Letter(s) from Ksenia Turnyakova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Jim
Hope you are doing good there ,
Here the weather is getting colder , so , no more hot sun here , well , in any case I think Ukrainian people are not used for hot weather so much .
anyway, here what Ksenia asked me to send you .

Letter 2

Hi Jim
I am ok here, and do not worry , still alive , even if I do not get a chance to ask and bother Nastya over and over by asking her always to write you , hi Jim I am alive only busy, I think it is not hard to guess that if I am not writing , means as always I am engaged in problems and busy, but alive, in other case I hope at least Nastya will let you know that I am not alive :)
but hope it will not happen ever .
so, I was reading your last 2-3 letters here now , and , well , as always , so many things that kind of making fun of me , or so many excuses or so on just that they all already seems like you know , when I tell you something that for example , Jim, you said this or that, and it hurts me , and in next letter , I already know there is always always kind of hey, no , Ksenia you do not understand , you stupid or blondie or so on, I did not mean this , I mean this or that, really , it is how I feel lately about almost all things that I tell you .
it just gives me feeling like , you really do not get the point that in that or this case how I was hurt , you just try to say in some ways , ok ,you are right , sorry just close your mouth Ksenia , stop complaining and let’s move on , that is all .
or , lately, we had problems and misunderstanding about subject that my mom is sick , hospital , payment , A/C and so on ,main thing that hurt me was the way you ignored or tried to just skip all those things , and when it was late already and when I told you , for example about hot weather and so on , or about my mom problem , your explanation was well , I thought your family problems is your family problems and so on , yes, I said that ,ok , let it be that,
about hot weather and A/C I said the same after some period , so , how comes ….
now I am here and Nastya gave me some money, ok , of course I appreciate and saying thank you and of course as mom still in hospital and on processes it will help her a little , but really ,what this means ?
I mean you tell me share with you when I am hurt or when I am sad or when I have problems or so on , but dear ,now time I just feel like here take this and close your mouth ? ? ?
no dear , I did not got used to be like this , or in other words I can tell you directly , this way is not going to help you to solve OUR problems , I mean of course money can solve financial problems , but it does not solve the understanding or problems in relationship.
I really do not know what else to tell you .
oh , hope all is ok with you and you do not have a big problem or pain in your Knee.
have a good time