Scam letter(s) from Natalia Yablokova to Roy (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, Roy.
My name is Natalia(or Natasha). It's,probably,one of the most popular Russian names.
I was born in Kazan,the capital of Tatarstan,but my naionality is Russian.
My parents moved here many years ago. I live almost in the centre of the city.
Kazan is large and industrial city. I love it. It is not so crowded as Moscow,for example.
But at the same time it is very live-in and attractive place.
For example,our circus is famous for the whole country!
I hope somewhen you will be able to aprecciate it by yourself.
I am 25 years old. I live alone,without my parents,in my own flat.
It's not as large as I wanted,but it's comfortable and nice.
I enjoy decorating my flat. On some of my photos you are able to see it.
My parents live rather far from me. They have their own house in the country.
They like it and do not want to share city life with me at all.
May be,I agree ,that country is not the same as city: the air is not polluted,not so noisy, not so many people. On the other hand it's impossible to build good carrier and find good job in the country. But at the age of 50 I also would like to rest and live somewhere in the country+
I work as a shop-assistant in one of the biggest shopping malls in Kazan.
We sail modern clothes for women and girls from MNG trend(full name is Mango).
May be,you have already heard about it? It's very beautiful,but rather expensive clothes.
Nevertheless,it's popular in Kazan,as many people are able to buy it.
I've been working here for 2 years already. I love my job and all the girls, that work together with me. We all are the real team.
I can't say that I have a lot of friends. But this is not because of my character or so on.
I just believe that friend is the only one,sometimes two persons very close to you.
So,my friends are very important part of my life. They help and appreciate me as well.
My parents are also the great part of my life.
I love them too much and respect for everything that they did for me.
My mother and father love me too. I don't have any brithers or sisters, but have other relatives(grandparents,aunts,auncles,etc.).
My parents've been living together for the whole time after entering into the marriage.
I really envy my parents,because they are still together and still love each other.
I try to help them with money and sometimes visit them.
I love to give different presents for my friends and my parents.
My hobbies are reading,listening to the music,walking,watching movies,doing sports.
I prefer healthy nd sporty way of life. I go to the sport club twice a week.
It helps me to stay at good shape. I am not vegetarian,but I do not like to eat too fatty meal. I like cooking. My mom taught me how to do it even in my childhood!
That's why I am almost a real cook now! i do not drink or smoke.
But I am not against of smokers. I can understand that it's not so easy to refuse from this bad habit. Sometimes with my friend I can drink some wine or champagne, but it's rather rare.
I am hardworking,responsible and serious person.
I am unostentatious and nice in communication. My friends say that it's very easyly to be my friends. I dislike when someone start interfering with my affairs,especially private. I understand the meaning of the word intimate zone"(it's too popular among Englishmen) and appreciate it.
I enjoy caring of somebody. So,my dog(it's name is Jinna) is my favourite pet.
You are able to see her on some of my pictures.
I try to take her everywhere with me,as she doesn't like loneliness. v She is one of my best friends. She shares with me almost all the moments of my life.
I can't say that I am absolutely optimist. I am more realist,but I try to be cheerful and have a sense of humour. May be,it sounds funny, but I still believe in miracles. I think it helps people to live interesting and full life.
I prefer to achieve the goals by myself. I am rather persistent.
I am independent and resolute in my actions,I don't let my emotions to leave under control.
I am searching for a real man,which will love and care about me.
I can't say that there are not men in Russia,but I couldn't create something stong and serious with any of them. I do not want to play or joke with you. I am not a young girl.
I would like to find my future husband and have a family.
In men I appreciare character,soul: kindness, honesty.
He also should trust and believe me. I hope to find sincere and nice person.
I hate lie and respect true in relationships between man and woman.
I also would like to say that I am writing you from Internet-caffe, because I don't have my PC at home. Sometimes my girl-friend are able to borrow me her computer. I mean I will not,probably,be able to write you each and every day.
But I will do it as soon as possible.
Tell me more about yourself,your hobbies and way of life. What are you searching in woman?
What do you appreciate in relationships?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Natasha -- Best Reards,
Letter 2

Hello, Roy.
It was pleasant for me to receive from you a gift on yahoo.
Thank. Yes. I have really removed the structure from base of acquaintances.
The matter is that to me has written many people, but I do not want to communicate with them.
Therefore I have decided to write to you. You like me also I want to continue attitudes with you. Yes, I have my mobile phone. But now I can't call you because of some problems.
And you are also not able to call me.
Nevertheless, I hope that I will call you or you will call me in the future.
I hope you are agree to wait a little bit. And then we will talk with you by phone. Would you like to know something about my ways of spending free time and my hobbies?
If yes,I want to tell you about it. As I have already said,I work as a shop-assistant.
But my duties are not only sailing,but also communicating with customers and I also try to help them. That's why I am interested in fashion.
I try to be stylish and look modern. I often visit designer's show(Yudashkin,Zverev,etc.).
It helps me always to keep abreast of the latest events.
I am also fond of art. I often go to the museums and visit galleries.
My favourite artists are Levitan,Kuindgi,Serov,Rafael and so on. When I was about 19, I was earning additionally like a model. Since that times I've been enjoying photograph.
I like being photographed by someone. I hope you agree that it turns out rather good?
Do you like my photos?
At weekends I often go for a walk with my friends.
Sometimes we go to the clubs to have a party. We rest and have a lot of fun. We chat, laugh and have a good time. communicating with your friends helps you to relax and forget about your everyday routine.
I am also fond of spors. I prefer being at good shape. I care of my health and have no bad habits. I visit sport club,jog almost every morning.
In summer I also like swimming,playing tennis and beach volleyball.
I don't like sitting at home and just watching TV. I find it boring.
Our life is not so long. That's why I think we should spend this time with advantage.
I take a great interest in reading. I prefer romantic novels,love stories,historical and biographic books. I read the books of Nabokov,Bunin,Zamyatin,W.Irving and others.
As for music,I can't allocate my favourite kind of music: it all depends on my mood.
I like pop and rock,classical and rap music. But,probably, more often I listen to the classical music. It helps you to calm down.
I don't always plan my days off. Sometimes I prefer getting out into the open air, sometimes I can afford myself to relax and not get up till 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning.
I can't say ,that I am a great cinema goer,but I like to see comedies and to enjoy historical adventure films.
Certainly,most of the films that we watch are American, but Russia is now rather well at producing new films.
May be, in the future we will also have excellent film-industry.
Have you ever seen some Russian films? It's very interesting to know!
So, now I am absolutely free. That's why I can do what I want, that's why I have so many interests and things to do. But I hope in the future, when I will find a man and have a family,my main hobby will be my family.
I want to care of my future husband and my little kids.
I dream about having happy and strong family.
I really want to share with you my interests and plans.
Write me more about your hobbies and interests. How do you spend your leisure time?
I hope ,that every word and phrase is clearly for you.
By the way,how do you feel about my English?
I try to write correctly. I hope that you understand me.
What do you usually do at weekends?
Please,write me as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply with strong desire.
Letter 3

Hello, Roy.
Yes. I think that you the romantic person and it is very good.
To me like when the man is romantic and arranges for the girl beautiful acts. I studied English at school and institute much.
Also I ended some rates on studying the English language. Yes. I received your photos.
You look very well.
You are very photogenic and you like me. I do not drive the automobile.
I hope that sometime you can teach me driving.
I think that it would be very good and pleasant for both of us.
Do you agree with me? To say the truth, I've never been abroad.
It's funny, but I've seen other countries, another nature, ocean and mountains only on pictures! When I was little me and my parents had rest on the Black sea, but it's located in Russia. And now I can hardly remember something.
Nevertheless, I hope that some day I will be able to go abroad.
I think that travelling is one of the greatest thing in the world! I have already told you,that my job is the shop-assistant. Our shop(or boutique) is rather big. But, to say the true,I ended University as the economist.
In future I would also like to learn some foreign languages: Deutsch,to improve English, French. I plan receiving the second high education. I hope it will help me in my future life.
I regret now very much,that I did not enter the Linguistic University.
I enjoy studying foreign languages. Nevertheless,I can't complain of my today's work.
It's also interesting. I don't earn big money,but it's enough for my normal way of life.
I am not materialistic. I still appreciate some values. I don't respect people, that live just for having more and more money. It's not the meaning of my life.
Sometimes I also buy clothes and some accessories for me in our shop. It's convinient and my girl-friends are able to advise me something. I can't say,that people I work with, are my best friends. But we have warm relationships and try not to quarre.
Almost all of the girls,that work with me,are married.
One girl is going to fly to America soon. She is waiting for the baby.
And her husband(he is American) are searching for new house for his family there.
It's so nice to see them. I am very glad for her and her happy family.
I hope I also will be able to appear on her place.
Once or twice a year I have additional practice and courses.
It's important to communicate with your customers in the correct way.
I visit fashion shows and look at the latest fashion news.
But I am not so narrow-minded: I don't think that clothes and style can make person interesting and clever. May be,attractive. But it's much important to know what's in your head and your heart,but not what you are dressed in. Working as a model,you see that some people look just at your face.
Model business is the business of your appearance.
But what a pity to know,that some men are also interested only in your face and figure.
I don't like to have short relationships,just for 1-2 days or nights.
And it's so terrible to hear about it from men.
I hope,that you write me not only because of my pretty face.
I want to find a person with the same way of life,the same feelings and life positions, that will be close to me.
I find my job interesting for me. Probably,it's the main thing.
May be,it's not so prestigious,but I don't think about that.
And do you like your job? Do you feel satisfied from it?
During my break for dinner I try to go the caffe and write you something new.
It's so funny to see like many girls,just like me,that are sitting there, are trying to find their real love in I-net.
Letter 4

Hello, Roy.
My country - Russia
My city - Kazan.
My street - Saharova
My house - 44
My apartment - 12. I want to tell you some facts about my parents and my family. It's not large, but very strong and friendly. I don't have any brother or sister as you know.
I am alone,but not lonely"(as it is spoken in Russia.
My parents always try to help me and be with me in difficult moments of my life, though,I think it's time for me now to care about them and help them.
I try to visit them regularly,try to give them small presents and try to be good" girl.
I respect my parents very much, that's why I try to do my best. I understand perfectly, that my every success is also their success. Certainly, I live my own life and it's not the way my parents lived, but I try to keep our traditions.
I think my parents' main wish now is connected with my future husband and my family.
They dream about having grandchildren...
As for my childhood, it was very bright and full og interesting events.
But to say the truth, I think it's more important whether you have childhood or not.
I mean the real meaning of this word. I can't understand parents, that refuse from their children, leave them and so on. I could never do it with my baby.
When I was young, all my family were living in Kazan, because my parents' jobs.
But now they are not here. They prefer quiet and peaceful places.
Moreover, they have many domestic animals and birds, beautiful house and nice neighbours.
I don't go there on my work days, but when I have some free time I try to visit them.
They live not so far from me, near Kazan. But nevertheless I miss them very much, when I have no opportunity to see my parents.
My both parents are doctors: mom is childish doctor and my father is vet.
But now they don't work. They just sometimes help people, if it's needed.
My mom is still very attractive and beautiful woman. Father is very intelligent and brave.
He is also fond of sports, especially hockey and soccer.
I enjoy playing with him sometimes in the yard! It's funny and cool.
When I come to see my parents, we usually have big dinner with different tasty things, made by me and my mother. We chat, eat, look through our old photos and have a lot of fun.
I prefer going in the country on New Year's Eve.
It's impossible to imagine the beauty of our nature: everything is absolutely white!
The snow is almost everywhere. I hope you will be able to see it on your own.
I don't want you to think, that my parents read our letters and know everything about you.
Certainly,not! But I hope you won't mind if I tell them something about you.
I am sure they will be very happy to know about it!
I think they will find you very intelligent and interesting man.
Letter 5

Hello, Roy.
I liked photos which you send me.
I like your hairstyle.
It is very accurate and beautiful. I hope you won't mind, if I tell you something about my friends I think, that our friends are as important as parents and family.
I also believe, that it's almost impossible to have many friends.
I have probably 2-3 real friends. Lucky are the people who have friends.
I appreciate friendship. It's a special thing.
It makes happiness glow brighter and grief less painful, because I have friends to share it.
When I doubt my ability to fulfill my apiration or to reach my secret goal it is my best friend who gives me a spark of assurance. Friendship is a bridge between loneliness and fellowship,frustration and confidence,despair and hope,setbacks and success.
That's why a true friend is a priceless gift.
I think, Milena(beautiful name, isn't it?) is my best friend.
I am sending you a picture of us.
We have much in common: the same interests and attitude to life.
We almost never quarell, there's mutual understanding between us.
We made friends a few years ago. She was working as the model too.
We spent a lot of time together, we talked for hours and now we are the best friends.
What I like best about her is that she is always willing to help and share her thoughts and feelings. I respect her for her fairness, strong will and intellect. These features of character I also appreciate in attitudes with men. Our friendship helps me to feel strong and sure of myself.
She got married 2 years ago. Now she and her husband are happy and strong family.
They also think about having children in the soon future.
We often visit each other, go somewhere, do shopping, go for a walk and have a good time.
She is fond of travelling. That's why I have many souvenirs from many countries of the world. We like to give presents to each other. The are little, but it's very nice.
As for other friends, one of them flew to America last year.
She also found the man through I-net. She was searching for serious relationships and real love for about half of a year. She is also very happy and I am really glad for her. I believe, that the dream may become the reality.
Speaking about men, I don't believe in the friendship between man and woman.
Because very often one of them love another, but friendship doesn't let him or her say about it. It happened with me for several times. And the result was broken heart.
I have good attitudes with some men, but almost all of them are the husbands of my girlfriends. We just communicate, and I can't call them friends.
How do you feel about making friends and friendship at all? Do you have real friends?
How do you spend your time with them? What do you think about my writing?
It's really very interesting and nice to know it. I am very glad, that we have good relationships.
It's great, that we are becoming closer to each other.
I hope we will build serious and strong relationships in our future. Do you agree with me?
I trust you and find you very honest and responsible man. Please, write me what would you like to know about me. I enjoy reading your letters.
And I always wait for your letter with a great desire.
So,I am looking forward for your answer and miss you very much. I have understood that I have found the good person.
I have understood that I have found persons with whom I want to be and this person you.
I would like to arrive to you and to have many the fine moments with you.
You would like that I arrived to you?
You want that I arrived to your country and visited you? As for this weekend,I can't say it was too interesting.
I made my shopping with friends. But as every woman, I suppose, we made it almost for the whole day, till the evening.
I felt real pain in my legs after that day. So, in Sunday I decided to stay at home and watch TV.
There were some interesting movies.
That's ,probably, everything what I can tell you about weekend.
And what about you? Did you have something exciting and dangerous?
Letter 6

Hello, Roy.
I also am similar to you that there are some problems with mail.
But me it is very pleasant and joyful, when I receive letters from you. It was very interesting to me to learn about your work.
I also think that your opening is very necessary and useful.
I also spoke the parents about your invention.
At that time when my parents worked, at them was not even "pager".
They think that your invention is necessary for hospital and that you necessarily will the best November, 14. Also it is very a pity to me that now I was not present near to you and we have no excellent evening together.
I think that it would be fine. It would be very pleasant for me if you have placed my photo in a framework.
If I had the computer I also am similar to you have placed your photo in a framework and would hang up this photo before the bed. It is very a pity to me, but I did not see last your letters.
For me that is very pleasantly that you send me cards.
But it is not a pity that I could see them. You may send me still?
To me that is very pleasantly that you give to me these cards.
It is very lovely of you. I ask you the application for that that I have not specified the full address.
Natalia Kuznetsova
Saharova Str 44, the Apartment 12
Kazan, Russia
The postal index 424067.
For you it may seem strange, but we in Russia have six-place postal indeces. It will be pleasant for me if you will name me Natty.
It sounds very beautifully and it is pleasant for me that you name me so. To me is very sad to hear concerning yours scold.
Accept my experiences. I very much sympathize you. I am glad for your sister. I think that she same clever and beautiful as well as you.
I am right? It is very a pity to me, but I have no a photo of my parents on the computer.
I shall try to scan this photo and to send you her little bit later. I do not have big number of loved dishes.
But I very much like various salads from greens.
I prefer a healthy way of life and consequently I try not am ***. Today I went to a travel company and learned that it is necessary for me to make to arrive to you.
To me have told that it is necessary to issue some documents.
It is the passport for travel abroad, medical the insurance and other documents.
To me have told that is necessary to pay for all this about 350 dollars.
It is a problem for me.
But I have come home and have recollected that I have old gold chain which my mum for a long time has presented me.
I went to a pawnshop and spoke there that want to sell the chain. To me have told that 125 dollars can pay to me.
Thus it is necessary for me to find 225 dollars. I do not know that to me to do.
But I shall use the best efforts to arrive to you. I very much missed on you at that time while you were absent.
I hope to receive your letter as soon as possible. Kiss.
Your Natalia
Letter 7

Hello, Roy.
Yes. I really informed the parents you and your work.
he also consider your invention necessary and useful.
Jinna is 2 years old.
I also think that it would be good to have the big dog.
I shall not do to her a tape in hair.
I saw photos of dogs. They look very well.
It is a pity to me that they are dead. I think that you have lost the present friends. I think that your sister should be similar to you.
You nice the man and consequently your sister also should be beautiful. Yes. I think that you the good person and you have values.
It is very good.
I think that your idea on arrival in Moscow sounds very well.
I think that we perfectly can spend with you in this city.
You agree with me? Probably little bit later I shall create a letter box in yahoo.
But it will be later.
I receive a mail which you sent me.
The matter is that I do not have many money and time that each day to visit Internet - cafe.
Especially has taken place big to mountain.
The matter is that because of that that already the autumn also comes nearer winter, early very much began to darken in the street.
And it is terrible to me to come back home when in the street darkly.
Recently one girl who goes to Internet-cafe has attacked the man and has beaten her.
It is very sad also to me now terribly.
I have thought and have decided that I can write to you each day and not risk the health if I shall buy The computer for itself. I borrowed some money at the girlfriend to buy the computer. But I do not have not enough 250 dollars. It is very inconvenient for me to ask you about the help.
But I hope that you will understand me and can help me.
I promise that I can give you this money after I shall save a few money.
I think that it is necessary to buy the computer as soon as possible.
To me I was terrible also hope that you worry for me and can help me. Yes. I have received cards which you have sent me.
It was very pleasant for me. Thank. My height about 168 see. I am small for you?
Yes. There is some problem with mine mobile phone.
I shall try to ask the phone the girlfriend and to call to you.
Speak me your phone number and a code of your city and a code of your country. Kiss.
Your Natalia.
Letter 8

Hello, Roy.
Yes. I have decided not about sale of a gold circuit.
Thank you for that that you have dissuaded me to do it. Thank you. It is very pleasant for me that you also experience for me.
You very careful the man. I also think very much and I suffer for you. I think that I can send on your address a photo of me with my parents.
But it will be later. The matter is that I have have put at work very much.
I work also it very much is connected to that that I want to give money which I borrowed at Milena faster. I shall inform you when I shall receive your letter.
I think that it will be beautiful and interesting.
Yes. I am going to place your photo in a framework before the bed.
When I shall go to bed, I shall look at you.
And when I shall wake up, the first that I shall see it there will be your photo. I learned some information and I have understood that for me there is no problem to arrive to Moscow.
It will be simple for me and I will not have any problems with it.
But if you want also to you also it will be convenient to arrive to me I shall be very glad to this.
I shall show you the city and we perfectly shall spend with you.
I am sure that it is pleasant to you. I already wrote to you that I have no the phone at myself at home.
I have only mobile phone.
Today about 8 o'clock in the evening I shall call to you.
I hope that you are glad to this and we can talk to you perfectly. Little bit later I shall establish the phone to myself home and we can speak with you greater time by the phone.
But it will be later. All over again I want to give money Milena and then to establish a home telephone number. I ask you to forgive me for that that I did not write the big letter.
But the matter is that at me has very much put.
I hope that you will understand me and will not take offence at me. You have not answered my question.
You can add to me the staying of 250 dollars that I have faster bought the computer?
I do not have not enough this money and I can not buy the computer right now.
To me that is very pleasantly that you think of me and want to give money that I gave them Milena.
But I think that I itself can give this money to her shortly.
I want to ask you that you have added to me of money for purchase of the computer?
You can make it?
You can send me the staying of 250 dollars? I hope that at you all well and today we with you shall have pleasant conversation. Long Long kiss for you.
Your Natalia.
Letter 9

Hello, Roy.
These photos were made 3 days back.
I am glad that they have liked you. Now I have finished the work and have come in Internet - cafe to write to you.
After that I shall go to the girlfriend and I shall call to you.
I am very glad that I can to hear your voice and to speak with you.
I hope that you also will be glad to this and you will like my voice. I understand that I should establish the phone all over again.
I shall do it shortly and I can write to you many letters in one day. I also am similar to you I think that it is very good idea be relative laptop.
I am glad that to me will not come to borrow money.
I understand be relative Firewall.
I agree with you that it is necessary for me.
Tell to me more about characteristics of this computer.
What mark it(he) is also what productivity of its processor?
What is established by video a card and how many is established operative memory.
What volume HDD on this computer?
Now you see that I also understand in computers slightly.:) I want to tell to you concerning bad news.
The matter is that my apartment is in very old house which soon should niineou.
Today to me on work the person from the building company which spoke about that that the house in which there is my apartment has come, will niineou very soon.
To me have told that will do some repair and I will have some inconveniences.
For a place of that apartment in which I lived I shall receive other apartment in the new house.
I have decided that I shall remove a room at that time while to me will not give a new apartment.
I hope that you understand me.
The problem is that I can not receive your letter and it will come to you back.
It is very a pity to me concerning it, but I can not make something.
I hope that you do not take offence at me for it. In it there is no my fault.
For that time while the letter will come to you back I I shall search for a room to remove her.
And when I shall take off a room I shall inform you the new address and you write to me again.
I hope that it will not be difficult for you. Now I should go to the girlfriend call to you.
I hope that we shall have excellent conversation. Kiss.
Your Natalia.
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