood that he is kind,
cheerful and the most important - very decent person. His name is Bow .
I have told my grandmother how our relations grow and that we love each other. We once again talked about our meeting with you. She said,
that she is sincerely glad for us with you my loved Bow .
As for our meeting. Yesterday I visited a travel company where my mother's good friend works. I spoke with her about our meeting. Her name is Larisa.
Larisa said me that I have to ask you several private questions. After you answer these questions Larisa will make all documents in short time.
Larisa said that will try to make a trip as cheap as possible.
Here are the questions I want to ask you:
1 What is your full name.
2 What is your full home address (including country, city, etc)
3 What is your phone number. (May be Larisa will contact you)
4 What is the city and the name of the airport in which it will be convenient for you to meet me.
We should coordinate exact time of our meeting. The agency in which I have addressed works already for a long time and it guarantees to us our meeting.
Larisa explained me that they will prepare all necessary documents for our meeting (the passport, the insurance, air tickets and the visa).
I should know your exact decision about us and about our meeting.
And I want to ask you one more time: Are you really ready to help me with part of money for the trip to you?
I sincerely love you.
My gentle Bow I expect your answer.
Letter 4

I have big plans for this year and I hope that my wishes will come true. May be your dreams are like mine and if it is so I wish your dreams come true too :)
I spent this New Year with my family. I think that this is a family holiday and at this day I prefer to be with my relatives. We cooked different dishes, put it all on the big table and all waited when it will be 12 hours at night. Several hours before it is the most exciting moment. Yes, it is a moment because this hours pass through very rapidly. After president's congratulations on TV we filled our stemware with champaign and after wishes to each other we drink it.
Every year at this moment I decide a dream which I want to come true in this year. I will not tell you about this dream because in this case my dream can not be real. But I can say that this dream is connected with you :).
After spending holiday with my family I went with my friends to the square where New Year tree is staying. The weather was not very cold and there were many people. There were horses with sledge and once we rode in this sledge. It was very exciting. There were different sculptures made from snow. They were very big and children climbed on these figures. Also there was a scene were was music and everyone could congratulate his friends from this scene. There were many people who wanted to do it and that is why we didn't do it. We didn't want to wait.
Then, we went for a walk a little and I returned home at 5 o'clock in the morning. Next day I was sleeping and sleeping.
I liked this New Year and I hope that the next New Year we... Oh,
no,no I must not tell you about my dream.
I hope that you liked your New Year too.
Kiss you.
Because of holidays I didn't manage to send you my last letter to you, so I decided to paste it here.
Hi my Bow .
I am very glad to receive your warm words. It is very pleasant to receive news from the loved person. I wait for each your letter with impatience.
Many thanks, that you have answered all my questions.
I have transferred the information about you and me in travel agency.
Larisa has told me, that the most suitable trip for visiting you in your country to me costs 830 USD.
Bow it is really big money for both of us. But I think, that our desire to meet each other is much more. Our meeting is very serious decision for both of us as. I think about it much, I ask myself much.
Life gives us chance once in life, and I think, that it is necessary to use this chance. I have come to a conclusion, that: I am ready to spend all savings, all that saved from my small salary. I am ready to spend all this to meet the person with whom I have got acquainted on Internet, with the person I sincerely love, with the person who after short time of our acquaintance became very much close to me.
I spoke you, that my brother will give me some money for an our meeting.
Today I and my mum talked to my brother about money.
His answer was: Lina, I can give you 200 USD.
+ I have some personal accumulation it is 150 USD.
It is very uncomfortable for me to speak you but for full cost to pay my visit to you I need else 470 USD.
I have to ask you: will you help me with the missing sum of money for our meeting?
I understand, that it as risk for you. You know the girl from Russia by name Lina very little. I want to ask you: do you trust me???.
I think, that it is the first real check of our trust to each other.
As I spoke you, that the most important thing in relations between two people for me is a trust on 100 % to each other. When people have trust then they have real love to each other during all life.
I am sure that you as well as I want our meeting and will make for this purpose all necessary.
In the following letter I wait your answer to my question about the help to me with 470 USD.
If you are ready to pay for my trip I could advise you a way how you can do it ( Anna knows how to do it more convenient).
I think that in the nearest time I will have to all the money for trip.
I am waiting your answer and I don't want to waste time any more.
Preparing documents will take about a month, but this process will start only after I pay for all. So now I can't tell you exact date of my coming to you.
I hope that soon we will have chance to meet.
It is very pleasant for me that you have asked me be relative trip on the lorry.
It is very good.
I shall be very glad to make to you the company.
With great love.
PS have probles attaching photos
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