Letter(s) from Marina Petrova to Plaemen (Bulgaria)

Letter 1

Hello my dear, I'm Marina, I'm very pleased to know you. I hope that everything is fine, a few days we have not heard, your phone is stopped, call me when you read my email. Bye and many kisses

Letter 2

Hello my dear today I had a very bad day and I cheer for Skype, they kiss goodnight

Letter 3

hello my dear. Today, I had a wonderful time here I have a few. What we want to know about me? Maykami work in a store, my father was a guard in a company for building materials. I have a sister who is married in Germany and lived there, has two children. have to cook dinner if you call me be speaking on the phone. bye and many kisses

Letter 4

hello, what's going on with your Skype? if you call me be speaking on the phone. bye

Letter 5

I'm fine, thank you, so why disappeared last night from Skype, wait your response .chao and kisses

Letter 6

hello, I hope that everything will be okay with my parents, thank you for your support, I'll call you later on the phone now I'm working

Letter 7

thank you for sending me the money, I'll give you back the favor, I hope to hear on the phone