Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Makarova to Giancarlo (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello my dear new friend Giancarlo!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that I can call you in such a way Giancarlo because you answered my letter in which I noticed that you want to get acquainted with me much closer. Believe me you will be not disappointed with me. So let me introduce myself. As you have already mentioned I am 29 years old. Many thanks to you for a photo. You look simply superb. I shall be glad to see as well other photos. I have received yours email adress, in "international agency of acquaintances". In my city Kirov there is "an international agency of acquaintances". I am in search of the man, I wish to find the love. Therefore I have addressed in agency for the help. I have left the data, and I have informed what man search. The manager of agency, has told to me that I have come in 2 weeks. When I have again come to agency, me a distance yours email adress. I have paid 10 dollars For this service. I am happy, that I have acquaintance to you. My birthday is on the 19th of February. And when is you birthday Giancarlo? I am “Aquarius” on Zodiac. I believe in God Jesus. I have never been married and I do not have any kids, I am a single girl. I'm sensitive, kind-hearted, thoughtful and easily amused. In opinion of my close friends, I'm kind, jolly, clever and intelligent, purposeful, sociable. I live in the city Kirov which is the capital of the Kirov area. My town is very beautiful. There are a lot of squares, parks and beautiful places. I like my wonderful City very much. Most of all I want to say to you that my favorite season is the Summer! The sun shines brightly and I like walking in the park listening to the birds singing and enjoining fresh air. And what is your favorite season Giancarlo? I was born here but you do not know that I have never seen my parents. I spent my whole childhood in the orphanage. I was told that my parents refused from me but I do not know the reason. That is why I had to live without parents. I have never had the careless of my mom but I always felt the big family where I was loved and love everybody. I have many brothers and sisters they are not my native but they are much closer and more native for me. I love all the children who lived with me in orphanage. We still associate with each other. I think that you would like to know where I live now. Well, now I rent a flat and work as a teacher of English in elementary school. While studying at school my favorite subject was English. There I dreamt to finish the school and enter the institute. So my dream came true. Now I have everything that I need to live in the simple way. I am not reach but I think that money is not everything in our life. They only spoil person and do not give him happiness. But I think that happiness is in love. I dream about my own family with the beloved man. I am fond of children and I would like to have them in the future. And do you like children Giancarlo? I am not a person of career. I am fond of cooking. Everybody says that I cook very delicious. I think that you are interested in why I decided to find my second half through the Internet. Well for about year ago my best friend Galina got acquainted through the Internet with Vijay and now they are very happy together. Now she is in Canada with the beloved man. She is pregnant and their family is very happy. Galina found Vijay through the Internet. We worked and studied together. She is a teacher of English too. And now she works at school there. She teaches Russian language at the school. So I decided to do the same. I hope that everything will be very good and I will be happy. I can speak and write English language. I saw your profile and liked it very much and I have decided to write to you, Giancarlo! Wowww, I have written you so much! I did not think that I can write about myself so much, really. I'm finishing my e-mail to you, Giancarlo, I'll be grateful so much, if you'll write me about yourself so much, as I did it. I would like to know about your family. Is your family large? Tell me also a little about your city where do you live? I have never been in other countries and I'll be very glad to know about your country. Ok, let me finish my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! I'm attaching my photo. I hope you will find my photo good. Ok, good bye, Giancarlo, I hope to see your answer soon. Take care,
Your new Russian friend,
Letter 2
Hello my friend Giancarlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad to see your answer. It is so interesting for me to read your letter that you don’t imagine it my dear Giancarlo! Many thanks to you for a photo. You look simply superb. I shall be glad to see as well other photos. Because you know we learn more about ourselves. I like it very much. I am in Russia and you are so far away from me but we can easily associate to each other my dear Giancarlo! My dear friend, I want to tell you that I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet due of my girlfriend Galina who went abroad to her Vijay one year ago I have said to you about this earlier. Giancarlo, maybe, possible, we will be together in the future time, maybe we would like to look for the marriage too, if you will want this, I don't want to hide this so important fact, but we must learn more things about each other more and more, it will be reasonably and correctly, really, Giancarlo! I hope that you will agree with me and with this fact too. Please, tell me about this, ok? But in my opinion, we must learn about each other more and more, I repeat this! Please, agree with me, Giancarlo! I also want to ask you that I hope that everything is understandable for you. If not please let me know about it, o.k.? Maybe you would like to know why I haven’t found my half here in Russia. Well I had two boyfriends. With the first boyfriend Ivan we were together for about one year. I loved him very much and I thought that he loved me too, but this was not true. As I learnt later he felt in love with the other girl. He was with me and with that girl at the same time. Maybe he didn’t give up on me because of the feeling of pity, I don’t know it clearly. After our separation I began to spend sleepless nights crying. That time was very difficult for me because Ivan was my first love and he laid me and I hate liars. My next love was Alexander. We felt in love with each other very strong. We were together for a long time. But you know that there are so many alcoholics here in Russia. While we were together he was drinking but not so often. Of course I didn’t like it but I couldn’t do anything. Later he began to drink so often that you don’t imagine it to yourself my dear Giancarlo. So I had nothing to do but only separate with him. So that was my love story. I would like to know about your love story Giancarlo. Please write me about it I want to know everything about you, because I like you and I am very glad that we associate to each other. So after those two disappoint love attempts I decided not to fall in love with them. Because in Russia men don’t value their women. And also my best friend Galina gave me advice to try to find my love here through the Internet. As I wrote you in my last letter I work as a teacher of English. I am fond of my work. Because I love children and I like to spend time with them. English is one of my hobbies. I like to watch films and read English literature in the original. I also like to listen foreign music. One of my favorite singers is Sting, Tony Braxton and Whitney Huston. My free time I like to spend with my friends. I like to go to the cinema. When the weather is fine we walk in the street. I like walking especially through the park. In the summer everything is so beautiful, the sun shines brightly and the sky is a very wonderful blue color. I also like autumn and spring. I am fond of the colors of these seasons. As you have already mentioned I love nature and also I am fond of flowers. And do you like nature Giancarlo? How do you like to spend your free time? Please write me about it my dear Giancarlo, I want you to know everything about me and also I want to know everything about you Giancarlo! Well, Giancarlo, I must finish my e-mail to you, I hope that we will continue to correspond with each other and you will tell me much more about yourself, and I will try to tell you about myself as more as possible in future e-mails. I want to ask you about more things, Giancarlo, and I hope that you will understand my questions and will answer them. I want to learn more about your country, please, tell me about your family, about your friends. A great hello to you from my friends Galina and Vijay. I hope to see your answer soon. Bye-bye... Natalya
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Giancarlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to receive your answer my dear Giancarlo! It is the happiest time in my day to read your letter. It makes me smile. It is so important for us to learn more and more about our lives. We are getting much closer to each other my dear friend Giancarlo! My dear friend I very much love animals, but unfortunately at me they are not present, I once had a dog it called Graf, but it has died of an old age, I very much loved it also to me it was heavy when it did not become, in fact it really was mine the best friend. I did not begin to get new animals only because of that that was afraid to feel the same pain. Almost at all I of friends are animals and when I come to friends on a visit their cats, dogs very affably meet me. Because you know it is very important for me and I hope that it is also important for you. I am really interested in you and in our correspondence. I want to know about you and about your country. It is like a dream for me that we got acquainted with each other. I read your letters with great pleasure! So my dear Giancarlo I think that you would like to learn more about my interests and hobbies. About music. I like to listen to different music. Oh I forgot that I have already written you about the music which I listen. I will not write you about my favorite Russian singers and groups, because I think that you don’t know them. But if we will meet some day in the future time I will give you to listen to my lovely music and you will give me yours. In general, I like to listen to the good and modern music, Giancarlo, and what kind of music do you like? It would be interesting for me to learn about it. Please, tell me, ok? Movies… I like to watch comedies, fantastic and romantic films, and so on. But the greatest impression has left on me films ' The Lord of Rings', ' Harry Potter '. I hope you watched these films! But special impression had the film ' The Patriot ' with the main actor Mel Gibson, where the war between England and America is described. This film shows the natural spirit of the patriotism, the love to a Native Land! I consider that it's very important qualities, which all people in the world should have! Really? Giancarlo, I hope that you watched this film too, and that you had magnificent impressions from a viewing of this film. Mel Gibson has played his role as a talented actor in my opinion! Also I liked the film ' Cruel Intentions', in my opinion; it's very sensual and instructive film for all youth. Also among comedies I liked the film ' Me, Myself and Irene ' by the comic actor Jim Carrey :) I hope that you watched this ridiculous film :) Among fantasy, I liked film ' Planet of the Apes’; it's a very entertainment film in my opinion. About food? Ok, from the favorite food dishes, I want to allocate fried potatoes, various kind of the soups, also I like meat, I don't want to hide it from you. I like fish and chicken very much, do you like the chicken? It tastes so good, really? Also I like pizza very much. It's very tasty too; I like pizza with a cheese. I like fruit and vegetables, especially, apple, orange, banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there are many kinds of vitamins. Giancarlo, do you like to cook? I cook not bad as friends say to me. To tell the truth I am fond of cooking. I can spend hours in the kitchen cooking something delicious. Many times my best friend Galina and me gathered in the kitchen and cooked together. Now her husband Vijay is fond of her dishes. O hope that one day you will ******** dishes my dear Giancarlo. You will taste different Russian dishes. Believe me you will fall in love with them. And I also want to taste the food in your country. Also about my favorite kind of sports, I like sport very much. Do you like it either? In winter I like to ski, it's cool to be on the fresh air. Also I like to play volley ball. But most of all I like aerobic, we are engaged by the aerobic in free time with my girlfriend Galina, in my opinion, this kind of sport helps to support my body in the good form. Also I would like to say to you that I like to dance ball dances. It is fantastic. Have you ever danced the ball dance with any girl? It's so attractive and beautiful, really, Giancarlo? I'm sure, that you would be very glad to dance the ball dance with me one day? It will be wonderful! Probably, in the future, we will dance the ball dancing with you, it would be cool! Really? I would like to speak to you my dear Giancarlo! I believe that it is great idea. I would like to speak to you over the telephone. Unfortunately I don’t have the telephone at home. But I will try to call you from the telegraph which is in the post office. If you want to hear me Giancarlo give me your telephone number and tell me in which time should I call you, but please tell me your time and Moscow time. I am afraid that I can mix something. I hope that you want to hear my voice too. Please, send me your phone number in your next e-mail, ok??? Please, don't forget, Giancarlo! Giancarlo, I can't believe again I have written you such a large e-mail. I hope, that it will be interesting for you to read about me more. Really? Giancarlo, I would be grateful for you, if you write me in your next e-mail about your interests, about your hobbies, what kind of music do you prefer? What kind of movies too? What is your favorite color too??? My favorite color is green, it calms so much. Well, let me finish my message, also I send you my photo. I hope that it will be pleasant for you to look on this photo. I will wait for your next e-mails! Giancarlo, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok? Good-bye,
see you soon.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Giancarlo! It is always great pleasure for me to receive letters from you. I am grateful to you for your warm letters to me. I am always happy to see your new pictures. Dear I would like to have more pictures of you. The first that I have is from the sight of acquaintance. If you have other pictures I would be very happy to see them. Today we have good weather. It always gives me a condition to think a little of my life. Many thanks to you for a photo. You look simply superb. I shall be glad to see as well other photos. I still have no any partner for my life while all my girlfriends have already found husbands and live happily with them. I feel very lonely here in Kirov. You know that I don’t have parents and my best friend Galina is far away from me. I associate with her but only through the Internet, like I do it with you my dear Giancarlo. Probably I simply missed my time because at that time when my girlfriends searched for acquaintances, I gave all my time to study and work. And my love stories were not so much happy as you know. Just now I begin to reflect on my future and that I should find my second half. I am very serious with my intentions. I just dream to become happy and make my love half happy too. My girlfriends are surprised, that I could not find good man for me here. I am probably too exacting and I wait for prince on a white horse... Anyhow my relations were never happy. I was always irritated guys who care only of itself and about the work. It will be ideal for me if the guy would consider me as a queen! Then he would be my king and would receive all my attention, tenderness, caress and love to him! Probably I have some too overestimated ideals but if to understand, it is so natural, if the guy respects the girl. Dearest Giancarlo, I see that we are interested in each other more and more and I think that it's so good for us because I have found a wonderful friend as you, Giancarlo. I'm so interested in you Giancarlo, that my life became better than it was before an acquaintance with you, Giancarlo, I feel it, really. You are so good friend, you can understand and I think that it's important thing in the life. Giancarlo, I see that you trust me, as I do it with a great pleasure, and I think that it's so good thing in our friendship, really, Giancarlo? I hope that you understand me, Giancarlo, that in my opinion, all people in the world must understand each other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you agree with me, Giancarlo? Tell me about it, ok? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I believe in God very much, I believe in Jesus, I am a Christian woman as I said you earlier. Sometimes I go to church. You know that there is wonderful church in our city, there are a lot of beautiful icons, and I like them. The priests sing beautiful songs and I like it very much. This calms my soul when I have a bad mood. But now, I want to say to you that your e-mails calms me too when I have a bad mood, I feel it, Giancarlo. Today when I was going to the internet cafe to write you I met one of my good girlfriends. We studied at school together. Her name is Svetlana. She is a very good person. I am so glad that I met her. Well I told her about you my dear Giancarlo. At first she was confused because she has never associate to anybody through the computer. But I explained to her everything and she became very glad for me. She asked me to say you " Hello! " from Svetlana. It is very good when friends understand each other well. I and Svetlana are familiar since childhood and we understand each other very well. I trust her. Tell me about your friends? I am sure that such an interesting person as you should have many interesting friends. I simply want, that you say them “Hello!” from me! Well my dear Giancarlo I should finish my letter. I hope that I will get your answer very soon. Take care.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Giancarlo! I am so happy that you answered my letter, my dear Giancarlo! You know I was thinking about you the whole night, because I missed you very much. I wanted to see your answer as soon as possible. When I came to the internet cafe I became so glad when I saw your letter. I reread it for several times. I am so happy that I met you my Giancarlo in this big world. I believe that you are a very good person and now it is very difficult to find a good man. You are so courageous, sure in yourself, kind man. I feel your support. I can say that you mean so much for me dear Giancarlo! You can see that I write you long inform e-mails about myself because I want us to know about ourselves much more. I think that it's so important for us, Giancarlo, really Giancarlo? By the way today it's cold in the street, but there is a cloud wind too, I do not like this. But I am fond of summer very much! I like summer because in this season I have a vacation from my job, it's so nice. I like to spend this vacation with my friends. On my vacation I like to go camping in the wood, which is situated near my town. Giancarlo, I hope you know that our Russian woods are so beautiful. They are so wonderful that I can spend hours there thinking about my life or just spend good time with my friends. Also the small river proceeds through this wood, this place is so romantic, believe me Giancarlo! If you were here with me right now. I would be the happiest woman in the world. I like this very much, Giancarlo. Especially, I like to be near this small river, Do you know, Giancarlo, that food prepared in fresh air is much better than the food at home? I like picnics very much. In total, I like camping very much, Giancarlo, and how do you spend your vacation? Tell me, ok? It will be interesting for me to know about it. My day today is filled with good events. Today I also got the letter from my girlfriend Galina. She is very glad for me that I found you. As I told you she is pregnant and their family is very happy. Today she learnt that they will bear a boy. I am so happy for them. Now Galina and Vijay are thinking about the name of their future child. I want to say to you, Giancarlo, that I think about you more and more, possible, about my coming to you Giancarlo, I feel that our relationship is more than friendship, really Giancarlo??? I feel it by my heart and soul, because I cannot without your e-mails now. Well, Giancarlo, here I'm finishing my message to you, as usual warm greetings from my friends to you, and from Galina and Vijay too, Giancarlo! I'm waiting for your e-mails as soon, as possible!!! Thinking about you, Giancarlo,
My warm kisses to you,
Letter 6
Hi my love, Giancarlo! I have got your warm words in your answer for my last message, my darling! My dear, my love Giancarlo, in my last e-mail I have told you about my love feelings to you, Giancarlo, I wrote this message with very close love feelings to you, dearest, I couldn’t hide my love to you, my soul prompted me that I had to tell you about my love to you, because it is so difficult to hide close feelings to love man, Giancarlo. I love you, Giancarlo, and I want to say to you that, please, don't discharge me from you, Giancarlo. Giancarlo, it's so pity for me that only our messages connect us, I want to see you in reality, my Giancarlo. I so want it, darling! Our e-mails connect our close love feelings, our messages are our rescue with boredom and from all of boring things. I want to say to you, my darling, that I can’t live without your messages now, Giancarlo, your e-mails are necessary for me very much, my Giancarlo, I love them and I love you, my dearest Giancarlo!!! My love Giancarlo, I want to say that my best friends Galina and Vijay are very happy for us, my love Giancarlo, they ask me all the time about you, about your feelings to me and I am not afraid of telling them about our love feelings now, because I don't want to hide my love to you from anybody, my Giancarlo, I have found sense of my life, my Giancarlo, I love you and I miss you my darling! My love Giancarlo, I want to say to you that my colleagues in my job are very happy for us too! In total all my colleagues say to me that they are very glad for us. I found you, my Giancarlo, through the Internet. And you are so far away from me. I live in Russia and you are in another country. I wish we were together right now. I want to see you, to hold you in my arms. I would like to speake to you looking into your eyes, my lovely Giancarlo! Because I feel the real love to you. I want to cry because we are not together right now. You know I have nobody, I mean parents sisters and brothers. But I am so happy that I have you. I believe that you are the person whom I have looked for a long time. And I am ready to share my life and everything that I have with you my love. Dear it is very important for me. I want to be with you. I am sure in this fact my love, because I really love you. I told everybody that I would like to come to you. And they were very surprised because you are so far away from me. But I told them that I really can't without you and that is why I decided to come to you. I hope you are agree with me. It would be wonderful believe me honey. I will give all my LOVE to you. My dearest Giancarlo, also I have a good news! I want to say to you that Galina and Vijay have reminded me today with my possible coming to you, my Giancarlo. The fact is that Galina have a good aunt Tatyana in Moscow, who, possible, will be able to help me with the information about my coming to you, Giancarlo, in future soon! Also Galina's aunt Tatyana helped her to come to the USA to her love Vijay. She helped to arrange all the documents for their meeting very fast. This aunt Tatyana works in one of the individual travel firms in Moscow City. It's so good for us because she will be able to help me with all important detailed things of the information about all necessary documents for my future coming to you,my love Giancarlo. Galina will call to her aunt to Moscow and she will ask her to help me with the coming to you, my lovely Giancarlo! I am so happy, that my best friend Galina and me have found our love through the Internet. I believe that we will be the happiest family. I think that the Internet is the assistant in everything, in Internet people can find any information, and it's important that people can fall in love by the Internet, really, my dear Giancarlo??? I love you so much, my darling, I'm sure in my love for you and I want to say that every day I want to be with you as soon as possible, my Giancarlo, I love you so much, dear, I can't live without you, my Giancarlo, you are so necessary for me, Giancarlo, I love you, Giancarlo!!!!!!!!! I am ready to apply all my forces to our meeting. I think we should meet each other , because we should know each other better. The meeting will help us to make serious steps in our life. Do you agree with me? I was very resolutely adjusted to a meeting with you. I shall find out the information as soon as possible. I shall inform you immediately as soon as I shall have the necessary information. I’m so excited because of our meeting. I understand, that I won’t be able to hide tears at our meeting. Do not only pay attention if I cry when we meet. OK? Do you promise me that? I so want to have sensation of your man's hands. So your caress is necessary for me. I want to feel your care. Then I will be the happiest woman in the world! I shall try to do you the happiest man in the world! I want us go towards to our love. I want our meeting to be the first step in making happy our life together!!! Let's do our life happy and long! I want the union of our hearts to be strong! I want to take care of you, I want to love you with all my female heart. I do not want, that something will prevent us in our life. But without it, it is impossible, therefore we should overcome all. Our love should overcome everyrhing! Also, my Giancarlo, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I want to go to the church, I must thank God that we found each other, my love, I so thank our God, I know that God helped us to find you, my Giancarlo, I know about it, Giancarlo! My darling, on this I will end my e-mail to you, I will wait for your next emails with my great love desire!!! You must know, Giancarlo, how I feel so happy myself when I read your messages, my darling! Well, I must be off, my Giancarlo, I will think about you, Giancarlo so much, I love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible, my love Giancarlo!!!!! Forever yours. All my kisse and hugs to you.
Your Natalya!
Letter 7
Hello my love man, my dearest Giancarlo! How are you doing, my Giancarlo? I'm doing fine, my honey! I have got your answer, my Giancarlo, I’m so happy to receive your necessary love for me, your warm words, my dear Giancarlo. My dearest Giancarlo, I love you, my Giancarlo, I love you so much that I can’t without you now, my love, you and your messages are so necessary for me, you are the inseparable part of my life, my love Giancarlo. I say about it very seriously! Because you know how much I love you, my darling Giancarlo, I can’t live without you, my Giancarlo! Everyday and every second I'm dreaming about our meeting, my Giancarlo, I can’t wait for a moment when we will meet at your airport, my love, I want it so much, my darling! I'm the happiest woman in this world, because we have met each other, dearest Giancarlo! My dear, I want to wish all people to love each other very much, because I have tested this feeling with you my dear, it happened so quick, my dear and through the Internet, I want to say to you, my dear, that all people, who want to find a love man or woman, this man or woman will find the love by all means, I'm sure in this, my dear Giancarlo, because I found you, my love, through the Internet, and we love each other so much, and I know that our love is the most wonderful feeling that exists on this small light-blue planet. My dear Giancarlo, I love you very much, I so miss you darling, I want to be with you, my love man Giancarlo! I have understood, that I can not imagine my life not only without your letters but without you! Now for me life without you is not meaningful. I can not live without you. I want us to be together. I want to feel you. I really need you! But also I want to understand one thing. I do not want to live in Russia. I want to come to your place. I want us to have common bed, feelings, happiness, mountain. I want that all the people looked at us and surprise that we are the happiest pair in the world full of love and trust. I want that your friends looked at us and envied, that you have a beautifull wife and that my girlfriends looked at you and envied that I have the best and beautiful husband in the whole world! I really want it with all my heart. I ask you to think about it as serious as it is possible. But I am sure, that our feelings are mutual. My love Giancarlo, I want to say to you that my girlfriend Galina tried to connect with her aunt Tatyana in Moscow to ask her about the all necessary information about my future coming to you, my Giancarlo, but I want to say to you that it was so pity for me that Galina’s aunt Tatyana wasn't on her place at this moment when Galina rang to her aunt up. But Galina said to me that she would try to ring to Tatyana to Moscow soon again up! I am sure that Tatyana will give us all information about my coming to you, my love Giancarlo. My dear, I can’t wait for the time when we will be together, my dear, I miss you my darling! Last night I couldn't sleep again, my dear Giancarlo, I thought about you and about us, my dearest Giancarlo! I want to see you, to kiss you hold you in my arms. I want to make love with you. When we will be together you will be my muster. I will give you everything you want my Giancarlo. I am all for you my love. My dearest I want to tell you that I have never loved anyone like you. You are everything for me. I need you like breathe. You make me so happy. I think we will be the happiest pair in the world. I dream about it every moment, every second. I imagine our meeting, our future life. And I think that everything will be o’k. I will make you the happiest man in the world. I will do everything possible to make you happy, because you make me happy. Again and again I love you. On this point I will finish my letter. As soon as I learn the information that we need I will let you know my love. I also wait the letter from you. Think about you all the time. I send you my hot kisses to you my love. Forever yours.
Letter 8
Hello my love!!! I have very good news for us. Yesterday I learned everything about my coming to you. Oh my God I am so happy. Now I have come to the internet cafe to inform you that everything is o’k. I was written down at the reception of the transport company. As I learnt I need to do the visa, the passport and the document of insurance of health. They will be ready in 15 days after payment. I will be able to be in your country only for 90 days but if you don’t like me, I can come back home earlier. Such opportunity to me drops out time in life to be with you so soon on a visit. I will try to learn the prise if the tickets later. As I have informed you. I need your help. Dear please help me to come to you. If you can please send me 420euro for registration of my documents. Everywhere in our country quotations are in Euros. The visa for 90 days costs - 420euro, and still it is necessary at any expenses. To do the visa I will have to go to Moscow. There it will be much easier and faster with the documents. I need to pass medical inspection and pay for the insurance and the passport to travel abroad. Because I can't go abroad without medical insurance. Then I will learn the account of tickets and tell you it. This money is necessary for me as soon as possible because I need to pay for documents. If you can, send me money today, so I will be quiet and won’t worry that I don’t have time. I would like, that you sent funds through Money Gram, it is the international system of remittances which is in many banks. Also my love Giancarlo, as Vijay said to me, you will need some data about me, you will need my full name, if you remember, name Natalya
surname Kudrina. My dearest Giancarlo, I want to ask you when you will send me this money- 420euros, it will be necessary for me to know important information which required at a parcel of money. (Money Transfer Control Number-MTCN). This number you will have in the receipt that an operator will give you. My dearest Giancarlo, you must send me this so important data in e-mail. Without this data MTCN I won't be able to get the money which is very necessary for my coming to you, my dear Giancarlo. My love Giancarlo, I understand that it's a large sum of money, but I can rely only upon you, I ask you to help me with this money. My love Giancarlo, we love each other very much and we will be together, I’m sure in it, my darling Giancarlo!!! I'm waiting and I'm dreaming for a moment of our meeting at your airport, my Giancarlo. I think that I will cry at the moment when I leave our airport and when I see you, my Giancarlo, because it will be our happiness, my dear Giancarlo. I close my eyes and imagine this happy picture. My love, I dream of the time when we live together, my darling, go for a walk, keeping our hands, my love Giancarlo. I want you to show me your native land, places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend much time, also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much! I want to be with you very much, so much, my love Giancarlo! I love you Giancarlo, and I miss you, my dearest love Giancarlo! My dear Giancarlo. Dear I must tell you that I have nobody here. I don't have any relatives and you are the only person whom I need. My friends are so happy for us and that soon we will meet each other. They understand that we can't live without each other and wish us the great love in our future life! Great greetings from my friends to you, Giancarlo, please, accept the love from my friends! Also hi from Galina and Vijay! I thank them for being my closest friends and thanking to Galina, we have found each other, Giancarlo. Well, my love Giancarlo, let me end my e-mail, my dearest Giancarlo, I'm waiting for your message very much, my love man Giancarlo!!! Wanting to be with you so much my love Giancarlo, Truly, your love lady forever and ever Your Natalya P.S. Also your full data (a full name, the address and so on) As in passport because they will be necessary for me will be necessary for me from you when I shall legalize papers.
Letter 9
My dear Giancarlo!!! I so am happy that you have not refused to help me with the visa, I very much experienced for it!!! We with you shall be happy together I is sure in it!!! I know that you will protect and protect me when I shall arrive to you!!! Yes separation from all my friends and the native land it will be difficult for me, but I am sure that with you I shall overlook about all on light!!! I so am glad, that things go well between us. We shall soon Together and we shall have happy time together. I want to connect ours Hearts! I so am excited about our meeting! I shall cry for pleasure, When I shall see you the first time. You only please do not pay to this attention. OK? I so want to feel your care of me. I so want to understand, That you love me. I shall be true only to you. I want to love you. I want to arrive to you. I love you and we shall be happy together. I was more today can not write than anything as I am overflown with happiness and I do not have not enough words to express it! I am very glad that between us exists Trust, I am simply happy to realize that my loved trusts me. Except for that I become more sure that we soon shall meet you, because love May overcome any distances. Certainly there are difficulties which prevent To us to reunite, but we together should overcome them, because all in ours Hands. We should meet you because we may not live the friend without The friend, you agree with me? I wait for your answer, eternally loving you Natalya.
Giancarlo! I know that in Kirov exists two organizations which are engaged in remittances. It Money Gram and Western Union, I shall be capable to receive your money, in any of these branches. Giancarlo I think that for sending money, my data be required to you: My first name Natalya, last name Kudrina, my city Kirov. Inform me as soon as you will send funds. The address of bank KHLYNOV BANK SOVETSKAYA, 86 Kirov, 610000 My address Kirov area, city Kirov, Sovetskaya 5 street, an apartment 32. Dear mine! That I could receive without problems of money for the visa, your data are necessary for me: a full name and the address of the sender as in the passport.
Letter 10
My Giancarlo, I am in a hurry to inform you, that I have received today Your money and now I have it in my hands! I shall go tomorrow to Moscow!!! I today to take it is a lot of things! I want to take all my documents as it is possible soon! I love you and I know, that you very much wait for me!!! Very difficult day today was! I already to buy tickets up to Moscow and tomorrow I shall be already in Moscow. If I shall have time, tomorrow I shall write to you and to inform, that I have arrived! I so am glad, that all things go well. It means, that soon we shall together! I so want to arrive to you more soon and to connect our hearts! I promise, that I shall take all things correctly when I shall arrive to Moscow. We shall take together happy family and I to hasten to our happiness! Wait for me, my love!!! I shall hasten towards to our happiness. Our love To be only in our hands. I shall keep our love and to care!!! I should tell, that I now understand, that between us there is a trust. I sincerely understand, that you want, that I have arrived to you. This money to the visa In the big opinion only a way that we might connect our hearts. You agree? But on the other hand I understand, that it is many money. In this money you is concentrated Love to me. I understand, that you love me and want, that I have arrived to you. I know, That you very much love me, differently you would not aspire to our meeting. Well, I shall concern to you with love as well trust. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You the man of my dream: fair, are decent, careful. Be such always, despite of Difficult minutes in life. OK? I the strong woman and my love to you will help me!!!! I on a correct way fortunately And I shall struggle for happiness with you! I shall write soon to you! Yours forever, Natalya. P.S. Giancarlo, I want to tell, that when I shall arrive to Moscow I also I shall find out The information on the ticket and to inform you! OK?

Letter 11
Good morning Giancarlo!
I had good enough arrival in Moscow! I am slightly tired From such big city, but has already got used. As soon as I have arrived To Moscow, I at once have gone to Tatyana as for that time when I in Moscow, I shall live with Tatyana, in its apartment, now husband Tatyana has left for business trip and it has suggested me to live in its apartment. Tatyana very kind also has strongly gained me. To me it would be very complex if it has not suggested to live at it. Tatyana to me is detailed to explain As it is better to find embassy. Tomorrow in the morning I shall go and submit Necessary documents. I understand, that I should make much And probably I shall spend many forces, but for the sake of our love I shall not be To be afraid of it!!! Russian women very hardy. I also hardy The woman, therefore I shall overcome all!!! I very much would like, that process Visas were as soon as possible. I want as soon it is possible to arrive to you, My Giancarlo! My love does not know a limit and I want to present only to you to one All my love. You understand? ONLY to YOU!!!!!! My desire and dream will be concluded in that we had happy life. I want to spend other part of life only with you. You the worthy person. Giancarlo, tomorrow I shall inform you my day. I shall write to you As at me will pass the first day at reception of the visa. Whence I write Internet - cafe to you now am located absolutely near with apartment Tatyana. I have no a problem to write to you. To write to you the letter I To pay 3 dollars. In our city of service of Internet - cafe is more cheaper. Moscow is the big city. It is the centre of Russia. A standard of living here higher, Than in our city. And you know, what the underground in Moscow the biggest and the most beautiful in the world? It really very big underground!!!! I such yet did not see. Well my Giancarlo, I shall go to sleep. I shall write to you tomorrow.
With love, yours Natalya.
Letter 12
My dear Giancarlo,
I today to carry out all day at reception of my visa.
Today very big day was. I had much time to make.
When I have come in embassy, it was necessary for me to write first of all
The application. Lady in embassy very polite. She helped me
With my documents. At embassy there is a commission. It is necessary for me
There were to pass examinations on a medical board. In other words
I very much to get tired today. I shall sleep today very well!!!!
I so am glad to read your letter today. Giancarlo, you should
To ask the god that at me all was good. Support is necessary for me.
I dream to arrive to you more soon and to take with you happy life!
Tomorrow again it is necessary for me to go in embassy. I have absolutely overlooked to speak,
That lady in embassy has told me, that tickets are as soon as possible necessary for me
Aboard the plane up to Italy. It is necessary for me to buy at once two tickets. This obligatory
Condition to receive the visa. I was surprised when to me have told, that I should
To have 2 tickets. To me have explained, that in embassy should be sure,
That I financially steady citizen also that I shall be capable to go back
To Russia. You understand? For this reason I should satisfy this condition and buy
2 tickets. You see will help me my Giancarlo.
We together should embody our dream in a reality. Tomorrow I want
The ambassador the trouble to go in the airport. I shall go in airport "Sheremetyevo".
It is most close located to me. I shall consider cost
Tickets. Giancarlo, I shall hope, that we shall take all things with tickets
Soon, that my visa was ready more soon.
I want to thank you for care
About me. I very much estimate it. I understand, that you worry about me.
Please only do not worry. If I shall be
To take all things it is fast, I shall not have need in money for residing.
I should To tell, that I today found out in embassy as I can receive your ticket.
Lady in embassy has told me, that you may not buy for me the ticket.
The matter is that I yet have no my visa. For this reason I should take my tickets
Here in Russia. I know, that there is such service when you may buy to me the ticket.
This service will not operate in our case. You understand? You should
To entrust to me purchase of tickets.
My sweet dreams always about love. I see in dream of you. You to me always
You speak by warm words. My dreams more strengthen my desire to arrive to you!!!
I LOVE YOU!!! I so would like to place all my love in my letter
To you. Love - it the most magnificent feeling which is present in our life.
We are capable of much when we like. You agree with me, my Giancarlo?
Giancarlo, I now again shall go to hotel and I shall write to you tomorrow.
I wait your letter! Only yours, Natalya.
Letter 13
My loved Giancarlo,
I only to come back from the airport. I to spend a lot of time, that To reach the airport. I observed various dates of flight. The prices for tickets In many respects depend on a class of the plane and from that I shall fly to what time. I want to tell, that I to consider the cheapest tickets aboard the plane. Company " Aeroflot " the largest company, therefore I has decided To use services of this company. One ticket will take aboard the plane from me 350 euro. It is not so high price in comparison with 600 euro For higher class. There there are tickets and more expensive. For example It is 1100 euro $!!! But such expensive places in the plane are not necessary for me. I shall fly in the cheapest class, if only only this plane Has connected our hearts!!! My Giancarlo, in other words I shall require In 700 euro for my tickets. It would be very good if you sent me Money as it is possible soon that process of reception of the visa was advanced. I shall plan my flight to you On June, 30th. Giancarlo, you understand, It may be day of our meeting!!! I so want that it more soon to arrive! I love you all heart! Also you should send money for the city of Moscow, bank Money Gram... name:Natalya surname:Kudrina, my love of these data will be to send enough to me of money. I also should know 8 numbers of translation. We already have made much for our meeting. I shall go up to the end and we shall get our happiness!
I shall wait your letter soon! My heart will grieve, but I know, that
Soon we shall together. With love, yours Natalya.
Letter 14
Hello my love!!! Dear mine Giancarlo, I am glad to receive your letter. Many thanks for your help, I am grateful to you for support. Favourite, I know, that only with you I on the present shall be happy. Our meeting soon takes place, I shall try, that this day was remembered to us for all life. My love Giancarlo, I could not receive today your money because in Moscow bank Western Union has been closed as this day the day off. Tomorrow since morning I shall go to bank and I shall receive your money. My luggage is with me. I have collected the luggage at once, having left from Kirov. I have with myself two suitcases of luggage. Thus, I already am completely ready to arrive to you. I have already said goodbye to the friends from Kirov. They are very happy for us and have wished our of good luck and love. My love! I with impatience wait our meeting. All remains to less time up to our meeting. Every day, every minute I think of you, I represent our meeting. I thank destiny that it has presented me you. Having arrived to you, I shall be the happiest woman on light. You person dear to me on the ground. I love you most, my love Giancarlo! Now I shall go to sleep, tomorrow to wake up on earlier, and to have time to make all necessary. With love, only yours for ever Natalya!
Letter 15
Hello, my unique prince Giancarlo!
Today I was very glad to read news from you.
As for me now the most important to not lose touch with you to continue our promotion here. I simply have no patience to see you, my angel. And to you it is very grateful, that you for me do there utmost. Now today I carry again very bad news. To me the truth is very a pity to inform you it, but I am simple have no other output here as I am absolutely alone in it big city. When me informed, that I should have on the account not less than 2000 euros. That the embassy had guarantee, that I there shall not be a beggar, and I shall not beg from your people. That I can be completely well-equiped there with money. Then at me on eyes tears as it is very big money for us, my fine have appeared. And me besides to ask it only from you. Certainly I completely understand you, that it is very difficult. But I want to assure you, that they will be on my bank account. And as soon as I shall arrive to you it is possible to receive them back. I all am upset, as it is very bad to me to ask it from you as without it I have caused you many problems. It is very a pity to me, that again on our way obstacles as though to us prevent to do it cost. But I am pleased very much with that these funds will be returned to you after I shall arrive to you. I understand, that I you have put in a shock today as you very much hoped, that all problems behind. And I of you very much ask to help me, and unfortunately we cannot change these rules. I of you very much ask to not be upset, though it is very difficult. I now simply do not know that to me to do, except for that how to ask you again about the help. Understand me, that it is very hard for me on soul as I cause to you such frustration today. I very much ask to write you to me tomorrow and to calm me. I cannot simply sustain our separation, my angel. As very much I love you, and I want to be beside, but to us I prevent to do it the ****** money. And I do not love myself, as I have no them, and is compelled to ask it from you. I with impatience shall wait news from you soon. With love and the big hope in heart Natalya.
Letter 16
Hello my love Giancarlo!
When I find your letters I is very glad to see and read them.
I receive from them the big heat, and I know that you love me Giancarlo, and you are in other part of a planet, but we are happy equally, that we have found each other, and our happiness grows more and more every day. I so strongly want day of our meeting. Well when I feel confidently. I know that soon we shall together. I love you more than life Giancarlo, and I want to tell that you the most remarkable person on a planet! Every day on my person the smile keeps, and even there are moments, that at me a chicken leather. I know that all this occurs with happiness. When I go along the street I do not notice anything moving, I only present in my opinion our happy life. I see it each my moment. I see us together. That we walk in any full of greens and beautiful trees park. That we go on coast and there very beautiful decline. That you embrace me and we look at bright stars. I see all this every day! And only you that unique person who has made me the happiest girl in the world. Only with you I have understood that such happiness! And when I shall arrive to you, I shall know this feeling for ever!!! At you my love all high qualities, also are not present any bad. It as a fairy tale, that we have found each other. I very much love you and I want to you very my dear angel Giancarlo. Well I shall finish this letter, and I know that it warms you my angel Giancarlo. I shall wait for news from you my love! The happiest Natalya!!! I love you Giancarlo!!! P.S. I hope with your father all it will be good. Giancarlo do not experience, 2000 euros will be with me. As soon as our meeting takes place, I can give you, completely all sum.
Letter 17
Hello my Loved Giancarlo, I want to tell, that I today have already received your money and to buy
Tickets aboard the plane! Today I had the big day! It will approach our meeting!!!
I already to carry my tickets in embassy and to me have have given, my visa.
I so am glad! You do me by the happiest woman on light. I love you.
July, 7 it will be day of our meeting. We already much with you have made.
I should you inform the important news however. When I to buy tickets,
That lady has informed me, that I should have life insurance.
It necessarily is necessary to insure life in the period when I shall be in the plane.
You understand. This obligatory insurance will cost 550 euro. Also it is necessary for me
As it is possible to pay gathering of the airports soon. It also will take from me in addition
80 euro. In other words I need now in 630 euros. I should ea it is possible soon
To go in the airport and to take these things. Giancarlo, send to me as it is possible soon this money in bank on the same
The address. I also should have number of translation. As to me have explained, 550 euros
To me will return, when I shall arrive to ITALIA, therefore we shall not lose this money!!!!
I understand, that my arrival in ITALIA will take many money. So it is a pity to me......
I so love you also I do not want to stop. I understand, that it is many money.
It will be last step which I should make. Then only it will be necessary for me
To wait day of our meeting. Please take things as it is possible soon. I want also
To do all it is fast. I now shall give you the information on my tickets. You should
You will meet me at the airport in day of our meeting! It will be the big day! Flight: MOSCOW - MILAN.-->>>>> >>>>> Start: MOSCOW (SHEREMETYEVO) 15:45 Monday on July, 7th 2008
Arrival: COPENHAGEN (COPENHAGEN APT) 16:20 Monday on July, 7th 2008
Flight: SK 735, the plane: Airbus Industrie A319 Scandinavian Airlines
The Start: COPENHAGEN (COPENHAGEN APT) 20:40 Monday on July, 7th 2008
Arrival: MILAN (LINATE) 22:40 Monday on July, 7th 2008
Flight: SK 1689, the plane: McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Series Common time in a way: 8 hour. 55 minutes
I shall wait from you the letter soon! Yours forever, Natalya.
Letter 18
Hello my most loved Ciancarlo. Dearest I was very happy to speak by with you to phone!!!!!! At you very beautiful voice. I have even more strongly felt love to you!!!! I have understood that for me you the most dear person in this life and I wish to be with you forever. I love you Ciancarlo, with all my heart and I very much wish to make you happy. It is very a pity to me, that there were serious difficulties. Ciancarlo when I have received your money of 630 euros I have left on street. I have passed about 200 meters and 2 men have run up to me, they what in the image have learned that, that at me is money and in the impudent image have started to demand money. About me it passed the man wished to help, but when it has approached: robbers have struck to it a knife directly in a stomach. I was frightened, my heart for a second have stopped, I have understood, that me can **** because of money. I have received a huge shock, at me the bag has dropped out of hands. Robbers have seized a bag and have disappeared. Beside with me laid the man, without consciousness at me to flow tears from eyes. I sat about the man and I cried could not understand, that has occured, a number was a lot of blood. All it has very much frightened me, I did not know, that to me to do, in 1 minute to me send some people and have started me to calm, they have caused first aid. Shortly us have brought to hospital. I have lead one day in hospital. The man which wished to help me, has remained it is alive, but to it have performed very serious operation. I am very grateful to it, in fact actually it has rescueed to me a life. My love Ciancarlo to me I was very terrible also ask that you have forgiven me. I understand, that without money I cannot arrive to you. Dear you forgive me? Ciancarlo I very much love you and I wish to be near to you if I can be close to you, I shall get a job and I shall work day and night to give all of you of money which you have spent, only please do not deprive with me happiness - TO BE NEAR TO YOU. Now I do not know that to me to do I all still arrive in a shock condition. Dear I very much want that you have understood me and had no on me is malicious. I love you, it is more than the life, I cannot live if you will not be a number with me. You my air without which I shall die. I ask from you a pardon for all to difficulty which I have brought to you. My loved I all still dream to be near to you, all documents available, only it is necessary to buy tickets and I can arrive to you. If you all still want, that I have arrived to you. I hope that you want it!!! I am compelled to ask again, your help in 630 euros. If you will send me of money this time I shall go to receive your money accompanied by militia. Employees of militia, promise, to me full safety and I am assured, that all will be good. My I by road Ciancarlo very much hope, that you understand me also I with impatience I shall wait for news from you. I love you!!!!! Only yours and forever Natalya. P.S. Loved this situation, has strongly broken our plans, but I hope, that have not broken our LOVE!!!!!
Letter 19
My favourite it is very a pity to me that with your father so not well and that are necessary to you of money, but my dear I personally do not have that money for hands which you has sent, I have paid all for tickets and life insurance. I still time regret also to me so it would be desirable to help{assist} you but all of money are really paid. My favourite I hope that you understand me.
Letter 20
My dear but that money for life insurance are really paid also I have no them on hands, my favourite this ***** truth.
Letter 21
Hello my love!!! I am very much offended on you if you such silly person and cannot distinguish where the swindler and where the present girl that you when will not find so-so the girl and offending senselessly me you appear silly I all the same I can not forget you very long time because I sincerely LOVE you!!!! And you of it do not see also this your letter means that all your words about love were lie I not I can believe that on light there are such people which being mistaken offend and break hearts of girls and I now understand them that these swindlers very bad people they prevent to meet the present love. And you can after all your fine words about love so to speak about that that I the swindler there is no it not and you have passed the love. So know that you very strongly are mistaken though the love was very much a number and you have released her. Sincerely
yours Natalya.
Letter 22
Giancarlo I have not enough time to write to you the letter. In 30 minutes, I should be in hospital. At me have appeared, problems with health. After that case when me have attacked. At me " infringement of a rhythm of heart " is bad with heart. The doctor has explained to me, that it because of stress which I have received at a robbery. Loved, it is necessary for me to be 3 days in hospital to lead inspection. After that I shall leave hospital. Also I can finish ours with you business, and to send you of money. If so it is necessary. I ask, that have waited some time. I love you, I hope all it will be good. After I shall leave hospital, I shall write to you. Only yours Natalya. P.S. If I will have complications with health, I shall be late in hospital, it is more than for 3 days.
Letter 23
I do not want, that because of our not developed love, I had problems. From this day, I shall return all documents, and I shall have money to send you. I shall send you, all of money which I shall have, - to Monday. By Monday, I can receive all of money which you have sent me. I shall exchange tickets for money. Also I shall have an opportunity to send you, through Western Union. Tatyana and all my friends, regret for our relations. But unfortunately I cannot change anything. It is not necessary to name me scam, in fact I shall send you of money to Monday. And if I was the swindler, I would disappear. P.S. It seems to me, your love, was false. You at all were not interested about we wash health. To pleasure, I'm fine.
Letter 24
I do not want, that because of our not developed love, I had problems. From this day, I shall return all documents, and I shall have money to send you. I shall send you, all of money which I shall have, - to Monday. By Monday, I can receive all of money which you have sent me. I shall exchange tickets for money. Also I shall have an opportunity to send you, through Western Union. Tatyana and all my friends, regret for our relations. But unfortunately I cannot change anything. It is not necessary to name me scam, in fact I shall send you of money to Monday. And if I was the swindler, I would disappear. P.S. It seems to me, your love, was false. You at all were not interested about we wash health. To pleasure, I'm fine.
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