Scam letter(s) from Nora Rufus Garba to Alexej (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello My Dear, I am very please to read your reply to me and how is your day? I hope all is fine with you? Well as for me there is nothing to write home about because of the situation of things over here with me suffering, but believing and hopping in you that you help me out of this place that I am to better condition where I will regain my freedom once again, than staying here like someone in the refugee camp,it gives me more joy because I do believe that we both have to be open minded and sincere as to know each other deep down,share our loneliness and thoughts,before I proceed further let me introduce myself fully to you, Thanks for your response to my email and I know this email will not come to you as a surprise since this is my second mail to you, please bear with me. I really like to have a good relationship with you,and I believe that it is God who send you to me. My name is Nora Rufus Garba the only daughter of late Dr. Garba Rufus who died during the last crisis in my country Liberia, West Africa.He was the permanent secretary of ministry of finance Liberia and chairman cbl board but he was killed during the crisis in my country on the leadership of our former president,who is currently on trial now after many innocent souls were killed, my father was unlucky to be among those that were killed by the rebel. When he was alive,he deposited the sum of $5.6M (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in the bank with my name as the next of kin. My mother and l were brutally humiliated by our so called blood relations after my father's death when they were fighting to take over my father's properties and that led to my mothers death by heart attack then I managed to leave my country with my late fathers vital documents containing his death certificate and statement of his account to nearby country, Senegal where l am as a refugee. Please try and keep this issue that I am discussing with you secret till we get the money from bank. Please My Beloved, I shall be delighted if you could assist me on the transfer of this money into your account and also help me to relocate to your country for my dear life.Here in the refugee camp, some missionaries used to visit us and among them is Reverend Father Sow Fidelix of Christ The King Catholic Churches, he is so dear to me and I thank God for his life. Please you can call me through his phone number (+221 777 855 647) if you wish that we should talk on the phone or you send him an email through his email address ( My dear, I am moved to contact you after going through your profile though it does not say everything about you so I would like you to tell me more about yourself, tell me your full name, address, occupation, and give me your phone number so that I can nominate you at the bank for the transfer of this money to your country so that I can join you? Here is my pictures with this mail, have a nice day and waiting to hear from you soonest, Yours sincerely,
Visa meddelandehistorik Nora.
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