Scam letter(s) from Sareena Diaz to Piero (Greece)

Letter 1
Hi there.. honey... how are you.? im having a break now and i got your mail this morning... well...i do appreciate your concern about me and about this whole thing about seeing each other.. but..... you cannot push me what you want .... all i want is to come to Manila and find out myself and im not going there without any knowledge about what im doing here... i do appreciate your effort about this but...i told you. i can handle myself.. you worry too much that makes me feel not excited anymore or makes me feel ****** to what im doing here.... i got your point and i got your info.. so i will check on that as long as im there in Manila... and if you still want this... dont be dominant about this or to me...because.... i dont like that....if only i wanted i a guy is someone who truly have more understanding and supportive than me....and not proving that his better than me... anyway ...about the skype thing.. we have this difference problem and when you wake up im at work and busy.... and when i get home yoru sleeping.. so we barely have each other time.... thats why.... if you dont feel secure about this relationship we have right now.... then lets just forget about seeing each other this time.. maybe next year or sometime...until we find that sense of security you wanted.. i cannot push myself to you for you to trust me or whatever reasons you have... this is me and this is what i can do for you.... and if you think its not enough reasons.... then.. i have nothing else to say but..... thank you...for everything and the time we have shared so far and its been a pleasure of meeting you.... i have to go back working now... always take care... kisses:* Sareena
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