Scam letter(s) from Maria Vetrova to Tizi (Italy)

Letter 1
I have good news. My father wrote to me now. He writes that he just sold his car and he would send me money
Right now. It was an old Lada, and sold the car that we would helped. He would send me money via Money Gram, and after half an hour, I have it. But unfortunately I do not have enough money. Father send me 50,000 rubles (950 euros). Now I don't have 900 ?. At first now, my father wrote me that I'd come home. But I wrote that I love you and I want to come to you. After that, he sold his car and now went to send me money. I love you. I need your help. You have to send me 900 ? as soon as possible.
You can do it? '? You need to send money to 20:00. My plane leaves at 20:05. I arrive tomorrow and I'll give you the money. I love you. Are very nervous. I'm afraid of losing you. Please send me the money. AND tomorrow will be in your hands. I really want this. I can't imagine life without you. I don't want to come home from his parents. I want to come to you. I love you. I'm waiting for the reply.
Your forever Mariya
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