Scam letter(s) from Temuri Mameyan to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear friend Michael.
Thanks for reply again.
Yesterday I left work some earlier and went to home and decided to clean my room. I just like to live in cleaned rooms. I like when my apartment is cozy and comfortable. Also I like cleaning process with singing songs or hearing radio. And do you like your home??? Do you keep it cozy???
Some pity to live alone in cozy apartment here...
Here in Russia it is very difficult to find good male because many men drinks alcohol and rough with girls. I am also so tired that males sees on me like on beautiful barby doll only but not on woman with spirit. But I feel your good intentions in our communication.
That's why I feel so easy myself with you.
I am so happy that I have found such good internet friend as you.
I think it would be good to meet each other in person one day, I bet you agree with me.
And here is my address:
Temuri Mameyan,
67 Mayakovskogo St., apt# 7,
Berdsk, 633010,
It's just in case if you decide to send me a letter by mail using post but though as I think mail would reach me from few weeks to few months.
It would be pleasant for me to get your address also if you do not mind.
I will wait for your next letter. I just like to read your letters and communicate with you and discuss all themes.
Michael and do you like my letters? How do you feel about our communication?
What's about if we will meet in near future???
Here are some more pics of me. I hope you like these pics too.
Michael I will wait your reply soon...
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