Letter(s) from Julia to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear,Rick. You cannot imagine how I'm glad to receive your letter!!! It was really interesting for me to know some more facts about you and your way of life.Thanks for your pics so much!!! Honey you were interested in some more information about me.So here it is. So my name is Julia)) I was born in 1985 in Ukraine where I live at the moment.I want to tell you that i lives in Lugansk before , but when started real war in Lugansk i running from there, I live with my Mommy and sister now in ! My family consists of my mother, younger sister and me personally)) It's a pity but my dad left us when I was 15 and our mother brought us up alone. But she is very strong woman and is a real example for me and my sister!!! I admire her so much. As for me, I think I inherited some traits of her character and sometimes it helps me. I met a lot of people in my life and sometimes they cheated at me. But it was just a lesson for me. And my father is real example of the Ukrainian men and my life experience prove it.

I have graduated from our University and before I worked as a seller of underwear and underwear for swiming. Of course the salary was not big but I liked this job cause I can communicate with interesting peoples))And i not really sure that i will have work soon, because i looking for job in Schastie ,this is name of city where i live now and where i was born, but no one can help me and give me job!!!So many shops was closed because of war(((

Speaking about my hobbies I enjoy dancing. Hope one day you'll see some of my moves. Also I like skiing, but unfortunately in our region we have lack of snow in winter.
I am dreaming about visiting some snowy countries where I can afford skiing. But I have no idea where to go cause I have never been abroad. Also I enjoy communicating, it's essential part of my life. I think I can win the competition at speaking))). I have lots of thoughts and ideas and always ready to share it with somebody!!

And there is one more thing you should know. The level of my English isn't good enough.I've learnt it at school but with a time my knowledge of it became poor. What's more I don't have a computer and the access to the Internet at home. So that I'm far away from modern technologies. That's why I had to find a translator and pay for his service, cause there were no any way out for me. And with his help it's a very easy to stay in touch with you.

Probably you're interested why I still haven't got married.
But it's because i don't want to make a mistake.I want be sure in a man, I want him to be my soul-mate, my second half, the person whom i can rely on and share all my secrets.

So I've told you practically everything. If I missed something I'll add it in the next letter. Thanks for your attention!!And I'm waiting for your soonest reply.

Here are some more cute pics of mine.One from summer because i miss summer so much and one photo with dog og my best friend!!!His name is Sharik)) Hope you'll like it.And send me some more pics of yours, please!!!

Hugs and kisses)))